Remember the point of stillness within you

TOPICS: A deeper understanding of the Buddha’s office – Looking at your universe through the vision of the Buddha – Even ascended masters become MORE – The greatest opportunity for Christhood – Christ is Omega, Buddha is Alpha – A misguided western version of Buddhism – Non-attachment to other people’s reactions – Forget not the point of stillness –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Why have you magnetized the presence of the Buddha? It is because the Buddha represents the highest parallel universe of consciousness, that can be attained on earth. And it can be obtained only by those who are willing to go beyond the ego—the duality of opposites. So, they are willing to go beyond the veil of Maya, created by the interaction of the opposites, making people believe, that they are supposed to align themselves with one of the opposites and fight against the other, and that this will secure them entry into some remote heaven. Whereas the reality is, that you will not enter the real heaven until you see it within yourself.

For you recognize the eternal truth that everything is the Buddha Nature. And therefore, you too are the Buddha Nature. And you are more than just the Buddha Nature, for you are a self-aware being.  And when you awaken to this reality, you see that you cannot be self-aware and simply be the Buddha Nature—your only option is to be the Buddha.

A deeper understanding of the Buddha’s office

Nevertheless, I know that there are many among you, who are working on rising to the parallel universe of the Christ consciousness, and thus it is beyond your present level for you to see yourselves as the Buddha. And I am not asking you to go beyond that level of consciousness. For you are partly here to out-picture and exemplify that level of consciousness of the Christ to the many people on earth, who must grasp the Christ Consciousness before they can truly grasp the Buddhic Consciousness.

Yet, what I come to offer you is a deeper understanding and realization of my office as the “Lord of the World.” For you see, even though some traditional Buddhists see me with a female consort up in a remote heaven; the reality is that when I took up my role as the “Lord of the World” for planet earth, I renounced my female consort, set her free to ascend to a higher realm. Then, who is the female consort of the Buddha? Who is the female polarity to the masculine polarity of the Buddha? Well, the entire planet earth and all who live upon it have the potential to become the female consort—or rather, to see themselves as what they already are, namely the female consort of the Buddha.

For, as the “Lord of the World,” I hold the masculine polarity for planet earth; meaning that all who are part of the consciousness that is planet earth, well they are part of the feminine polarity for which I hold the balance—even being the open door for the very life-giving force that sustains all life on this earth. And you might contemplate, that before I could enter Nirvana, I had to be tempted and tested – not simply by the demons of Mara as is stated in traditional Buddhic mythology – I had to be tested and tempted by every level of consciousness found on planet earth at the time, in order to demonstrate that I had risen above and become non-attached to all of them.

You might consider, that as you rise on the spiritual path, the essence of you taking the next step is to be like the Buddha for that particular level of consciousness. For it is only when you reach the end, the top rung of the ladder, that you must face all of them at one time. Right now you only need to face the very level of consciousness that you are in the process of transcending. And you will transcend it only in becoming non-attached, so that that consciousness – so that that prince of this world – comes to you and has nothing in you, as Christ expressed it so beautifully.

Looking at your universe through the vision of the Buddha

Even though we talk about fallen beings and dark forces, we know – and we desire you to know – that they have no ultimate reality. I know that this can be difficult to grasp for some of you. For in the parallel universe in which your mind is currently focused, they seem to be very real and they even seem to have power over you. But that is where I can offer my assistance, if you will only spend a little bit of time and attention tuning in to my Presence.

Do not fall prey to the temptation to turn this into an elaborate ritual. Simply create a very simple visualization in your mind of you sitting under the Bo tree with the presence of Gautama superimposed over you. And then ask me to show you how your parallel universe looks from my state of consciousness, or at least from the state of consciousness right above yours, so that you may grasp it and free yourself from the illusion that this Mara is real and has any power over you. This will require you – as Jesus expressed – to tune in to the silence, the silence within.

My Beloved, how many of you as children played with a top, a spinning top?  Probably all of you did, or at least you know how it works. It spins around on its axis, and when you look at the periphery of the toy, you might focus on a particular point on that periphery, and it is constantly spinning at great speed, never standing still. But that point is on the periphery of a circle, and the circle has a center. And my beloved, no matter how fast the point on the periphery is spinning, the point in the center is always standing still, is it not?

From a surface perspective, things on this planet may seem very confusing and chaotic. But that is because your attention is focused on the surface of the earth, which is indeed spinning around at thousands of miles per hour. So direct your attention to the axis, to the center, and realize that no matter how much turmoil is going on on the surface, there is a point within that is always standing still. And in that stillness you can find your own center, and there you will find me—for I am the center for all life on earth. That is my office as “Lord of the World.”

Thus, I sit in complete peace and Oneness, and although I see the surface appearances – although I see the demons of Mara in their distorted form – I see beyond them and see that everything is made from the Ma-ter Light. And the Ma-ter Light is the Buddha Nature. It is so one with that Buddha Nature, that it is longing to out-picture the perfect images that are stored in that Buddha Nature, as an infinite potential to express creativity in a way that raises up all life, rather than raising that separate self.

