09. Understanding Christ and anti-christ

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

Have you ever taken a walk in a dense forest or in a foreign city and actually lost your way, not knowing where you were or how to get to your destination? Why were you lost? Was it not because you had a limited perspective, a limited view of the situation? If you could have jumped into a helicopter and seen the situation from above, it would have been easier to find your way. Or if you could have phoned someone in a helicopter, that person could have guided you from a higher perspective.

There are many people on Earth who claim to be religious or spiritual people, seeking for a higher state of life, whether they call it salvation, eternal life, nirvana, higher consciousness, enlightenment or something else. Some of these people have truly found a viable path that leads to a higher state while others are simply deluding themselves. What is the difference between those who have discovered what Jesus called the strait and narrow way and those who follow what he called the broad way that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14)? The difference is that those who have found a true path have realized that the key to making viable progress is to expand your perspective, to change the way you look at everything, to transcend your limited state of consciousness. In contrast, those who are following a false path think they have found the only true belief system and that this external truth will guarantee their salvation.

The most important fact about planet Earth is that human beings have lost their way and have become trapped in a lower state of consciousness in which they have a limited and distorted view of everything. It is true that, in the beginning, God created self-aware beings in his image and after his likeness. But since people lost the connection to their higher beings, they have created a God in the image and after the likeness of themselves—as they are now in their limited, self-centered state of consciousness. Therefore, they project human qualities upon God and think he is angry, frightening, remote, unloving, unjust or any other human quality that springs from anti-love.

You probably know that there was a time when many human beings believed the Earth was flat. You probably also know that the Earth was as round then as it is today. In other words, there are certain aspects of life that human beliefs cannot change, because those facts were defined by a mind that is in a higher state than the current state of consciousness of human beings. Thus, I wish all sincere spiritual seekers would contemplate the fact that God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7) and that he is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) or their limited opinions. In other words, people’s beliefs about God do not change the reality of the Creator.

However, beliefs do change people’s perception of and their relationship with the Creator, and thus beliefs change how people see themselves. There is a reason why the first two commandments given to Moses were to not have any other God’s before the one true God and to not take unto yourself any graven image (Exodus 20:3-4). When people fell into a lower state of consciousness, they started creating mental images – as well as idols made of wood, stone or gold – and believed they were the true God. Yet the true God is the Creator who is always beyond – while at the same time being everywhere within – its creation. Thus, no image in the world of form can describe the Creator who created the world of form.

When you create a graven image of God – meaning a mental image that you think is infallible and refuse to change – you will inevitably lose contact with the true God and the reality of his law. As we have already discussed, you will then begin to create a world that is not based on the Creator’s laws. Thus, your creation will inevitably be unbalanced which can only lead to suffering. The cause of all suffering is that people have lost contact with the reality of God’s laws so they are using their co-creative abilities to create an unbalanced world. In other words, all suffering is the result of ignorance, of an illusion. This is proven by the fact that so many people blame their God for their suffering, thinking they were created as sinners, that God wants to punish them or that he is an unjust God.

What I am leading up to here is the realization that most human beings today have a limited perspective on life, a limited world view. Yet they tend to project that limited view upon God and think they can actually know – even define – what God is like based on their present state of consciousness. It would be extremely constructive for your spiritual growth if you would recognize this tendency and make a sincere effort to rise above it.

You can start by contemplating the thought that even though many human beings are confused and cannot understand how the world works, God suffers from no such confusion. The Creator is not unintelligent and has a complete understanding of the laws that guide the unfoldment of its creation. Thus, if you want to escape the confusion that causes your suffering, you need to expand your understanding of God’s laws. This might require you to go beyond your current beliefs about life, God and the world. As mentioned before, one of the major problems on Earth is that many people are so attached to their current beliefs that they reject a higher understanding when it is offered to them. Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to offer you a higher perspective on the most basic principles of the universe.


As we have discussed, the very purpose of the world of form is to give self-conscious beings the ability to grow in self-awareness, from a sense of identity focused in one point to the full God-awareness that is in every point in the All and is one with the Allness. This requires several elements:

Beings must start in an environment in which they can have a sense of identity as separate, individual beings. As I have explained, that is why the Creator makes a sphere that is set apart from the void and contains basic structures but is not so filled with light that the illusion of separateness is impossible.

Beings must have the ability to build their own sense of identity, which is why they have the Creator’s own abilities of self-awareness, unlimited imagination and unrestricted free will. Only by choosing to build its own identity will a being truly grow in self-awareness.

Beings must have a path that leads them toward full God-awareness. Otherwise they might build a limited sense of identity and get stuck in it indefinitely. Obviously, this would be against the most basic principle of creation, namely growth, and thus there must be a safety mechanism that ensures growth.

We now need to revisit our earlier discussion of the kind of safety mechanism the Creator designed. The Creator decided to manifest itself as two forces, namely the expanding and the contracting force. These two forces are designed to be complementary forces and magnify each other, thereby creating the MORE and raising sphere after sphere until the void is filled with light. Yet if used in an unbalanced way, the two forces become opposites and cancel out each other. The Creator then decided to create a state of consciousness that contains its vision and purpose for the world of form and a record of the principles that the Creator designed in order to ensure the balanced growth of this world. Take note that this all happened before anything was actually created in the void. The Creator then decided that it would only create by using the Christ consciousness. In other words, the Creator itself only created through the Christ consciousness, meaning that everything was in harmony with the Creator’s vision and laws. The Creator never created anything that was against its own laws, but since it did create self-aware beings with free will, such beings can depart from their original design and go against the Creator’s laws.

Once a co-creator has attained enlightenment or mastery, that co-creator likewise co-creates everything through the Christ consciousness. Therefore, the masters who created the original Earth did so through the Christ consciousness, meaning that they created a perfectly balanced planet.

We now need to revisit the fact that the Christ consciousness is the only begotten Son of the Father and that you can know God only through the Christ mind. Yet the purpose of the world of form is to give beings the experience of starting with a limited and separate sense of self-awareness. In other words, this would not be possible if new beings were created with the full Christ consciousness. A new being has only a seed of the Christ consciousness, meaning that it starts out by co-creating without having any awareness of God’s overall vision or God’s laws. Thus, it is inevitable that a new co-creator will violate the laws of God and use the expanding and contracting forces in an unbalanced manner. And since any unbalanced use of the two basic forces leads to an unbalanced creation that produces suffering, it would seem that co-creators are born into a life of suffering.

If this was true, it would obviously seem unfair. Co-creators are born with a limited awareness of God’s laws and thus it is inevitable that they will be unbalanced in their use of their creative powers. They simply don’t know better, and thus they cannot do better. If they were “punished” for the ignorance with which God created them, that would seem unfair to most people. One could argue that this would not be truly unfair, since the purpose of life is to grow in self-awareness—and by growing, co-creators can rise above suffering. However, the reality is that when a being enters any sphere, it is placed in a protected schoolroom under the guidance of a spiritual teacher. The teacher represents the Christ to the student and gives it loving guidance while at the same time protecting the student from the consequences of its unbalanced actions. Thus, a new co-creator is not born into a life of suffering but is born into an environment that seems like paradise – and is a paradise – compared to the current conditions you face on Earth.

It is only when a student chooses to leave this protected environment that it must bear its own burden and experience the consequences of its unbalanced actions. It would thus seem highly unlikely that anyone would choose to leave their paradise. Which makes it necessary for us to investigate the mechanism that has led most human beings on Earth to leave the protected environment of a cosmic schoolroom.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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