Anchoring the flames of Freedom and Liberty in China

TOPICS: Igniting the desire for something more – The propaganda machine and individuality – Why freedom will win over control –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 22, 2012 through Kim Michaels

Saint Germain I AM, and I am the God of Freedom, come to this place in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, in a double action with the Goddess of Liberty. We then, will manifest an extraordinary dispensation of a combination of the Freedom and Liberty Flames right here in this square that has become a symbol both for the communist takeover and for the attempt to set this country free from the communist leaders.

Igniting the desire for something more

Therefore, we aim to manifest a double action of our flames right here so that all of those who come here may be infused with the one ingredient that is so lacking in the Chinese people, namely the desire for freedom. If there is no deity that desires freedom within the individual, how then shall a nation be free? How then shall a nation overcome the oppression that is even beyond the physical oppression, but is an oppression of the mind, the heart, the feelings?

There simply is no imagination – there is no I-magic in action – that can help people see a better future. If you do not see the value of freedom, how can you long for anything beyond the life that you have in your daily lives? How then can you focus on anything more, if you cannot even imagine that there is more?

If you are content with the level of existence you have, how shall you ever go within, realize that you have a spiritual flame, and multiply that flame? If there is not a critical mass of individuals in a nation that will multiply their spiritual flames, then how indeed shall there ever be an awakening on the national level? How shall there ever be freedom? How can a nation possibly be free, if there is not that critical mass of people who are willing to be the forerunners for the Flame of Freedom by embodying it in their hearts?

I am here to say: “No more shall it be possible for this willful ignorance of freedom to be sustained. Our flames anchored in the physical, the emotional, the mental and the etheric will indeed challenge all who come here. As these words are spoken, I release an infinite release of Freedom’s Flame so that all people who are here right now will feel a jolt in their hearts. They will know that something is different. Many will not notice consciously, but at inner levels they will know that a change has occurred.

The propaganda machine and individuality

You may think it pompous to make a declaration that this nation of over one billion people will be changed just by one person standing on a square and speaking physical words. Nevertheless, I tell you one simple equation. The fallen beings on earth have attempted to create all kinds of control schemes to suppress the spiritual flames in people’s hearts. This is what you see enacted in this nation on a massive scale not seen since past ages long forgotten.

The propaganda machine is so efficient that it squashes the individuality of the vast majority of the people. But there is one thing that they can never, ever predict and therefore never, ever defend themselves against. And that is one individual going within him- or herself, therefore embodying the flame in their heart, and then suddenly being willing to travel to a certain place and give expression to that flame. This is the power of individuality.

When one person becomes a focus for the flame, then that person becomes the open door for all those who are one with that flame in the spiritual realm, and even those who have embodied that flame in the physical realm. Suddenly, there is a connection, there is an antahkarana that forms a net all around the planet of all people in embodiment, who have some embodiment of the Freedom and Liberty flames.

Suddenly, that one person standing in that particular place and being the mouthpiece, now becomes the open door for the collective momentum for all the people below and all the masters above. Suddenly, there is indeed a release of light that no force on earth can ever squash.

This is in no way to say that there is only one person who can be a focal point for this, for all who have embodied a spiritual flame to a critical degree can be that focal point wherever you are. I look for millions of people in this dawning of the Age of Aquarius to embody the various flames and therefore, wherever you are around the earth, you can do exactly what is done here.

Why freedom will win over control

Whether you speak words in the physical or not, you can be an open door for the anchoring of the light that will overthrow the schemes of the fallen beings. Their control cannot control what you cannot predict. You cannot put down what you cannot predict, and you cannot predict the actions of a single individual who is an open door for the spiritual flame. This is uncontrollable and that is why freedom will win. The more you attempt to enact control, the more you blind yourself to the infinite and unpredictable creativity that can shine through one individual.

Thus, indeed, I am grateful to be able to speak these words through a physical vehicle. As I look around through physical eyes, I literally see the potential for this nation. I radiate the love I have for all people, not only in China but on earth. I radiate that love so that they may feel that I have a higher vision for the Aquarian Age than they can even imagine. I envision that something may stir within them and then they may begin to feel that there perhaps can be better times ahead, if they are willing to search for something they cannot even define.

Nevertheless, if they start moving, if they start looking, they can be gradually led to find that something that is an outer focus and that will suddenly jolt their inner memory. Now they remember their divine plan that they formulated before coming into embodiment. Suddenly, they begin to be willing to move to put themselves in the right place, physically and spiritually.

When enough people do this, there will come that critical mass. Suddenly, there will be a phase transition where the people now come into alignment, not with a false vision of the propaganda apparatus of the power elites of this world, but with the true vision of Saint Germain for the golden age.

Thus, I say: I AM Saint Germain. I AM Freedom, Freedom, I AM—and Freedom you are.


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