Seek first peace, then serve from peace

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Ascended Master Elohim Peace through Kim Michaels, January 7, 2024. This dictation was given during the New Year’s webinar 2024: BEING the Flame of Peace in a world in transition


I AM the Ascended Master, the Elohim Peace.

What is peace? Well, that depends on from where you look at it. If you look at it as a being in embodiment on earth, you tend to think that what is happening on this planet is chaos, turmoil, conflict, all of the things that many people see as the opposite of peace. Therefore, people in a dualistic consciousness reason that peace must be silence, non-activity, nothing is happening.

If you look to the East, you will see that going back to the Vedas and even beyond, they have come up with this idea of non-duality, that Brahman, the ultimate being, the ultimate consciousness, must have no form, no features, and there is no change. They have come up with the idea that for something to be permanent, it could not change. This is a dualistic view of the world that can only come from inside the dualistic mind that reasons about what is beyond the earth but has not experienced it.

How can I say this? Because I Am the Elohim of Peace. I experience the Flame of Peace. I am one with the Flame of Peace. I Am the Flame of Peace. And I am not nothing. I am not still stand. I am not no change. Yet, I am permanent compared to anything in an unascended sphere. But I am permanent only in self-transcendence, for there is no other permanence anywhere in the world of form. Even in the Allness, there is only permanence in self-transcendence. However, self-transcendence is different in the Allness than in the world of form. It is a misunderstanding to say that in order for something to be permanent, it cannot change.

Two aspects of the One mind

Look at what scientists have discovered about the material universe. It is not only constantly expanding, it is expanding at an accelerating rate. This is one illustration of self-transcendence. Now, of course, they will say: “But the universe is not permanent”. No, but by continuing the process of self-transcendence, the universe can transcend into the ascended realm and become the latest sphere in the ascended realm and this is a form of permanence compared to the unascended sphere, yet it is still self-transcendence. This is one of these enigmas that the linear mind, the dualistic mind, cannot resolve. You can only resolve it by experiencing the One mind. For the One mind is, of course, one with the ascended realm and with the God flames that represent the seven rays and the secret rays.

The One mind may seem to be permanent, unchanging, compared to the changing world you live in. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, is in a sense a description of the fact that the One mind, in a certain way, does not change, compared to the constant change you see on earth. The One mind is permanent in the sense that it is always one with the Creator and yet, the One mind has two aspects. The alpha, the omega, one is oneness with the Creator, the constancy of this oneness that could never be lost. And yet, the One mind is within everything, so as the universe changes, as the spheres self-transcend, the One mind also transcends and becomes more. That is why the One mind is in everything, and wherever you are at, you can use the One mind to go back to the Creator.

If the One mind was constant and could not change, then there could be something that suddenly was outside the One mind, separated from the One mind, and therefore, you could have self-aware beings who were in some kind of realm, but they could not connect to the One mind, and therefore, they could not get back to oneness, but could become permanently lost. Now, this is of course, what the fallen beings have attempted to create since they fell. Some realm that is so different from, so in opposition to oneness, that they, at least some of them, hope they can one day achieve this goal, to create a sphere that is so far from oneness that you cannot get back to oneness from that place, and therefore, they think that this will be permanent, it will become permanent.

The desire to help others

But what are they using to create this place set apart? The One mind, for there is nothing else— without him was not anything made that was made. It can never happen in reality, only in the illusions held in the mind of those beings who have become trapped in duality. You may look at earth, you may look at people who are very trapped in the dualistic mind, as other masters have expounded upon, who are caught up in the us versus them mentality. And you may look at some of these people and say: “What could ever bring them back to oneness? What could bring them out of their current state of mind? How could they ever realize and admit that they are wrong?”

But you see, when you look at this, you are looking from a being, from a perspective of a being, in embodiment. You may be an avatar, you may have a spiritual awareness, you may be on the spiritual path, you may be studying spiritual teachings, but you are still looking at earth and you are saying: “Certain things should not be here, certain things should change and they should change now, in this embodiment, so I can see the result of this.”

