The higher stages of Christhood and the path of Buddhahood

TOPICS: Why the masters give a realistic message – How to attain Christhood – How to attain Buddhahood – The higher levels of Christhood  – Acting from a state of not reacting – The Buddha brought a new idea – Freedom is both movement and stillness – Find the still center –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 15, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.


The Buddha I AM. Saint Germain I AM. The Buddha Saint Germain I AM.

You may not associate my normal vivacious demeanor with the image of the Buddha sitting in silent meditation. Yet, I have attained Buddhahood and I have attained Buddhahood the same way Gautama did, by embodying my flame. His flame happens to be Peace, mine is Freedom. Thus, even in my normal demeanor where I am quick and busy, I am still the Buddha.

Why the masters give a realistic message

I know, as all of us know, that the messages we have given you during this conference about Russia can be difficult to face, to hear, to accept, to absorb. It may seem as if there are so many problems and so much darkness that there is not much hope for the future. It may seem so if you are the kind of person who focuses on lack, on the glass of life being half-empty rather than half-full. Of course, as has been pointed out, one of the effects of the history of Russia is that many souls who have embodied here for many lifetimes, have come to focus on the glass of life being half-empty.

Thus, one might think that it would be better for the ascended masters to focus on giving a positive message so that the spiritual people could get into a positive state of mind and focus on the glass of life being half-full. This is indeed what many people in the New Age spiritual community believe: that you should focus only on the positive, for if you give the negatives attention, you magnify them. There are many people who are open to the spiritual side of life, who have come across our dictations given through this messenger or others, who have reasoned that we could not be true spiritual teachers when we focus so much on the problems.

How to attain Christhood

Yet, let me give you a discourse on what it takes to attain Buddhahood. It is very simple. The doorway to Buddhahood is Christhood. You cannot work on your Buddhahood until you have attained a high degree of Christhood. How then do you attain Christhood? Well, as we have explained through our recent books, there is a stage of the spiritual path, where you are growing between the 48th and the 96th level of consciousness, where you follow the path outlined by the Seven Chohans. This is a stage where you are meant to embody the light of the Seven Rays, learn to use the light of the Seven Rays, become aware of your co-creative abilities, and attain the freedom to express them according to your own divine individuality and your own decisions.

Yet, this is not Christhood. It is Creative Freedom, but it is not Christhood. What, then, will it take to work on Christhood? Well, it will take what Jesus demonstrated: that you do not withdraw from life and society. You do not sit in a cave in the Himalayas and meditate all day. You go out among other people and you look at what is happening in the world. You see what is happening and you feel what Jesus felt many times, only a few of which are recorded in the scriptures. You go through the feelings. You acknowledge the problems. You might feel a certain form of anger. You might feel compassion for the people. You might feel a desire to change things, to do something to make a difference. Many of you, who have been on the path for some time, can recognize this in your own lives where you were moved by some desire to make a difference.

It is not necessary or required at this stage that you have no human emotions. Even Jesus, occasionally, displayed human emotions. It is recorded in the scriptures in a few instances, but there were many more in real life, as there was for all of us. You do not actually manifest Christhood by denying your emotions, by stifling them, by rejecting them, by holding them back. When you see the horrendous abuses that take place in the world, you should feel a certain sense of what is anger in the beginning, but what can then be transformed into righteous indignation. You should feel compassion for the people. You should feel a desire to set the people free from the suffering that you acknowledge they are going through. This is the lower stage of Christhood.

Do you see that you cannot even begin this stage if you bury your head in the sand and think you only have to focus on the positive, and have to ignore or deny anything negative? You have not even begun Christhood if you are not willing to look realistically at what is happening in the world, what is burdening the people, and, as we have explained, what is lacking and what could be done better.

There are many people in Russia who have embodied here precisely because they want to raise this nation beyond these lower manifestations. What they are also doing is that they have taken a vow to walk the path of Christhood in this lifetime. Many of them, of course, do not understand what the path of Christhood is about and they have rejected the Christian Church, for they know it does not represent Christ. Some have even rejected all religion, but are still walking the path of Christhood in the sense that they are looking at what is going on and how it can be changed.

Thus, I am telling you that when you look at the releases we have given during this conference, you will see that what we have addressed during this conference is precisely the beginning stage of the Path of Christhood where you openly and honestly and in a straightforward manner, acknowledge the problems, acknowledge what is lacking. We have done this because we know that a critical mass of spiritual people are ready for this approach and this message. Nevertheless, while it is necessary in the beginning stages of Christhood to recognize the issues, it is, of course, not our desire that you should stay at the beginning stages of Christhood. It is especially not our desire, that you should get stuck in a closed loop of being so focused on the problems you see in the world that you actually neglect the task of raising your own consciousness.

