Putting Satan behind you or putting Satan between you and God

TOPICS: Many have misunderstood Christhood – There is no standard for Christhood – Christhood is not the same as spiritualizing the ego – Understanding why the Spirit will not conform to matter – Serving to raise up all life – The true initiation of the Year of the Son and a dispensation – Ponder why the Spirit will not conform – The key to passing the initiations of the Year of the Mother – The lie of the reality of matter –

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Ascended Master Jesus, January 3, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

I am the ascended master Jesus Christ, and I do have a right to have taken embodiment 2,000 years ago, and I do have a right to speak through a physical messenger today. There are many – embodied or disembodied – who would deny that right, the right of the Christ to take incarnation, to enter this material world and to bring forth the light from Above by being the open door.

They do not want to be disturbed. They believe – in their spiritual pride – that they have some kind of ownership of this planet, at least in the material realm. Yet they do not have that ownership, for everything on earth is subject to free will. There is the collective free will, but there is also the individual free will. Surely, a planet cannot rise higher than the collective free will. But an individual has a right to rise higher than the collective is willing to go. And thus, an individual has the right to attain Christhood, to express that Christhood and also to be the open door for the Living Christ to express itself through that individual. This is a right, that can never be taken away, no matter how many schemes or philosophies the fallen beings come up with.

They have attempted – since the beginning of their descent on this planet – to prevent any individual from attaining the level of Christhood and beyond. They have, in numerous cases, been successful in either intimidating people into not even attempting to express their Christhood, or in physically preventing them from doing so, through myriad schemes that they have come up with. Nevertheless, it remains an eternal right of the individual to manifest Christhood and to be the open door for the flow of the Spirit.

Many have misunderstood Christhood

What is, then, Christhood? There are many who have looked at Christhood and completely misunderstood what it is about. First of all, there are of course the Christians, who believe, that I was the only one who ever was or ever could be the Christ in embodiment. They have created a completely idolatrous image, whereby they think, that I had the full measure of Christhood before I even took embodiment, before I even entered my mother’s womb. This, of course, was not the case, as I have explained on my website.  I had indeed embodied before that incarnation. I had gradually grown in consciousness, and even during my last incarnation as Jesus, I went through a process of gradually attaining and claiming my Christhood. And truly, it was not until the wedding in Cana, that I dared to express it publicly—at least in the country that was to be the main focus of that embodiment.

Another misunderstanding comes about by the people who have gone beyond the official doctrines of the Christian religion, doctrines that are clearly defined by the fallen beings for the purpose of making me the exception, so that no one dares to follow in my footsteps. Many have – either through an ascended master teaching or through other teachings – dared to realize, that I was not the only one who could attain Christhood. Yet many, even many ascended master students, have also misunderstood what it means to attain Christhood. They think that it means some superior attainment, that you have to acquire through a long and arduous process of initiation. They believe it is somewhat comparable to any skill you acquire on earth, such as the ability to perform certain sports or to perform any other complex task. Yet Christhood is not a PhD program, that one can follow from start to finish and then the result is guaranteed. Christhood is a highly individualized process.

There is no standard for Christhood

Why is there no standard? For a very simple reason. For you, as an individual, to be the Christ means, quite simply, that you are the open door for your I AM Presence to express itself through you. And this expression happens through the Omega aspect of the Presence, the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence. This is where your true, God-given spiritual individuality and identity is anchored. It is not a matter of you – with the outer mind here in embodiment – acquiring some sophisticated skill or passing a set of sophisticated initiations.

This is not to say, that manifesting Christhood cannot be represented as a path that leads you from a lower level towards higher levels. Certainly, the path can be pictured this way. Nevertheless, the process of acquiring, attaining, Christhood is not the same as attaining some outer skill. The process of becoming the Christ in embodiment is a process of unlearning everything you have learned with the outer mind.

Christhood is not the same as spiritualizing the ego

Why is this so? Because being the Christ means being the open door for the Presence, whereby the Presence can express itself through you, unhindered of any filter in the lower mind. Unfortunately, many ascended master students have fallen prey to a very subtle illusion promoted by the fallen beings, namely that becoming the Christ means creating a sophisticated ego, that has taken on the appearance of a spiritual person.

If you look at the Christian religion, you will see, that for centuries it has raised up a certain image as the ideal for how a human being should be or behave—if that human being is spiritual or saintly. Many ascended master students have built onto this and have created an image for what it means to be the Christ, to attain Christhood. They think that this can be defined through some outer standard, such as looking a certain way, walking a certain way, talking a certain way. Nevertheless, as the old song goes, “walk like the Christ, talk like that Christ” but this does not make you Christ. I realize there is an old book, called The Imitation of Christ. And although there can be some validity to imitating a spiritual person, I must tell you, that attempting to adapt your outer behavior to a certain ideal, can only take you so far on the path—and it will not take you to Christhood.