This is understandable, it is in some ways commendable that you are willing to help the earth rise higher and come closer to the golden age. Yet it can also become an imbalance that takes you away from peace, because now you are feeling, you are thinking, you are sensing at the identity level, that you cannot really be yourself, you cannot really be at peace, as long as this condition has not changed. And when you go into this state of mind, you cannot be the open door for the Flame of Peace and therefore, you are not actually helping to bring peace to earth. You are helping to maintain the current state of non-peace.

You may look at certain people that are in a specific state of mind and you may say: “Even if I could sit down and talk to these people, was there anything I could say that could help them see the state of mind they are in?” And the reality is, no, there is not. There is nothing that an ascended master could say to such people to help them see the state of mind they are in. But this does not mean that they could not come back to oneness. It just could not happen by any outside force. It could only happen through an internal process where they take their imbalance to such an extreme that they can no longer stand being in their own minds. You may look at these people, you may think that they are creating chaos in the outside world, in the situation around them. But you cannot create chaos outside yourself unless you have already created chaos inside your mind.

The process of coming back towards oneness

The more people clutch their ideas, hold on to their beliefs and their worldview, the more they refuse any attempts to help them see the imbalance, the more chaos they create inside their minds and there comes a point where they cannot stand it anymore. Something triggers them and now they see from inside their mind. Now this may be, in the beginning, very primitive, what they see, the need for change. Yet it is the beginning of the process of coming back towards oneness.

Many times, as spiritual people, you look at people you know or you look at people in the media and you see that these people are in a much lower state of consciousness than you are in. They have a much lower, more primitive worldview and understanding of life than you have. In your compassion and desire to help raise the earth, you wish you could find a way to help these people. But you think that helping them means that you should raise them to your level of consciousness so that they could accept the worldview and the spiritual understanding that you have. But this is not realistic for many people. They could eventually come to see the spiritual worldview that you have, but it would, for many of these people, take many lifetimes and therefore you cannot go in, sit down with these people and talk to them and bring them from their level of consciousness to yours. This would take lifetimes and it could not be done with words, only in the School of Hard Knocks where they have experience after experience of hitting their head against a concrete wall until they finally start asking themselves whether there is a better way to live than pounding your head against a concrete wall.

Can fallen beings change?

Now you may look at fallen beings and you may say: “Well, would it be possible that they can change?” And again, nothing anyone could say could bring it about, but it can happen. Now, it may take a very long time before they reach this point where they cannot stand being in their own minds, because the fallen beings have gone into a deeper level of denial than any of the original inhabitants of the earth or any being in this unascended sphere that has not fallen.

When you fall, you go into a deeper level of denial and therefore, you are not actually experiencing the same kind of chaos that many people on earth are experiencing. You think you are in control. You experience from inside your mind that you have a certain level of control, and when something happens that shakes your sense of being in control, you are so good at using denial to push it away, to push it out of your mind but nevertheless, the universe will eventually catch up with even the fallen beings.

Denial vs. free will

There is no fallen being that will not eventually wake up. It may take a very long time for some, and how long it takes still remains to be seen. But eventually they will wake up. They may choose to go to the second death instead of starting the path back to oneness, but denial cannot last forever. Why not? Because it would be a violation of free will if denial could last forever. This may require some pondering. It may surprise you to hear me say this. But the law of free will is what?

The law of free will is all self-aware beings have free will. Normally you are again used to looking at your situation here on earth and you are thinking: “Well, all human beings have free will.” You learn about fallen beings, you think: “Well, the fallen beings also have free will.” Then you learn about ascended masters, and some people think that when you ascend you give up your free will, because now you can no longer go into duality. But you see, you do not give up your free will by ascending. You actually reclaim or claim a higher level of free will, because now it is not that you cannot go into duality, you will not go into duality, because you have seen what duality is, you know what it is. And you choose to ascend by choosing that you are done with duality, you do not want to go into it again and therefore you ascend, and you are given a position in the ascended realm that could not be entrusted to a being who had not given up duality. But of course, this goes up through the realms, through the levels of the spiritual realm, all the way to the Creator and ultimately the Creator has free will.

