24. Discovering your mission on Earth

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

Let us now consider why I am giving you all this information. What can you do with it all? Well, for starters you can attain a new perspective on what it will take to attain true spiritual freedom while you are in embodiment on planet Earth. You can now see that spiritual freedom means that you rise above the duality consciousness and attain the true vision – the non-dualistic vision – of the Christ mind. And in order to attain this freedom, you must separate yourself from the sense of identity that is based on dualistic beliefs, including the many dualistic religious or spiritual doctrines found on this planet.

There simply is no other way to attain spiritual freedom, for any state of consciousness that is influenced by the duality consciousness will imprison you in a mental box. And as long as you are in such a box, you will be fully or partially enslaved by whatever taskmaster created the box, be that your own ego, fallen beings in embodiment, fallen beings in the mental or emotional realm, other people, the mass consciousness or the false gods created out of the mind of anti-christ.

You can also see that every aspect of life on this planet has been influenced by the duality consciousness. Thus, no matter where you have grown up, you will have been affected by this state of consciousness. The effects are:

You have been exposed to physical abuse, which can be anything from violent acts by individuals to being treated by society as a sheep who should follow the crowd.

You have been exposed to emotional abuse, which can range from being told you are stupid or unworthy to being told you are a sinner who was born as an incomplete being.

You have been exposed to mental abuse, which means being brought up to accept certain beliefs about yourself, God and the world, ideas that sprang from the consciousness of duality but were presented as the infallible truth, perhaps even as God’s absolute truth.

You have been exposed to identity abuse in the sense that you have never been told who you really are and where you came from. Instead, you have been given a vastly distorted image of your origin and identity, making you believe you are a human being rather than a spiritual being. You have been programmed to become a “good” human being but only a human being.

The basic message is to never rock the boat, to never go beyond what your society has defined as the norm for a human being. In essence the message is to remain a “normal” human being and never seek to become a Christed Being. This abuse has caused you to deny your spiritual potential, which has given you various types of wounds and scars in the four levels of your mind.

Your mind is made of energy and can be wounded as easily as your physical body. And although the mind has some ability to heal itself, it will need help to overcome the effects of growing up in the treacherous environment found on Earth. Thus, as a sincere spiritual seeker, you can now begin to see that attaining spiritual freedom means that you must heal the wounds in the four levels of your mind. And when you add the perspective of reincarnation, you can see that you must heal the wounds from past lives as well. Given the violent history of humankind, it is likely that you have been exposed to even more severe abuse in past lives than what you have experienced in this lifetime. Thus, there could indeed be many wounds to heal.

I am not in any way trying to make you feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, the very fact that you are open to this book demonstrates that you have already healed many of your wounds. Yet it is prudent to recognize that there could still be certain wounds left that keep you in the shadows and block you from walking the last steps into the sunlight of spiritual freedom. Thus, by recognizing the need for healing, you can make much more rapid progress than by continuing to believe what you were brought up to believe—which probably did not involve the need for you to actively take charge and seek spiritual healing.

There are, of course, many valid teachings and techniques available for psychological and spiritual healing, and it is not my aim to say that only one will work and that all others are false. You should feel free to follow your intuition, but I would like to make you aware of the tools given by Mother Mary, for they are designed by us to supplement what I am giving you in this book. In her book, Master Keys to the Abundant Life, Mother Mary presents a gradual and gentle path to seeing through many of the false beliefs that cause emotional wounds. She has also released a large number of rosaries, which are spiritual techniques designed specifically to help you resolve both dualistic beliefs and the energies that have been misqualified as a result of such beliefs.

It is a simple fact, demonstrated by the experiences of numerous people throughout the ages, that you will attain the fastest progress by employing a two-fold approach of study and the practice of spiritual techniques. Thus, Mother Mary’s book and her rosaries are designed to offer you such an approach, and I recommend them highly. What I will do in this book is to give you the bigger picture of how to free yourself from spiritual thralldom, especially the slavery caused by dualistic religion.


When you step back from your own personal life and society, you might say that planet Earth is a giant rescue operation. The original purpose of any planet is to give a group of co-creators the opportunity to start out with a separate sense of identity and then grow toward Christ consciousness. Obviously, many of the beings that embody on Earth started out on this track. However, because of the descent of fallen beings, the purpose of the Earth was modified. Most of the new co-creators on Earth have now fallen into the duality consciousness and most of the beings who fell to Earth or came here from other parts of the material universe are likewise trapped in duality. Thus, the current purpose for the cosmic schoolroom that you call planet Earth is to raise as many beings as possible above the duality consciousness. How can this be done?

As I have attempted to explain in previous chapters, the main problem with the duality consciousness is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, a closed circle, a self-reinforcing downward spiral. Once a critical mass of people in a society have entered the duality consciousness, they will be so blinded by it that they literally believe there is no other way to look at life. They are like a person with a blindfold on who is walking toward an abyss while thinking he is on the road to heaven. Even recorded history has many examples of how an entire civilization could believe in a completely false idea while being absolutely convinced that it was an infallible truth. Consider how the population of medieval Europe believed the Earth was flat. The effect was that no one dared to sail beyond the horizon, so even though the population was living as literal slaves of a small noble class, no one could discover the New World and escape the tyranny of the ruling elite. The population was enslaved by actual physical conditions, but there was a way out. Yet because of the belief in a wrong idea, no one could discover that way—that is, until someone finally broke the spell and cried out, “But the emperor has nothing on.”

If you have not read the fairy tale about the emperor’s new clothes, I encourage you to do so. It illustrates beautifully how people can become trapped in the duality consciousness, and everyone is going along with the illusion because no one dares to speak out and shatter it. How can the spell be broken on Earth, so that humankind can begin to consciously see the duality consciousness and its effects? Well, expanded awareness is always the first step toward the escape from any limitation, but humankind’s awareness will be expanded only if some people are willing to demonstrate for the rest of the population that they are not trapped in the duality consciousness. Someone must cry out that the emperor of duality has nothing on, and someone must dare to demonstrate the true path that leads beyond duality, namely the Path of Oneness. And this leads us to consider why you are on Earth at this particular time.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Copyright © 2007 Kim Michaels.