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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, April 10, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. There are various quotes in the Christian scriptures of my supposedly direct words. What is the most numerous quote repeated a number of times? It is this: “Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites.” Who are the scribes and Pharisees? What are they a symbol for? Well, let us start by looking at it, not in terms of specific people or lifestreams, but in terms of a certain state of consciousness. What was it that the scribes and Pharisees did? They were looking at the Jewish scriptures, and they were thinking, but they were thinking within the boundaries, what today would be called the paradigms of the Jewish religion, never thinking outside.

What did they do? They came up with interpretations. They became more and more elaborate, more and more complex. And why? Well, partly because they could not stop themselves, but partly because it made them seem superior, because they could understand these elaborate interpretations that nobody else could understand. And this is a very old tendency on this planet, on many other planets, where people become more and more enveloped in, identified with, a certain paradigm, a certain ideology, a certain religion, a certain philosophy. They think within these boundaries, but as they are thinking, they become more and more complex, more and more artificial, and they set up this elaborate system.

Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

But why did I say that they were hypocrites? Normally, when you think of hypocrites, you think of people who, for example, say one thing but they do not act on it, they do not follow it, they do not walk their talk. And this was partly what the scribes and Pharisees did, as you can find in another quote where I said that they put burdens on the people but they would not follow it themselves. But there is more to it than that.

What is a hypocrite, really, when you look at it from a different perspective? A hypocrite is one who believes that his way or her way of thinking about a specific issue is the only way, is the highest way.
And they also believe that this will get them to whatever goal is defined. In other words, the scribes and the Pharisees at my time believed that by thinking about religious matters, they could qualify to enter heaven, they could think their way into heaven. But what had they done? They were in the consciousness of separation below the 48th level. They had no conscious intuition. They had no idea of the value of intuition. And what did that mean? It means that they had used the dualistic consciousness, as we have explained so many times, to create their own worldview, their own ideology. And they thought it was complete, it was the highest truth. They thought that heaven conformed to the thought system they had created on earth. They thought they had changed God’s law, or rather, they thought that God’s law was what their system described, their system was an accurate description of God’s law. And they were not willing to even consider that it might not be the case.

What had they done? They had set themselves up as authorities. Why did they think they were authorities? Because they could understand the complex interpretations and doctrines of the Jewish religion. But who had created them? Well, they themselves, or at least people in the same mindset, over generations. They thought they had authority. Why did they have authority? They could understand the doctrines, but they would not see that the reason they could understand the doctrines was that they were in a certain state of mind and the doctrines came from that state of mind, but they still felt that because they could understand these complicated doctrines, they were superior to the general population who could not understand it. But it was not that they were understanding a higher truth, was it? They were understanding a mental image, a human fabrication that sprang from their own minds. That is why they could understand it and nobody else could understand it, at least nobody who was not in their frame of mind.

They claimed to have authority, but it was a self-validating authority. They had created the parameters that they claimed gave them authority. Of course, they did not see this. They claimed they had authority because they understood the law of God. But it was their own self-created law, so what authority did they have?

What happened when they encountered me? Well, I had a slightly, you might say, different approach to truth and knowledge than they did. I can of my own self do nothing. I actually said on occasions: “I can of my own self know nothing. Whatever I speak is given to me by the Father.” I recognized that my mind is not self-sufficient. This will, of course, surprise many Christians who have elevated me to being this superior being, the only Son of God. Surely, I would know everything that God knew. But I was not the only Son of God. I was a human being in embodiment. And why did I say: “I can, of my own self, do nothing?” Because I could only act by using God’s energy and power, and I could only know by using the mind of God or the universal mind of Christ.

Intricate theological discussions within a closed system

They were hypocrites because they claimed to have authority from God, but it was their own self-created earthly authority that was disconnected from the Christ mind. When they encountered me, they felt superior. And when I refused to submit to them as the people did, they started accusing me. What did they start doing? They tried to find fault. They tried to look at the Jewish scriptures and the rules derived from them and accused me in all ways. There are things that are not recorded in the scriptures at all where they tried to pull me into these very intricate theological discussions so that they could, first of all, create such a hugely complex problem that they could always interpret it in any way they wanted.

What is one of the effects of complicating things? Well, first of all, you can always interpret. The more complex, the more interpretations they are. You can always make it seem like you are right. It confuses people. The more complexity there is, the more confused people are. If they accept that you have authority, well, then you can always just say that they are not understanding the doctrines, and that is why they do not agree with you or why they see it differently.