But everything is created out of the Creator’s being, and everything is created out of the ascended beings in all of these levels from the Creator down to your unascended sphere. And all of these beings have free will, so you are embedding a part of your own being and consciousness in the creation and do you think that just because there are beings of a lower state of consciousness who are given free will, that this suddenly overrides the free will of the ascended beings? Of course not. They have a higher level of free will.

There will simply come a point where the ascended beings out of which a fallen being is created and the I AM Presence of that fallen being will choose: “Enough is enough. I have learned what I wanted to learn from this Conscious You that was sent into an unascended sphere, whether this one or a previous one”.  And the I AM Presence can then do what no outside force can do—confront the Conscious You with the reality that no matter what sophisticated separate self it has created, it has not become that separate self. It is an extension of the I AM Presence and the I AM Presence therefore has the right to give that Conscious You the choice of how it will return to the I AM Presence.

Will it return to what we have called the second death, where the I AM Presence simply draws the Conscious You back into itself? Or will it return by following the path back to oneness, where the Conscious You takes responsibility for what it has created, the separate self it has created, and gradually dissolves it by overcoming all of these illusions of Maya? But there is no fallen being who can go on forever because there comes a point where the law of free will has been stretched as far as it can be stretched. You see here that this goes back to what I said: “This conception of permanence means something unchanging.” This is the fallen consciousness that wants to project this image, that there is something that is unchanging, that they can create something that is apart from the One mind yet has permanence. And they will even take the law of free will, if they grasp it, and pervert that to say: ”Well, if we really have free will, we should be allowed to create a world set apart that becomes permanent. For if we cannot do whatever we want, we do not really have free will.”

But you see, this is again a misunderstanding, a misinterpretation of where the serpentine mind perverts any idea expressed in words. Free will is free because the totality of all the beings in the universe have free will. Free will is not free in the sense that a single being can do whatever it wants, as if the rest of the universe and the rest of the self-aware beings did not exist. Free will is free within context. Free will is free in the world. No man is an island. No single being exists alone, and no single being would want to exist alone or could even stand existing alone.

Some people cannot be helped

My purpose for giving this long discourse is to help you, who are ascended master students, realize that there are some people you meet that you cannot realistically hope to convince or help in this lifetime. Some of them may be the original inhabitants of the earth, some of them may even be avatars who have become trapped in a state of denial, and some of them may be fallen beings in embodiment.

If you allow your peace of mind or even your ascension or your growth on the path to depend on such people, you will hold yourself back and potentially miss the targets you defined in your Divine plan. Therefore, it is necessary to look at certain people and say: “I give up, I surrender all desire to change them.” You may still have a relationship with these people, for example, if they are family members, but you give up the desire to change them. You give up the idea that you should change them, should be able to change them. You give up the desire to see any result of your interaction with these people. You set them free, you let them go, and you are at peace with letting them go so that you can be at peace focusing on something else.

The compensation games of an avatar

Why should you focus on people that you cannot help? Why should you allow your attention and your energies and your time to be tied up with people you cannot help, when there are other people that you might be able to help? But more than this, why I am not here primarily concerned about you helping or not helping other people, I am concerned about you being the open door for the Flame of Peace, and in order to be the open door for the Flame of Peace, you have to have peace in your mind first.

You have to overcome the separate selves that are pulling you out of peace, and the most common factor that pulls avatars and spiritual people out of peace is the desire to change other people or change the world. You can go through a process of looking at your separate selves and you can overcome the desire to change the world. We have given you the teachings on the avatars, the birth trauma, the primal self, overcoming these subconscious selves, but we have also given teachings that as an avatar, you came to earth, often with a certain view of earth, often with a view that you wanted to help bring change to earth. Then you receive the birth trauma, you create the primal self, and as you receive this birth trauma where you feel attacked by the fallen beings, rejected by the original inhabitants, you come to doubt that you can fulfill your reason for coming to earth. You come to doubt that it is possible for you to have a positive impact on this planet and therefore, you go into all of these compensation games.