Certainly, you can look at the world today, and you can find many people who have a behavior or a way of life, that is not conducive to any kind of spiritual growth, because it traps them into repeating certain patterns over and over again. So there can be value in for a time imitating a higher ideal, so that you free yourself from these worldly patterns of behavior. Nevertheless, if you think that continuing to refine your behavior according to some external ideal will get you to Christhood, then you are mistaken.

For there comes a point, where you need to recognize, that as long as you have an external standard, there will forever be a gap between your current state of consciousness and Christhood. For the external standard can only be a graven image, that you set before the true God of your I AM Presence. And if you think that you have to adapt your behavior to this external standard, you will also automatically think, that the expression of your I AM Presence through you must be adapted to this external standard. And thus, you will not be the open door for the Presence. You will not be open door to the winds of the Holy Spirit, that bloweth where it listeth.

Understanding why the Spirit will not conform to matter

What is the purpose for the Holy Spirit? It is not to conform to peoples’ ideas, mental images and beliefs. If the Holy Spirit were to conform, how could the Holy Spirit awaken anyone from their current state of consciousness? The Holy Spirit has only one purpose, and that is to initiate and accelerate the process of self-transcendence. For the Holy Spirit is the force, that has been created by all of the self-aware beings in your current sphere, that have transcended their state of consciousness. They have formed this giant force, this mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit, that is indeed meant to help all who have not yet awakened to awaken to their full potential as spiritual beings.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit will never conform to any mental image, any belief, any doctrine, any system, any structure, that keeps you in a certain state of consciousness. So can you see why it simply is not possible, that you can have a structure in your mind for how you should be as the Christ, and then at the same time be the open door for the Holy Spirit? It cannot be done. It cannot happen.

There are, of course, some – particularly in the Christian movement of the Pentecostals and other similar movements – who have managed to gain some flow of certain spiritual powers while they still have a structure in their minds. But this is not Christhood. And as long as they will not let go of their structures, they will not go beyond a certain level. And after a certain time, they will no longer be open to any flow of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, but they will be open to the flow of lower spirits, that howl through them and still attempt to perform miracles. But this is not Christhood, for even if you can perform signs and wonders, you are not the Christ—if you simply heal people without awakening them to the power of God within themselves.

Yes, when I walked the earth, I healed the sick, I raised the dead. Nevertheless, there were many who were not healed, and I only performed these miracles – so-called – for a time. For I was not here to take upon myself all the sins of the world, so that I could do all the work for humanity. I was here to awaken people to their own built-in potential. This is the purpose of the living Christ, of the flow of the Holy Spirit: to awaken those who are willing to be awakened to their own potential to be the Christ, to transcend their current state of consciousness.

It is possible to attain what looks like certain spiritual powers without having fully let go of the ego and the desire to be thought wise or outstanding among men. Yet this is indeed taking heaven by force, and it will be allowed only for a time. And then, those who are not willing to step up to a higher level of selfless service, will become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. Which is indeed why you see, that certain preachers might have a following for a time, yet suddenly something happens, where their congregations see them for what they are: egomaniacs who think they are above the law and can do anything they want from a self-centered perspective.

Serving to raise up all life

Those who truly manifest Christhood, cross a very subtle threshold in their own minds. This threshold is where you realize, that although you have raised your state of consciousness beyond the level of the average person, it is not your true purpose to be seen as an idol by human beings. Your true purpose is to inspire others to do what you have done, so that instead of you continuing to raise yourself up to greater and greater heights of being idolized by human beings, you will instead seek to raise up others.

This is why I took on 12 disciples, as the Bible describes. Yet the reality is, that I had many more disciples than the 12, for I had people I worked with on a more irregular basis, but some of them did indeed make more progress than the 12 disciples. And the reason was, of course, that each of the 12 of my official disciples represented one of the tribes of Israel, and thus the disciple’s ability to transcend was somewhat dependent on the collective willingness of the group they represented.

Nevertheless, the point that I want to make here is this: there are many people on this planet who have reached this crucial turning point on the path. Where they have attained some insight, some attainment, even some openness to the flow of the Spirit through them, and they now face this very subtle choice. Will they use this to try to set themselves up and gain a position, fame, respect, recognition—or will they become completely selfless in their service to life?

