08. How human beings lost contact with their spiritual teachers

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

In order to understand how and why human beings separated themselves from their teachers, we need to take a closer look at your total being. I will describe this in generic terms that apply to most of the beings who evolve on Earth. I have said that everything has an Alpha and an Omega aspect, and so does your own being. We might compare your total being to a figure-eight:

The upper figure represents the spiritual side of your being, the part that permanently resides in the spiritual realm. This part contains the divine blueprint for your individuality, and it can never be destroyed by anything you do in the material world. It is an extension of an immortal spiritual being and the very basis for your sense of identity. It has been called the I AM Presence in several teachings given by the Ascended Host.

The lower figure represents that part of your being which is designed to empower you to express yourself in the material world. This lower self has several parts which we will explore later. For now, the important point is that your lower being is centered around your sense of identity, meaning both the sense of who you are as a spiritual Being but also who you are as a being in the material universe.

Your spiritual self is a gift to you from the spiritual being who created you out of its own consciousness. This is your divine blueprint that you can never lose. In other words, no matter what you do in the material universe, you cannot destroy this divine blueprint because it exists in a spectrum of vibrations that is above – and thus cannot be affected by – the frequencies of the material universe. The important point here is that your original divine identity can never be lost. What can be lost is your connection to it and even your memory of it. As I have said, the learning process of a student has two aspects, but this truly applies to all beings in embodiment on Earth:

The Alpha aspect is that you discover and fully embody your divine identity, so that you reach the point of enlightenment where you know and accept who you are as a spiritual being. You can then express your divine individuality in everything you do in the material world. You have become here below all that you are above. A new student does not have this enlightened self-awareness but starts out with a limited self-awareness as a separate being. It is the role of the teacher to guide the student to discover, accept and internalize its spiritual identity.

The Omega aspect of the learning process is to build a sense of identity that serves as the platform for your co-creative efforts in the material world. In other words, you are meant to discover your Alpha identity, but you are meant to define your Omega identity. A new student starts out with a limited sense of who it is—both spiritually and materially. As it discovers more of its divine individuality and gains experiences with the material world, it gradually builds the sense of who it is as a spiritual being with the task of taking dominion over the material world and bringing God’s kingdom to Earth. At least, this is what will ideally happen.


The logical question now becomes who it is that builds this composite sense of identity? Where is your sense of identity centered? What is the You which decides who – and what – you are and who/what you are not? Understanding this is the central mystery of existence, the missing link between the material and the spiritual aspects of your Being. Unfortunately, an understanding of this has been missing from most spiritual and religious teachings on this planet. It has been determined by the Ascended Host that it is time to correct this lack, and Mother Mary’s book was the first step. I will build upon her revelations in this book.

As I explained earlier, everything in the world of form is created out of an interplay between the two basic polarities, namely the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. Yet a sustainable creation is only possible when these two polarities are held in a dynamic balance. And the element that is designed to create and maintain this balance is the element of the Son, the universal Christ mind.

In terms of the figure-eight of your being, the upper figure represents the Father polarity and the lower figure represents the Mother polarity. For you to reach enlightenment, take dominion over your own being and fulfill your role on Earth, you must balance – or unite – the two aspects. In the nexus of the figure-eight is that part of your being which represents the Son, the Christ that is meant to balance the upper and the lower aspects of your being. This part is what Mother Mary calls the Conscious You, but in this book I will call it the conscious self. You have free will, so you are not a robot or an animal. The meaning is that you have the ability to be aware that you exist, to know you are a spiritual being and to consciously choose to co-create on Earth. The very basis for this is that you have self-awareness, that you have the ability to know that you exist. You exist because there is a part of your being that was created by an immortal spiritual Being, and thus it is permanent. You can know you exist because you were created out of the Being and consciousness of the Creator, for without him was not anything made that was made. Thus, the Creator’s omnipresent self-awareness is embedded within your being. We might say that the basis for your self-awareness is your I AM Presence, which gives you the foundation for knowing, “I AM, I exist, I am alive, I have being.” Yet the part that actually comes to this recognition is your conscious self. It is the conscious self that says, “I am…” and then defines the characteristics for what comes after the words “I am.”

Your conscious self is the center of your total being. It is here you decide who you are, and it is here you decide how to express who you are in the material world. What is the basis for these decisions? It is your sense of identity, who you see yourself as being, what you put after those all-important words, “I AM …” What you define as your sense of identity determines how you co-create in the material world. Obviously, this has two aspects, namely to what degree you have discovered, accepted and internalized your divine individuality and what kind of material identity you have built for yourself. My point is that it is the conscious self who has the dual task of discovering your Alpha identity and building your Omega identity. The conscious self is the only begotten son of your higher being and it alone can know the Father, meaning your spiritual identity. It is the conscious self that decides who you are, and, as we will see later, every aspect of your life in the material universe is directly determined by your sense of identity. Thus, we might say that the conscious self is the core of your lower being, the very center of your sense of self. It is therefore essential that your conscious self becomes conscious of itself.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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