They tried to play these tricks on me, and ,of course, it did not work. Why? Because I did not enter into these intricate theological discussions with them. I simply rebuked them with very simple statements such as: “Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites.” How do you really drag that into a complex intellectual discussion?

This is one approach to knowledge that you see on earth. You confine your search for knowledge to a specific system defined on earth, and then you think and interpret within that framework, coming up with more and more complex interpretations and theories. This, of course, is what you see in today’s world with scientific materialism. You see a very peculiar situation in today’s world where science is nailed to the cross by materialism. Why? Well, science was designed by Saint Germain to be an open-ended process. You never confine scientific inquiry and theory to a specific framework. You never say: “Here we have this final outer framework, and we can never go beyond it.” This, of course, is what the Jewish religion had done with the Jewish scriptures. This is what the Catholic Church did with the Christian scriptures and their own doctrines. They have created a closed system.

The irony, science was designed by Saint Germain to free people, to free the people’s minds from these closed systems of the medieval Catholic Church and put them into an open-ended process. Of course, this is not what the fallen beings wanted. They want to create a mental box and keep people in it. They started working very hard to do the same thing with science, to turn science into a closed mental box. And with the growth in materialism, they managed to do it to a large extent. There is still some openness in the scientific community and the scientific process, but much progress has been delayed because materialists want to confine scientific inquiry and theory to the materialist framework. If I was walking today in the institutions of learning and research, I would again say: “Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites.”

Open-ended co-creation vs. creating a closed mental box

The other approach to knowledge is, of course, that you say: “We will not confine our questions, our inquiry, to a particular framework. We will look beyond, at least our present framework, and seek knowledge from another source.” Science seeks it by observing the world, by coming up with theories that are then tested through experiment. A perfectly valid approach, of course, but not the only approach.

The other approach is that the mind can actually inquire into knowledge, and the mind can go beyond a certain framework. Now, this is a subtle topic to understand because what is it that creates these closed mental boxes? You may say, “Well, the Catholic clergy certainly created the medieval mental box because they would persecute or execute anyone who questioned their doctrines”, but what actually creates the mental box is, of course, the mind. It is the mind that sets the parameters and then decides it will not go beyond it and it does not want anyone else to go beyond it. This is typically done, again, by those who form an elite, whether they are fallen beings or not, but they want to be superior to others. They confine their minds to a certain mental box, and they want everybody else to do the same, which is why you saw that the Catholic clergy, not all of whom were fallen beings, had managed to get virtually all people in Europe to confine themselves to the mental box created by the church.

The mind has this ability to create a mental box and to confine its inquiry into knowledge to that framework. And why does the mind have this ability? Because, as we have said, the earth is a reality simulator where you must be able to create any experience for yourself that you want. And there are two ways to create the experience, as I have explained. You can be a co-creator, or you can be a separate being who is creating the illusion that you have defined your own reality. You have become as a God who is defining good and evil, and you create a complete fantasy picture disconnected from reality. And there is, because of the law of free will, no limit to how deep you can go into this separation and illusion, how intricate of a picture you can create. It is just a matter of your imagination. But, of course, the law of free will mandates that any mental image you can create, any mental box you can create for your mind, you must be able to get yourself out of. And how do you then do this? Well, obviously, by seeking knowledge outside of any of these mental boxes created on earth. And what is the way to do this? Well, you can do it through the intellect, by analyzing, by logical, rational thinking, but the most efficient way to do this is through what you normally call intuition.

The key of knowledge

Intuition, as we have said, is [when] the Conscious You steps outside of all the cells you have created, outside the mental box, experiences directly that there is something to know outside the mental box, and that this something seems more real than what is in the mental box. Because you do not need to argue for or against it. You do not need to intellectualize and analyze. You experience.

This, of course, is the path to Christhood. And you can say that when the mind becomes a closed system and goes into creating this mental image, the Conscious You is nailed to the cross, the cross created by the mind in the physical, in the emotional, mental and identity realm. And the way to get yourself down from the cross is, of course, to get outside of the mental box, dismantle the mental box and seek knowledge from a source outside your own mind. Based on this, you could say that people who are walking the path to Christhood are seeking knowledge from outside their own minds, from outside any of the mental boxes, thought systems, created on earth. But the question is, does that necessarily mean that they have the key of knowledge? In other words, you can find the spiritual path, you can find an ascended master teaching, and you might not yet have grasped what is the key to making the best use of the teaching. It is quite possible, and it has, of course, happened to people, that they find an ascended master teaching that has genuine progressive revelation directly from the ascended masters (we are not talking just about this dispensation but other spiritual movements and dispensations as well). There is genuine knowledge coming into the physical realm from the ascended masters through a messenger or in other ways. But the question is now, do people focus on the outer knowledge that is coming through, the words, the form, the contents of the teachings, or do they seek to use the teachings only as a stepping stone for activating their intuition, for overcoming the separate selves so that the Conscious You becomes more and more able to step outside of your outer mind and therefore directly experience the ascended masters? In other words, as we have said before, the highest way to use the spiritual teaching is to make contact with the consciousness from where the teaching comes. The highest way to use an ascended master teaching is that you use the teaching to get to a point where you personally can have an inner intuitive contact, a direct experience of an ascended master and his or her consciousness. Then you have made the highest use of the teaching.

Are you willing to question your mental image of the teaching?

But there are, of course, students who are not ready to do this. There are even some that are not willing to do this because they are still trapped in this desire to make themselves seem superior to others. They use a spiritual teaching and ascended master teaching in a different way. They do it just like the scribes and Pharisees. They are saying: “Here we have an ascended master teaching. We recognize it came from a higher source. But the teaching does not cover every possible topic.” So these people create their own interpretations. Sometimes they cannot even formulate it in words, they just have it in their mind at a higher level of words, a certain world view, a certain view of themselves that they feel now is validated by the outer teaching coming from the ascended masters.

Now, if they would do as I said, step outside the outer mind and contact the ascended master that gave the teaching, they would be able to see that their mental image is not in accordance with the master. It is out of alignment with the master, and so they could free themselves from it. But because they are not willing to question their interpretation, their mental image, they become stuck like the scribes and Pharisees. They, of course, do not see this and, in a sense, you could say they are not doing exactly the same as the scribes and Pharisees did because they had an outer scripture that was not being renewed. There was not progressive revelation. They had a closed box in which they interpreted it. If you have an ascended master teaching there is progressive revelation, but the question is: “Are these students I am talking about, are they really listening to the progressive revelation?”

We have seen it over and over again that some students are not actually listening to what we are saying. They are only hearing what validates their mental image, what conforms to their mental image. The mental image may be based on our teachings, but progressive revelation is ongoing, it is progressive, it is like a river that is flowing, but the mental image that you have in your mind is a still image or a series of still images, but still, you are not tuning into, you are not experiencing, the flow.

No final teaching

Some students actually think that an ascended master has a certain knowledge, a certain teaching that he is giving to earth and that teaching is fixed. In other words, without maybe even putting words on this, they are thinking that I, the ascended master Jesus, I have a certain teaching up here in my mind, and I have given parts of that through this dispensation and parts of that through that dispensation, but ultimately there will come a point where I have given the final teaching that I want to give, and then it will never change. This, of course, is not reality. I am constantly growing, evolving. I do not have a fixed teaching.

You see, even in the Jewish religion, even in the Christian religion, some people have been willing to acknowledge that human beings can receive knowledge from a higher source. The Christians claim the Bible is the word of God and was received through some form of direct revelation, however they imagine it. They agree that human beings can get knowledge from a higher source, but they think the purpose of this giving of knowledge from a higher source is that there is one fixed, limited, truth up here that is being given and it is possible that you can come to a point where revelation is now complete, like the Christians believe about the Bible was complete in the year 100 or so when the scriptures were written down, and now there will be no more revelation forthcoming.

You cannot fathom the mind of ascend master

It is even possible that students can believe that the ascended masters are giving ongoing revelation, but everything we say validates what these students believe they already know. And when we say something that does not validate their view, they either do not hear it, or they find a way to ignore it or explain it away. In other words, some students, when they hear a dictation, they are filtering it through their perception filter, only hearing what validates and conforms to their mental image of what the teaching should be like, and the rest they do not hear. They ignore it. They explain it away.

This is, of course, the consciousness of Satan that I rebuked with Peter, but they do not see it because, after all, they are ascended master students. They believe in the ascended masters. They believe we can give teachings, and they believe the teachings we give conform to their mental image.

“Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites.” What are some of the same of the tendencies we see? And, again, we are not trying to find fault. We are not trying to blame anybody given the state of the world and given a tradition you see from, for example, Christianity and materialistic science. You have been brought up with these tendencies, so we are not blaming you. We are simply trying to help you see that this is part of what keeps you nailed to the cross, especially in your mental minds.

What are some of these tendencies? Well, one is to think that there is a final amount of knowledge in the mind of an ascended master that he is seeking to give forth and therefore it is possible for a human being in embodiment to come to a full understanding of the mind of an ascended master. Some think that they have been students of Saint Germain for so many years, they have read and studied all of these dictations that he gave- for example, through previous dispensations – and they know the full message that Saint Germain wants to give to earth. This is, of course, completely out of touch with the reality of Saint Germain who does not have a final amount of knowledge he wants to give to earth. He has a series of various steps and elements of knowledge that he gradually plans to release as the golden age progresses over the next 2000 years. Saint Germain’s knowledge, that he wants to impart to humankind and give to earth, will not come to an end until he is no longer the Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius, but is released by whomever this will be, which is not determined yet. You will not in your present embodiment ever know the fullness of the message of Saint Germain.

But there is another element of this: thinking that you could know the fullness of the message, that an ascended master wants to give to earth or the fullness of the knowledge that an ascendant master has, is spiritual pride, complete illusion. As long as you are in embodiment you cannot know the fullness, for that matter an ascended master does not know the fullness of all the knowledge that is there in all of these realms that go to higher and higher levels from this sphere to the next to the next to the next and all the way to the Creator. I do not fancy myself – even though I have been an ascended master for two thousand years – of knowing everything. These people think that their minds, while they are in embodiment, are capable of grasping the full knowledge of an ascended master. But as we have said before, the difference in the mind and the mind capacity of an ascended master and an embodied being is unfathomable for an unascended being. It is such a huge difference that you simply cannot fathom it from the unascended state, therefore you cannot fathom the knowledge of an ascended master. And thinking that you can is, of course, spiritual pride, it is arrogance, it is a complete illusion.

Limitations of the intellectual mind

Then, there is another tendency that people go into and again, this is partly because you were grown up in a modern world where science and logical thinking and rational thinking are so dominant. You go into thinking that first of all, you think that the human intellect can grasp the full knowledge of how the world works. Especially, you think that when you recognize there is a spiritual realm and there are beings in that spiritual realm who have knowledge, you think that the intellect can grasp this knowledge, can analyze it, can categorize it, can put it into these subconscious file folders and you think that the intellect can grasp how the world actually works. But this is again hubris. Scientists, materialists believe that one day science will – through the intellect, through the scientific method – know everything there is to know about the universe. For that matter, they believed this in the late 1800s, some of them, and today they are scientists who believe the same. They believe that knowledge is, we might say, horizontal. In other words, there is a huge plane – you might compare it to: there is a big library and there are all these shelves of books that contain all the knowledge about the universe. And it is just a matter of going down these rows of shelves and reading all the books and when you have read all the books, then you know everything, the intellect can fathom everything. But knowledge is not horizontal. Knowledge is not intellectual. There is more to know than is dreamt of in your philosophy, there is more between heaven and earth that is dreamt of in your philosophy. There is the intellect, is only one way to look at knowledge, to look for knowledge, to grasp knowledge, to use knowledge.

Now, it is a very valuable faculty that is especially good for practical applications on earth. In other words, on understanding how the material universe works. The intellect is good as grasping this. We are not in any way putting down the intellect and people’s ability to think. But there are ascended master students who recognize that they have spiritual teachers. We are in a higher level of consciousness, we have a spiritual teaching, but they still think they can grasp this with their intellects and this is a fallacy. And it is a potentially limiting fallacy because it can keep you trapped on the cross where you are continually throughout a lifetime trying to understand intellectually the ascended master teachings, trying to analyze them, to categorize them, to label them, to fit them into some filing system you have in your mind. But there are things about the function of the spiritual world that the intellect on earth will never be able to fathom. It will never fathom it. When you ascend, you are not primarily using the intellect to gather knowledge- you use the intuitive faculties and direct experience, many other actually avenues for seeking knowledge that you have in the ascended realm. And you know from experience there are so many things that the intellect cannot deal with. If you are trying to understand the ascended master teachings through the intellect there will be aspects of the teaching that you simply cannot see, you cannot fathom it, it does not compute as they say. Because your intellect cannot deal with it.

The linear mind’s need for consistency

Part of the entire scientific mindset is, of course, the linear mind as we have called it. And one aspect of the linear mind is that it always looks for consistency. There must not be any contradictions, there must not be anything unexplained, there must be a certain timeline that is logical and starts from one point and goes to another point, there cannot be any gaps or inconsistencies in a timeline. You see, the linear mind wants to make everything concrete, everything linear, not just on a linear timeline, but it wants to make everything concrete -so it can relate to something that the intellect can fathom.