Will they attempt to use the flow of the Presence to reinforce the spiritualized ego that they have created, or will they be willing to let that ego die, so that they can become the completely open door? The being that does not seek to get the Presence and the flow of the Spirit to validate and raise up the ego, but instead allows the Spirit and the Presence to raise up all life in whatever way the Presence and the Spirit sees fit to do so.

The true initiation of the Year of the Son and a dispensation

This was the deeper, underlying initiation of the Year of the Son. Why did I not tell you this at the beginning of the Year of the Son, instead of telling you after the year has already passed? The reasons is simple. Even as a spiritual teacher, I cannot take an initiation for you. You are the one who must be initiated, you are the one who must come to certain conclusions and insights on your own. There is a limit to how much I can tell you, for where would the initiation be, if you knew everything in advance? So then, why am I telling you now? Because I am giving you a grace.

Those of you who are willing to be honest with yourself have a period of time from when you hear or read this dictation – whenever that might be – where you have an opportunity to have my personal Presence with you. So that I will work with you individually from the spiritual realm and give you whatever insight you are open to receiving into actually seeing where you have created a spiritualized ego and where you are not yet the open door.

This is a dispensation I have been granted, because it has been deemed necessary by the Karmic Board to make an extraordinary effort to help those, who are close to breaking through and manifesting true Christhood—but who have not yet made this shift in consciousness on their own during the Year of the Son. So it has been determined, that we will extend this offer to those who are willing to see what they have so far not seen, to see where they have raised up a structure, a graven image, that they are worshiping before the true God of their own I AM Presence.

If you are willing to take advantage of this dispensation, then we do not need any outer ritual or any great fanfare. However, you need to make an inner commitment, where you in your own simple words apply to me to show you what you have not seen. You need to do this daily, and I suggest that before you retire at night you make a simple prayer to Archangel Michael to protect yourself, your lifestream, the Conscious You, that it might separate from the body and be taken during sleep to the retreat that I have over the desert of Saudi Arabia, and that you might learn there what you need to see in yourself.

Now I suggest also, that in order to stimulate the process, whereby I have a chalice in your mind, that will help me to pour in the living waters of the Christ consciousness, you will make an effort to study the teachings I have given on Christhood. This may be on the website, in the course on personal Christhood or through other sources, that you might be aware of or that might come to your attention.

Yet do not become trapped in thinking, that the outer study itself will give you the insights you need. Do not become trapped in thinking you have to study frantically or spend extraordinary amounts of time on this. But spend a little bit of time every day – five minutes, 10 minutes before you retire – to read something that puts your mind in tune with the Christ perspective, the perspective that is different from your normal state of consciousness.

Ponder why the Spirit will not conform

I especially encourage you to consider what I have said already, that the Christ, that the flow of the Spirit, will never conform to the mental images and the mental boxes that you, or other people, or the fallen beings have created on earth. If you are to take advantage of this dispensation, you have to be awakened from your current state of consciousness. I am not hereby saying, that you are in an unacceptably low state of consciousness. It is not my intent here to reinforce the fallen beings’ image, that there is something wrong with you if you are not living up to a certain standard. My point is simply this: no matter what level of consciousness you are at, the role of the Living Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit, is to take you to the next step up.

Throw away all value judgments about whether you are in a high enough state of consciousness or not, whether you live up to this or that or the next standard or image defined by any spiritual movement or religion on earth. Throw them all away, but we willing to recognize, that whatever state of consciousness you are in right now, my job is to help you rise to the next step up—and then go beyond that as you are willing.

For me to help you rise beyond your current level of consciousness, you must be willing to think outside of the mental box created by your current level of consciousness. And thus, you must be willing to recognize, that the Christ will not conform to that mental box and the mental images you have inside the box, the mental images that make up the box. If you think that being the Christ means living up to a certain standard, then I can only help you rise higher by challenging that standard. If you think that the directions I should give you from within yourself should live up to a certain predefined expectation that you have, then I can only truly help you by not conforming to that expectation.

Can you see what I am saying? I cannot help you, if I conform to your expectations and mental images. If I did indeed conform, then I would only validate and reinforce the spiritualized ego that you have created. And this I will not do. You will not get the ascended master Jesus Christ to validate your ego. Millions of people who have seen themselves as good Christians, have attempted to get me to validate the Christian, so to speak, egos they have created. You have no right to ask me to do this, and I have no obligation to conform to those who do ask.

I will not conform to your mental images. I will remain true to my vow to draw all men and women unto me, because I was lifted up from the earth. And I can draw you unto me, not by lowering myself to your expectation but by lifting you up beyond your expectation. How can this be so difficult to grasp? It can be difficult to grasp, when you look at the spiritual path, even the teachings of the ascended masters, from inside your mental box.