Even ascended masters become MORE

Thus, we have taken you on a journey, culminating in the powerful release of Lanello, to show you that even a Being who has ascended recently can quickly become so one with the greater Being out of which it came, that it can express an even greater power of that greater Being than it was capable of while on earth. For those who are willing to be honest, can tune in to the fact that the Lanello you heard today is MORE – while being the same Being – he is MORE than the Being who spoke in the past. And certainly more than the being who walked the earth in a physical body, as we all are my beloved.

For even though the Buddha is the center of stillness for all life on earth, I am not standing still, as many who claim to be Buddhists conceive of me—as being beyond needing to grow, expand and self-transcend. But you see, if that idolatrous vision was correct, then how could the earth rise if the Lord of the World does not transcend himself? You see that everything is a hierarchy, and that which is below in hierarchy cannot rise unless that which is above also rises.

Which is precisely why the continent of Europe cannot rise, if those who have the potential to be the top ten percent do not rise. For how then can the others go beyond a certain level of consciousness? How can they transcend that parallel universe in which there is still struggle and suffering and a potential for war on this continent? How can they rise to the higher realm, to the higher universe, where war has been transcended once and for all, and where the consciousness of war has been banished from this continent?

It is so easy for human beings to create these graven images of what a spiritual being is like; but you cannot know a spiritual being through any image based on the illusion of separation. You can know a spiritual being only through gnosis, through coming into oneness with that flame. As Saint Germain said, “How can you be free but by coming into oneness with the Flame of Freedom?” How can you be the Buddha without coming into oneness with the Presence of Buddha?  How can you be the Christ without becoming one with Christ, by drinking His body and blood in a spiritual sense and absorbing it with every fiber of your being?

The greatest opportunity for Christhood

May I give you a realistic assessment – that is beyond the duality of pride and feeling better than others – but may I give you a realistic assessment, that the book on the Path to Christhood is the greatest opportunity for actually manifesting Christhood, for quickly rising to Christhood, that has been available on this planet in recorded time. It is presently the fastest and easiest way for anyone to rise above that lower state of consciousness and begin to manifest Christhood. It is, as Jesus is fully aware, not the ultimate teaching that could be given—for more might indeed be given by Jesus, as those of you who are following the course multiply the talents and therefore forge the way for more teachings to be given.

And then, even beyond what can be given on Christhood, there are teachings on Buddhahood that I long to bring out. For I am very well aware, that many people in the western world have become disenfranchised with traditional Christianity. Yet, they have not been willing to go into the opposite polarity of materialism. And thus, they have been prone to search for a universal form of spirituality by looking at eastern teachings, especially the teachings of Buddhism.

Yet, the teachings that I gave so many years ago in the East were adapted not only to the consciousness of the time, but also were in many ways adapted to the eastern mindset. And I do indeed long to bring forth the teaching on Buddhahood for the western mind: western mind, western Buddha, my beloved. And this may come as sufficient numbers of people accept the offering of Christ.

Christ is Omega, Buddha is Alpha

For what is the point in bringing out a teaching on Buddhahood, until a sufficient number of people have grasped the essence of Christhood? For you truly cannot fully understand the Buddha, until you have attained some degree of Oneness with Christ. For there is indeed no competition, no animosity—indeed there is no separation between Christ and Buddha, as we have expressed before, that the Christ is the Omega manifestation of the Buddhic consciousness.

I hold the Alpha balance for the planet by seeing everything as the Buddha Nature. Jesus holds the Omega polarity to my Alpha by being the planetary Christ, who is willing to go out and do battle with the imperfect manifestations, to address them directly and thereby challenge people to come up higher in consciousness.

This is not the role of the Buddha; it is the role of Christ. And it is the role of those of you who desire to rise to the level of Christ and go beyond it to the level of Buddha. For you will not become the Buddha – you will not BE the Buddha – in any other way than by first going through the stage of Christhood, of going out and reaching out to those who are trapped in a lower consciousness. You must dare to shout your message from the housetops. You must dare to do greater works, to allow the God in you to do greater works than that God did through Jesus. Then can you aspire to Buddhahood.

And that is indeed why you see that the eastern religion of Buddhism was turned into an idolatrous religion. Even though it contains the teachings that everything is the Buddha Nature, it is perceived that only few people could attain that state of consciousness. And the reason was that people at the time could not make that leap in consciousness, and that is indeed why the teachings of Christ were given as an intermediary step. Especially for the people in the western world, who are more active and are not meant to spend countless hours in silent meditation while so many people in the world are suffering around them.

A misguided western version of Buddhism

Thus, it is somewhat tragic that there are many people in the West, many among the top ten percent, who have been trapped in this westernized version of Buddhism, where they think they should sit in quiet meditation and ignore the suffering of the world. Those in the West would do well to study the example of Kuan Yin, who heard the cries of the world, becoming a Bodhisattva, realizing that she could not go into Nirvana while so many people were still trapped in suffering. And thus, you should realize, that you cannot spend so much time in Buddhic meditation, while there are so many problems that must be addressed and new ideas that could be brought forth. And thus, transcend the traditional concepts of Christ and Christianity and recognize the Christ as the Omega polarity of the Buddha, the active one, that goes out to alleviate the suffering of the world, thereby embodying that bodhisattva ideal, as it has been known in the East.

