25. Overcoming the dualistic mindset

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

There is indeed a forward movement that is raising the consciousness of humankind. That movement is overseen by us, meaning the Ascended Host, but it is carried out by you, namely beings in embodiment. Millions of people have the potential to be part of this movement, but in order for you to take up your personal position, you will have to first overcome the condition that caused you to become blinded by the duality consciousness, whereby you started withholding or misqualifying your light. In other words, before you can let your light shine, you must rise above the condition that caused your light to stop shining. Before you can bear witness to your truth, you must overcome the dualistic “truth” of your ego. Your conscious self must see through and then separate itself from the dualistic identity with which you have identified.

To help you do this, I will reach back to my previous description of the four main reasons why lifestreams become blinded by the duality consciousness. This ties in with the four elements and their corresponding states of consciousness, as we discussed earlier:

The identity or etheric level represents the Father element and can thus give rise to a perversion of the Father principle, the active principle. This is the temptation to maintain an identity as a separate being, based on the belief that you are better than others. When beings are blinded by this illusion, they refuse to serve those who are below them. This results in spiritual pride, making beings feel they know better than God and anyone else how to run the universe. Such beings have a desire to be god and they are seeking to create a world where they are elevated to the status of gods.

How can you escape this illusion? Well, only by coming to a point of total realism, making you see and truly understand that all life comes from the same source and thus all life is one. Separation is a complete illusion, and because of the contracting force of the Mother, it can only lead to suffering. The force of life itself will inevitably tear down all the towers of Babel built through pride. The question is whether people trapped in this state of consciousness really are as smart as they think they are. Will they recognize the reality of oneness and voluntarily come back to the River of Life? Or will they continue to act upon the illusion of separation until they finally tire of having their creations broken down? How much suffering must they experience before their pride gives way to realism? Can they overcome pride through insight or only through the experience of utter humiliation?

How can you help demonstrate the path of overcoming the perversion of the Father? The most common effect of this perversion on Earth is the misuse of power in the form of tyrants of every kind, leaders who have misused their power to take advantage of their people. You can demonstrate the path of overcoming by becoming a leader and exercising power in a just manner. You can also do it by refusing to submit to tyrannical leaders and standing up to their abuse—however, you must do so with peaceful means only. There is no point whatsoever in standing up to a tyrannical leader in a way that perpetuates the dualistic struggle. Another way to demonstrate the path of overcoming is to selflessly serve others in any number of ways.

In order to do this, you must overcome all desire to use power to force others, even the desire to force others to be saved. You must attain absolute respect for the free will of others and allow them to strike you on one cheek, even both cheeks. You must keep turning the other cheek – there is always another cheek to turn – and seek to enlighten others – so they can make the best possible choices – and never seek to force them to make the choices you think are best.

The mental realm represents the misuse of the element of the Son, the mind. Beings in this trap use the mind, the analytical mind or the intellect, to establish superiority. They become extremely adept in justifying and proving that they are right, and their modus operandi is that they can never be wrong. By their adept use of the duality consciousness, they can always prove their point—at least to their own satisfaction. If others disagree, it is simply because they are not intelligent enough to see the point. These beings are trying to set themselves up as the true representatives of God, the true spiritual leaders of humankind, and they seek to use their superior intellect to get others to follow them blindly.

How can you demonstrate the path out of this trap? By refusing to engage in dualistic arguments, but this does not mean withdrawing from the debate. You must engage the debate in a non-dualistic way. Obviously, this requires you to first overcome all desire to be right among men, so you only strive to be right with God. You can also stand up to the false leaders in church and state, but again this must be done peacefully. You want to expose their dualistic way of thinking instead of allowing them to drag you into another dualistic struggle.

The emotional realm represents a misuse of the Mother element. These beings are consumed by negative emotions against God or anyone who will not conform to their expectations. The Mother element is the passive polarity to the Father’s active polarity. People trapped in a misuse of the Mother often see themselves as victims. They refuse to take responsibility for themselves, want to follow leaders and doubt that they can do anything to change their lives. They often make themselves blind followers of those who misuse the Father and the Son.

How can you demonstrate the path out of this misuse? By taking full responsibility for your own life and spiritual path, seeking to strive for your own Christ discernment instead of wanting a leader to tell you what to do. However, this also involves discerning between true and false leaders. You must not be afraid to expose the false leaders and embrace the true leaders. To do this, you must overcome all tendency to see yourself as a victim of forces beyond your control. You must overcome the temptation to blindly follow those who claim they can lead you to heaven. You must be willing to make your own decisions and be willing to learn from whatever consequences you experience.

