Relationships Between Men and Women

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, September 14, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary and I come to continue the theme I have talked about previously of the relationship between men and women. It is a great tragedy that the conflict has been created between men and women. When you look at all of the warring that is going on on this planet, you might be confused and think that the cause is outside the home in big political issues.

Yet, I tell you that all warring and conflict starts in the home in the relationship between the man and the woman, the father and the mother, which has such an influence on the children and the world view that they grow up with. You need to understand that if conflict and war is going to be stopped on this planet, part of the process is that men and women develop a new relationship, a new way to look at each other.

Now, how could such a new relationship come about? Well, there are many people who, over the last several decades, have experimented with new ways of relating to each other beyond the traditional family structure. But, I must tell you that there is no way to truly renew the relationship between men and women without having a spiritual understanding of who you are as a spiritual being.

You also need to have an understanding of the history of what has been going on on this planet for thousands of years. You need to be aware that there is a force, a very aggressive, a very active, but also a very deceptive force, that is seeking to create war and conflict on this planet. This force will use all means available to them, but the primary is always deception. The primary means is to create some idea and get people to believe in it to the point where they never dare to question it.

Where does the present relationship, the present conflict, between men and women start? Well, it begins in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. And it begins in several other creation myths found around the world. What does Genesis say? It essentially says that women are to blame for the fall of the entire human race. My beloved, this claim is an outright lie. It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with historical reality. But, this claim that women are to blame and that women, therefore deserve to be treated differently from men is very old on this planet. It is very ingrained in the consciousness of many cultures, including your own. Even though, there are certain cultures where it is even more predominant.

If you are to have any chance of freeing yourself from this very old culture, there is only one way that you can do this. And it is to recognize the reality that you are not your physical body. You are more than the body. Which means that regardless of the sex of your physical body, you are not a man or a woman. You are not and exclusively masculine or an exclusively feminine being. You were created as a spiritual being that has both masculine and feminine qualities. Which means that you can, over several lifetimes embody in both male and female bodies. It is absolutely necessary to recognize this.

And you can only come to fully accept this by following a very gradual path, which we have called the spiritual path, or the path to personal Christhood be that allows you to reconnect to your true identity. So that you not only understand intellectually, but actually experience that you are a spiritual being that cannot be limited to any of the conditions or labels found on planet Earth.


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