19. Separating yourself from dualistic identities

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

We have now come full circle and can answer the question of why people do evil things and are unable to see what they are doing, often even justifying them as being good. Yet, once again, we are dealing with a subtle point that will require some contemplation and explanation.

Let us begin by reconsidering and clarifying our previous discussion about your origin as an individual being. Your origin goes back to an immortal being that exists in the spiritual realm. This being started its existence as an individualization of a being in a higher level of the spiritual realm, and this Chain of Being goes all the way back to the Creator. Your spiritual source was created in a particular sphere that was, at the time, the lowest level of the world of form, a sphere that was not yet filled with light. Your parent won its immortality by partaking in the process of raising its native sphere until it ascended and became part of the spiritual realm. When that victory was attained, a new sphere was created, and your spiritual parent desired to be part of the process of raising that sphere. Yet because it had already won mastery, it could not project the fullness of itself into the new sphere. If a number of beings with a high level of mastery entered a newly created sphere, they would instantly raise it, and that would defeat the purpose of allowing new co-creators to grow gradually. So your spiritual parent participated in the process by creating extensions of itself that were designed as one of the following types of beings:

New co-creators with a minimal sense of predefined identity and designed to embody within the new sphere.

New angels serving the new sphere from the spiritual realm or (in the case of your sphere) possibly from the identity realm.

Spiritual teachers working inside the new sphere (the parents themselves serve as teachers from the spiritual realm).

Beings with a more developed identity and mastery than a new co-creator. These are the beings who hold the counterbalance for fallen beings and are sent in an attempt to rescue them. Such a being does not have full mastery, but it has a much more defined identity than a new co-creator. It takes embodiment like a new co-creator, meaning that it must awaken to its true identity and can potentially fall.

No matter where you came from, you are an individualization of your spiritual parent, who incorporated its own experience and mastery in designing your individuality. You were designed as a unique individual, and although there are billions upon billions of individual beings in the world of form, there is no one who is exactly like you. You have a unique spiritual individuality and thus you have the opportunity to bring a gift to the world of form that no other being can bring.

For co-creators, their unique individuality was defined by their spiritual parents and incorporated into creating a spiritual being that I have called the I AM Presence. This I AM Presence is permanently residing in the spiritual realm, and it is an individual being within the greater whole of the spiritual parent. It was the I AM Presence that projected itself into the lower realm in which a co-creator first took form as an individual being (which might not have been the material universe). Since angels are not created to take embodiment in a lower realm, they have no I AM Presence. But if they fall, their spiritual parents do create the equivalent of an I AM Presence to hold an unerasable blueprint of their individuality. The spiritual being who represents the Divine Mother, which is currently the ascended master Mother Mary, then breaks her body to create a Christ self for the fallen angels that can serve as a mediator between their lower and higher beings. All beings who lose contact with the spiritual teacher have such a Christ self created, but for beings other than angels, this Christ self can be created by various masters who sponsor different groups of beings.

The core of your individual being, or lifestream, is the conscious self, which gives you a sense that you exist. For co-creators the task of the conscious self is to build an identity as a co-creator with God in its native realm. For angels the task of the conscious self is to expand the predefined identity and become an even better angel. In other words, the task of the conscious self is to build the identity through which a being expresses itself and serves in the world of form. The conscious self can then refine this identity as a result of your experiences.

In the beginning, all newly embodied beings were tutored by a spiritual teacher whose task was to help them build a sense of identity that was a combination of two elements. One was the individuality anchored in the I AM Presence. By reconnecting to this spiritual identity, a being would gain a framework in which it could build its own sense of identity based on choices made by the conscious self. We might say that as everything else, the identity has two aspects:

The Alpha aspect is the identity anchored in the I AM Presence, which has been predefined by the spiritual parent.

The Omega aspect is the identity a being builds as it expresses itself in the sphere in which it resides.

If you have harmony between the two aspects, you will feel ultimately fulfilled and at peace. You will be one being, a whole being – as opposed to being a house divided against itself (Mark 3:25) – and thus you can complete the Path of Oneness, whereby your total identity – a combination of the Alpha and Omega aspects – becomes immortalized and can ascend to the spiritual realm. It is the task of your spiritual teacher to help you build this identity on your own. In other words, the teacher is not trying to force you or manipulate you into building a particular type of identity. However, the teacher is trying to guide you toward having harmony between the Alpha and Omega aspects, which is the only way you can become immortalized.

The teacher is also trying to help you see that becoming immortalized means that your lower sense of identity, your Omega identity, comes into complete harmony with the laws of God and your spiritual identity. Take note that this does not mean you have no freedom to define your Omega identity. You have great freedom, but in order to attain wholeness, you must exercise that freedom within the parameters set by your Alpha identity. The Father and Mother aspects of your Being must come together in harmony before new life – the immortal you, representing the Son aspect of God (regardless of your physical sex) – can be born.

We might compare this to driving a car. You have certain traffic laws that guide how you can drive, but if you follow the laws, you can go anywhere the road will take you. As you started out building your identity, you did not have a clear understanding of the laws of God or your Alpha identity, so you created an Omega identity that was not in harmony with your higher being. For you to become immortalized, this identity must be spiritually reborn and brought into harmony with the upper part of the figure-eight flow of your total Being. The reason is that only beings who have passed the test of selflessness can become immortal beings, as God obviously would not want a selfish being to become immortal.