You are basically deciding: “If I cannot have a positive impact on earth, I do not want to be here”, and so you are desperately trying to find some way to make a positive difference on earth. When you find the spiritual path or ascended master teaching or another spiritual teaching, you go into it with an eagerness because you are hoping that now you can finally have some positive impact on earth. So that it is worthwhile for you to be here, because you cannot stand the thought, which your primal self is designed to suppress, that you could have come to earth and it would not have had any impact on earth.

Reconsidering what brought you to earth

But you see, when you do not look at the primal self, you cannot look at your motivation for coming to earth, the mental image you had in your mind of what you wanted to accomplish on earth and what you thought you could accomplish on earth and how you thought you could accomplish it and therefore, you cannot reconsider, you cannot look at it and say: “Was it actually a realistic view I had?”

If you cannot do that, you cannot reach this point where you realize that your mental image before coming to earth was not realistic because you came from a natural planet. You were used to how things function on a natural planet and how beings are on a natural planet, how open they are to considering new ideas. You could not fathom how different things are on earth, and therefore you did not have a realistic image of what you could do on earth. But this does not mean that you cannot have a positive impact. It is just that you cannot have the impact in the specifics that you envisioned before you came here. Therefore, if you do not look at that motivation, you cannot come to say: “But I give up those specifics of what I was supposed to do on earth because I see that the way I envisioned what I was going to do on earth would necessitate forcing other people’s free will or persuading them and this is impossible and not something I want to do.”

Becoming the open door for the Flame of Peace

What can you then do to have a positive impact on earth? Well, you can be the open door for your I AM Presence, for one of these Divine flames, divine energies and for the ascended masters. I, of course, am speaking to those who are willing to become an open door for the Flame of Peace, but there are all of the other rays, even the secret rays. But in order to become that open door for the Flame of Peace, you have to first establish some sense of peace in your own mind and you do that only by overcoming these selves even down to the primal self that are pulling you away from peace because they are pulling you to focus on something outside your own mind that has to change. You cannot change what is outside of your own mind because that is outside the area of your free will. What you can change is what is going on inside your mind because that is inside the parameters of your free will, the sphere of your free will.

You may have thought before you came to earth that you came here to help people overcome suffering, but you actually came here primarily to demonstrate that you can be on earth without suffering. That is the only way you have a chance of helping other people because they will look at you and see: “Why is this person at peace, why is not he or she suffering as I am.” This will give them a frame of reference that perhaps suffering is not necessary, is not inevitable, is not the only way to respond to earth.

Now, you may have been somewhat aware of this when you came, but you still thought: “When I change this or that outer condition, then I will be able to be at peace.” But the reality is, consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. You must start in your own mind, in your own sphere of influence. Therefore, the only way to be the open door for the Flame of Peace, to be the Flame of Peace, is to be at peace regardless of outer conditions.

There is an amusing story in the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, where Yogananda describes how as a young boy they would go and meditate at the graveyards, because there were all of these discarnate spirits that were trying to influence their minds, so it was an extra challenge to meditate in such a disturbed, energetic environment. I am not saying you should do this because there really is no reason to. The collective consciousness on this planet is so disturbed that you do not need to go to special places. It is enough of a challenge wherever you are to manifest some kind of peace of mind in whatever situation you are in.

How to give service and still be at peace

As we have said before, what will change the earth is that you have a dark room and you gradually increase the light so that people can begin to see more and more. That is what you do when you are the open door for one of these God flames, these flames of peace and the other rays. Of course, this does not mean that you should then sit and meditate on peace all day, because many of you have in your Divine plan to be active and to go out into certain areas of life and bring forth new ideas and challenge illusions and this and that. I am not saying you should not take any outer actions. What I am saying is, start with establishing peace and then take action and speak from that inner peace.

As Jesus put it, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, his right use of energy, and then all of these things shall be added unto you. Seek first peace, then speak from peace, then act from peace, and you will see that all things shall be added unto you in the sense that whatever is the result of what you do and say, it will only increase your peace. It will not take you away from peace, and therefore you can know that you have achieved the highest possible result you could achieve given the situation on earth.