Realize that you, who are born in the West, are meant to play that role, that Omega polarity. And while you may still honor me as the Alpha polarity, you will not actually honor me by withdrawing from the world into meditation—that only makes you more and more focused on yourself as separated from the world.  And therefore, it actually reinforces the illusion of the separate self, rather than helping you overcome it.

And thus, I speak this into the consciousness of those who have the potential to rise and express their Christhood—but cannot get their legs untangled from the lotus position and actually get up on their feet and walk out on the byways and highways of life to reach out to those, who are in need of an infusion of Light. The light that I would gladly send forth through them, if they were willing to be the open door—rather than being the shut door that keeps themselves trapped and prevents their light from shining forth into the world.

Dare to follow the admonition of Christ, “Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see that your works can only come from a higher source.” Whether they call it Christ or Buddha or God, matters not. What matters is that they see someone daring to be an open door for that higher source, so that they may know that you are living in a higher parallel universe than their own, and so they may realize that they want to be where you are in consciousness. Thus, they can be impelled to strive to rise higher, and then you can teach them by your own example.

Some of the spiritual people have a background in western Buddhist tradition.  And I give you the responsibility to embody these teachings, and then to go out and preach them to those who still believe, that it is their calling in life to sit in quiet contemplation while the world is crying out for the Light that they have the potential to bring forth.

Non-attachment to other people’s reactions

I commend those who have been willing to take the step beyond being passive, and those who are on the verge of taking that step but are not quite yet accepting your potential to step forward and let the Light shine. So I give you a key. Non-attachment is the key, non-attachment to other people’s reactions, as has been said before. Seek to find the peace, so that you do not force yourself with the outer mind to speak to others, but you let your Light shine. Realize, that you are not the doer. Your role is to BE, and when you BE, the Light will spontaneously shine forth through you and find expression, so that you find yourself saying things that you never realized consciously. And you find yourself thinking, “Where did that come from?”

That is when you know, that you are not coming from the lower self. That is when you know, that the reactions of other people are not important to your expression, while you are finding fulfillment and joy and completeness in expressing your higher being. And it does not matter what the world does with it, whether they receive it or not, for the essence is that it is expressed. For then the circle is fulfilled in giving people the opportunity to choose, because they have now glimpsed that there is something higher, that can shine forth through any human being on earth.

And thus, you become part of the process that Jesus and the Buddha and Krishna and other spiritual teachers have all been part of. But despite the idolatrous images that have attempted to set us up as being beyond the realm of human beings, of ordinary human beings, the reality is, that we all came to show, that every human being has the potential to be the open door for a higher energy than what is currently expressed on earth. We came not to be set apart, but to be seen as part of humanity who have simply chosen to open ourselves to the higher reality that is beyond the appearances on earth.

Forget not the point of stillness

May you, then, all be sealed in the Buddha’s peace. May you remember the point of silence that never moves, no matter how chaotic circumstances may be around you. Even sometimes within your own energy system, there may be disturbances. But if you will think and look beyond them, you can find that point of stillness—eternal, unconditional stillness, that no condition on earth can disturb.

And when you stand in that center, you can simply watch the circumference of the circle spinning around. And you can then see where you need to step in, in order to stop the spinning or slow it down. For when you are in stillness, you have power to stop anything that is spinning on earth—for you are one with the greater power that is beyond earth. This is what has been denied by the false teachers of earth, who want to make you believe that either there is no greater power or it can be expressed through only one person—who unfortunately is no longer on earth. Believe it not, but prove my words by remembering your center of stillness.

And thus, I seal you, I seal this conference. For you may think that the main aspect of your service has been the giving of invocations with great power, but that is only one aspect of your service – the Omega aspect – but the Alpha has been that you have come together and that you, whether you realize it or not, have found some stillness within yourselves individually. And even found a collective stillness, that you might ponder, and see that this is the foundation for community, the point of stillness that unites you in heart and that nothing can disturb, no matter what circumstances you might face.

This is what has been lacking in many spiritual movements, organizations or communities. Learn from this. Do not condemn. Do not look down on anyone.  But be willing to acknowledge, in a realistic manner, the lesson from previous movements and communities. And then rise above it. Rise above it by going within and finding the stillness that I AM.

For I look to you coming into that stillness that makes you the foundation, so that you may go out from the Sangha into the hustle and bustle of the world, but still be connected to that hub of life. And therefore, you are unmoved by the spinning of the world and by the spinning of the heads of those people who are still so overwhelmed by the illusions of duality, that they know not what is real and unreal. But you can know what is real and unreal by going into the point of stillness, by helping each other being in that point of stillness, that is the Buddha within you.

Thus, with great joy, I congratulate you for being here for this conference. I seal you in the stillness of the Buddha, for you are mature students of Light. You do not need fanfare, you do not need to be patted on the back; but you do deserve the quiet recognition of the Buddha. Thus I am here, but where is here? It is the point of stillness that is everywhere. Thus, wherever you are—there I AM. Remember me in stillness.


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