Shiva clears the records of the Roman Empire

TOPICS: Deceit is self-deceit – Wanting to be gods on earth –

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Ascended Master Shiva, February 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Shiva I am. And I am exceedingly happy to answer the call of those who are willing to go to a physical location and sound my name, calling me to jump through the veil into the physical realm and clear out these ancient records that need to be cleared out, wherever it may be. Certainly, I am happy to be here, at this moment, here in Rome, to clear out the records of the Roman empire, that have hung as a heavy cloud, not only over this particular place in Rome or the nation of Italy, but the entire continent of Europe and the area around the Mediterranean, now over 2,000 years.

It is about time, my beloved, that someone will come forth in a certain measure of Christhood, that allows me to jump through and clear out anything below that level of Christhood by which the call is given. And thus, those who are willing to be the open door that no man can shut, may indeed call forth the Presence of Shiva, and I shall jump to the fore and jump in ready with my fire to consume those ancient records of the Roman Empire: all of the warfare, all of the bloodshed, all of the abuse. And what more fitting place to do it than here on the Palatine Hill, where the Roman emperors lived and where they plotted their schemes for the conquering of vast territories, or for the destruction of their enemies—or where those who wanted to be emperor plotted to destroy the emperor, overturn him in some way through some scheme.

Deceit is self-deceit

Oh, this deceit, all this deceitfulness, such an antithesis of truth. What folly this is of men—that they think what they can hide from each other is hidden from God. Do they not realize, that there will come a day where all that is hidden shall be revealed, when nothing can indeed be hidden from the God within that is their I AM Presence—that records all that they have ever done in the physical octave. Do they not realize, that the akashic records show everything, everything, my beloved. And thus, nothing can be hidden when you go in front of that judge, of standing in front of your I AM Presence and thereby seeing what could have been – as your highest potential – and what was, what was the potential that you outpictured through your free will.

There is is no hiding in that moment, there is no hiding when you go in front of your own judge. For you go in front of your own I AM Presence, that will mirror back to you every choice you have made while you descended into the realm of duality. Certainly, your I AM Presence does not judge you, but you will judge yourself, for you will see what you are asked to see by your I AM Presence through the filter of the elements of duality that you have not transcended.

And thus, this is how you will judge yourself: based on the consciousness of duality that you have not surrendered. You will think it is reality, you will think it is real, necessary—or even that it is mandated by God that you be judged this way. For if you have not taken responsibility for yourself, you will refuse to believe that you are judging yourself. And therefore, you must project some authority outside of yourself that is doing the judging, whether you conceive of it as God or the devil or something in between. But nevertheless, you will refuse to believe, that you are the one judging yourself. Yet this is reality. No one judges you but you. No one makes choices for you but you. No one can change your consciousness for you.

You are the one who sees everything, who perceives everything, through that state of consciousness. And if you want to see how far into the extremes this can take a human being, then just study the lives of the Roman emperors. And you will see to which degree of insanity people can go, when they are trapped in duality, refuse to see it—cannot even conceive that there could be another way to look at reality than the one through which they see it.

Wanting to be gods on earth

As Mother Mary just said, what is the entire problem of the Catholic Church? It is, indeed, that they have created a mindset, a perception, through which one is supposed to look at life. It is completely based on the consciousness of anti-christ, yet they believe it is completely based on the consciousness of Christ, even that the Pope himself represents Christ. As indeed, many Romans believed, that the emperor represented some higher authority, be it this or that God. But they literally wanted to be gods on earth – the emperors – and that is, of course, exactly the desire of the original fallen angels, who wanted to be seen as gods on earth, who wanted to be seen by men as having the authority on earth that only God has.

But God does not exercise that authority as human beings conceive of authority, for God is not the ultimate tyrant—even though many people make him out to be so. This is not the case. I, indeed, Shiva, I know Brahman. And I know, that Brahman is the formless God, and therefore is no tyrant. Brahman has given you free will. What can be tyrannical about it—you are the one making the choices. If there is a tyrant in your life, you are that tyrant. If there is a judge in your life, you are that judge. If there is a murderer in your life, you are that murderer—by having murdered your own creativity and imagination, allowing your imagination to be entombed in one of these structures built by men, the structures that must come tumbling down for the Age of Aquarius to become the age of the Holy Spirit.

And thus, I, Shiva, have indeed used these words to flow through into the physical octave and manifest my Presence everywhere in this Roman forum, these Roman ruins, clearing it out now with the immensity of my fire—that is such that no human being can even fathom it. Not even the messenger who is speaking these words can fathom the fire of Shiva, for if anyone were to experience the fullness of that fire, you would instantly be burned away and not be able to maintain even a physical body as a focus in the physical octave. For my fire will accelerate anything into the purity of God. There will be no impurities where my fire is, and thus – instantly – my fire can can clear this entire area of these records, going back more than 2,000 years.

Certainly, my beloved, the consciousness of the people can start re-creating certain records, but I tell you, that this is indeed a dispensation for the earth. For the Roman Empire is not just the Roman Empire that you know from history; it represents far more than this Roman Empire. And what exactly it represents, I will leave to my beloved Saint Germain, who will now continue this dictation, as we seamlessly merge, one into the other. And thus, I, Shiva, am withdrawing my Presence from this place and giving room to Saint Germain.


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