22. Understanding how beings fall

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

In previous chapters, I described how all beings in a given sphere – whether they are new co-creators or have fallen from a higher sphere – start out in a protected environment, such as the Garden of Eden. The beings who fell in what is now a higher sphere in the spiritual realm did not fall as new or inexperienced co-creators or angels. In fact, some of them had very powerful positions. It is important to understand how such beings can fall, so let us take a closer look.

As explained in the chapter on angels, the original fall happened in the fourth sphere. This fall happened because certain angels, who had started out in the three higher spheres, decided to deliberately rebel against God’s purpose and design. However, since then many beings – both angels and co-creators – have fallen and this chapter is primarily concerned with how such beings fall. In other words, we will be primarily talking about how the angels and co-creators created to serve a specific sphere can fall as their sphere ascends. However, the teachings in this chapter will to some degree apply to beings who have fallen in a higher sphere and started out in a cosmic schoolroom in their present sphere.

Beginning with the fourth sphere, the density of the Ma-ter Light was sufficient to make the fall a realistic possibility. Therefore, up until the moment when a given sphere attains critical mass and actually ascends, it is still possible for the beings in that sphere to fall. This is true even for beings who hold high positions in that sphere. As long as there is any shadow left in a sphere, there is room for the duality consciousness to hide, and this means it is possible for a being to be ensnared by the subtle illusions of the mind of anti-christ. Thus, even beings who seemingly have a very sophisticated knowledge of the spiritual side of life can fall without seeing what they are doing. If they had known better, they would not have fallen, but because they still have elements of duality in their consciousness, they do not truly know better—they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).

It is also important to understand that a cosmic schoolroom is not meant to take the students to the fullness of Christhood. You simply cannot create a curriculum and guarantee that all students who go through it will come out as Christed beings. Christhood is not a mechanical skill but a creative process that you attain only by making decisions and having certain insights within yourself. You become the Christ as a result of “Aha experiences” or breakthrough experiences that cannot be produced mechanically. You either “get it” or you don’t get it. A teacher can help you make the right decisions and set the foundation for breakthrough experiences but cannot force such an experience. What the schoolroom is aimed at doing is taking a student to the point of being spiritually self-sufficient, meaning that the student has some contact with its own higher being and can thus receive light and directions from within. Even this does not mean you have the fullness of Christhood for in a sense there is no fullness. Christhood is an ongoing growth process that leads to full God consciousness.

How do you attain the critical degree of Christhood that makes you an immortal being? Only by coming to the state of oneness with all life, which – as Jesus said – makes you the servant of all (Mark 10:44). This means that Christhood cannot be attained only by sitting in a classroom and learning theoretically. As everything else, Christhood has an Alpha and an Omega aspect. The Alpha aspect is to go within and find the kingdom of God that is within you and cannot be found by looking outside yourself. Yet once you have attained some contact with that inner kingdom – your own higher being and Chain of Being – you need to engage in the Omega aspect of sharing it with others, meaning that you serve to raise up the All. This is comparable to a college education on Earth. For several years you learn theoretically and after you graduate, you go out into the world to learn by practicing your skills. Many people know that they learn more from working than they did in college. Likewise, you make the fastest progress on the path of Christhood by serving others, for it is in teaching that you truly learn. Thus, after students had reached a sufficient level of learning in the spiritual schoolroom, they were sent out to practice what they had learned. For example, some of the students that graduated from the Garden of Eden were sent into physical embodiment while others went to the emotional, mental or identity realm.

Another consideration is that not all students reached the same level of Christhood when they graduated, much like college students are not equally skilled. On top of that, some students did not graduate but had to be sent out without being self-sufficient because they separated themselves from the teacher. A teacher still has the hope that these students will learn from life outside the school and will eventually grow in Christhood.

My overall point is that after students leave the spiritual schoolroom, they go out in their native sphere and grow from there. It now becomes possible that students can become very good at performing an outer skill without growing further in the inner skill of Christhood. Obviously, students can even grow in outer skills and become more self-centered in the process. This is seen on Earth in the fact that some leaders of nations are very skilled at exercising power but have no true compassion or love for other people, thus misusing their power. Other people are very focused on developing their skills in a certain area, but they are driven by a desire to compete with others. While this can give some growth, it doesn’t necessarily mean growth in Christhood, for as long as you are competing with others, you are obviously in a dualistic frame of mind.


We now see what happens when co-creators and new angels (angels created specifically for a given sphere) fall. Some co-creators and some angels develop their outer skills to such a degree that they attain what they see as high positions compared to others. Even though such beings do provide a valuable service that helps their sphere ascend, they can still do so out of self-centered motives. Yet even self-centered beings are allowed to attain leadership positions, and the reason is simple. As a sphere is growing, co-creators – and to some degree angels – grow by experimenting. Thus, they are given some latitude in being allowed to experiment, co-creators having more latitude than angels. In other words, a co-creator can become almost anything it wants to become, even if it is driven by a self-centered desire. The reason for this is that even increasing your own skill in comparison to others is part of the process of becoming more. It is clearly at a lower level, but it has the potential to be transformed into selfless service.

That is why the Book of Revelation talks about those who are hot and cold as being in a better place than those who are lukewarm (Revelation 3:15-16). Those who are lukewarm are those who are not taking responsibility for improving themselves but who would rather follow a leader. Those who are cold are those who are working hard to improve themselves but for selfish reasons. Yet even so, there is a potential that they can experience an awakening that turns their striving into selfless service. Having acquired the advanced skills to glorify themselves will then empower them to give better service to others.

We now see – once again – that the true spiritual teachers and masters do not judge anyone. They attempt to give every self-aware being the maximum opportunity to grow, and the world of form is designed to be very flexible in allowing beings to create an environment that facilitates their growth. If a being develops a strong desire to raise itself compared to others, this being will be allowed to do so (in a sphere where there is still room for shadows). The reason is that any attempt to become more leads to some growth and has the potential to be turned into true growth.

Many beings have striven for a long time to increase their skills for their own glory, but have then experienced a change of heart, a turn of the dial of consciousness, that made them see the vanity of living this way. They have then become more altruistic and have been able to use their skills and experience to serve others. You see many examples of this on Earth, for example a business owner who spends decades accumulating wealth only to turn into a philanthropist who gives it all away in order to raise the All. So the difference between being hot and cold is only a slight turn of the dial of consciousness, which is why those who are cold are given many opportunities to take their self-centered desires to the extreme. The hope is that they will eventually have enough and will be awakened from their dualistic mindset. Take note that as spiritual teachers we must remain true to the nature of the Holy Spirit, and thus we can never allow ourselves to create an image that a being is beyond hope. We must always hold the immaculate concept that a being can be awakened and start the Path of Oneness.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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