How to attain Buddhahood

There are a considerable number of ascended master students who have become so focused on the splinter in the eye of the world, or in the eyes of their brothers, that they have refused to deal with the beam in their own eye. This can actually lead students to go into a negative spiral that can cause them to fall below the 48th level of consciousness. Thus, what we have also done during this conference is we have given you the pointers of how you go beyond the beginning stage of Christhood, reach the higher stages of Christhood, which then makes it possible for you to go beyond and start working on Buddhahood.

I can assure you that there is not one among you who can absorb and even understand everything we have put in these dictations by listening to them or reading them once. There are so many pointers here, and do not think that they only apply to students in Russia for is there any part of the world that has not seen atrocities? All students can benefit from truly pondering and looking for the very subtle pointers that point you to the higher levels of Christhood and beyond. At the higher levels of Christhood you realize that you have acknowledged the imperfect conditions in the world, you have acknowledged your desire to change them, but now you face the crucial test. Will you attempt to change the conditions in the world through your own power? Or will you step up to the higher levels of Christhood where you acknowledge what Jesus said: “I can, of my own self, do nothing. The Father within me, He doeth the work.”

How will you get to this stage? You will get to it when you acknowledge the problems in the world, acknowledge your desire to make a difference and acknowledge that you cannot make a difference no matter what you do with the outer mind. Thus, you must step up to a higher level and how do you do this? By going through a period where you no longer focus on the problems in the world, but you focus on your own reaction to those problems.

Then you use your own reaction to dig deeper into your psychology and uncover the attachments, the feelings, the illusions behind your reaction. This, most of you are capable of doing. Many of you have already done it, some for many years. I am simply making you consciously aware of what you have done so that you can complete the process faster through your conscious awareness.

Buddhahood, then, requires you to attain mastery over your reactions to anything that happens in the world. At the higher levels of Christhood, you go through a period where you are very active in either doing spiritual work or engaged in seeking to do something about the conditions in the world and society. You are serving life, you are helping other people, you are seeking to raise awareness, seeking to make actual changes. This is Christhood; it is a period that you go through. For some it may be the rest of this lifetime. For others this may be decades. For some it might be only years. It is all individual. Yet, what I wish to do in this discourse, is to hint at what comes after. For there actually comes a point where you have the opportunity to step up to the Path of Buddhahood.

The higher levels of Christhood

Now I want to make it clear that it is fully possible to ascend for a person who has reached the higher stages of Christhood and is engaged in helping the world. Your Guru Ma was an example of a person who had reached the higher stages of Christhood and who was indeed very active in running a spiritual organization, bringing forth teachings and addressing many of the problems in the world. Yet, you will also see, as she said herself, that it took her some years after her physical body was no longer functioning at its normal level before she was ready to ascend. This was because she desired to keep the body temple until she had reached a degree of Buddhahood.

Some who knew her might have noticed that this actually started to some degree after the period that many people called the “Shelter Cycle.” Up until then, she had been very concerned about her public image and reputation. This was natural for she wanted to do the best possible job as a messenger for the ascended masters. Thus, she, in a sense, resisted some of the final initiations of Christhood that lead to Buddhahood. What are some of these initiations?

Well, it is that you must be willing to go through the process that Jesus demonstrated with his public trial, persecution, and crucifixion. Of course, you do not need to go through a physical crucifixion in this day and age, although some people have indeed been tortured or killed, or abused in other physical ways. But for most of you, it will be enough to go through a period where you allow other people to do with you or to do with your reputation anything they please.

Your Guru Ma went through this after the shelter cycle and some might have noticed that after that, there was a shift. She would seem more peaceful, more resigned as if accepting that her public reputation had been damaged beyond repair so why worry about it anymore? Why be concerned? Why not simply focus on walking the path of overcoming your attachments? This then is a process that you must all go through in various ways. Not that you all need to be in the public eye, but you might go through it with friends or family members who persecute you and ridicule you for your spiritual beliefs.