It may be that you put forth an effort and you see no result of it, no visible physical result, but still you can know you have achieved the highest result that could be achieved given the equation of the collective consciousness and free will. This messenger could look at his own efforts where he has dedicated his life and put forth so much time and effort to bringing forth these teachings now for over 20 years, and he could say: “How many people have been attracted to the teachings, how many people have been affected by the teachings. Has it really been worth it?” He does not look at it this way because he realizes that given the equation of the collective consciousness and free will, what could possibly be achieved has been achieved.

You can feel at peace that what you have done is enough because the measure of your success is not the outer results, it is the streaming forth of the light through you. It is not measuring the results of how many people have found the teachings, but that the fact that the teachings are there in the physical for people to find, that in itself is an achievement. You can see that when you step up to this higher view, you can give service and still be at peace because your fulfillment is not in the production of specific outer results, tangible results. Your fulfillment is in the giving of the service. The sun is not looking down on earth and saying how many people have been going to the beach and become tanned from my rays. The sun is fulfilled in radiating the light and leaving it up to people what they do with it.

When you dissolve these, the primal self and also the worldview that you had before you came to earth, then you can be on earth, be an open door and be at peace. Because it is in being here and feeling the light flow through you, seeing it be expressed, that you feel fulfilled. When your fulfillment does not depend on outer results that involve other people’s free will, that is when you can be at peace.

That is, of course, what I and all of us on the Sixth Ray, desire to see for you. The Sixth Ray has been called the Flame of Peace and Service, but so many spiritual people throughout the ages have had the desire to serve and certainly all avatars who have ever come to earth come with the desire to serve. But because they associate their service with outer results, their service takes them out of peace. But the only way to serve is to start from peace, so that whatever the results are of your outer service, it will not take you away from your inner peace.

This is, of course, not to set to blame anyone, but simply say that if you have gotten yourself into this state that many spiritual people are in, where you feel compelled to serve, but your service takes you out of peace, then you can just realize this, that this springs from some separate self and you can let the self die by using our tools and teachings. Then, you can quickly come to a point where you can now serve from peace and whatever this outcome of your service will not take you away from peace.

You see the interesting juxtaposition, the seeming enigma, that many people think peace is an in-going thing, but service is an outgoing process. That is why they see a contradiction between these two aspects of the Sixth Ray, that they think that it is one or the other—either you have to focus on service and sacrifice being at peace, or you have to focus on being at peace and abstain from service. This is not necessary. You can indeed serve from a state of peace and remain in peace regardless of the outer reaction to your service.

Knowing peace as a living, vibrant flame

In order to do this, it will be helpful to ponder what peace actually is. As I started out saying, many people think that peace must be the opposite of all the turmoil you have on earth. Therefore, peace must be a state where there is no change, there is no conflict, there is no contrast, nothing is happening. As Gautama Buddha and Padmasambhava have said, there are indeed people who have created this false sense of nothingness, that many people over the ages have contacted and have thought: “Oh, God is this ultimate nothingness”. But as we have said, the Creator is not nothingness. The Creator is a self-aware being that has what could be considered a divine individuality as opposed to, or different from a human individuality.

If you contact the Creator, you are not experiencing nothingness. You are experiencing the living, vibrant energy and consciousness and being of the Creator. The same with the Sixth Ray of Peace. What is peace? Peace is the Flame of Peace, the Ray of Peace, and the beings who are embodying that for earth, such as myself, Archangel Uriel or Nada. There is no impersonal peace. There is no impersonal Flame of Peace. You will not know some impersonal state of peace from earth. You will know peace through the beings who embody peace for earth. When you contact the Flame of Peace, you are experiencing the living, vibrant energy and consciousness of the beings who are holding the Flame of Peace for earth. Peace is not nothingness, no change, nothing is happening. Peace is a creative flame. It is a living flame. It is a conscious flame. It is constantly vibrating, constantly transcending itself. This is peace.

