Seeing Beyond the Matter Screen

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Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels, January 19, 2017.

I AM the Ascended Master Hilarion. It is my great joy to watch students come to this level of my retreat where they are ready for the final initiation that I offer them as part of this course of self-mastery. This, of course, is the initiation of encountering the energies of the Fifth Ray combined with the energies of freedom.

What is, then, the initiation you face? Well, it is that you need to set your mind free, set your vision free, from this very subtle basic illusion of the fallen beings. This illusion has several levels. I have already talked about it in the previous discourses, especially in my last discourse where I talked about setting your mind free from the illusion that things are things and that they are difficult to change because matter is solid and unchangeable by the mind.

Seeing beyond the matter screen

What is it you need to start doing here? Well, when you attend my retreat in your finer bodies, I, of course, train you in the process of learning to see beyond the matter screen. It has been said that evil is an energy veil and what the forces of darkness, the fallen beings, have done is that they have created this illusion that matter is solid and unchangeable. Now, my beloved, is it just an illusion they have created or is there more to it? Well, it is just an illusion they have created but there is also more to it in the sense that there is a certain correspondence between the density of matter and the capabilities of your physical senses.

It is clear that when you are living on a planet with the density of matter that earth has, then you need to be able to sense matter. You need to be able to navigate in matter and therefore your physical senses need to be capable of sensing matter at its current level of vibration. If you take your eyes, for example, you will see that there was a time when the earth had a much higher vibration than it has today. The people who were living on it at that time had eyes that were simply incapable of seeing the dense vibrations that you find on the planet today. If you had taken some of these people from back then and transplanted them into the earth today, they would have been unable to physically see what you so easily see as matter because their eyes were simply not calibrated for such a low level of vibration.

What has happened is that as matter has densified, as your bodies have densified, your eyes have extended their range so that they can now see lower vibrations than before. Now, in itself this is not actually what forms the energy veil, the barrier of vision. Your physical eyes are still capable of detecting at least some higher vibrations, some vibrations that are beyond the physical spectrum. Some of you are able to see energy fields or auras around people. All of you know that these auras exist and that there are people who have, as the saying often goes, “had their third eye opened” and can see people’s auras and chakras. Or they can perhaps see the astral plane or even see higher levels, even ascended masters.

Why you do not see people’s auras

You know this is possible. The question now becomes: Why are you not able to see these vibrations beyond the material realm? There are many, many people who believe that this is because your physical eyes are not capable of seeing these vibrations; you are not physically able to see this. This is what I am telling you is incorrect, and this is part of the initiation you are going through.

I show you at the etheric level why this is not correct. I can show you, simply, the range of capabilities that your physical eyes have. I can show you that your retina is perfectly capable of receiving the light rays of the vibrations that are emitted from people’s auras. You are physically able to see auras.

Now, why is it that you do not consciously see this? Well, it is because in your brain, in your visual cortex, even in your emotional, mental and identity bodies, you have certain filters. Now, again, you have to recognize that there is nothing inherently wrong with having these perception filters in the sense that if you were to receive all of the information that your eyes are capable of detecting, you might get overwhelmed at the conscious level. These perception filters can have a legitimate function in terms of allowing you to focus your attention on what is most important for you. You will know already from living in this Internet and information age that if you truly go on the Internet and look at everything that is available for you, you can quickly get overwhelmed and your mind becomes so scattered that you cannot focus on anything really. You know that it is necessary to filter out information, otherwise you quickly become overwhelmed.

The fallen beings, of course, know this very well. If you look at history, you will see that there was almost a thousand years where Europe was in the so-called Dark Ages. It was because the Catholic Church had managed to suppress all information that they did not approve of. They had burned books, they had banned books, they had physically removed books and therefore there was only a limited amount of information available to the people. This is one way that the fallen beings try to limit your freedom. If you have too little information, there are choices you cannot make.

Now, as the modern age approached and more and more technology became available for distributing information, the fallen beings realized that they could no longer withhold information. At least, there was much information they could not withhold. Therefore, they shifted their tactic to trying to overwhelm you with so much information and trying to give you so much outrageous information that people started doubting everything they heard that was beyond the normal.

Legitimate perception filters

This is their Alpha and Omega, their push-and-pull strategy, of either too little or too much. It is necessary for anyone who lives on a planet like earth to have certain filters to filter out what is not constructive. Now, what do I mean with “constructive?” Well, I, of course, mean that you need to filter out

anything that would distract you from fulfilling your Divine plan. You can see that when you know that you have a Divine plan, when you have some sense of what your Divine plan involves, then you can also realize that you need a certain perception filter to filter out the information that would simply be a distraction that prevents you from focusing on the essential aspects of your Divine plan.

What I am saying here is this: You have certain filters that filter out information from your senses. There is a filter that filters out the visual impressions of people’s auras or energy fields. The reason for this is that for many people it would be overwhelming to see this. There are people who have had their third eyes opened and have suddenly been able to see entities or demons in the astral plane and it has been greatly disturbing to them. It is something you need to be trained for over time so you gradually adjust to being able to see this.

However, you also need to be aware that just because it is possible to get to a point where you can see people’s auras, this does not mean that it is in the Divine plan of all spiritual people to do this. In fact, I can tell you that for the vast majority of spiritual people, it is not in your Divine plan to come to see auras because it just is not necessary for the fulfillment of your Divine plan that you can do this.

Where I am getting at with this long discourse is that you need to recognize that there is a certain legitimacy to having perception filters. There is also an illegitimacy in the sense that you have been brought up to accept certain perception filters that are not conducive to the fulfillment of your Divine plan. One of the primary filters that is hindering your Divine plan is the perception filter that makes you think that matter is matter, that matter is solid, that matter is unchangeable.

Illegitimate perception filters

The reason this filter is so devastating is that it makes you look at situations on earth, and it makes you think that as soon as something has happened that has a physical, material consequence, then that consequence cannot be undone except perhaps at the physical level. What I have been telling you in previous discourses is that the reality of life on earth, of conditions on earth, is that everything is energy. Energy is always vibrating. Energy is always fluid and regardless of the appearance to your senses and your outer mind, energy can always be changed.

What has happened is that the fallen beings have managed to create (and to fool the majority of humankind into collectively creating) this perception filter that makes them think that matter is not energy, that matter is a separate substance. It is a solid, difficult to change substance and certainly it is a substance that is beyond the powers of the mind to change.

You have been brought up with a perception filter that creates an artificial dividing line. You know and you perceive that there is energy around you because you see sunlight and you can feel heat. You know that these are energy waves, that these are vibrations. Yet, your perception filter tells you that these are different from the things you see that are made up of matter. This is why you have been programmed to think that once a situation has a physical consequence, then you cannot change that consequence at the energetic level, only at the level of matter.

As an example take a disease. Medical scientists have actually recognized that over 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic, meaning that they have a psychological component. In reality, 100% of diseases are psychosomatic in that they all have a certain psychological component. Just think about the fact that medical scientists have recognized this and yet this has not led to a revolution where scientists are researching consciousness and its influence upon matter. As I said, quantum physicists have for almost a century realized that there is a deep connection between the mind and elementary particles.

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