Science and Spirituality Beyond Boundaries

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, March 12, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I am always delighted when I hear people talk about breaking the boundaries that have been traditionally put upon humankind where you think there is something you cannot get beyond. The forces that seek to limit this planet, that seek to control human beings, are always using anything that comes up in society.

They have, of course, used science, the knowledge about DNA and the knowledge about evolution, to try to say that you cannot escape being, essentially, an animal. As the ascended masters have said many times, you are not essentially an animal; you are essentially a spiritual being in an animal body. The animal body is subject to your mind—when you take command of your mind.

This age is an age where the boundaries that have not already been questioned will be questioned. This is not because we, of the ascended masters, alone are giving messages, but because millions of people around the world (from many different fields) are tuning in to us and to the ideas we are bringing forth. We are not bringing these ideas forth through one particular messenger, through one particular organization or philosophy. We are bringing it forth through all minds that are receptive to receiving some new idea. This, of course, applies to many scientists. It applies to people from all spiritual and religious traditions. Certainly, the traditions of the East and their mindfulness, yoga and other practices that have come to the West, have made a major contribution to the forward progression of the collective consciousness.

It is very important for us that science becomes incorporated and that we break down the traditional barrier between science and religion that is one of the major things that actually limits new ideas, that closes people’s minds to new ideas. Therefore, we are always delighted when there are people who will use the latest discoveries of science and try to combine them with spiritual traditions.

Certainly, realizing that you can reprogram your DNA, that you can reprogram the deepest mind patterns, is an important step forward for humankind. I would like to point out that reprogramming your neurological patterns and your DNA is not actually a new invention. You are simply describing an age-old process in scientific terms. We have traditionally called that process the spiritual path. You are, when you are serious about the spiritual path, reprogramming every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies. It is very exciting to us when science or other fields make progress so that we can bring forth ideas that make it easier for people to grasp and actually believe that this is possible.

I would like to point out, however, that you, who are serious about the spiritual path, need to be aware that there are no quick-fixes here. It is so common in this day and age, where time has become so short, to think that there must be an easy way out. There must be some quick technique so that you can solve the problem very quickly and get on with your busy life. I would like those of you, who are serious about the spiritual path, to realize that it isn’t a matter of finding a quick fix.

There comes a point on the spiritual path where it is OK for you to be looking for a quick way out. But there also comes that point where you need to step up and realize that if you really want results on the spiritual path, it cannot be done by maintaining the same lifestyle as most people have in this material age. It is not so much a matter of changing your outer habits, but of changing the way you think and look at yourself. You cannot artificially or superficially reprogram your DNA or your deepest brain patterns. It is something that requires a very deep and very committed shift in consciousness. This is, of course, why we have brought forth so many books and so many techniques to help you accomplish this.


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