13. Why was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden?

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

At this point, it is foreseeable that some readers will feel that I have spent far to much time and gone into far too much detail in describing what happened to students in the Garden of Eden. Some might feel that my description somehow does not apply specifically to them. One reason might be that they did not originate in the Garden of Eden but in a different spiritual schoolroom, perhaps in a higher realm. As I mentioned earlier, there are other evolutions in the world of form, evolutions that were not designed to be co-creators but to perform other functions. As we will see later, the human beings who currently embody on Earth have come from many different points of origin, so it is difficult to say anything that applies to all people on Earth.

Yet my description of the Garden of Eden has certain universal elements that do apply to all of the people who currently embody on Earth, and that is why I have gone into such detail. For example, every aspect of life on Earth has been influenced by the duality consciousness. The only way to attain spiritual growth on Earth is to rise above the duality consciousness. And in order to do this, it is important to understand how self-conscious beings can become blinded by the duality consciousness without realizing what is happening. It is important for everyone to understand how the duality consciousness blinds you and traps you in a catch-22 from which there is no way out—unless your conscious self takes charge of your life by letting the old identity die, thereby being reborn into a higher sense of identity.

Regardless of where you have come from and how you ended up in a physical body on planet Earth, your only way to enlightenment is to follow the Path of Oneness, whereby you overcome the separate identity and come into oneness with the Chain of Being that leads from you to the Creator. And – as I have explained in the preceding chapters – the only way to overcome the catch-22 of your separate identity is to connect to a teacher who is not inside your identity box and can thus lead you out of it. Only by interacting with a being who is not blinded by your dualistic illusions can you overcome those illusions.

For some this will seem obvious, whereas others will sense a negative reaction in some parts of their being. Some of the beings who currently embody on Earth have a predisposition to reject the Path of Oneness, especially the idea that they need to follow a teacher and come into oneness with him or her. They are, so to speak, programmed against this process, but in reality it is their egos that are programmed. Thus, the only way to overcome this programming is to understand how the egos of these beings were created and why the very illusion that caused these beings to fall also prevents them from overcoming the fall and joining the Path of Oneness. In fact, the consciousness of these fallen beings has affected every aspect of life on Earth, so it is important for everyone to understand how and why spiritual beings can fall from their original state and end up on planet Earth. This is the topic we will explore next, and we will start by looking at the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.


In order to fully understand who the Serpent is and where it came from, we need to look beyond some common beliefs about the Bible, especially about Genesis. Obviously, if you believed in a fundamentalist interpretation of the Old Testament, you would long ago have rejected this book, so I assume you have already accepted that the Bible is not the infallible word of God. Thus, you should be aware that it makes no sense to take all of the generations mentioned in the Bible and use them to construct a timeline, according to which the universe was created 6,000 years ago.

In reality, the material universe is very old, as is the Earth. Certainly, modern science is closer to the real age – with their estimate of 4.5 billion years for the age of the Earth – than those who interpret the Bible literally. Yet even science has not fully understood its own theories, namely Einstein’s proof of the link between space, gravity and time. It is simply not correct to see time as a linear phenomenon, thinking that one second is a constant that has had the same length from the beginning of time until now. In reality, time is not linear, and the length of a second varies depending on gravitational conditions. There are areas of the universe right now where a second is shorter or longer than it is on Earth. And during the long history of this planet, the length of a second on Earth has also varied, depending on the gravitational fields through which the planet moved and its own gravitational conditions, including the density of matter itself.

As a side note, even Einstein himself did not fully understand his own theories and made certain assumptions that will one day be proven incorrect, the most important of which is the assumption that the speed of light is a constant. Obviously, this cannot be the case if light rays can be bent by gravity—as Einstein proved. If light rays can be affected by gravity, they can also be slowed down or sped up by a gravitational pull. It is possible to measure the speed of light compared to something constant, namely an immovable backdrop of “absolute” space, which is what I have called the void. To an observer who can measure light compared to the immovable void, the speed of light will vary depending on the gravitational conditions through which the light is passing. The immovable void is the true constant – the ground state of absolute rest – that Einstein and other scientists have been seeking. In fact, what the theory of relativity really proves is that there is nothing in the material universe that is constant—everything really is relative, even the speed of light. In order to make their mathematical calculations work, scientists need a constant. Yet the true constant can be found only by looking beyond the relativity of the material universe. Thus, Einstein actually proved that without spirituality, science can never reach its ultimate goal of explaining the origin of the universe and life.

By comparing time to the void, it will be possible to set up an absolute time that does not vary with gravity or the expansion and contraction of space. This will one day become possible, yet even the best supercomputers of today are not up to performing the calculations needed. Furthermore, science has not yet recognized just how complicated a path the Earth is following as it is hurtling through what they call empty space, being pulled in various directions by different gravitational centers. Only by comparing the Earth’s path to the absolute constant of the void itself, will science be able to trace the true path of the Earth and calculate her absolute age. This will also open up to the possibility of traveling back through time by following the Earth’s exact course through absolute space.

My point for bringing this up is to show you that it is at present meaningless to set up a linear timeline for the age of the Earth or give you a precise date for when the fall took place or when the Garden of Eden was established. What is important is the recognition that the Garden of Eden story goes very far back, yet it does not record the beginning of intelligent life on this planet. There were self-conscious beings living in the energy field you today call Earth long before the Garden of Eden. The records of these beings and their civilizations are currently unsubstantiated by archeological findings and even most ancient myths. Yet Genesis itself has certain hints of the existence of such beings. Let us begin by looking at one of the obvious questions raised by the Genesis account:

And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city… (Genesis 4:17)

The preceding chapters in Genesis record that Adam and Eve had three sons, of which one was killed by his brother. So if the Bible is to be taken literally, Adam and Eve had only boys, which raises the question of where Cain’s wife came from? This, of course, is a mystery that most fundamentalists, be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim, would rather ignore. Yet it is an undeniable fact that there is either a flaw in Genesis or there is something missing, which means you can either reject the Bible or look for the missing insight.

Can we resolve this mystery? We can, when we go back to my previous teachings that everything is made from energy and that the material universe is made from vibrations that vibrate within a certain spectrum. We have already seen that beyond the level of vibrations that is visible to the physical senses is the spiritual realm, which has several layers, or levels. We now need to consider that even the material realm has levels, set apart by their vibrational properties, much like the octaves on the tonal scale. There are four basic levels of the material world. Each level has certain subdivisions, but to make this less confusing, we will begin by looking at the four main levels. It is easier to visualize the four levels when you know that they correspond to four levels of your personal energy field, your mind.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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