There are those who think that first there was nothing, there was no change, and then the world came out of this and that the goal of the spiritual path is to return to the nothingness, the no differentiation. But that is not how it happened at all. Yes, the Creator created the void to set something apart from the Allness, but then the creator filled the void with the Ma-ter light. In the beginning was the Ma-ter light, which is not self-aware, and there was the Creator’s being which is self-aware. There was not nothing or nothingness. There was the living, vibrant being of the Creator and the Mother Light which could take on any form and therefore, the Mother Light is not nothing. Even though the Mother Light is not expressed in the beginning and has not taken on any form, it is not nothing. It is a living, vibrant potential. It is the same as if you say, everything on earth is made out of atoms, but the atoms are nothing. You know this is not the case, because the atom is a structure of energy that is constantly vibrating. So is the Ma-ter light. There is constant vibration.

Out of the Creator’s being sprang the different spiritual rays, the different flames. They became embodied by beings that also sprang out of the Creator’s being but became self-aware. The world was not created out of nothing. The earth was created out of the seven rays by the Elohim who embody those rays for earth. When you go beyond all of the forms on earth you do not define nothing. You find the seven Elohim. We are living, vibrant beings. We are using the energies of the seven rays which are living, vibrating flames.

Peace is not still-stand or nothingness. Peace is a creative flame, a vibrating energy, a creative flame and it is because it is a living vibrating energy that it can be used to create form that can be sustained over time. The same for the other rays. The earth did not start from nothing. It started from the spiritual energy of the seven rays. Now, because of free will, the earth has been taken away from the original condition in which it was created and therefore you see the current chaos and turmoil on earth.

Constant self-transcendence

How would you overcome the turmoil on earth? There are many who think that it is a matter of returning to the original state, that Garden of Eden, that lost paradise. This is a fatal misunderstanding. You could say that the chaos on earth is a perversion of the God-Flame of Peace. You could say this and therefore, you might think that the Flame of Peace would destroy the un-peace. This is what many people have thought, even ascended master students. You think you are invoking the Flame of Peace and directing it into conditions of un-peace and therefore, the peace consumes the un-peace and returns to earth to some neutral state. It is not entirely incorrect, but it is not the full understanding.

You see the purpose of creation is continued self-transcendence. It is not the purpose of creation that once something has gone off the ideal it should return back to the ideal. Why? Because continued self-transcendence means that the world is moving on constantly. You can never return to the lost paradise. Once paradise is lost it is lost. You can never return to it. It is not the purpose of spiritual teachings to return the earth to its original state that we, the seven Elohim, created, because we did not create what was meant to be a permanent state. We just created a foundation upon which the embodied co-creators were meant to build. It was not our intention that the earth should remain in this paradisiacal state but that it should continue to transcend from its starting point.

Continual acceleration to a higher state

You may look at the universe as science has described it, and you might look at the earth and you may say if you trace the earth and its path back through space-time, you may say there was a point where the first wave of lifestreams of co-creators descended to earth and the earth was in a paradisiacal state as somewhat described in the story of the Garden of Eden, where they did not have to work to sustain their bodies, where there were fruits on the trees that they could use for nourishing their bodies. You may say: “Oh, we should never have lost that, we should return to that.”

But that is not how the Elohim look at it. We are not seeking to take the earth backwards towards some lost paradise, because what would it entail if you were to take the earth back to some state that was there in the past? Well, you would have to move the earth backwards in space-time until the position that it had back then.

But what have scientists shown you? The entire universe is expanding, meaning the earth is being pulled by the gravitational force of the entire universe. What would it take to move the earth back to where it was in the past? You would have to move the earth against the entire pull of the rest of the universe and this could never be done. It is completely impossible and unrealistic. Once a state is lost, it is lost forever. This does not mean that the earth has to remain in chaos, but it does mean that the Flame of Peace will not destroy or nullify the un-peace. It will accelerate it into a higher state.

