05. To be MORE, or to be less

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya through Kim Michaels.

If you are to understand the dynamics that shape your experience in the material universe, you need to keep in mind that the entire world of form was created for a very specific purpose. That purpose was to open up for an experience of what it is like to be less than – separated from – the Allness. Yet it was never God’s intention to make this experience permanent. This world was created as being less but also created to follow a path of gradually becoming more, until it again merges into the Allness from which it came and from which it was never truly set apart.

Your Creator has projected itself into the world of form as two polarities. One is the Mother Light, which obediently takes on any form projected upon it by the other polarity, namely the self-conscious beings with co-creative abilities. It is essential to understand that your Creator experiences the world of form through you. The Creator has a memory of the Allness and has a sense of oneness with the Allness that can never be lost. So when you experience limitations in the world of form, your Creator – through you – experiences what it is like to be less than and separated from the Allness. Your Creator created you partly in order to have this experience. Thus, for your Creator, any experience you have contributes to the Creator’s experience of what it is like to be less than the Allness. Why is this important? Because while your Creator can have – through you – an experience of being less than the Allness, the Creator can never be lost in this experience. The Creator can experience the illusion of being separated from the Allness, but the Creator can never fully believe that this appearance of separation, the appearance of less, is real or permanent. The reason is that your Creator’s sense of self-awareness did not originate inside the world of form, and thus it could never be confined to this world. Your Creator knows with an absolute knowing that it is more than the world of form. In contrast, you do not know what it is like to be less than the Allness, for you have not experienced the Allness. Thus, you can become lost in the world of form, thinking it is all there is and that you have no way of rising above your separate and limited sense of identity. Obviously, this is not what the Creator wants for you.

Let me illustrate this point with an analogy. Imagine yourself in a theater as one of the actors in a play. You are fully aware that you started life outside the theater. You entered the building and put on a costume. In order to give a convincing performance, you set aside your normal personality and take on the personality of the character you are playing. Yet when the performance is over, you take off the costume, revert back to your normal personality and leave the theater—returning to the “real” world or at least the world of your long-term sense of identity. Now imagine that a person has been born inside a theater and has never seen the world outside. The person has seen people entering and leaving the theater but has never really thought about what is outside. Thus, the person has come to believe that the theater is all there is to reality and that the world of the theater is real in an ultimate sense. The person might even believe that he or she has no life separate from the theater and has no identity apart from the role he or she is currently playing.

You are a self-aware being and you are an extension of your Creator. Yet you are not created simply as a puppet, as a toy, for your Creator. Your Creator has given you the gift of life, meaning that you have self-awareness, imagination and free will—you have the ability to create your own experience, even your own material circumstances, by using the Mother Light. And you have free will to design this experience according to your imagination and your own choosing. Your Creator did not originate within its own creation, and the Creator can never fall prey to the illusion that the world of form is the only reality. Yet because you did originate within the world of form, you can come to believe that what you have created is the ultimate reality and that you have no way to escape it. Thus, while the Creator can never become lost in its own creation, you can. You can believe that you really are a limited human being, living on a planet where life is suffering.

It is understandable that you might accept this illusion, and God does not blame you for identifying fully with the role you are now playing in the theater called planet Earth. Yet your Creator also knows that you have the potential to expand your sense of self-awareness beyond what you experience right now. Because you are an extension of the consciousness of the Creator, you have the potential to reach the full awareness of the Creator.

You might have heard about a holographic image. It is a type of photograph, but it is unique in that the whole image is comprised of individual parts and each part has a smaller replica of the whole. We might say that you are created as one part of the holographic image that is the Creator expressing itself as the world of form. Your individual consciousness contains within it a replica of the whole, and by magnifying your awareness of the whole, you can become one with the whole, you can become all that the whole is, you can become the All. This is the highest potential that comes with the gift of life.

Here is the essential point. You were created as a separate being, living inside the world of form. Yet it was never your Creator’s intention that you should become permanently lost in the world of form, in your separate identity. Your Creator wants you to realize that the material world is just a theater in which you have taken on a particular role in a play. Your Creator never wanted you to permanently identify yourself with and as that part or think there is nothing more to life than the play. Why not? Because your Creator knows that this world is incredibly limited compared to the Allness. The Creator knows that the material universe, at its current level of development, is incredibly limited compared to the spiritual realm. You are an extension of the Creator and your Creator loves you as itself because you are itself. Thus, the Creator has no desire to see you permanently trapped in a limited world in which you experience life as suffering.

Remember that the Creator experiences separation through you because you are an extension of the Creator’s Being. However, this works both ways, meaning that you can experience the Creator’s Being while in this limited state. You can experience that you are the Creator experiencing limitations through your lower being. When you have this experience of expanded awareness, you will no longer be lost in separation and you will no longer be identified with the limitations that cause suffering. You will rise above all identification with this world, and this is called enlightenment—the state of knowing who you truly are.

You might ask why your Creator then created you as a limited being that is trapped on a planet with so much suffering. The overall answer is that your Creator did not create you with your current sense of – human – identity nor did it create the Earth with its current level of imperfection and suffering. So who created the separate being – the separate sense of identity – that you see yourself as being today? You did! Who created the world that you live in today? Humankind did so collectively! I will give further explanation of this fact, but I will approach it gradually.


Let me try to make this as clear as possible. You were created as a self-aware being with a separate sense of identity that is more or less narrowly focused on your sense of self. With your current sense of self, you probably see yourself as separate from other beings in your environment and from the Creator. This is not necessarily wrong, but since you are a spiritual person, you need to become more aware of your potential to expand your sense of self. In other words, while you were created as a separate being, you have the potential to grow beyond that. You can follow a path that expands your sense of self until you attain a sense of oneness with your source – your Creator – and with all life.

You were created as a separate being, but you were not created to remain a separate being. You were created to start out as a separate being and then follow a path of growing in self-awareness, until you overcome separateness and become one with the All without losing your sense of individuality. In other words, the underlying theme in the world of form is to grow from separateness to oneness. What many religious people call salvation is this exact process of growing from a separate sense of identity to an expanded sense of identity, in which you realize the oneness of all life and live accordingly. As I have said, everything is created from the Creator’s consciousness, which has been temporarily projected into a limited, separate form. Yet the Creator does not want its own Being to remain trapped in such limitations forever. Thus, all that was created out of the Creator’s consciousness is meant to return to the Creator. You too can return, the difference being that in this return you will not lose your identity but will magnify it until you can enter the Allness or become a creator for your own universe. Thus, the real purpose of life is to transcend your current sense of identity until you reach what we might call full God consciousness.

We might say that all separate beings were created as “self-transcending beings.” As we will see later, there are various evolutions in the world of form, but they are all created to self-transcend, going from separateness to oneness.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

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