Are there any of you who have not experienced this, my beloved? Hardly a one. You see, this is an initiation that all face, and the more that it is in your divine plan to have a public mission, the more publicly you must face this initiation. You must allow those who, for whatever reasons of unresolved psychology, are so willing to play the role of persecuting and accusing and judging others. You must come to a point where you can look at whatever they do and you do not seek to fight or combat them, you do not seek to defend yourself, you look at your own reaction, and say: “What does it say about my psychology that I have a reaction to these people? Then let me look at myself, let me look at my attachments, and let me let them go. For then I will be free. It is not my job to set free the people who persecute me and who are so blinded that they will not listen neither to me nor to the ascended masters, nor to anyone else, for they think they know best. They think they know better than the ascended masters, what the ascended masters would say.”

Be non-attached to this. Focus within, focus on overcoming your own attachments and unresolved psychology. Then come to the point where the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. The demons of Mara parade their stuff before you and you can look at it and say: “So what? So what if you do this? So what if you say that?” You come to the point where you realize that the demons of Mara can only work in the material realm. And what power does the material have over Spirit? Thus, if you are Spirit why do you need to react to this?

Acting from a state of not reacting

There are many people in the New Age spiritual movement who have an intuitive sense that it is your goal to be non-attached and to not react. But you do not avoid reacting through denial, through pushing your reaction into the subconscious mind so that it is no longer conscious. You can come to the point of not reacting only by first going through the lower stages of Christhood where you do react and then going through the higher stages of Christhood where you not only react, but act.

Then, you can come to the point where you start to work on your reactions until you no longer react to the world, and then you can begin to act in the world. You may say: “Did Gautama act in the world after he attained Buddhahood?” Well, yes, he did. He went out and started a teaching mission, which was his particular divine plan. Your divine plan may be different. Your divine plan may be to go out and actively seek to bring change in a particular area of society. Yet I tell you that if you want to have the maximum impact, you need to go through the process I have outlined. Then, when you no longer react, you can take the most efficient actions.

I tell you this because there are a certain number of ascended master students in Russia who are ready to acknowledge this path and therefore make faster progress on it by being conscious of the process and its stages and requirements. These are the ones who have the potential to have the greatest impact on this nation. It is always so that it is the few that raise up a nation.

The closer you are to the higher stages of Christhood and the first stages of Buddhahood, the more of an impact you will have and the fewer people it takes to shift an entire nation. Even a nation the size of Russia and with a history like Russia’s can be shifted by only a few hundred people walking the process I have described. So I told you earlier today to step up from the stage where you invoke the Violet Flame but instead focus on the Freedom Flame and begin to embody it. And I have now given you a deeper key to how you embody the Flame of Freedom.

You may think that the Buddha is peace, but you see, peace is the Sixth Ray and the Seventh is Freedom. When you have attained peace, meaning that you do not react to anything in the world, that is when you have attained the ultimate freedom to act in the world. To act from the higher perspective rather than from your reaction to what is already happening in the world. Thus, you can be the open door for bringing forth something entirely new that is not a reaction to the imperfect conditions in the world.

Christhood is where you react to the conditions in the world, you address them, you expose them, you demonstrate how to transcend them, how to improve conditions. This is very beneficial but there is that higher level of having completely mastered your reaction so that you are not blind to what is happening in the world. You can bring forth something that is not a reaction to a specific imperfect condition, but that brings in an entirely new idea, an entirely new element that takes society to a higher level.

The Buddha brought a new idea

The teachings given by the Buddha 2,500 years ago were an example of a new idea. The Buddha grew up in a society where the Hindu religion was dominating everything and was as closed, and as rigid and as bound by rules as what you have seen in the Eastern Orthodox Church and in the Catholic Church. The Brahmins of the Hindu religion were closed to any new ideas. The Buddha had a period when he confronted them. It is not well recorded, but he did go through it. He addressed their shortcomings, but then after he attained Buddhahood, he decided to leapfrog the entire discussion with the Hindu Brahmins and brought forth an entirely new system.

This, of course, has happened many times. I, as Francis Bacon, was somewhat instrumental in bringing forth a new approach to science. As Shakespeare I was instrumental, along with others who wrote some of the Shakespearean plays, including this messenger, in bringing forth an entirely new set of ideas and an entirely new approach. Many others could be mentioned. It can be music. It can be in practical aspects of science and technology. Take Einstein’s ideas that suddenly revolutionized the way people looked at the world. Take Quantum Physics. Take many other ideas that were not a reaction against, but an entirely new level.

When you come to the 96th level of consciousness and have gone through the Seven Rays, you come to a point where you have a certain level of co-creative freedom because you know the Seven Rays and you know how to express them. Yet, this is not the highest level of creative freedom for you reach that only when you near the 144th level and manifest the Buddhahood that truly is the ultimate creative freedom.

