Spiritual Anger Management Therapy

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 7, 2017. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I come to give you some teachings that will add a few facets to the teachings of Sanat Kumara. Many of the spiritual people around the world, many of the religious people around the world, many of the ascended master students around the world have created a certain mechanism in their psychology that is holding them back on the path.

The inevitability of reacting to earth

Now, we have several times said that when you descend into embodiment on a planet like earth, it is inevitable that you will be pulled into a reactionary pattern. It is also, my beloved, inevitable that when you encounter many of these situations that you cannot avoid on earth, such as violence, warfare and many other forms of struggle and abuse, you will have feelings about this.

It is quite simply inevitable that you will have a certain anger and resentment about what you have experienced on this planet. You may have some awareness, very subtle, very intuitive, often something you cannot formulate in words about how life should be. This is based on your sense of how life is on a natural planet. On a natural planet, anger and resentment are unnatural feelings. On an unnatural planet like earth, anger and resentment are, quite frankly, “natural.” How can you possibly be in embodiment on a planet like this without feeling a certain anger and resentment about what is going on here?

However, based on the subtle sense that those of you who came here on a rescue mission have (about what life should be on a natural planet), you often have this sense that you should not be angry or resentful. This has been cleverly reinforced in many religious and spiritual movements by the fallen beings. Many spiritual people, including many ascended master students, have this sense that when you are a spiritual person, when you are an ascended master student, you should never feel anger or resentment. My beloved, deciding with your mental mind to adopt an idea that as an ascended master student you should not feel anger, is not going to resolve what is already in your emotional body and what has accumulated there for many lifetimes.

I therefore come to give you a tool and some teachings that can help you deal with this issue. First of all, you need to recognize that you have come here, my beloved, to immerse yourself in the consciousness of this planet. If you did not immerse yourself, how could you serve as an example for the people who were already on the planet, and how can you pull the collective consciousness up? Do you see, my beloved, that for those lifestreams who have lived on earth for much longer than you have, fear and anger seems so natural and unavoidable to them that they cannot see an alternative? For you to serve as an example, you need to go into a reactionary pattern, you need to feel the anger and resentment and then you need to rise above it. Then, you serve as an example. You cannot help these people if you have not experienced what they have experienced.

Pulling up the collective consciousness

Now, my beloved, we have talked many, many times about pulling up the collective consciousness. How can you do this? Well, only if you are a part of that collective consciousness. Is this not eminently logical? Unless you go in and immerse yourself in the collective consciousness, react the way people on earth react, you do not build that tie to the collective consciousness that enables you to pull up on it, once you start the awakening phase and start raising yourself above the collective level.

If you had never connected to it, if you had never been part of it, you would just be a stranger on earth. You might come here, you might avoid going into a reactionary pattern, you might forever stay pure, and you might raise your consciousness to the ascended level, but how would that serve as an example, how would it pull up on the collective consciousness?

You see, precisely, what they have done to Jesus, and to a large extent to myself, portraying us as being so special from birth that we were never really part of the collective consciousness. Therefore, they have tried to destroy us as examples, but they have also tried to spread the illusion that we could not pull up on the collective consciousness because we were never part of it. Well, we were, my beloved. We went into duality, we reacted, we were in a lower state of consciousness for many lifetimes. Then, we awakened ourselves and we raised ourselves to higher levels and that is why we were able to pull up on the collective.

The energy flow in your four lower bodies

Now, the secret, so to speak, that I want to give you here is that some of you will (especially when you start reaching higher levels where you have more attunement, more intuitive experiences) have a sense (and perhaps you have never verbalized it, but still many of you have had the sense) that on a natural planet there is a natural flow of energy through your lower bodies. In other words, the energy streaming from your I AM Presence flows into the identity body, into the mental body, into the emotional, then into the physical.

My beloved, on a natural planet you never experience the reverse, you never experience that there is something that affects you at the physical level that creates a response or a reaction in the emotional body, that then affects your thoughts and even your sense of identity. Many of you have this sense that you should have this flow from above to below and this means that you should be in command of your four lower bodies. Your identity body should be in command of your mental body, your mental body should be in command of your emotional body and your emotional body should be in command of your actions.

Of course, when you come to earth, what the fallen beings are experts at doing is exposing you to this initial trauma, this initial shock, that is so severe, so shocking to you, that you cannot avoid reacting to it emotionally. The emotional reaction is so strong that it goes up into the mental body, affects your beliefs about what life on this planet is. This even goes into your identity body and starts affecting how you see yourself in connection with this planet, what you can and cannot do, what you are allowed and not allowed to do on this planet. What you experience after this initial trauma is a reverse flow through your four lower bodies. The physical level starts affecting your emotions, which affect your thoughts, which affect your sense of identity—not the other way around.

Suppressing anger

When you find a spiritual path, my beloved, you often come to a point where (whether it is based on the outer teachings or your intuition or a combination of both) you get this feeling that you should have command over your four lower bodies. Therefore, you should be able to decide: “My ideal for an ascended master student is a person who never gets angry and therefore I should never get angry.” Then, when you find your emotional body reacting in a way you do not want, you do not know what to do about this. What many, many religious people, spiritual people and ascended master students have done is they have created a program in the mental mind that is designed to suppress the feelings that they have labeled “unwanted.”

You now have, as we have talked about before, a certain reactionary program in the emotional body that causes you to react with anger in certain situations. Because you are so fixated on being a good ascended master student, you dare not even acknowledge when this happens. You immediately try to activate the program in the mental body, even sometimes a program in the identity body, to suppress the feeling of anger. This means that there are some people who have become so good at doing this that they do not even recognize consciously when they are feeling anger.

Of course, this does not mean that the anger is not there in the emotional body. You have many people (and you find them in all religious movements, in all spiritual movements and in all ascended master movements) who on the surface level seem to be very much in control, very harmonious. They often speak in a certain calm, measured way, perhaps even a slightly overbearing way as if they are speaking to children. You can feel (if you tune in) that there is a tension under the surface. If you could see their auras, you would see that some of them have like an erupting volcano in their emotional body where the hot magma, which is the anger energy, is always threatening to overflow the brim of the crater.

Somehow, in most situations they manage to hold it down, but there can come situations where they cannot hold it back and it may spill over and they may express that anger towards people that they feel are below them in a hierarchy they have set up. Or they may even come to a point where they feel so angry with the guru, because the guru left them (as happened in one previous organization that you know about) that they openly switch into this anger and express it.

Now, what I want you to recognize (as the more mature ascended master students that you are becoming) is that you do not overcome anger by suppressing it. You do not overcome anything by suppressing it. You need to recognize that there was a time (again a stage on the path) where it was constructive for you to suppress the anger because it prevented you from constantly going into these reactionary patterns and building more and more anger energy, or building more and more of a pattern of allowing yourself to respond with anger.

For a time, it is necessary and constructive to suppress the anger with a program in the mental body. There also comes a point where now this is no longer constructive. If you do not change it, you will go into a stalemate because you cannot free yourself from the emotional energy. You are dragging it along with you. As long as you have anger, well, you cannot move into what we have talked about: accepting that you are here, being at peace with being here, feeling good about being here.

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