28. How to help free people from the dualistic mindset

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

In order for the top ten percent of the spiritual people to have the maximum impact, they need to recognize how they tend to respond when they are confronted with religious people who are openly fanatical, hostile and aggressive. Let us begin by looking at the lowest half of the top ten percent.

These people have recognized that there is a spiritual side to life, so they can see beyond the rigidity of traditional religion, but they have not yet fully understood the nature of duality. The result is that they are often drawn into a dualistic struggle of arguing with those who are fully trapped in duality. They clearly see the error of a traditional religion, and they become very zealous in trying to convince other people, often feeling they are doing this for God or some great cause. Yet because those in the top ten percent have risen above the lower manifestations of the duality consciousness, these people are not willing to go as far as the bottom ten percent in order to defeat their opponents. They do not fully believe that the end can justify the means, at least they realize that there are certain means that are never justified. The result is that the top ten percent almost invariably lose any power struggle with the bottom ten percent, who will often exclude them from leadership positions in traditional churches. This often makes the more spiritual people very frustrated and causes them to go into a passive-aggressive response of feeling like victims or martyrs.

Many of these people feel that they have already attempted to reform their childhood religion and they failed, so now they want to have nothing to do with that or any religion. Yet I hope you can now see that this is a black-and-white form of thinking, where you jump from one extreme to the other. If the leaders of your religion won’t listen to you, then you won’t have anything to do with them, so you withdraw. Yet such people withdraw with great frustration and often become hostile toward all religion or a particular religion. Obviously, this shows that these people are still attached to the results of their actions, and thus they have not overcome duality.

I am quite aware that many of these people are truly well-meaning and very sincere. I am also aware that they often feel stuck, because they feel that if others won’t listen, then they have no other alternative than to withdraw. Yet I hope these people can use the teachings in this book to realize that there is an alternative that goes beyond the two dualistic extremes. That alternative is to truly rise above duality, so you can engage in the religious debate without expecting particular outer results. Thereby, you can avoid feeling rejected and that will actually open up for the desired results to manifest.

Let us now look at the top half of the top ten percent, what we might call the top five percent. These are people who have seen the futility of engaging in any kind of dualistic struggle. Yet because they have not consciously seen the reality of the non-dualistic approach, they have felt there is no way to constructively engage the more fanatical people. Some of these people are members of traditional religions, and they often participate in religious activities without ever saying anything. They engage in the outer rituals while thinking for themselves in the privacy of their own minds. Others have simply withdrawn quietly from a particular religion or from all religion, still being spiritual but without any outer practices.

These people have often adopted a form of gray thinking, where they believe you should simply live and let live, believe and let believe. You should believe what you want to believe and let other people do the same, not interfering with their beliefs or challenging them in any way. So while the group described above are often in a passive-aggressive response, the people in this latter group have overcome aggression – which is good – but they have now gone into the blind alley of being entirely passive. Yet what could possibly be wrong with this approach—aren’t these people simply refusing to resist evil and turning the other cheek?

We have now arrived at the central question that will determine whether the top ten percent will rise and fulfill the roles they planned to play or whether they will sit passively by while the religious debate continues to be controlled by those trapped in duality. The question really is whether the top ten percent will take this planet into a Golden Age of spiritual freedom and abundance or whether they will let the bottom ten percent reverse the upward trend built over thousands of years and instead take the planet into another downward spiral. Let us take a closer look.


The basic dynamic that shapes everything on planet Earth is very simple. As I have explained, everything is created from the Ma-ter Light, which has consciousness. All structures in the world of form are organized into units, and within a given unit, there is a collective consciousness that affects everything within that unit. In the unit called planet Earth, the dominant factor is the consciousness of humankind. Thus, every aspect of life on this planet, including human society, the balance of nature, natural disasters, the movements of the Earth’s crust, even the density of matter, is affected by humankind’s consciousness. Because of free will, the greatest impact is caused by the state of consciousness of the middle 80 percent of the population. The lowest ten percent cannot destroy the planet on their own, neither can the top ten percent pull it up on their own. It is the 80 percent of the general population that largely determine which way the planet will go. What the top and bottom ten percent can do is to pull the general population up or down.

In the past, this planet has seen golden ages in which the knowledge, technology and abundance far surpassed what the most optimistic science fiction writers can even imagine. That happened in periods when the top ten percent decided to take dominion over the Earth and pull the general population up with them. As Jesus said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, shall draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). The planet has also seen downward spirals that led to the collapse of huge civilizations, and some of them were literally erased through cataclysmic natural disasters. There were periods when the human population was greatly reduced in numbers and reduced to a state of existence not much higher than monkeys. What today’s archaeologists consider the beginning of humankind, namely the cave dwellers, was only one such low point. These downward spirals occurred when the top ten percent decided not to take dominion and thus allowed the bottom ten percent to drag the general population down to their selfish level of consciousness. We might say that if the bottom ten percent are not counterbalanced by an infusion of light, they will drag society down until the contracting force breaks it down.