But what have I said? When you go into duality, what do you do? You are creating a mental image, an illusion that you think is reality. But how are you creating that? Through the intellect, through the linear mind. How can, as Einstein even said, you overcome a problem with the same state of consciousness that created a problem? How can you free yourself from your illusions and delusions by using the very intellect that created those illusions? It cannot be done, which is why the scribes and the Pharisees could not recognize Christ. They wanted to pull me and everything I said into their system and I came to free them from the system. How would I have any chance of freeing people if I conform to their mental images as we have said many times before?

But there are still ascended masters’ students who cannot fathom this, they are trying to put our progressive revelation into their intellectual, linear, concrete system. When exactly did Sanat Kumara come to earth? What was the year? When exactly was Atlantis? When did this happen, when did that happen? Why is there a contradiction between what was said in the I AM Movement and what was said in the Summit Lighthouse and what we are saying today. Why is there a contradiction between what we are saying today and what was said in the Bible? Why is there a contradiction between what the ascended masters are saying today and what was said in the Vedas or Nordic mythology or this or that or the next thing. These are all the linear mind – trying to fit everything into its system so it can feel that it is secure, because it has everything under control. This is as Mother Mary talked about this dream of protecting yourself from bad things happening in the world by knowing everything, by being able to control everything in the outer world. There are students who are caught in this trying to use our teachings to give themselves so much knowledge that they think that when they know enough, they will be able to control everything. As Mother Mary so eloquently explained, this will not happen. It is not a matter of knowing enough.

There are scientists who believe that when you know enough about this or that, you will be able to control every aspect of life on earth. And we fully understand, I fully acknowledge why they believe this. After all there was a Greek philosopher over 2000 years ago who coined the phrase “atoms as an indivisible unit” and by scientists continuing to research, gaining more and more knowledge about atoms, they develop the ability to split the atom and create a nuclear reactor or nuclear bomb. They think that this- the linear mind thinks that this- can be extended indefinitely or at least until you reach the final knowledge. But first of all, there is no final knowledge. Second of all, there is knowledge that the linear mind, the intellect will never be able to fathom. We have said before that if the knowledge that you have on earth is the spoon, then the total knowledge is the ocean. And this does not mean that you have a certain amount of knowledge on earth that you can fathom with the intellect and the ocean is also an amount of knowledge that can be fathomed with the intellect. Most of this knowledge cannot be fathomed by the intellect, it does not conform to the linear mind.

What is the knowledge that you are receiving on earth even from the ascended realm? It is knowledge that is geared towards helping you free yourself from your self-created illusions. Therefore, somewhat adapted to those illusions, so you can grasp the knowledge, lock into it and start walking the path. Because if we give your knowledge that nobody can grasp, we are not helping anybody, are we? If you want to take everything literally, if you want to interpret everything linearly then you are not making use of the teaching and therefore you are still hanging on the cross in your mental mind that you put yourself on.

The primary feature of the fallen mindset

The primary feature of the fallen mindset that the fallen beings are in is that they have created a mental image that they feel is so complete that they do not need to look beyond it or question it. They believe their minds have the basic knowledge of how the world works, how the universe works, how creation works. But this belief is based on their self-created illusions because they feel they are so complete, they know so much, they are so complex of an understanding of life and grant you, some fallen beings have an extremely complex world view. You may look at the world view we have given you and say this is very complex about fallen beings and avatars and this and that. But it is actually nothing compared to what some fallen beings have in their minds, they have created it not only in this sphere, but in previous spheres, they have an extremely complicated world view. And why is this? What have I said? Free will must be outplayed, you must be able to create any world view, any image, any experience you want inside your own mind. When you’ve eaten a forbidden fruit going into the knowledge of good and evil, you are creating a mental image. And once you are convinced that your mental image is reality, then no outside force can pull you out of it- so you must be allowed to go as far as you can until you cannot stand it anymore. Christ is not allowed by the law of free will to go in and challenge some of these fallen beings. You can challenge the fallen beings in embodiment when Christ is in embodiment, that is why I could challenge the scribes and the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, because I was in embodiment and they were in embodiment. But some of the fallen beings in the emotional realm, mental realm and the identity realm, we cannot challenge. At least not yet – there comes a certain cycle where we can, but they must be allowed to fulfill that cycle.