The physical realm represents the perversion of the element of the Holy Spirit. Beings in this trap have often built the illusion that God does not exist, which is really a desire to do whatever they want without ever being held accountable by a higher authority. Yet there is an opposite polarity to this, which is to elevate an outer system, such as a religious, scientific or political philosophy to the status of infallibility and then refusing to change it. Such people often believe that by strictly following the beliefs, rules and practices of an outer religion, they can buy their way into heaven, they can force God to accept them even though they have not changed their state of consciousness and put on the mind of Christ. This is the illusion of salvation without self-transcendence.

The Holy Spirit is truly the force that allows people in physical embodiment to transcend the limitations of the material world. Thus, those who pervert it refuse to transcend, thinking they are either mere human beings or that they cannot go beyond a particular religious tradition. These are beings who refuse to self-transcend, those who bury their talents in the ground—as a symbol for the material universe and the lower mind. Some of them simply want to live a good material life and enjoy what this world has to offer—they don’t want to be disturbed by any spiritual teaching.

How can you demonstrate the path to overcoming? By being willing to rise above the temptations and pleasures of the material world. By being willing to question belief systems of any kind and show that you can find a more fulfilling life by going beyond such man-made limitations. You can demonstrate that by being willing to make the best out of whatever situation you were given in life, the universe will respond by multiplying the talents that you have multiplied. You can demonstrate that the law of God really works and that self-transcendence is possible. To do this, you must overcome the temptation to see the material universe as an end in itself. You must come to see it only as a means to an end, namely the growth in self-awareness, leading to full God consciousness.


If you look closely at the descriptions of the four categories, you will see that there is a common denominator behind all of them. Each category represents a certain way of thinking, a certain way of looking at life. In each group you find people who are completely convinced that their way of thinking is the only right one. Thus, when they are confronted with people who do not think as they do, they feel threatened. This sense of being threatened is the hallmark of beings trapped in duality, because it is built into duality. The consciousness of duality is based on separation, and when you think you are separated from God – from your source, from the whole – you inevitably fear that you can be lost. The concept that you can be lost can exist only in the realm of separate identities, for when you fully realize that you are one with the All, how could you possibly be lost? So the sense of separation gives rise to the fear of loss, which people simply cannot live with.

In order to compensate for the fear of loss, fallen beings must establish a world view that makes it seem like living up to certain conditions will prevent them from being lost. Thus, they create a world view that portrays their way of thinking as superior and they seek to create a world or a society in which everyone submits to their way of thinking. This gives them a sense of equilibrium that allows them to live with their fears. They have used outer conditions to make themselves believe that they can ignore their innermost fear of being lost, the fear that inevitably springs from their refusal to rejoin the River of Life. Only the Path of Oneness will empower you to overcome the primal fear of being lost as an individual—only the perfect love that comes from feeling one with all life will cast out all fear. Yet in order to rejoin the River of Life, you must give up the illusion of separation. Beings who are not willing to do that inevitably become trapped in an endless game of seeking to neutralize their inescapable fear. They are seeking to build towers of Babel that they think will reach into the heavens, but the contracting force of the Mother is constantly breaking them down, so these people always feel threatened by life.

The inevitable result is that when such people encounter those who refuse to accept their way of thinking, they will feel threatened by them. If you follow the party line, you are welcome, but if you refuse to go along, you will be seen as a threat. And as a pure survival mechanism, the beings trapped in duality must seek to destroy the threat. How far they are willing to go in eliminating the threat will depend exclusively on how trapped they are in duality—which gives rise to the belief that the ends can justify the means. Their attempts to destroy the threat might range from seeking to ignore you to actually killing you in order to silence you. You will see a wide range of scenarios being outplayed throughout history, but the underlying mechanism is always that people feel threatened and seek to eliminate the threat to their sense of equilibrium.

Why am I telling you this? Because in order for you to fulfill your role in the spiritual awakening, you must recognize that awakening people inevitably means threatening their sense of equilibrium. As long as people can maintain the sense that they are guaranteed to be saved, they will refuse to change. So the first step toward awakening people and showing them that there is a better way to live is to disturb their sense of equilibrium. And this will always be a task that will be met with hostility. Once you learn to understand and expect this, you can learn to avoid reacting to it in ways that either pull you into the dualistic struggle (thereby misqualifying your light) or cause you to shut off your light. Of course, you must begin by overcoming the sense of being threatened that is the hallmark of your own ego. As always, in order to be part of the movement to set humankind free, you must be willing to start by pulling the beam from your own eye. You cannot help free others from duality as long as you are blinded by your own dualistic identity. Obviously, by reading this book you have demonstrated that you are willing to start this process. What remains to be seen is how far you are willing to go.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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