We, as the Elohim, are not looking with regret on planet earth, regardless of what has been portrayed in various religions and even what has been reasoned by some ascended master students. We are not looking to the past, we are not looking with regrets. We are accepting that current conditions are what they are as a result of the free will choices of human beings and fallen beings and avatars. And we are simply focused on one thing, accelerating the earth forward. We are not looking: “Oh, we have to now resist or go against the entire pull of the universe, move the earth back to its original starting point and then we can start the earth on that original trajectory that it would have taken if people had not gone into duality.” That is not how we are looking at it at all.

We are looking at—here is the earth today, how do we accelerate it and move it into a higher trajectory? It did not matter to us that it took a detour. It is just a detour. We are looking to accelerate and bring the earth forward. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that we are working with the people who are open to something new, to experimentation, to acceleration, to creativity. We are not working with the people who are looking backwards in time, thinking the world is worse than it was at some point in the past and that we should go back to these traditional values or where one religion or one political system was dominant.

We cannot work with a person who is seeking to recreate the Soviet Empire and thinks that the dissolution of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the last century. None of the ascended masters can work with such a person. We cannot work with such a person, with a person who wants to “Make America Great Again” as if it ever was greater in the past than it is now. We cannot work with Christians in America who think that America should be based on traditional Christian values. We cannot work with the Muslims who think that the entire world should conform to Sharia Law. We cannot work with those in the Chinese government or among the Chinese people who think that communism should be maintained indefinitely, or rather, the illusion that China is a communist state should be maintained indefinitely. How can we work with such people? They want to do the impossible, bring the earth back in space-time. In their arrogance, in their blindness, in their pride, they think they can resist the forces of the entire universe.

The illusion of empty space

Now you may think, as many people think, even many scientists think, that there is this thing called ‘empty space’ and that the earth and the sun and the other planets and the other solar systems and galaxies are moving in this ‘empty space’—so, there is a space, and the earth is moving—but this is not the case. It is not the earth that is moving in space. It is space that is moving and the earth is moving along with it. Imagine, as some scientists have said, that you have a balloon and on the surface of the balloon, when it is blown up a little bit, you draw all of these dots representing galaxies. Now, you blow up the balloon. Are the dots moving in some space or are they simply moving because the surface they are on is stretching?

The illusion that springs from the dualistic mind that the earth is this separate unit that is floating in ‘empty space’ and moving in ‘empty space’. But the earth is not separated. There is no ‘empty space’. The earth is moving along with space. Now you will say: “How can we, then, send a rocket to the moon?” Because within this system that you call earth, there can be relative movement but there is no absolute movement, no absolute space, because everything, as scientists have also proven, is interconnected. Nothing is separate.

The illusion of a separate will

That is why it is a perversion to think that free will should mean you can do anything you want as if no one else existed or as if all other people should be slaves of your choices. In this respect, there is no free will, because free will can only be exercised within the totality of the world of form in which you live. You can have relative movements that give you the illusion of the freedom of movement. But it is only an illusion.

You may say: “What is then the purpose of all this?” Well, the purpose of free will is to give you an experience, because the purpose of the entire universe is to give self-aware beings an experience that allows them to transcend their sense of self. And for a time, some beings choose to go into duality and separation and thereby acquire the illusion that they have a completely separate will. And the purpose of this is to allow them to have that experience until they have had enough of it and they come back, or they rather go forward to the awareness that they are not separate beings. They are not islands. They are one with the entire fabric of the cosmos and now they decide freely to embrace this and exercise their will within that interconnected cosmos.

The earth is just one planet where people can have the illusion that they are separate beings that have a separate free will. The ascended realm is a realm where people have given up the illusion that they can have a separate will and have embraced the fact that you have a connected will and that within the context of the whole, you can make a lot of decisions, but they do not go against the whole, because you are not choosing to go against, you are not choosing to diminish, to destroy, to pervert. You are choosing to accelerate yourself and all life by using the flames that are the creative flames.