There did come a point when your teacher had to give you the opportunity to make the choice as to whether you would consciously choose to align yourself with your spiritual identity. You had to give up the sense of identity you had created during your neophyte phase and be reborn into oneness with your true identity. As I have tried to explain, this was not something that was forced upon you from without. It was truly your own higher will to come into this wholeness rather than remaining in the divided state that can only cause suffering. Obviously, your ego is born from a separation between your higher and lower being and can only see the will of your higher being as coming from outside itself. So it is up to the conscious self to overcome the illusion of the ego. This is the choice between defining your identity based on the mind of Christ – who alone knows your spiritual identity – or the mind of anti-christ, that can never know your true identity.


In the first three spheres that were created in the world of form, all beings successfully passed this initiation and became immortalized beings. Yet in the fourth sphere a group of beings rebelled against the very process itself. They refused to bring their Omega identities into alignment with their Alpha identities. They refused to bring the will of their conscious selves into alignment with the will of their own spiritual selves (or for angels, with the beings who created them). Thus, instead of creating a sense of identity based on the Christ mind – becoming one with all life – they created an Omega identity based on the mind of anti-christ. Thereby, they set their Omega identities apart from their Alpha identities and from all other parts of life. In other words, what these beings created was a separate sense of identity, and because they all rebelled for the same reason, they created a superstructure that became what I have described as a separate mind, entity or beast.

As the process of the fall continued, other separate or dualistic identities were created, and there are now a number of them that have been reinforced by many beings. My point here is that when the first beings rebelled, there was no separate identity, no identity based on the mind of anti-christ. Yet after the first such identity had been created, it now became easier for beings to fall. For co-creators the problem was, as I explained earlier, that many of them refused to take command over their lives because they did not want to make their own decisions. Co-creators were allowed to do this for a season, but there came a point when they had to make a decision. And once a fallen identity had been created, it now became possible for co-creators to choose to enter into that state of identity instead of building their own separate identity. For angels the problem was that they became judgmental and rigid, which also caused them to refuse to self-transcend. So they were likewise tempted to enter a predefined, separate identity.

When a being refused to step up and consciously create an identity based on the reality of Christ, it often did so because it seemed like too much hard work or too great a responsibility. It was easier for such a being to keep following someone else. Many students did want their teachers to continue to tell them what to do. Obviously, a true spiritual teacher must eventually refuse to play this role, and at that point, the student is faced with the inevitability of making its own choice.

Creating a separate sense of identity based on anti-christ was originally much more of an effort than building an identity based on the mind of Christ with the help of a spiritual teacher. Yet once the first separate, dualistic identities had been created, students had an alternative to doing the work themselves. They could simply choose to step into the mold of a predefined identity based on the mind of anti-christ. They could choose to partake of the “fruit” of such a predefined identity, which had knowledge of relative good and evil because it was created from the duality consciousness. Once beings had taken a bite of the forbidden fruit, they would no longer have to make their own decisions. They could simply flow with the stream of this new identity, just as a flock of sheep follow the lead sheep. So if a being did not want to follow a true teacher – who demanded that it step up to becoming self-sufficient – it could choose to follow a false teacher who would make no such demand. Thus, for beings who did not want to make their own decisions, following a false teacher seemed like much less of an effort. False teachers will gladly tell you what to do and never demand that you think for yourself, as they want you to follow them blindly. Furthermore, the dualistic identities are tied to the beasts behind them, and this creates an aggressive pull on the emotional and mental bodies of beings who have stepped into the gray zone of doubt. This pull is often the factor that overwhelms the minds of the beings who have become houses divided against themselves (Mark 3:25). Thus, it is the gravitational pull that makes it seem like following a false teacher is easier than following the true teacher, who – by the law of free will – can exert no pull on the student’s mind.

Once beings stepped into a predefined identity, an ego would be created for them, and this ego would then make most daily decisions so the conscious self could withdraw into a little “cave.” Also, there would be other beings who had long ago chosen the false identity and who could act as leaders. Finally, the gravitational force of the beast itself would pull them along. In other words, once beings had chosen to join the club, they could get away with not making their own decisions. What does it take to join such a club? Every separate sense of identity is based on a specific dualistic lie, so in order to enter that identity, you have to accept the lie—which, of course, is presented as an absolute truth. Here comes the essential point. Once you have accepted the lie, you must pledge to never question it again!

If you do decide to question the lie, then the combined force of your own ego, other fallen beings who accept the lie and the beast itself will do anything in their power to prevent you from seeing through and abandoning the lie. My point being that while entering the club requires no effort – can be done by making the decision not to make a decision – it requires an entirely different effort to get out of the club. An identity based on the mind of anti-christ is a club that has no provisions for allowing you to resign your membership. Once you are in, you are supposed to stay forever, continuing to feed your light to the beast, which has now become your new god.

Of course, you were not told all this before you joined, but the reason was that you had made the decision not to listen to your spiritual teacher, and thus you could not be warned. Instead of taking the Path of Oneness, you took what seemed to be the path of least resistance. Yet in reality it turned out to be the path of maximum resistance, the path of separation, the path of death. As they say when signing a contract, “Always read the fine print.” The only problem is that the mind of anti-christ provides no fine print, for the fine print is in the mind of Christ. Even fallen beings and beings blinded by duality have access to the Christ mind through their Christ selves, which is what Jesus described as the Comforter, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26). The question is whether they will listen to this inner teacher or to an external teacher—even the “external” teacher of the ego.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Copyright © 2007 Kim Michaels.