Violet flame diplomacy for higher vision in Europe

TOPICS: A realistic assessment of the situation in Europe – What works and what doesn’t work – The Alpha aspect of higher principles – See yourself as an open door –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 23, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have a messenger in the physical octave who can be the open door for the anchoring of the portion of Light that I wish to anchor here in this capitol of Brussels, Belgium, which is also the headquarters of much of the European Union’s headquarters and the Parliament and Commission. I will anchor, therefore, a certain flame over the central buildings here in this capitol and also in Strasbourg, France and in all of the European nations where there are facilities for the European Union, as well as national parliaments. The flame that I come to anchor is an aspect of the violet flame, which we might call the violet flame diplomacy. It is the flame that I carried when, as the wonder man of Europe, I travelled throughout Europe, coming to many of these capitols that are still standing today.

It is not the diplomacy, of course, that you normally see on earth. I have no desire to anchor a flame that will reinforce the tendency, that you see so much in diplomatic circles, where there are certain holy cows that cannot be talked about, certain topics that cannot be brought up for fear of alienating the other side or insulting some sensitivities and sensibilities that all, of course, sprang from the human consciousness—for it is only the ego that can take offense.

Neither do I, of course, desire to reinforce another tendency seen in human diplomacy where the aim is to keep something hidden. Or the aim is to manipulate the other side into doing what we supposedly want them to do. But often, of course, people are not even aware of what they want, of what is the highest solution. It all becomes a big game where they are all seeking to get what they think is best, but none of them have bothered to reach for the higher vision of what I, Saint Germain, know is best for Europe or for the world.

A realistic assessment of the situation in Europe

The flame that I come to anchor is the violet flame of diplomacy, mixed with the honesty that comes from the First Ray so that it will therefore supplement the flame anchored by Hercules in Berlin LINK and other flames that we have anchored before.

Honesty is the foundation for true diplomacy: a realistic assessment of the situation. Then, when you have that realistic assessment, all of a sudden it begins to become clear that it does not really matter whether you look at it through the glasses of the French perspective, or the German perspective, or the Greek perspective, or the British perspective, or any other national perspective.

When you have a realistic assessment of the problem, it becomes obvious what is the way forward and it will transcend national interests. We are in an age where the interests of the whole clearly transcend the interest of any single nation. Wise are the nations who can see this. And there are, indeed, nations in Europe who can see this, although certainly not all who are members of the European Union.

The question that must be debated is whether these nations – that cannot see the overall interests because they are so focused on their narrow national interests – whether these nations really are worthy to remain in the European Union or become members of it. How can we ever reach any higher goal, if we have to always tiptoe around these national sensibilities or these nations that are unwilling to look for the greater perspective?

It is exactly as it was with the kings back when I travelled this continent as the Wonder Man of Europe, who would not look beyond their narrow self-interests. In many cases, these were not even their national interests, but simply self-preservation for their own position in society. Because they were not willing to look beyond these narrow interests, they could not and they would not grasp the vision that I held for a United Europe. And of course, it is the same today.

If you are not willing to look beyond these narrow interests, then how can you possibly grasp the vision for the whole, the vision for a true European Union that is not simply based on money, but is based on a higher vision? This higher vision can come in two different shades, the Alpha and the Omega.

What is beginning to emerge in Europe is, as I have said, this realistic assessment of the financial problem and the problem with the entire money system. This has not yet become widespread in terms of the willingness to question the money system itself, but there is certainly a growing awareness that new and more practical solutions are needed and therefore an entirely new approach to the economy is needed.

What works and what doesn’t work

This is the Omega aspect where through the experiences you have in the Mother realm, in the matter realm, you gradually begin to see what works and what does not work. Therefore, it is not a matter of national interests, it is not personal preference, it is not a matter of ideology or religion; it is a matter of simply looking at what is the practical solution, what works and what does not work. What will stand and what will collapse under its own weight in a shorter and shorter time span as cycles are accelerated. This awareness is beginning to grow among many European leaders and this is, indeed, a credit to those who are willing to take a realistic look at the current financial system.

Of course, there are many other aspects of the European Union that must be looked at in the same light. Indeed, we look forward to seeing that the rather forced solution, or the forced impetus, to take a look at the financial system will spread to other areas of society. What works, what does not work?

As I have said before on this European continent, there will come a point where it is necessary to question the value of nation states. For what is it you see in United States? You see one national state that has many local states that do not see themselves as individual countries, but only see themselves as defined as part of the union.

This is, of course, what we need to reach for in Europe, if the European Union is to live up to its full potential. Of course, we have a ways to go because we have so many nations in Europe that can trace their history so far back, some of them a thousand years. How do you throw away a thousand years of history in a matter of one generation? Well, it cannot always be done. I am realistic in seeing this.

Nevertheless, I do say that it is necessary to start considering whether nation states are practical in this day and age. Is it practical to talk about nation states or is it perhaps more practical to begin to talk about regions that have such geographical similarities and similitudes that they really should be looked at as a unit that transcends the national boundaries? What is really in the higher interest of all the people who live in that union, whatever language they speak, whatever national flag they see flying over their capitol buildings.

Indeed, the violet flame, a realistic and honest diplomacy, will begin to spread from these focal points as it is released on this day and will begin to work its way through the mass consciousness and through the consciousness of those in the government and in the administrative circles. You will begin to see that questions will creep up here and there.