Freedom is both movement and stillness

I have demonstrated two aspects of the flame of freedom. The flame of freedom can be so quick, so vital, so filled with vitality, that the ego cannot keep up with it, that the dark forces cannot keep up with it. When I move fast, no one below a certain level of consciousness can keep up with me and that is why I sometimes blow away the students and they do not know what to do with themselves. But there are other students who can hang on to my vibration and follow me when I go quickly. Yet, this is only a stage. It is a stage where you begin to run so fast that you spin off the lower manifestations. Then there comes the point where instead of focusing on the circumference of the circle that spins quickly, you now realize that the circle has a center and it is standing still. It is the motionless center around which every thing moves; and without the stillness, there could not be movement.

When you reach a certain level, you can begin to look in. You first look at your reaction and your unresolved psychology, but there comes a point where you have resolved enough, even if you have not resolved all, where you can look beyond the rest and see the still center. Focus on that, lock in to that, even come to the point where you can sit in that center of stillness. Now, instead of being on the circumference of the circle, where you are spinning along with world and looking at the conditions while you are inside the conditions. This is what many of you did when you were growing up, as Mother Mary just said, in these dysfunctional families where you were confronted with parents and sibling who had such intense unresolved psychology that you could not avoid being affected by it.

Your upbringing, your situation was so intense that you saw the problems, but you could not see beyond the problems. When you go beyond this stage, you come to the point where you can sit in the still center, now look at the problems, now see them from a point of detachment where you are no longer involved with them, identified with them, or overwhelmed by them. You look at them and you do not ignore them, you do not deny them, but you have no emotional – emotional in a human way – reaction to them.

Find the still center

It is possible, my beloved, to go to a concentration camp, such as Auschwitz in Poland, that has an incredibly intense vortex of negative energy from the fact that almost a million lifestreams were killed and tortured there. You can still sit there and be in complete Buddhic stillness. If you can do this, you can be the instrument for consuming the downward spiral.

You can begin to see that before you take a physical action to solve a certain problem, it is a great advantage to first go into stillness. Then, look at the conditions in the identity realm and dissolve them. Then look at the conditions in the mental realm and dissolve them. Then look at the energies in the emotional realm and dissolve them by letting the light of God flow through you. Then, when you have set the foundation in the three higher levels, then you take a physical action. Now, your action has a much greater effect because you have already brought the matrix for the change you want to bring about down through the three higher levels and it is just waiting to be manifested in the physical.

I acknowledge that not all can do this at this point, for some of you are still not fully engaged in the lower levels of Christhood. Some of you are going through the lower levels of Christhood, some of you are going through the higher levels. There is, as I said, a critical mass of students, both in Russia and of course elsewhere, who are ready to step up to the approach I have described.

Recognize a simple fact. We have through this messenger given you the teachings you need to actually overcome your attachments, to manifest the lower stages of Buddhahood. This has been our joy to bring forth these teachings on non-duality, the ego, the epic mindset, Christhood, Buddhahood, your perception filter, the spirits in your being and so many other teachings that you can scarcely find anywhere else, especially not in such simplicity and clarity.

It is, as I inspired this messenger to say the other day, healthy once in a while to recognize what has been achieved for it opens the portal to the next level of achievement. Thus, I simply state the fact that the teaching has been brought forth in the physical. It is there waiting for you to look at the words, look beyond the words, ask for our help and receive it.

It is my great joy to not only look at the teaching, but to look at the many students, both here and throughout the world, who have taken the teaching, have internalized it, and truly started the process of mastering their own reactions, coming closer to the point where you can act with total freedom. Even though you are seeking to change a condition on earth, you are not doing so from a state of reaction to that condition. And that is when you will find that those in the fallen consciousness and the dark forces simply have no answer for they cannot predict what will come through you. What they cannot predict, they cannot control. Thus, you will be – even without any forethought in your outer mind – spontaneously, you will be the open door for that which is more.

That is the vision I hold for those of you who are ready and I hold the vision that those who are not yet ready will become ready in this embodiment. Certainly, it is necessary to produce the 10,000 Christed beings and the millions more who manifest a high degree of Christhood in this lifetime. But it is also important to produce a smaller number of those who have attained a degree of Buddhahood.

I have, while giving this release, radiated and expressed through the words a higher measure of the Flame of Freedom than has been released before on this planet. You may find course to absorb this dictation and listen to it many times over, that you might fully absorb the vibration of freedom that I AM at the Buddhic level.

Thus, I ask you to remain silent while I give the Om to seal this release.

[Saint Germain recites the OM several times.]


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