The Ascended Host have been working with humankind for millions of years, and we are always seeking to prevent a downward spiral and bring about a golden age. Yet we are always loyal to the Law of Free Will, meaning that we can work only through people in embodiment. In practical terms that means we must work through the top ten percent, for they are the only ones who have a sufficient level of spiritual maturity to recognize our existence and see the validity of our non-dualistic teachings and direction.

What you see on planet Earth today is that, after the last low point, the Ascended Host have very carefully and gradually brought humankind close to a breakthrough point. We have done this by working with the top ten percent, but it has – quite frankly – been an uphill battle, for even the most spiritually mature people have been very reluctant to take dominion.

The planet is right now on the threshold of a Golden Age, but it can only come about if the top ten percent awaken to the reality of the situation and decide to take dominion. And for this to happen, these people must overcome one of the most common illusions about love and kindness, namely that love is only soft, gentle and passive. So many spiritual people have gotten themselves into a frame of mind where they think that all they have to do in order to serve God is to be loving and kind. This is not actually wrong, but the problem is that too many people think that being loving and kind means that you have unlimited tolerance toward other people and their behavior. They think love is passive or that it tolerates everything.

Many spiritual people think love means being non-judgmental of others, and while this is true, the problem is that duality perverts everything, even people’s concept of love. What you see in many religions is a form of dualistic judgment of anyone who does not live up to the standard set by the outer religion. Many spiritual people see the hypocrisy of this, but they think they have to jump into the opposite dualistic extreme of passively tolerating everything. This is a very dangerous illusion, for the reality is that the top ten percent must use Christ discernment to overcome both dualistic extremes. True love is not passive and it does not tolerate everything. True love is unconditional love, and it is a force that wants all life to be free. Thus, while it does not put people down through judgment, neither does it allow them to suffer needlessly by doing nothing to help them. That is the reason Jesus told the parable about the good samaritan who helped the person that the self-righteous Jews ignored (Luke 10:30). Unconditional love is a very active force that always seeks to set people free from conditions that prevent them from becoming more. Unconditional love is the very force of life itself. I know the Creator has given beings free will, but you don’t really think a loving Creator wants them to use it to destroy themselves, do you? Which is precisely why the Creator sends representatives to Earth – in the form of beings with some degree of Christhood – to awaken humans from their self-destructive ways. You might be one of these representatives, the question being whether you are willing to fill this role or whether you will use a dualistic excuse for remaining passive.

I am fully aware that there are many among the top ten percent who will be unwilling to read or accept this book because I so directly talk about fallen beings, the presence of evil and the duality consciousness. Many of the most spiritual people have entered into a state of gray thinking in which they want to believe there is no evil, that there is nothing really wrong on this planet or that evil will go away if they ignore it. Everything will work out in the end—if we are nice to everybody. It is continually amazing to the Ascended Host how the most spiritually inclined people can be open to spiritual teachings that talk about love and peace while at the same time ignoring the reality of what is happening on this planet, such as the potential for war, terrorism, the increasing sexual abuse of children, poverty, starvation and many other conditions that clearly could not exist in a golden age. This is especially amazing because the most spiritual people usually took embodiment because they wanted to help humankind rise above such conditions. My point being that all people forget their divine plans as they take embodiment but that it is high time for the spiritual people to overcome this amnesia.

The simple – yet unpopular – truth is that many among the top ten percent have reached a certain level of spiritual maturity, but instead of going on to full Christhood, they have allowed their egos and the false teachers to take them into a blind alley of a very subtle form of selfishness. These people have become so focused on themselves and their own spiritual growth that they think the goal of life is for them to strive for personal enlightenment. And as long as they do that, they will send out so many positive vibrations that the Earth will be lifted and all darkness will disappear. Yet let me remind you that Jesus told you not to resist evil—he did not tell you to ignore evil (Matthew 5:39). Instead, he told you to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16).

The simple fact is that the Earth will go up or down based on who decides to take dominion over the general population—the top ten percent or the bottom ten percent. The sad fact is that – so far – the bottom ten percent have been far more determined, aggressive and organized in their efforts to take dominion than have the top ten percent. In fact, the top ten percent largely ignore the existence of the bottom ten percent and the dualistic force that is aggressively seeking to pull humankind down into their self-created hell. And as mentioned before, for the dualistic force to triumph, it only takes that the top ten percent do nothing.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Copyright © 2007 Kim MIchaels.