The Importance of Ego Dramas

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

In this book I will talk about a topic that is little known to most spiritual seekers. There are several reasons for this:

People’s egos and the false teachers of this world will do anything to prevent you from understanding what ego dramas are and how they are used to abort your growth and your expression of Christhood.

Many people are not at a level of the spiritual path where they need to be concerned about ego dramas, as they first need to become aware of the ego’s illusions and its games.

The ascended masters have not given any teachings on this because we have not had a critical mass of people who were ready for them. This has now changed.

Why is it so important for some people to consider ego dramas? An underlying theme for my websites and for all of the books in this series is that there are currently 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to claim and express their Christhood in this lifetime. There are millions more who can attain a high degree of Christhood. It has therefore been my intent to give these people all the teachings and tools they need in order to manifest their highest potential.

Let me talk about two stages of spiritual growth. The first one is what we might call the general spiritual path where people are working on raising their own consciousness. The second stage is what I call the path to Christhood. During the first stage people tend to be focused on themselves, and they are often as little children who are innocently exploring what spiritual growth means and what is available in the marketplace. They are seeking to raise their own consciousness with little concern for other people or the world. Many people are reading books or following gurus that promote a more superficial form of spirituality. With superficial I mean that people have an outer path where it seems they can reach a spiritual state of consciousness without confronting the beam – the ego – in their own eyes. It is what I have called the automatic path to salvation. This path can still take people to the point where they are ready to step onto the path of Christhood.

The second stage is where people become more serious and dedicated and they realize they need to work hard and they need to change themselves. They also become more concerned about perspectives that reach beyond themselves. They often reawaken to what brought them to this planet, namely a sincere desire to improve conditions and help raise the collective consciousness.

This is a much more critical stage of the path. The high potential is that people can indeed manifest personal Christhood and make a major contribution to raising the collective consciousness. The risk is that they can become focused on changing other people and begin to feel this justifies using means that do not respect the absoluteness of free will.

This is truly a critical distinction. If you manifest and express Christhood, you will make a real and valid contribution to raising the whole beyond the human struggle. If you go into using force, you will make severe karma for yourself and you will only contribute to dragging the whole down into another spiral of struggle.

The false teachers and the forces of anti-christ know very well how much is at stake, and that is precisely why they have defined the ego dramas. It is their ultimate weapon for diverting your path to Christhood into the false path of seeking to force people to be saved according to your vision, or rather the illusion created by the serpentine mind.

I am in no way saying this to induce fear because for those who have risen to the path of Christhood, fear is no longer the dominant emotion. Nevertheless, I am indeed saying it to promote a sense of profound realism, for there is much at stake here. The work of the ascended masters can only be fulfilled through people in embodiment. It can never be fulfilled by people who are still affected by the force-based mindset of the fallen beings. It is essential for you to come to see through this force-based mindset and see its unreality. To this end, I offer this book.

What is an ego drama?

Let me ask you to re-read what I said in the previous book about the relationship between ego games and ego dramas:

An ego game is directly related to you and what you do as an individual whereas an ego drama relates to what you do in relation to some greater – seemingly impersonal – consideration. We might say that an ego game is what people normally see as egotistical behavior, namely what revolves around your personal desires or needs. An ego drama goes beyond your personal level and relates to a greater cause. A drama is something you pretend to do for others or even for God, yet it is simply a camouflaged offspring of the ego. An ego game is often obvious selfish behavior whereas an ego drama is selfish behavior camouflaged as unselfish behavior. An ego game is what you do in relation to other people who are also focused on themselves. An ego drama is what you do in relation to a greater cause, even to God or to other people who are also pretending that their selfish behavior serves an altruistic cause.

