17. Where did you come from

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

One of the master keys to spiritual freedom is the realization that there is more to life than meets the eye, coupled with the desire to find a deeper understanding of that more. You will be free only when you develop a desire for greater understanding – with all thy getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7) – and when you become willing to look for that understanding beyond traditional sources, meaning your personal mental box and the one created for you by society, even by humankind at large.

The beginning of wisdom is when you realize that there is much more to understand about life than what is seen by the senses or known by current human belief systems, be they scientific or religious in nature. For example, you are beginning to see that the Earth had an original purpose and that it now has a modified purpose. Yet the underlying purpose is always to give the maximum opportunity for growth to the maximum number of lifestreams.

Everything you see on Earth is simply a facade, an appearance, that hides a deeper reality behind it. The material world hides the underlying spiritual reality. That is why Jesus told people not to judge after appearances (John 7:24), for when you do so, you inevitably condemn yourself to living a life based on superficial knowledge and incomplete assumptions. You will be basing your life on visible effects rather than the hidden, underlying causes.

The reason why it is possible for people to deny the existence of God is that physical matter is so dense, yet matter has become even more dense than the original design because of the fall in humankind’s consciousness. This is what creates a self-reinforcing downward spiral. The density of matter made it possible for people to deny the existence of God, deny that they are spiritual beings and justify not transcending their current level of consciousness. This caused them to violate the most fundamental spiritual law, namely that of self-transcendence. The contracting force of the Mother magnified people’s choices, making their consciousness more dense, and they actually projected that density upon the Ma-ter Light that makes up planet Earth. Over a long period of time this caused matter itself to become even more dense, which made it even easier for people to deny their spiritual purpose, again lowering their consciousness and projecting an even denser image upon the Ma-ter Light. Obviously, once such a downward spiral reaches a critical mass, the beings who created it can no longer see what they are doing and thus cannot pull themselves out of it.

That is why there is a need to introduce “new blood” into the system in the form of beings who have not created that particular spiral and thus have a fresh perspective on conditions on Earth. These beings can then be like the little child in the fairy tale about the emperor’s new clothes. They can see what none of the native inhabitants of the Earth can see, giving them an opportunity to cry out, “But the emperor has nothing on!” The problem is that these beings have to embody in physical bodies and enter into the density of the energy field of Earth, which can cause them to forget why they came. The question is whether these beings will recognize who they are and whether they will awaken to their roles of crying out to awaken humankind – the sleeping beauty – from its long sleep.

You now begin to see that the main purpose of this book is to awaken you to the realization of who you really are and why you are here on this small planet that you somehow find it difficult to call home—the reason being that this planet may not be your spiritual home. Will you consciously acknowledge who you are and why you came here? And will you fulfill that purpose by following Jesus’ example of bearing witness to the truth (John 18:37)? However, in order to bear witness to the truth, you first have to know the truth, namely the one truth of the Christ mind, as opposed to the many dualistic “truths” of the mind of anti-christ.


In the previous chapter, I described the origins of most beings on Earth and divided them into a number of groups. There is always an inherent danger associated with doing this, which is why – in the past – much esoteric knowledge was only available to more advanced students or was veiled behind convoluted or imprecise language. By making this knowledge publicly available in a form that is easy to understand, it is foreseeable that some of the people who read this information will still be trapped in the duality consciousness. These people will be spiritually blind, and they will project their dualistic images upon my teaching. Let me outline how some people are likely to interpret and use the material.

The very first thing that spiritually blind people will do is to impose a value judgment upon the material. They will say that some lifestreams are clearly in a lower, more selfish, state of consciousness, and they will then define this as “bad” compared to a higher state of consciousness – their own – that is seen as “good.” They will seek to set up outer criteria – such as people’s behavior, race, nationality, sex or beliefs – in order to identify the bad people and set them apart from the good—meaning themselves. They will divide the world into good people and bad people based on outer criteria, based on appearances.

This will lead to the next step, namely an attempt to define certain groups of people as being inherently bad while others are inherently good. In other words, all members of certain groups are bad and all members of other groups are good. This can then lead down the slippery slide of discrimination that – during the course of history – has given rise to many atrocities, including discrimination based on religion, race, sex, nationality, ethnicity and any number of outer characteristics. The actual form of such discrimination ranges from mild dislike to genocide.

Once you start identifying certain groups of people as bad, it is but a short step to reasoning that all of your problems, all of your society’s problems or even all of humankind’s problems are caused by the bad people. So if we could only remove these bad people from the planet, all problems would be solved and there would be paradise on Earth. If you take an honest look at history, you will see that even religious people have reasoned this way and have been persuaded by the subtle logic that the end can justify the means. They have fallen into the trap of thinking that even though their religion – as virtually every religion on Earth does – defines killing as being against the laws of God, it is acceptable to kill the people who violate God’s law. In other words, it is acceptable to violate God’s law in order to bring God’s kingdom—which is based on the even more subtle logic that you can actually bring God’s kingdom through a violation of God’s law. This, of course, is not so and we will later look at where exactly this kind of reasoning comes from.

In order to make sure that as few people as possible fall into this dualistic trap, let me make certain things very clear. It is absolutely impossible to set up any system based on outer characteristics and say that all members of certain groups are bad people or are fallen beings, whereas all members of other groups are good people or highly evolved souls. There never has been nor ever will be such criteria. The reason for this is very simple, namely the principle I have described of allowing many different beings to embody on Earth for the purpose of stirring the pot. In order to stir the pot to the maximum extent, beings with high and low states of consciousness can be found distributed in any conceivable group of people.

It is meaningless to set up outer criteria and attempt to identify certain types of beings, because this cannot be done based on outer characteristics but only based on the inner characteristic of people’s state of consciousness. People who look for outer characteristics demonstrate that they are still trapped in duality – they judge after appearances – and thus they simply cannot read people’s state of consciousness. Only people who are almost free of duality can read the state of consciousness of an individual, and such people would never seek to discriminate or judge. Those who want to identify good and bad people can’t do so and those who can have no desire to do so.

Yet I obviously have a reason for describing the fact that there are many different types of lifestreams embodying on Earth. So let us look at a model that – while not being beyond manipulation by the duality consciousness – can give us a reasonable foundation for understanding the planetary dynamics.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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