Reach for the One Vision—the Vision of Oneness

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Ascended Master Elohim Cyclopea, December 31, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Cyclopea I AM, and I am the Elohim of Vision. Truly, it has been said, “Without vision, the people perish.” And it is true. For without vision of a higher purpose – that can unify a people around a common cause – they each go their separate ways. Each one pursuing his or her individual desires that often become perverted into the ego desires.

This is what we have seen in many spiritual organizations, where people have been called into unity. And while the leader, the original founder of that organization, was there, there was a certain unity present. But as soon as the founder was gone, people started scattering, each one trying to do what they thought was right without remaining true to the higher vision given by or through the founder of the organization. Many spiritual people have seen it in their organization. You have seen it in the Christian organization; how it became perverted after Jesus’ departure. You have seen it in Buddhism, that has also mushroomed into something that in many cases is far beyond the vision of the Buddha.

Thus, I say to you, “Remain true to the vision of the ascended masters, the vision of oneness, for without it you will not achieve your highest goals, neither individually nor together.” The ego thinks that by going its own way, doing things its own way, it can achieve more than by waiting for those other people who give it such trouble because they will not agree with its wisdom and logic? But my beloved, I tell you this is nothing but an illusion because truly God is one. And God desires to see his kingdom manifest on earth. And that kingdom can manifest only when people come together, sharing a common vision that supersedes their individual visions, especially the visions of the ego.

Look at the American patriots who defeated the British Crown with its superior military might and organization. The British had a great sense of oneness and discipline because they were forced into oneness by the might of the Crown. Yet though the American colonists did not have the same vision forced upon them, the same outer discipline, they did have an inner vision, a spiritual vision, and it caused them to set aside their own individual pursuits for a time, to come together to forge a new nation.

If you will look at the American revolution and then look at South America today, you will see that what happened during the American Revolution was the emergence of a national consciousness in North America. And this is exactly what needs to happen in most nations in South America, including Colombia, where there is not a strong enough national consciousness to inspire people to look beyond the many different interests that pull them hither and yon into different factions and different revolutionary groups that all think that they have the only solution. When in reality none of them have the solution because they have not raised their vision high enough to come into alignment with the father element, the father energy.

Thus, I say to you, “You all have a great love for South America. You all want to see the Golden Age manifest in South America.” And so I must say: “To change the world, start by changing yourself.” If you want to change South America, then start by looking at yourselves. Be willing to come into union, into oneness, amongst yourselves and come into oneness under that banner of the greater vision of the ascended masters.

Think not that you are always right and that others are always wrong. Because I say to you, beyond right and wrong there is a higher level, where oneness is more important than being right or finding other people wrong. Do you see my beloved, that this is what has been missing in most spiritual organizations since the beginning of time? Which is why the fallen angels who were in those organizations had an easy time dividing and conquering the people who had the light, so that they could not come together and release that light and thereby take command over the organization. And therefore, the fallen angels retained command because they were at least somewhat united in their cause of dividing the people with the light.

This is why you so often see the fallen ones in society who are united by their greed, by their lust for power – or whatever negative feelings – to the point where they can divide an entire population and thereby neutralize that population and take power. Thus, I simply come to say, “Oneness is the key to your victory in South America!”

Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels