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TOPICS: Human beings cannot generate love – Why love does not seek to own – Jesus’ mission of love and your mission of love – Speaking out for what is the greater RIGHT – The absolute need for a non-violent approach – Take stock of your life – Saint Germain’s love for all people – Decide to be all you can be – Why poverty is so paralyzing – Your mission is essential for the Golden Age –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (2), December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and Saint Germain I is, for I AM One with the great flow of all that is the River of Life. What does it mean to be poor? How can you be poor? Well my beloved, you can be poor only by being separated from the River of Life itself. For the River of Life is designed to help all Life become More. And of course, as long as you are becoming More, there can be no poverty, for you know that even though you may not have the total abundance right now, surely you will have it, if you keep transcending your current state. Then, one day you will indeed have greater abundance, but it will not stop there, for you know you are in the eternal flow of God.

Those who are trapped in the outer conditions of poverty and in the consciousness of poverty, are trapped precisely because they are separated from that River of Life—thus do not have the vision, the knowing, the experience that Life is a constant process of becoming More. They see it as something static, and thus they think they are trapped at their current level of material abundance, and their current level of spiritual abundance, their current level of ignorance. They do not even know enough to know that there is more to life, or they do not fully believe that there is more to life, or they do not believe that they could have it, thinking – because they have been trapped in the lie – that it is reserved for the few, for the elite.

Human beings cannot generate love

Poverty is a consequence of being separated from the River of Life. But how can you be separated from the River of Life, my beloved, when the River of Life is the Great IS that encompasses all that is, all that exists? Well, you can be separated from the River of Life only when you do not have love—you have lost love. And how can you lose love, when love is all there is? Well, only through the illusion created by the mind of anti-Christ. And this illusion has two levels.

The first level, which is again the perversion of the Alpha or the Father, is that it is possible to be separated from the River of Life. The illusion that it is possible for any part of the Allness – that is all that is – to be separated from all that IS. When I present it to you this way, even your intellects can see that there is something here that does not add up. For it is not logical that anything can be separated from all that is, as it is not logical that one drop can be separated from the ocean, or that one planet in this material universe can be separated from the material universe.

Then the next level of illusion, which is a perversion of the Omega or Mother aspect, is that you are a separate being. And because you are separate, you are not worthy of love, you are not worthy to be in the flow of love. When you look at the people on this planet, who are firmly trapped in the consciousness, the illusion of poverty – in the energy vortex of poverty – you will see that they are among the people who have the least love. They dare not believe that they are worthy of love, and so how can they receive love? For my beloved what is love?

Well, what most people consider to be love is not love at all. You hear so often people talk and say, “I love this” or “I love that person,” or “I love chocolate” or “I love big fancy houses, or fast cars.” But you see, because people have become blinded by the illusions of duality, they do not realize that when they talk about love, they are not talking about love at all. Human love is not simply a perversion of Divine Love – human love is not simply separated from Divine Love – human love is not love at all. For I must tell you that it is not possible for a human being to generate love.

Allow your minds to absorb this statement, my beloved. You may think that you can feel love for another human being. And when you are in love, you may think that this is something you are generating. But it is not. You cannot create love, you cannot destroy love. For love is the very driving force of the universe itself. It is love that gave God the will to create, the will to be More. This is the Alpha aspect of love. The Omega aspect of love is that which draws all of the diversified creation back to union with its source. This is the Omega aspect, that seeks to return everything in the material world to oneness with its source, oneness with the Father, instead of being separated from that Father.

Love is the very creative flow, where you see the figure-eight flow. Where love starts with the creator in the spiritual realm, as the outgoing, downward flow that flows from the upper figure of the figure-eight, down to the nexus and then into the material world, where it manifests itself as many individual beings, and as everything you see in the physical universe. Yet once you reach that bottom point, that is when the return current of the Omega love is meant to take over, and then draw everything from the material universe back up on the figure-eight flow. So that it goes through the nexus of becoming the Christ, the living Christ, and then can flow back up to greater and greater degrees of oneness with its source, and oneness with all life.

This is the force of love, flowing through the Alpha and Omega. And do you see, that this force is the very driving force in creation. In fact, there really is no other force, there is nothing else that exists, for everything is simply different manifestations of love. Or as the case may be, when you have separated yourself from the River of Life, it is still love that has taken on a lesser manifestation and an appearance of something separated from the great flow of Life. So that is why I am saying, that you as a human being cannot create or generate love.

What you can do is you can open up your being, your mind and heart, to allow the force of life, the River of Life, to flow through you and find expression through you in love for other people, love for a cause, love for making something more beautiful. Your choice is not a choice of whether to create love or not create love, but to open yourself up to love and allow God to flow through you. But in so doing, you must also be willing to let that flow of the River of Life take you whereever it wants to take you, so that you can fulfill the divine plan that you yourself created, before you came into embodiment in this specific lifetime, and before you first descended into the material universe.

Why love does not seek to own

You cannot stand still, when you are in the flow of the River of Life. And therefore, you see that when you are in the flow, you simply cannot be poor, for what is poverty? Well, it is precisely a state of stillstand, where people believe they are trapped and have neither the will, nor the knowledge to change their situation.

But why do they believe they are trapped? How can they believe they are trapped? Because they are not open to love! And therefore, they do not believe they are worthy to have more. They do not believe they are worthy to be in that flow of the River of Life. They somehow believe – perhaps because of a mistake they have made, perhaps because of a sense of being sinners, perhaps because of a sense of being merely highly evolved animals – they somehow believe that they either cannot be in that flow, or that they are not worthy to be in that flow. And thus, they must accept that they have to stay at their current level for the rest of this lifetime, which they often believe is the rest of their opportunity on earth—for it is the only lifetime they have, as they have been taught by both materialistic science and dogmatic mainstream religion.

For poverty to be overcome, there must be a willingness to reach for a higher understanding of oneself and of life. But as one begins to gain that understanding, there must be a recognition, that the only way out of poverty is to once again open oneself up to the flow of the River of Life. Not that it is flowing outside of oneself, passing one by, but that it is flowing inside oneself because one has realized, that the Kingdom of God is within. And thus, the open door through which the River of Life can flow is inside of you, not somewhere outside of you.

You can look again at the people who are stuck in poverty, and you can say, “How can they possibly come to accept that God loves them, when they have grown up believing that they are poor precisely because they are not worthy of God’s love, and that is why he has punished them by making them poor?” Or perhaps they have grown up to believe that there is no God, there is no flow of God’s love. And how can they then overcome that sense of being stuck, of being separated from the flow of love?

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