33. Preach a non-dualistic gospel to all creatures

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

In the previous chapters of this book, I have attempted to give you an understanding of the reality you face as a person in embodiment on this little planet that you call Earth. I have attempted to give you a relatively concise explanation that appeals to the mind, the reasoning mind, so that you might understand what you are up against and what you have been up against for a very long time in many past lifetimes. Yet I will not leave you without giving you a more full experience of my total being, for truly I, Lord Maitreya, am more than mind. I am also heart, I am feeling and I have very strong feelings for the lifestreams on Earth and for this planetary home itself, even for Mother Earth, who is truly a living Being, holding the vision and the balance for the evolutions that grow – or do not grow as the choice might be – on this planetary home.

Thus, my beloved, I truly want to greet you in the love of Maitreya’s heart, for I represent the love of the Father to the evolutions on Earth. Truly, I am aware that many of you have been brought up in a religious tradition that portrays the Father as a very remote being, as the external God in the sky, perhaps even as the angry God in the sky. Thus, my beloved, I am aware that many of you have never really seen any kind of love associated with God, with the Father figure of God. Some of you have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to the feminine aspect of God, be it as Mother Mary or as one of the feminine goddesses revered in the East. And thus, you have at least received a more balanced experience of the love of God. Yet I desire for you to have a more full experience of the love of God, so that your love might be full because you realize that God the Father, the Creator itself, has an infinite and unconditional love for your being, for your Alpha identity, for your conscious self and for the Omega identity you have built on the Rock of Christ.

Oh my beloved, could you even for a split second experience a glimpse of the Creator’s love for you, you would be totally transformed by that love. Away would fall all of the elements of the dualistic consciousness that reside in your four lower bodies. Away would fall the ego, and you would be plunged into a complete sense of oneness with the Creator’s Being.

As I have explained, your conscious self truly is an extension of, an individualization of, the Creator’s own Being. For when God decided to create individual lifestreams with free will, he did indeed say, as did Christ, “This is my body which is broken for you” (1Corinthians 11:24). Thus, the “body” of God, the consciousness of God, the Being of God has been broken in the creation of innumerable individual lifestreams that all form the Body of God in the world of form. Thus, you who are embodying on planet Earth are part of the Body of God on Earth, and I would love nothing more than to see each of you individually reconnect to the infinite love that the Creator has for your own individual Being, whereby you could accept yourself as a worthy member of the Body of God on Earth. And when you accept this individually, you can then come together collectively and form the true community of the Holy Spirit of the Aquarian age, the true community of unconditional love, the true community that then becomes Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness, wherein each person feels as one part in the Body of God.


Oh my beloved, what I attempted to establish in the original Garden of Eden was just such a community, where all had the maximum opportunity to feel loved and to feel part of the greater whole. It was with great sorrow that I saw some of the lifestreams in the Garden embody the fallen consciousness instead of letting go of it and coming into oneness. It was with great sorrow that I saw these lifestreams draw even some of the innocent ones with them, as they decided to leave the protected sphere of the Garden of Eden, which was maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness.

I can assure you that these beings did not leave because they had not experienced my love for them. For as the representative of the divine Father in the Garden of Eden, I did indeed express the love of the Father. Yet the unfortunate fact is that when you are trapped in the consciousness of separation, you cannot receive the love of the Father, for you cannot experience the Being of the Creator. Once you have become trapped in the illusion of separation, your conscious self cannot accept that it is an extension of the Creator’s Being. And when you cannot accept this, how can you reconnect to the fullness of the Creator’s Being out of which you came?

You see, my beloved, when you are trapped in the consciousness of separation, you are like a puddle that has been left behind after the high water of the river moved on toward the ocean. And thus, you see yourself as a separate puddle and you are not able to conceive that you were created out of the River of Life and that if you follow that river back to its source, you will find your own source as the Creator itself.

So my beloved, it has been my role to see many lifestreams that were entrusted to my care go the way of separation, the way of death. I could do nothing to stop them, nor did I really want to stop them. For you see, my beloved, I represent the consciousness of the Father, the love of the Father. And the love of the Father is unconditional, which means that the Creator will allow extensions of itself to separate themselves from its Being, from the River of Life. The Creator itself feels no sorrow over this. But my beloved, as a Being who does not have the full God consciousness, I did indeed feel a certain sorrow. This was not the human sorrow that comes from possessive love, where you feel a personal loss. But it was the greater sorrow that comes from seeing clearly what awaits the lifestreams that separate themselves from the Sphere of Oneness.

For in representing the Father, I also represent the Father’s mission. And thus, I can clearly see that those who follow the path of separation will condemn themselves to a future that can only be filled with conflict and suffering. Thus, these lifestreams can never attain peace of mind. And as the teacher who was charged with raising beings up to attaining the peace of mind that comes from spiritual self-sufficiency, it was with some sense of loss and sorrow that I saw these beings choose to reject the gift I offered them, the gift of the Path of Oneness.

Yet my beloved, you must understand that in my mind nothing is ever lost. For as long as a lifestream continues to be in existence, there is always the potential that it can turn around and decide to start climbing back up the staircase of life. And what I want to assure you is that you can do that at any moment. And when you decide to turn around, I will be there, greeting you with open arms and a love that has not diminished no matter how long you have been traveling in the duality of space and time.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Copyright © 2007 Kim MIchaels.