30. Creating a new openness in the religious debate

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

Based on our previous discussion, it should not be difficult to see what needs to happen in order to free the world from dualistic religion. We obviously need to free religion from all elements of the fallen consciousness, the duality consciousness. The way to do this should also be obvious, for as we have seen, the duality consciousness can only survive in the shadows, where it is not seen or seen for what it is. If people knew better, they would do better, so the duality consciousness can influence people only because it hides behind a veil of deception and manipulation.

However, forcing the illusions of duality out in the open will require a special effort, which can be seen from the fact that no mainstream religion openly talks about the duality consciousness and the human ego or gives a deeper understanding of the beings who deliberately oppose God’s plan by deceiving humankind. In fact, no human effort can bring this about, but with God – acting through human beings who are willing to rise above duality – it will be possible to completely change the tone and content of the religious debate.

There are already enough people in embodiment to bring this change about, namely the top ten percent. These people have reached a state of consciousness where they can quickly come to see through the smokescreens created by the forces of duality. Yet having the understanding of duality is only half the battle, for the spiritual people also need to overcome the stranglehold of intimidation that prevents a free debate about religious issues. This intimidation works in individual churches – to varying degrees – and it works on a world scale. After centuries, even millennia, of oppression and intimidation, many religious people are simply afraid to publicly ask any kind of critical questions about religion, particularly their own religion. The top ten percent can quickly overcome this intimidation, but the challenge will be to help a critical number of the members of particular religions to overcome their fear of thinking and talking freely about issues relating to religion and God.

The forces of duality are very determined and quite skilled in terms of manipulating humankind. They have also had a very long time in which they have had virtually free reign on this planet—caused by the fact that people simply have not known about fallen beings and their influence. This condition was obviously created by the fallen beings in past ages, when they removed any reference to their existence and identity on this planet. Thus, humans have been as unprotected against the manipulation of fallen beings and the false gods as they were unprotected against disease before they knew about bacteria. Ignorance truly is not bliss.

Because of this, it is foreseeable that many people will have some resistance toward acknowledging many of the facts I have exposed in this book. As I said in the beginning, I have presented truth in a direct manner, and the reason is that I know many among the top ten percent are ready for this truth. Yet I also know that many among the general population are not ready for the full truth. Modern psychologists are aware of the mechanism called the flight-or-fight syndrome. When presented with a threat, people will instinctively seek to avoid it, and if they cannot escape, they will turn and fight it. Yet there is a related mechanism that most people are not aware of. When people are faced with a threat that seems too overwhelming, they will neither flee nor fight, but they will instead refuse to acknowledge the threat, as an ostrich buries its head in the sand. They will use the relative logic of the duality consciousness to belittle the message or the messenger, or they will find other ways to justify ignoring the threat.

For many people the full truth I have given in this book will be so overwhelming that they will be unable to acknowledge it. If people do not yet have the inner knowing that the power of God is far superior to any dualistic forces, they will refuse to see that there is a dualistic force. This is precisely the reason the dualistic force has remained unknown and unrecognized for so long, and this is the very mechanism that will prevent many people from removing the veil of ignorance. Once again, a catch-22.

Another reason why many people will rather remain ignorant is that if they acknowledge the existence of the dualistic force, they know it will be such a serious threat to their freedom that they simply cannot ignore it. And since they do not yet believe God can defeat this force (through them), they would rather continue to know nothing about it. Likewise, they sense subconsciously that if they acknowledge the threat, they cannot continue to live as they do now. And since they are unwilling to change their lifestyle, they will look for ways to justify ignoring the message.

My point here is that it is not my intention to see the top ten percent go out and preach a message based on the direct truth I am giving in this book. My intention with this book is to educate those who are close to rising above duality, so they can take the final step and attain the full truth that will set them free from both the consciousness and the forces of duality. Once you have claimed that freedom for yourself, you can go out and serve to set other people free, but in doing so you must practice the art of the possible. As I have explained, you probably chose to embody in a particular environment in order to learn how people in that environment think. You can then use this experience to sense what those people are ready to hear and how you can best present it to them.