Those who are the seers, the visionaries, the writers, they will begin to express new ideas as has already, to some degree, happened. They will see that the only way forward, based on the financial crisis, is to look for a stronger political union that is more apt at making the difficult decisions that must be made in situations that no one has faced before. Therefore, there are no models, there are no political theories or ideologies that will work. It is a matter of looking at what is practical.

The Alpha aspect of higher principles

Beyond this, of course, I look forward to seeing, at some point, the emergence of the Alpha aspect where you see that a higher union can also be based on higher principles. This does not mean religion or religious principles. This means, as we have said many times now, the emergence of a universal spiritual approach to life.

With spiritual, I simply mean that you recognize that there is something beyond the material universe. There is a mind, a consciousness, that can define certain principles that are beyond what can be defined by human beings who, as even the philosophers who have grown up on this continent in various ages have said, cannot always know reality, or at least cannot know reality from a certain state of consciousness.

If you are an ascended master student, you might take, at least a quick look at some of the major philosophers of the world who have dealt with this problem of perception. They have looked at how people can actually know anything and how you can know what is reliable knowledge. See what the philosophers have said about this, and it might give you a different perspective on what we of ascended masters have said over the last couple of years.

Certainly, our talk about perception does not suddenly appear out of nowhere. We are very well aware what the philosophers have been saying, going all the way back to Plato and Plato’s cave, which we have mentioned before. But also many of the philosophers during the Middle Ages, during the enlightenment, and even in modern times, have dealt with the problem of perception and knowledge.

Where does knowledge come from? Does it only come from this world or does it come from a higher realm? If it does not come from a higher realm, then we must recognize that there are limits to what the human mind can know because the human mind is inherently subjective. If we want to find objective knowledge, we must reach beyond the human level. How do we do this? Well, we can only do so if we recognize that there is something to reach beyond, that there is something beyond the human consciousness and the human level.

There are philosophers who have dealt intelligently with this, and although sometimes their language and their reasoning is somewhat obscure, it is not beyond what an ascended master student should be able to grasp. I encourage you to cast at least a cursory look at this and not remain ignorant of what has been going on in philosophical circles. Indeed, there are philosophers that have been open doors for being inspired by the Ascended Host. We do not only seek to work with people in the religious context, we seek to work with people at all levels of society.

See yourself as an open door

This is, indeed, why we look for many ascended master students to become the open doors for the energies and the light that can be released through your chakras, as we have said now in China. Indeed, it is necessary for you who are serious ascended master students to begin to see yourselves in this capacity. Wherever you travel or wherever you live, you can be alert and be aware of what is happening in the world around you. When there are certain situations where you can tune in and realize that we of the ascended masters want to realize light in order to balance that situation, well then, you can be the open door.

You can either give the calls, you travel to certain places and give the calls, or you can simply meditate and visualize and feel how the light is flowing through you and you are directing it through your conscious attention into these situations where, suddenly, the light becomes the missing ingredient, the missing link between the human and the divine level.

Someone in embodiment must be the open door, or the light cannot descend into the physical octave. This is the law. It is time you recognize that you have the potential to fulfill the law and to be the open doors. This is your lawful right. This is your lawful inheritance. This is part of your divine plan. This is why you are here. At this dawning of the Aquarian Age and the Golden Age of Saint Germain, I have need of many who will be the open doors.

Therefore, begin to shift your perception of yourself. Overcome your tendency to be so focused on yourself and your own lack of worthiness, thinking you have to live up to some superhuman standard in order to be an open door for Saint Germain. Recognize that right now this messenger is sitting in a public airport, undisturbed by the people and the humdrum buzz and the hustle and bustle around him, and simply being the open door for the spoken word.

Even if you are not the open door for the spoken word, then you can certainly be the open door for the light through visualization. We have given many invocations and decrees that if spoken in certain public places at certain critical times – when decisions are being made or events are taking place – can have a major impact because you then have a chalice that the light can flow into.

Of course, we look for many of you to also go beyond needing an outer structure where you simply can be in a situation, can tune in to the situation through your ability to tune in to the Mother realm. You can tune in to us in the ascended realm, and then you become the open door for spontaneously making the calls that need to be made or releasing the light that we desire to release. This is your potential.

Jesus said: Go into your closet to pray. This is perfectly valid. But I say: Once in while get out of your closet to be an open door for the light. Give your decrees in public places, wherever you can. I am not telling you to make a spectacle of yourselves, but as you can see, it is possible to sit in a perfectly busy place without being noticed. I will give you a tool, which is that you can invoke the cloak of invincibility, invisibility and invulnerability around you. That will, in many cases, seal you from other people even being aware of what you are doing.

I have anchored the Light I desire to anchor. My release is complete. The release for this journey of our messengers from the Baltic countries to Germany to China, to Beijing, to Shanghai, to Melbourne, back to Shanghai, back to Beijing, and then now to Brussels, and back to the Baltic countries, is coming to an end. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity we have had to release light, and we look forward to even using the experience, especially the experience in China, to give further teachings on that nation and its potential future. I seal this release and this, what we might call epic, journey in a higher sense. Therefore, I say: Saint Germain I AM. And the release is complete.


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