Receiving the love of the Divine Mother

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, August 10, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. I hold the office of the Divine Mother for Earth. I have many responsibilities as part of this spiritual office. But, the primary concern I have is that each and every human being, each and every child that ever grows up on this planet should know the love of the Divine Mother.

It is a very unfortunate state of affairs that so many children in the world grow up without knowing this love, because it puts you at a disadvantage from the very beginning. It sets your life on a track. And for many people, it becomes a downward spiral from which they cannot recover in this lifetime. Many people have created such a spiral and sustained it over several lifetimes and it makes it more and more difficult to pull themselves out of it. And this is a great burden and concern to my heart.

I wish that I could give you the kind of childhood you deserve to have, but I cannot change what you have experienced on earth. What I can do is offer you my personal assistance to help you overcome the childhood you have had. If you will use some of the tools and teachings that I have given through this messenger or other messengers that appeal to your heart, then I can assure you that I am fully capable of working with each and every person on this planet.

I will be able to assist you, if you are willing to tune into my heart. There is, my beloved, nothing you cannot leave behind. There is nothing on earth that has stained you permanently. There is nothing that could ever have happened to you on this planet that has changed who you are as a unique divine being, who deserves the love of the Divine Mother.

I know very well that so many people have been burdened by such a difficult childhood that they have come to accept many of the subconscious beliefs that are deliberately engineered by certain dark forces to sabotage your path. So many people feel they are unworthy, because of what has happened to them. So many people have gone into blaming God, or even the Divine Mother, for why certain things have happened to them on earth.

But, you do understand, I hope, that everything on earth is a result of the free will decisions of the people who are in embodiment. We can give divine intercession when people ask and when they are willing to change themselves, to look into their own psychology and see what is hiding there in the subconscious. If people do not ask, we cannot interfere; for contrary to the dark forces, we of the ascended masters do have ultimate respect for free will.

You need to understand that this earth is a very treacherous environment. You need to understand that you have been brought up with a woefully inadequate view of what is really happening on this planet. We have attempted to correct this through many of the teachings we have given. I would recommend my own series of books, called A Course in Abundance, for they will give you a much deeper understanding of who you are and how this planet works. This will be an essential part of your healing, for surely, in a five minute message; I cannot give you everything you need in order to overcome lifetimes of abuse.

But, what I can do is give you the impetus that you are my unique child and that I love you with a love that is unique to you personally. Do not bother your linear mind with how this is possible. For as I said last week, my consciousness is fundamentally different from the consciousness of those of you who are in embodiment. I do have the capacity to love each and every one of you personally and this is my great joy and my great privilege. So, my beloved, if you will apply to my heart; I WILL assist you.


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