I realize this will be a challenge, and some will want me to give them more detailed instructions. However, please remember that the more mature students must face the test of becoming spiritually self-sufficient. In Mother Mary’s book and this book we have given you everything your outer mind needs in order to connect to your own higher being. And when you do connect, you will receive directions from within as to how you can express a higher truth to the people with whom you are familiar. In other words, the real purpose of this book is not to tell you everything you need but to awaken in you the memory of who you are and why you came here. You must then accept who you are and accept that it is part of your mission to go within and get the exact directions from your own higher being rather than from a source that will be seen as external. You must embody the teachings so you can teach them to others by example. It is when the general population see the top ten percent rise above duality and demonstrate this publicly that they will gradually be empowered to rise above duality.

What I will give you in this chapter are some general instructions about what needs to be exposed and what most people are ready for at this time.


A majority of the people in the Western world know – within their inner beings – that something is wrong with religion. Many realize that things are not as they should be in their churches, which is demonstrated by such things as the pedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church and other events that demonstrate how religious leaders are not walking their talk, are not living up to the standards set by the spiritual teachings of their religion. Many people also realize that there is an element of deception in many religions and that things were taken out of the Christian religion centuries ago. Many people have been disappointed by the behavior of religious leaders or by the rigidity of the outer institutions. Many people feel that the churches in which they grew up can no longer meet their spiritual needs in this modern age. Many churches are stuck in the past and simply cannot or will not adapt to the challenges presented by life in a fast-changing world.

My point here is that in the Western world there is a general discontent among a majority of the people, but so far these people have had no clear vision of why they feel something is wrong with or missing from their religion. Yet people are rapidly becoming more open to looking for explanations beyond traditional sources, and this is where the most spiritual people and the Ascended Host have an opportunity to expand people’s vision. A majority of the people in the Western world are ready to receive the understanding that what causes things to go awry in religion – as well as in their personal lives and in society – is the human ego and the duality consciousness. These people can quickly be helped to see that everything they sense is wrong with religion is caused by the ego that uses the duality consciousness to pervert the original purpose of religion—a purpose that most people have some awareness of in their hearts.

Many people are ready to look for the beam – the ego – in their own eyes, for they have already received some awareness of the ego from the self-help movement. This movement has for decades opened people’s minds to a deeper understanding of psychology, including the existence of the ego. People are ready for a breakthrough that connects the dots and shows them how the human ego has influenced religion for thousands of years and how the characteristics of the ego have distorted virtually every aspect of religious life. This will cause many of the people who are still involved with religion to see that it is possible and necessary to take religion to a higher level. It can also cause many of the people who have abandoned religion to see that it is not actually religion itself, but ego-based religion, that they cannot accept.

My point is that a critical mass of people are ready to see that religion is the one area of society where the duality consciousness should not be allowed to operate. They are also ready to see that in order to counteract the influence of the ego, it is absolutely necessary that the duality consciousness must be openly discussed and exposed. Time has simply run away from the approach of remaining silent or pretending nothing could be wrong with your religion. People are ready to call a hypocrite a hypocrite and they are ready for a new initiative to remove all hypocrisy from religion. In other words, people are ready for a new openness, whereby it becomes possible, even necessary, to discuss many of the things that were previously considered taboos in the religious debate.

In fact, this is a development that the fallen beings and the false gods are quite aware of. Some of them know this tide can be slowed down but that it cannot be stopped. They are still trying to slow it down as best they can, for example in the attempt to use fear to make people turn to fundamentalist religion that insists on the infallibility of the scriptures of the past. Yet some of the more advanced fallen beings have realized that openness cannot be stopped, so they are trying to direct the debate into areas of their choosing. The motto of the fallen beings has always been that if you can’t beat ‘em—join ‘em, and they are seeking to steer the religious debate into a blind alley that will obscure the real cause of the problem and allow them to stay in control of this planet. Some fallen beings are quite ready to destroy modern people’s faith in all religion and elevate scientific materialism as the “one true religion.” Therefore, it is necessary that the most spiritual people engage in the debate and put it on the right track, namely the track that will lead people to see what is taking away their spiritual freedom so they can find the truth that will make them free.

This is your challenge, namely to engage in the religious debate and take the initiative away from those who are trapped in the duality consciousness—whether they do so unwittingly or with some knowledge of the forces they serve. The main goal is to establish a new approach to religion, an approach that makes it clear that in the modern world it is time to raise religion above duality and the human ego. It is time to establish non-dualistic religions on this planet. Let me give you some pointers on the specific areas in which the influence of the ego needs to be exposed.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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