31. How religion needs to change

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

Let us look at some of the concrete changes that must be brought about by the top ten percent. It is extremely important to bring forth a widespread understanding of the fact that the role of an outer religion is not to save people. The major goal of true religion has always been the transformation of consciousness, and in this age you see it exemplified in the self-help movement. Obviously, most members of the top ten percent have already understood this and are living it. Yet what most have not understood is why there is so much resistance to this idea from traditional or mainstream religions. In fact, most people in the top ten percent see spiritual truth as so obvious that they cannot understand why others cannot see it. I hope you can now understand that other people cannot see truth because they are still blinded by the duality consciousness. Thus, you need to help them become aware of their blindness and its cause before you can help them see the truth that is obvious to you. You think truth is obvious because you are no longer looking through the filter of duality, so you need to help other people go beyond that filter as well.

The idea that religion will not save you but will help you transform your consciousness will meet fierce resistance from both the blind leaders and their blind followers. The reason is that this very concept threatens the fragile illusion upon which the inferiority-superiority dynamic is based. If people can bring themselves closer to salvation through their own efforts, then the blind followers no longer need the leaders to save them, and they no longer have an excuse for not making their own decisions. Likewise, the leaders can no longer maintain the sense of superiority that has become more important to them than anything else. Thus, you can see why both groups fiercely resist the idea of personal transformation and why they will resist seeing religion as a tool for self-transformation. They will cling to the idea that people cannot save themselves and that they need an outer religion and its leaders in order to be saved.

How can you help such people? It will often be necessary to be non-threatening and to allow them to maintain their basic illusion while getting them to accept the concept of self-help for other reasons. For example, Jesus clearly said that the kingdom of God can be found only by going within (Luke 17:21). He also told his followers to remove the beam from their own eyes (Matthew 7:5), and in this age people can be helped to understand that he was referring to the human ego and its dualistic reasoning that prevents them from having the single eye – the non-dualistic vision of Christ – that makes their whole bodies filled with light (Luke 11:34).

Jesus also told Christians not to be blind followers (Matthew 15:14) and he warned them about false leaders who would appear in his name (Matthew 24:24). So there are many elements of Jesus’ teachings that can be used to open people’s minds to the need for personal transformation. Yet it is necessary for you to realize that some people are not ready or willing to take responsibility for themselves, and thus you must be content to demonstrate the path while being non-attached to the reactions of others.


Another area that needs to be exposed is the fact that women should be given equal status in all churches. The basic fact is that women are not responsible for the fall of man. Every individual being made its own choice that led to the fall. Eve is not a symbol for women but a symbol for your lower being, which is the feminine polarity of your total being, as your spiritual self is the masculine polarity. Thus, the feminine-masculine polarity of your lower and higher being is independent of the sex of the physical body you are wearing in this life. In past lives you have been embodied in both male and female bodies, so it is meaningless to blame women for the fall and to relegate them to secondary positions in churches. I realize this discrimination is based on Biblical references, but it is high time to recognize that these references were not the infallible words of God but the distortions of a male-dominated culture. It is thus high time to dispense with them and to allow women to hold any position in any church.

In fact, it is high time to recognize that the entire concept of inequality, even conflict, between the sexes is another expression of the duality consciousness. The strategy of the fallen beings has always been to divide people—by making them houses divided against themselves and by setting groups against each other. Setting men and women against each other in a struggle for superiority is simply another ego game that must be brought to a halt before a golden age can be manifest. Only when men and women work together in harmony can they and their society reach the full potential.

Because women have been suppressed for so long, it is necessary to compensate for this by allowing women to take more prominent positions in society, including in religious life. This does not mean that we need a role-reversal in which women seek to take the superior roles that men have had or seek to punish men for the oppression of women. It means that women need to find their rightful role as full equals in every respect, so that there can be complete harmony between the masculine and feminine polarities in human society. Yet this will also mean that women must not stop being women or seek to adapt themselves to a male-dominated culture. We do not need women pretending to be men, we need a society that respects the unique qualities of both men and women, allowing both to be expressed in full measure.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.


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