The Zeno paradox

What is it that they do in order to create this complex image? Well, we have talked about before the Greek philosopher Zeno that created the paradox. You have to go to a certain city, there is say 42 kilometers there. Can you ever get there? No, because first, you have to go to the halfway point, then you have to go to the halfway point of the remaining distance and so forth. And you can continue to divide the distance into a halfway point indefinitely. This is also known in mathematics where you can take the number zero and the number one and you can divide it with a certain factor and you can keep dividing indefinitely. There is no end, there is no end- or at least that is how the theory goes and the linear mind cannot fathom this. Just trying to think about this- you keep dividing the distance into smaller and smaller components and it never ends. The linear mind will say: “But there must be an end, there must be the smallest component.”  That is why the Greek philosopher came up with this concept: they are atoms that cannot be divided further. There must be the smallest component – says the linear mind, but there is not. There is no limit to how far the linear mind can go except that a being can run out of time.

The way out of the jungle

What is the only way out of it? Once you have gone into this cycle, what is the only way out of it? Well, take the paradox of walking to the city. You are a human being, you walk by taking one step at a time. You have to walk a distance of 42 miles. First you walk to -or to 42 kilometers you walk to- the 21-kilometer mark and you stop there, wipe the sweat off your brow and rest a little bit. And then you start walking again, till you come to the next halfway point, and you continue to the next halfway point and the next one. Now, theoretically you can keep going forever, but there comes a point where you are now one step away from the destination. In other words, you can cover the remaining distance in one step. What is the point in dividing it into the halfway point and taking a half of a step, a quarter of a step, an eighth of a step and smaller and smaller increments of steps? Why not simply take that one last step and you have arrived? And that is what can bring a being out of this self-created never-ending spiral, never-ending story- by you suddenly coming to realize: “I cannot stand the complexity, I cannot stand it anymore, there must be a way out.” And that is when you come to that recognition when a teacher must appear and offer you at least something that can bring you on the way out of your own self-created illusion.

Do you really think you know better?

This, of course, is what we hope to do by giving direct teachings. But if a person has not come to that point of having had enough of its own mind and the grandeur of the mental images that it has created, then we cannot help the student. The student might listen to our teachings, might read them, might study them, might know them by heart, might be able to quote them, might be able to interpret them in more and more complex interpretations, but the person has not started walking out of the jungle. The person is still trying to fit the teachings into its world view and therefore the person is still on the cross. Literally, in a mental mind you can keep going indefinitely- into more and more complexity, deeper and deeper details, more and more details trying to create more and more, and more and more, consistent story, linear story. Instead of realizing that even as an ascended master teaching is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It is not meant to give you intellectual knowledge, it is meant to help you transcend your mental box. And if you use it for that purpose you can quickly transcend your mental box, so you are free and you can jump down from the cross.

But if you are still in love with your own mind and the grandeur of your mind, you do not want to get off the cross- because after all, when you are hanging up there on the cross, you might be fixated on the cross, but you are above all those people standing below looking at you.  Where are they looking? They are looking up at you because you are on this cross and you feel superior to them, so you do not even want to get down. I bow to your free will. What else can I do? Because you actually think that I as an ascended master I’m one of those people standing down there on the ground and I’m below you- you know better. You either know better than the ascended master or you certainly know better than the messenger who probably is getting something wrong if he is not getting something that validates your view.

What can I say? Well, we try. Why did I engage the scribes and Pharisees 2000 years ago? Because that is the law, when we have an opportunity, we must seek to help as many people as possible. Even if they have previously been impossible to help. But that is who we are as ascended masters and that is why we are still with earth. Because we do not feel that we have done everything that could be done to help unascended beings. You may say here is the ascended realm- a HUGE, huge world to explore. We have ascended from earth, we have escaped from earth, we are not confined to earth, there is nothing forcing us to stay with earth. But we are choosing to do so because we feel there is still something that can be done, that can be said and as the Buddha said: “Some will understand.” I hope that all of those who listen to this or who read it, will be among the “some” who understand- not only understand, but grasp, internalize. And therefore, make contact with the consciousness of the being that I am who is much more than can ever be put into words. But even that can be used by the linear mind as an excuse for saying: “Oh, but the masters are saying there is so much more that cannot be expressed in words- therefore my world view is just so advanced that it cannot be expressed in words or it is so advanced that the messenger cannot fathom it. Therefore, cannot take a dictation about it, but it shows how superior it is.”  Again, SOME will understand. May you be that some!


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