Moving forward to the ascension point and beyond

You may say you have gone into duality in past lifetimes, you have created all of these separate selves. “Am I not supposed to get back to the innocence I had when the Conscious You descended?”, as you say, as we, the ascended masters, have said? Well, yes, but this is just one way of saying it. How do you go back to innocence now that you have gone away from innocence? By accelerating the energies that you have given a lower vibration. It is not a matter of destroying the energies, and we have never said it was. We have said you invoke spiritual light to accelerate the lower energy into a higher vibration.

You can look at yourself and you can say, “I traced my history back through many lifetimes and there was this point where I chose to go into duality, and I became trapped below the 48th level of consciousness and I can see that there was a trajectory that I could have followed if I had not gone into duality, but now I went off that trajectory into this detour.” But even for you, it is not a matter of going back and retracing your steps. You are retracing your steps in the sense that you are coming to see the illusions that took you deeper into duality. But it is not a matter of going back to your starting point and then moving forward. It is a matter of bringing yourself back into alignment with your highest potential by moving forward from where you are now.

You never ever go backwards. You cannot go backwards. You can only move forwards and use what you did, the experiences you have had, as a springboard for growth. That is why there are no mistakes. That is why God does not condemn you for going into duality. It was a path you chose and you have gone off the original trajectory, but you just need to move back towards it by keeping going forward. And that means that when you come back to that trajectory, you will actually be in the same spot you would otherwise have been, but you will have had different kinds of experiences.

You see again, there is a certain free will, but it is not a separate free will, because, you may say, you chose to go off the original trajectory, but the original trajectory was never set in stone, you see. It is not so that you can go back to when your lifestream first emerged and say there was a path that you were meant to follow and it was the only path you were meant to follow. There was not a narrow line you were meant to follow. There was a broad spectrum of lines that you could follow and you just had to choose one. Now, ultimately, all of these lines you could follow. They may seem to go apart from each other for a time, but ultimately, they all curve back and meet at your ascension point, but it does not matter which of these paths you follow to your ascension. It is just a matter of which experiences you are having on your path to the ascension, but there is no predestination that you should follow just that one track.

It is not a matter of going back and getting on that one track. It is a matter of continuing on the track you are on, but gradually bringing it towards that ascension point by continuing to move forward. And this is what you can do with the seven rays and the secret rays. You can use these to move forward and to transcend. All this imagination of going backwards is a lie projected by the fallen beings. It is even a lie projected upon God that God has this will for you of what you should have done, and if you do not follow his will, he will punish you in hell. All of this is lies.

God has given you free will. God knows you will eventually come back and God is not concerned about what experiences you choose to have on that journey. You will come back to God by moving forward, by transcending. You see again, there are those who think you were created by God originally and you must return to that. But as we have portrayed it, you were created with a point-like sense of self and you return to God by expanding your sense of self until you reach the same level of self as the Creator. You do not return to God by eradicating the self so you have no self. God is not interested in having you come out of its being, go into the world of form and then come back into its being as nothing more than you were when you came out. Why would God want this? He could just keep you there in the first place, not create you at all.

God is interested in having you come out of its being, transcend your sense of self, continue to self-transcend until you reach the same level of consciousness as the Creator, so you become a Creator in your own right, and you do not return to God by going backwards. You return to God by going forwards and self-transcending until you have reached the ultimate level of self-transcendence possible in this world of form and you then have options for what you do after that to transcend even more. But that is certainly beyond your pay grade as a being embodied on earth, as they say.

Peace is not nothing. Peace is not static. Peace is a living vibrating flame that can accelerate any un-peace. It does not eradicate, it accelerates. And if you grasp this, you can open yourself to this Flame of Peace as many of you experienced by giving the decree to me that you gave before this dictation, as many of you have experienced during this dictation, as you can experience by giving the other decrees to the masters of the Sixth Ray. And if this is what you feel is important for you, then use it. Even if you do not sense that you are on the Sixth Ray, you can still benefit greatly and be of great service to the planet by focusing on peace in this year of 2024. For there is a need for the energies of peace to be released through those in embodiment who are willing to be the open doors.

I want you to be the open door. Need I say more? With this, I seal you in the living, vibrating, ever self-transcending Flame of Peace that I Am.


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