Remember your first love!

TOPICS: Rosary of Unconditional Love – God does not want to force you – You have forgotten your first love – The fear of being the Christ –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 2, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I am your Mother Mary, and I come to you this day in the flame of unconditional love. I come to bear witness to a momentous occasion in which the words of the unconditional love of God were spoken through the mouth of a being in physical embodiment. This is indeed a unique occasion that brings forth the vibration of the driving force behind this universe, translated into human words. These words then will form the basis for a new rosary that is truly unique, in that it is dedicated to the flame, the Presence, the Being of unconditional love. This Rosary of Unconditional Love will then allow you to tune in to, to reconnect to and to realign yourself with the basic force behind all creation, the unconditional love that drives even God to become more.

This then is a most powerful ritual for helping you overcome all limitations and all imperfections in this world and rise above the limited, imperfect sense of identity as a mortal human being, as a sinner, who is forever condemned to be separated from your God. This rosary that I release through this discourse is indeed a most powerful tool for those who are serious about winning their victory and their ascension in the light, and who have realized that in order to win that victory they must follow the call of my beloved son Jesus, when he said, “Whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

Do you now understand what Jesus meant with those immortal words? He meant that you cannot allow yourself to stand still, to become trapped in and attached to any limited sense of identity, any limited sense of life. If you develop an attachment to your current sense of identity and attempt to save that sense of life, the unstoppable force of God, the unconditional love of God that drives all life to become more, will inevitably destroy your limited sense of identity and tear down the Tower of Babel that has now become a prison wall, formed by your soul around the Conscious You.

God does not want to force you

Do you understand that this is not because God wants to force you, this is because God loves you with a love that is all-consuming. And therefore it consumes all anti-love, and truly the attachment to a limited, imperfect self image is the essence of anti-love for a being who is a son or daughter of the most high God and therefore has the potential to become all that God is. Do you understand now, that you were created by God to be extensions of itself and to go into the world of form to help the entire world of form become conscious of the fact that it is created by God and that it has the potential to self-transcend and become all that God is? Do you see that because you were created with this potential, and because you volunteered to descend to planet earth for this eternal mission, you cannot allow yourself to stand still in a sense of identity that was built from the imperfect images and beliefs found in this world, perhaps even built on the lies of the serpents who deliberately chose to rebel against God’s beautiful plan for his magnificent universe.

Before the Conscious You came into this world, you made a choice to come here, as I explained in my latest discourse. Your true identity, your I AM Presence, stood before God when God made the call for those who were willing to descend into God’s latest creation, the material universe itself, and help it become a self-aware universe that could start the spiral of self-transcendence that would lead it to full God consciousness. You stood there in that central hall before the throne of God, and you looked out over the vastness of this beautiful universe with its multitudes of galaxies and solar systems and planets, and you saw plain as day the fact that someone had to descend into that universe to start the spiral, the ascending spiral of self-awareness, that would lead the entire universe to become self-conscious and to become conscious of the self as God.

Your I AM Presence looked upon this vast universe and felt the unconditional love of God, the drive for self-transcendence well up from the very center of your being. You then looked at God and said, “Here I am Lord, send me! I will go and bring your unconditional love into this universe until all becomes an expression of that unconditional love.”

You have forgotten your first love

Do you see that all of your suffering, all of your pain, all of your limitations are due to the fact that you have forgotten this first love, this original love of your I AM Presence from which, I am telling you, the Conscious You was born? Yes my beloved, the Conscious You was born out of the unconditional love of your I AM Presence that gave your Presence the drive to become more than it is, more than you are. And as a result of that drive to become more, you created your soul and descended into the material universe unto planet earth itself. You came here to help raise the earth to become Freedom’s Star, to become a sun in its own right that will radiate light to an entire galaxy.

Over many lifetimes in the dense energies of this planet, you forgot that original desire, that original love of your Presence, and you gradually accepted a limited sense of identity as a mortal human being who is forever trapped on this planet, or at least trapped here for such as short time span that it seems completely insignificant compared to the age of the universe. Yet precisely the fact that one human lifetime is so short compared to the age of the universe, even the age of the earth, should show you that you have had many more than one lifetime and that there is an ongoingness to who you are as a self-conscious being who is part of the grand plan of your God. This should show you that there is more to life than what you experience right now. There is more to life than what you have been told by the religions of this world, by the educational establishments of this world and by the governments of this world.

There is so much more to life, and there is so much more to you. And by reconnecting to that more, that flame of God, that drive for self-transcendence within you – that is the driving force behind God’s creation – you can overcome all of your limitations. You can throw off the shackles of pain and suffering that permeate this world. You can even throw off the shackles of death as the last enemy itself and win your eternal victory as an ascended being. Yet more than that, you can throw off the shackles of a limited sense of identity, and you can manifest the Christ consciousness right here on planet earth, while you are still in a physical body. And thereby you can help raise the entire planet. You can become as Jesus who said that “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” And you too can become a Christed being walking the earth, and you can draw all men unto you and unto the God in you who is truly the more, the desire to become more, the unconditional love of constant and eternal self-transcendence.

The fear of being the Christ

Oh my beloved hearths, I am the Mother of God, I am your Mother Mary, I am your older sister, and truly I have sponsored many of the lifestreams that currently walk the earth. And I come to you, and I kneel before you and I plead with you and I say, “Please listen to my words, please hear my words in your hearts and not just with your minds or with your fears. Please let my words penetrate the shells of fear that you have built around your minds and hearts, and allow me into your heart, where I will truly be the gentle mother who will take you upon my lap. And I will rock you as I rocked the baby Jesus, until your soul is so filled with the unconditional love of the Mother of God that you truly let go of all your fears, your fears of giving birth to the Christ child within you, your fears of facing the Archangel Gabriel, who comes to announce to you that you have found favor with God and that you are to give birth to the Christ child, to the Christ consciousness, that truly is your highest potential on this earth.”

I come to prepare you for this initiation, so that when the Archangel Gabriel comes to you, you will not reject him, you will not doubt him, you will not argue with him. You will, as did I 2,000 years ago, simply say, “Oh Lord, be it unto me according to thy will, because I know now that your will is my will and my will is your will. I know I am born out of the unconditional love of God and God’s desiring to be more. And therefore, I am willing to be more, I am willing to be more right here on this planet and thereby bring the kingdom of God, which is more than any earthly kingdom, into full physical manifestation on this planet. And because I know that the unconditional love of God is the very center of my being, I have transcended all fears of expressing my Christhood on this earth. I am willing to be centered in that love and stand before the world, as did my older brother Jesus, and I am willing to let them do or say what they will do or say, and thereby become the instrument for the judgment that calls all life to choose this day whom they will serve and calls them to come up higher and be more of who they truly are in God.”

My Beloved hearts, I leave you with these thoughts to ponder, and I seal you in the unconditional love of the Mother of God, which truly is the unconditional, unstoppable love of the pure Being of God who is beyond all form. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Mother and the Holy Spirit, it is done, it is finished and I seal your hearts in the infinite love of God, which is the ultimate protection against the gates of hell and the forces of this world. Therefore, abide in that love always and be that love in this world. Amen.


To the Unconditional Love Rosary.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels