06. Understanding the purpose of God’s laws

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

If you take an impersonal look at the world of form, you might say that the purpose of this world is to have the light grow in intensity until it fills up the void and eventually reaches the same intensity as the Allness, thus becoming – or merging back into – the Allness. Yet this world was not created for an impersonal or mechanical purpose. It was created for a personal purpose, namely to give self-transcending beings the opportunity to start out as separate, self-centered beings and grow in self-awareness until they can enter the Allness with a memory of being less than the Allness. Thus, life is not a treadmill of creating a void, filling that void, creating a new void, filling that void and so on. Life is a creative process wherein self-conscious beings receive a unique opportunity to grow in awareness until they reach the same level of consciousness as God itself. You are, so to speak, a God in the making, which is why Jesus said, “Ye are Gods” (John 10:34).

Imagine the conditions found before anything was created in the void. Your Creator had projected itself as a singularity in the middle of a vast void in which there was absolutely nothing. Your Creator could create absolutely anything it could envision. There were no rules or limitations, for it was up to the Creator to define its own rules. This was actually a challenge for your Creator, for when you can create anything without having any prior experience or reference to guide you, you can feel a bit lonely and lost. Obviously, your Creator had the full memory of the Allness and saw itself as an extension of the Allness, so the emptiness of the void was not scary to the Creator. Yet imagine that the Creator had created a number of self-conscious beings and had sent them into the void with the command to create anything they wanted. These beings would not have had any memory of the Allness and no sense of connection to it. Neither would they have had any prior experience to guide their creative efforts. Naturally, they would have felt alone and quite possibly lost. You might have heard of people who lose their memory and how traumatic that can be. You might even have heard of torture where people are deprived of sensory experiences, thus feeling like they are alone in a world of nothingness. This can very quickly lead to a mental breakdown, even permanent insanity.

Your Creator had no desire to put its offspring through that experience, so it created a protected sphere that was set apart from the void. Within that sphere, the Creator created certain structures and set up certain creative principles – or laws – to guide the growth of that sphere. When a basis for life had been created, the Creator created self-transcending beings and gave them the command to “multiply” and “have dominion” (Genesis 1:28). Instead of throwing these beings into nothingness, the Creator gave them a foundation and told them to build upon it. They could do this by multiplying what they had been given and by learning how to use the laws defined by the Creator, thereby taking dominion over their sphere through self-mastery.

When they had mastered life in their native sphere, the self-transcending beings became masters who helped co-create the next sphere. And in doing so, they had greater creative freedom in terms of designing structures in that sphere. Thus, they had the opportunity to create anything they wanted, but they had guidelines and a basis of experience from which to create. In other words, only the Creator creates from “nothing,” whereas all other beings have a foundation for their creative efforts. The Creator creates, whereas you expand your sense of self within the framework defined by the Creator. We might say that you co-create.


We have seen that the purpose of this world is to give self-conscious beings the opportunity to grow in self-awareness. This growth must take place gradually, or in stages. Why is this so? Because at any given time you have a sense of who you are. You might experience a situation that causes you to expand your sense of who you are, but it will take time for you to integrate that new sense of identity. That is why a child on Earth needs time to grow up and why children who are forced to “grow up” too quickly can experience severe psychological problems. If change happens too abruptly, people can lose their sense of who they are and they will find it difficult to cope with life.

My point is that sustainable growth must be balanced growth. You are, so to speak, meant to lose your separate sense of identity. Yet you are not meant to lose it all at once so that you have no identity left. You are meant to lose your separate sense of identity only as the result of a process whereby it is replaced by an expanded sense of identity. If the growth happened too quickly, you would lose your sense of stability and continuity, possibly even all sense of identity. If the growth happened too slowly, you might become so attached to a particular way of life that you would refuse to grow beyond that level of awareness. In order to achieve the best possible growth, everything in your life should be balanced. What does balance mean?

We have seen that the Creator created the void by contracting all of its consciousness and Being into a single point. This set the stage for the creation of the world of form by creating the void. Yet the actual creation began when the Creator projected part of its own consciousness outward. These are the two basic forces involved in creation, namely the contracting force and the expanding force. Imagine that the contracting force was the dominant force. In that case, nothing could be created. As soon as the Creator projected energy out into the void, the contracting force would instantly return it to the center. Now imagine that the expanding force was dominant. In that case all of God’s Being would be released in one giant outburst, instantly filling the void. In either case a balanced and gradual growth would not be possible, thus leaving little opportunity for lifestreams to gradually grow in self-awareness. We can conclude that this world is not built on an all-or-nothing approach but on a careful balance between the two forces.

From a human perspective it might seem as if the expanding and the contracting forces are opposite each other. Yet true opposites cancel out each other. If opposites meet, they either destroy each other or one destroys the other and only one is left. In reality, the expanding and contracting forces are complementary, meaning that they supplement, even magnify, each other. Only when both forces are present is it possible to create a sustainable form.

The point is that the only way to create a sustainable structure – yet a structure that is growing – is to have a state of balance between the expanding and the contracting forces. They must coexist but they must be balanced so they keep each other in check without canceling out each other. And they must be balanced in such a way that they do not stop the growth that is the very purpose of the world of form. Balance is not something static. The balance of the universe is a dynamic balance, leading in a balanced way toward a higher goal. What is it that creates the balance between the two basic forces of creation?

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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