15. A brief history of planet Earth

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

The purpose of this chapter is to give you a fuller understanding of the environment in which you are currently focusing your attention. Having this understanding will open up many perspectives that will help you accelerate your spiritual growth and overcome some of the blocks to that growth. We will look at these perspectives in coming chapters, but we first need to set a foundation. The information I will give you in this chapter will go far beyond what you learned in kindergarten and it can at first seem overwhelming. Yet as you will see in coming chapters, knowledge is power.

Let us simply summarize what science says about the timeline for the age of the Earth and the appearance of human beings. The universe is estimated to be 15 billion years old, with the Earth being formed 4.5 billion years ago. The origin of life is estimated to have taken place 3.8 billion years ago—that is 3,800 million years. Modern humans are said to have appeared 45,000 years ago with modern civilization, and the epoch of historical time, starting 5,500 years ago.

What is being said by science is that it took evolution 3,800 million years to produce modern humans. Yet in only 5,500 years these humans have evolved from being barely more than tool-wielding monkeys to being able to destroy most life on Earth in a nuclear holocaust. It is undeniable that the evolutionary jump from prehistoric humans to modern civilization is enormous. Yet science claims that while it took the evolutionary process 3,800 million years to go from single-cell organisms to humans, it only took that same process 5,500 years to go from prehistoric humans to modern humans.

Obviously, this can be explained by saying that biological evolution is different from social, cultural and technological evolution. Once the slow process of biological evolution had produced a species capable of consciously altering its environment, this species could quickly make a huge evolutionary jump. Nevertheless, does it seem logical that it took 3,800 million years to go from single-cell organisms to modern humans? Or is it possible that modern humans were not the first species capable of consciously altering its environment? Could there have been other civilizations with this capacity, civilizations not currently known or recognized by science?

Obviously, such civilizations have now disappeared, so what I am proposing here is that evolution – contrary to the claims made by science – is not a smooth, unidirectional process that grinds from very primitive to more sophisticated life forms—and once a certain level has been reached, evolution cannot go backward. Instead, I am proposing that evolution is a cyclical process, more like a sine wave with crests and troughs. A civilization can evolve to a high level of sophistication, then enter a self-destructive process that leads it to disappear. I am even proposing that this could have been happening for such a long time that the slow geological processes could have played a role in erasing much of the evidence of previous civilizations. In other words, the first sophisticated civilization might have appeared millions of years ago, possibly many millions of years ago.

Obviously, there is no scientifically accepted evidence of such a process. However, science has shown that within the very short period of historical time, a mere second on the timeline of biological evolution, several civilizations have arisen only to disappear for various reasons. So it would seem possible that this could have happened many times in the much longer time-span from the origin of life to historical time. Furthermore, modern humans have, within a mere century, developed the capacity to alter the planetary climate, alter their own genetic makeup and produce nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, all of which could lead to the demise – even the disappearance – of modern civilization.

My point here is simply to make you consider that you might have been brought up with a somewhat incomplete view of the potential age of human civilization. While Biblical fundamentalists claim the entire Earth is only 6,000 years old, even the claims made by science – when it comes to the age of intelligent life on Earth – are far too short-sighted. There is simply more between past and present than is dreamt of in your philosophy.


Let me now give you a brief description of how the material universe and the physical Earth were created. Let me make it clear that this description is adapted to the linear form of thinking so common on Earth. In reality, the creation process is not as linear because outside the physical realm time and space do not have the same properties as they have on Earth. Thus, creation is an ongoing process that does not have a clearly defined beginning or end or even a linear timeline. I know this explanation will be somewhat abstract, but we have to set a foundation that we can build on later.

Your planet exists in a universe that exists inside a larger sphere. The creation of your sphere started when a group of masters in one of the higher spiritual realms defined a boundary within the void, setting a sphere aside from the void. They then projected a certain amount of Ma-ter Light into that sphere. Yet the sphere was not filled evenly, being divided into four distinct levels that were set apart by the vibration of the Ma-ter Light. I earlier described these four levels as the identity realm, the mental realm, the emotional realm and the physical realm. Each realm has a range of vibrations, and since the identity realm is the least dense, it has the greatest range, the widest spectrum, the greatest number of levels. The mental realm has a smaller range, whereas the physical realm obviously has the smallest range. Each realm was created with one or two levels of vibrations but was then divided into more by the beings in that realm—the exception being the physical realm which still has only one level.

The consequence of this is that the three upper realms have what we, for want of a better word, might call a vertical extension. They can be divided into distinct layers, ranging from the lowest vibration to the highest. Each layer corresponds to a specific level of consciousness, meaning that a being must be at the corresponding level of consciousness in order to stay at a given level. If the being falls below that level, it will descend, or fall, to a lower layer. In other words, if a being in the identity realm falls below a certain level of consciousness, it enters the mental realm.

The identity realm serves as a bridge between the spiritual realm and the material world. In other words, a being who is working its way up can enter the spiritual realm only through the identity realm. It is a spiritual law that the opportunity to ascend must never be lost, and consequently the higher levels of the identity realm can never go below a certain level of vibration, they can never be polluted by the fallen consciousness. Thus, a being that falls in the spiritual realm will not fall into the highest identity levels but can fall only to the lowest identity level. If a being in one of the higher levels falls below a certain level of consciousness, it will instantly descend to a lower level and will eventually fall into the mental realm.

In the mental realm, all of the levels can contain the fallen consciousness, so a being from the spiritual realm can fall to any level. Thus, any level can be polluted by the fallen consciousness, but obviously the higher levels will be less polluted than the lower ones. The consequence is that at the higher levels of the mental realm it is relatively easy to see through the illusions of duality, whereas this is presently very difficult at the lower levels. Obviously, the mental realm has a lower limit, and if a being falls below a certain level of consciousness, it enters the emotional realm.

The emotional realm is similar to the mental in that all levels can contain the fallen consciousness. However, the emotional realm does not have a lower boundary in the same way as the mental level does. If you reach the lowest level of the emotional realm, you will not simply descend to the physical. Instead, lower levels of the emotional realm will be created in order to accommodate beings with such a low state of consciousness that they are not allowed to embody in the physical realm. The emotional level can actually be lowered in vibration until it becomes so dense that the contracting force of the Mother breaks down any structure, including the identity built by self-conscious beings. That is why some levels of the emotional realm – called the “astral plane” in some esoteric literature – are so dense that they appear as the fiery hell that some people have seen in visions. Hell exists in the lowest levels of the emotional realm, and these levels have become so dense that the contracting force breaks down any imperfect structure, setting the Ma-ter Light free in a process that appears as an all-consuming fire. One might say that you have the all-consuming fire of the Father above and the all-consuming fire of the Mother below. However, rather than the gloomy picture painted by traditional religion, the reality is that spiritual fire only consumes that which is unreal – that which is out of alignment with the vision of the Son – whereas it accelerates and multiplies that which is real.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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