14: The difference between co-creators and angels

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

I know some spiritual seekers will be wondering how angels fit into the picture I am describing, so we will look at that next. Some spiritual teachings describe angels as the thoughts of God that are shaped by the purpose for which they were created. Some people see angels as messengers between God and his creation, while others see them as servants of both God and man. Neither view is incorrect, but it must be understood that the evolution of angels is very diverse and angels have vastly different functions. Therefore, it is difficult to make too many generalizations about angels, and a spiritual seeker should be careful not to adopt a simplistic understanding of angels.

It is not my intention with this book to describe the many different types of angels. My purpose is to give teachings that can help people resolve what for some spiritual seekers seems like a contradiction or paradox. There are several spiritual teachers on Earth who firmly claim that angels were not created to take physical embodiment in this or any other world. Yet there are many spiritual seekers who have an inner knowing that they are angels in embodiment. Is it possible that both are correct and that a deeper understanding will resolve the paradox?


Let us set a foundation by taking a closer look at the process whereby succeeding spheres are created. As I have explained, each new sphere is more diverse, more expressed, more complex than the previous one. The pattern for creation is that the One Creator diversifies itself, and each new sphere takes this diversification to a new level. So the distance to the Creator’s oneness is greater for your sphere than for the first sphere—far greater.

Another aspect is that the first spheres are not standing still. When a sphere ascends, there is no longer room for duality in that sphere, but that does not mean the sphere has reached the level of the Allness. Consequently, there is still room for growth in an ascended sphere, and all spheres in the spiritual realm are constantly transcending themselves. As a result, the higher spheres are becoming more sophisticated, more evolved, while the new spheres start out as less sophisticated, more dense.

On the one hand we have a growing diversification, which fits well with the goal of giving individual beings the opportunity to experience a separate sense of identity. Yet on the other hand the goal of the world of form is to bring all separate beings back to oneness, meaning that they lose the separateness without losing their distinct identities. As the diversification increases, it becomes easier for new beings to experience a separate identity. Each new generation starts at a denser level, being one step further separated from oneness. Thus, they have a greater “distance” to climb in order to get back to oneness, which naturally increases the risk that they can become lost in separation. We might even say that for each succeeding sphere, the density of that sphere makes the consciousness of duality more persuasive and harder to overcome. The mind of anti-christ forms a veil of illusions, and the veil becomes denser for each new sphere.

The concern now becomes how to prevent the beings in the latest sphere from becoming lost in separation, lost in duality. A related concern is how to make sure the latest sphere stays in harmony with the laws of God and the vision held by the masters in the higher spheres, who are also involved with designing the new sphere. The combination of “distance” and the need to maintain oneness obviously points to the need for communication. Yet the masters in the higher spheres are not meant to descend to a lower sphere and the masters in the lowest level of the spiritual realm are so busy co-creating the new sphere and teaching its new co-creators that they cannot constantly be traveling to the higher spheres. The logical solution is to create a new evolution of beings who are neither masters nor co-creators but are designed specifically to facilitate communication and oneness between all levels of the world of form. Thus comes about the creation of angels. We now see that there are two distinct types of evolutions:

Co-creators are created in order to descend to the lowest level and work their way up from there. They are created without the Christ consciousness, but only have the seed of Christ consciousness which they can nourish until they become one with Christ and become the Living Christ. During this process, they experience what it is like to move from separation to oneness.

Angels are not created to descend to the lowest level but are created to help facilitate the creation of new spheres and the growth of co-creators. Angels are created with some level of Christ consciousness, and although they can expand it, they are not meant to move from separation to oneness as they are not created as separate beings. They all have some awareness that they are extensions of a higher being.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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