Truly, this is the essential point. Did I not say, those many years ago when I walked the earth in a physical body:

But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. (Matthew 5:38-40)

Does this not imply a total and uncompromising respect for free will? Does it not imply that the forces of anti-christ have always sought to drag you into a struggle against them by violating your free will? They will attack you again and again and their sole purpose is to get you to react to them and to engage in a struggle against them. They know that when you resist evil, you will never manifest Christhood, for all of your energies and attention will be fed into the downward spiral of the struggle they have generated on this planet.

Just look at how many people around the world, such as in the Middle East, who are feeding their energies into struggling against other groups of people. They are feeding the fallen beings and enabling them to continue an existence. By using their free will to engage in this struggle, they also prevent the judgment of the fallen beings so that the ascended masters cannot remove them from this planet.

It is a basic fact that by resisting evil you only reinforce evil. How do you avoid resisting evil? By always turning the other cheek with complete non-attachment. How can you turn the other cheek? Only by having an uncompromising respect for free will—your own and that of others.

When the fallen beings attack you, you respect that God has given them free will. On planet earth, there is nothing that prevents them from attacking you physically. Yet you also realize the truth behind my words:

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10:27-29)

The fallen beings do have the power to kill your physical body, but they have no power to kill your soul. This truly means that they have no power to influence how you choose to react to them. You have – and must claim in order to walk the path of Christhood – complete mastery over your mind. “He who can destroy the soul” is actually yourself, the Conscious You. You can drag it into your own private hell of struggling against something in this world until the friction gets hotter and hotter and ends up burning the soul and its structure.

The strategy of the fallen beings

As we explain in greater depth in Healing Mother Earth, there are two groups of fallen beings on earth. There are those who will directly and openly violate you and seek to drag you into opposing them. The people who are ready to start the path of Christhood have risen to a level of consciousness where it is difficult for the fallen beings to drag them into this direct struggle. The second group of fallen beings have come up with the ego dramas as a way to drag you into the struggle while thinking you are working for a higher cause. The ego dramas will imply that a certain cause is so important that it justifies measures that force the will of others. It might not be overt physical force, but it is definitely a force, often a psychic force. Any use of force is a violation of the Law of Free Will, which is the most important law for this universe.

One more thing I want to give you in this introduction. As Maitreya has explained in his book, the common conception (Based on the Book of Revelation) that the fallen beings were angels who fell in heaven is not correct. The material universe is the latest in a series of spheres. A sphere is created like your world, meaning it is yet impermanent and the beings inhabiting it have not yet ascended. As the beings in a sphere raise their consciousness individually, they raise their sphere up until the entire sphere can ascend and become part of the spiritual realm.

Before a sphere ascends, there is room for the duality consciousness, meaning lifestreams can choose to go into separation. Once a sphere ascends, there is no longer room for beings who are in duality. When a previous sphere came close to the ascension point, a number of beings were not willing to leave behind duality. These were beings who had attained high positions in their unascended sphere, yet in order to ascend, they had to give up these selves. As I said: “He who would be greatest amongst you, let him be the servant of all.” I also told people to be willing to lay down their lives in order to follow Christ into the ascended state of consciousness. The reason being that a separate self cannot enter the spiritual realm.

The Law of Free Will mandates that if lifestreams go into duality, they must receive many opportunities to live out this state of consciousness until they have had enough and want to return to oneness. When a sphere ascends, the beings in duality obviously cannot ascend with it so they are given the opportunity to fall into the next sphere that is being created as the previous one ascends.

When a being falls into an unascended sphere, it does not lose the separate self it has built. You now have a situation where a new sphere has two types of beings. There are new lifestreams who have a point-like sense of self and no experience with the world. Then there are the fallen beings who have a much broader sense of self and a lot of experience with the world.

This obviously gives a certain advantage to the fallen beings because they are much more sophisticated than new lifestreams. In the beginning, the fallen beings are not allowed to interact with new lifestreams, being instead given their own planets. There are numerous planets where the innocent inhabitants never chose to go into separation. These planets have evolved without ever having fallen beings embodying on them.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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