And therefore, anything we say, anything that comes to you, will be colored by your graven images before it reaches the conscious mind. That is why it is possible for a spiritual teacher to say something, that carries truth and wisdom, but the student does not receive it the way it was given. And this is what you saw in the situation, where Peter tells me that what I am telling him about me going to Jerusalem and suffering many things shall not come to pass—because it is beneath me according to his standard for what the Christ should be like. What did I say to Peter? I said: “Get thee behind me Satan!” For this is precisely the satanic consciousness, that wants the Christ to conform to its expectations—that wants the Christ to conform to the current conditions on earth instead of being the open door for raising up those conditions.

The key to passing the initiations of the Year of the Mother

Do you see how this relates to the Year of the Mother? Do you see why this dispensation has been given on the threshold to the Year of the Mother? What is the essential initiation of the Year of the Mother? It is that you overcome the perversion of the Mother, and that perversion is that Spirit should conform to the current conditions in the matter realm, the Mother realm. That Father should become subject to Mother, instead of the other way around, where Mother conforms to Father, to Spirit. This is what it means, that the man is the head of the household. Not that the man in embodiment is the head of the household, but that the Spirit should be the head of the household of the psyches of beings in embodiment.

Your I AM Presence represents the masculine aspect of the polarity with the Conscious You and your lower being. And your I AM Presence should be the head of your personal household. But what has happened is, that people have fallen prey to the satanic delusion that Spirit should conform to certain conditions defined in matter.

“Get thee behind me Satan!” This is a statement that you might find use for during this Year of the Mother, when you will be confronted with many temptations to conform to what is manifest, and to therefore adapt or limit the flow of the Spirit through you to prevailing conditions or expectations. I am not thereby saying, that you need to go around blasting other people, saying: “Get thee behind me Satan” whenever they do not behave the way you want them to behave. For again, be careful not to apply your own expectations to other people or yourself.

What I am encouraging here is the awareness, that you will, in this coming year, be tempted to conform, and that in your own mind, you need to learn to recognize when the tempter is there. And then you need – in your mind – to say: “Get thee behind me Satan,” whereby you recognize and acknowledge, that this is simply the temptation of the material world to get you as a spiritual being to conform. And I suggest you study the story in the Bible of how I was tempted by the devil to conform to his expectations, to behave in the way he thought a Christed being should behave.

The lie of the reality of matter

There is, as I said, no standard for what a Christed being should be like, for the role of the Christed being is precisely to shock people out of their current sense of equilibrium, the false equilibrium that comes, because they think their egos have managed to force the entire material universe to function according to its world view, its doctrines, its belief system, its expectations. This is the lie of the perversion of matter. It is the lie that there is anything in the matter world that has continuity, that has permanence. You think the material universe has existed for 15 billion years, as your scientists claim. But I tell you, there is no “thing” that has existed for any length of time. For any “thing” that exists has no independent existence; it exists only because Spirit allows it to continue to exist. Yet it still has no independent existence, any more than the image on a movie screen has an independent existence. For the moment you shut down the projector, the screen goes dark.

And so it is with the material universe. What you think has permanence is simply images projected onto the screen of the Ma-ter light. It is the satanic lie, that these images are not projections but are actual things, that have a continued existence independently of Spirit. This is the lie of matter. This is what I meant when I said: “Judge not after the appearance but judge righteous judgment.”

Question the entire idea that matter is real, and that matter has power over you as Spirit. Be willing to question it continually during this Year of the Mother, and you can experience tremendous growth during this year. In fact, if you will question this illusion in its many subtle forms, you can – during this coming year – experience a growth, so that at the end of the year, you will look back and scarcely recognize yourself as you are today.

This coming year is an immense opportunity for questioning the illusion of matter. Of course, this has been possible all along, for those who were able to go far beyond the level of the collective consciousness. But in this specific cycle of the Year of the Mother, it will be easier than ever before on this planet to question this illusion. And thus, I say to you: make use of this opportunity. Do not look upon this year as just any other year. Look at it as an absolutely unique year, where you have the potential to break through to a new level of consciousness, a new level of awareness, of what life is and what it is about.

Be willing to question the very subtle beliefs, that you either think you should not question or that there is no point in questioning—for surely they must be right. They seem so self-evident, but they only seem self-evident because you view them from inside your mental box. Thus, be willing to reach for the Christ perspective, that looks at them from outside the box and therefore sees their unreality.

This is my offering to you. I hope that those who have been open to my website, perhaps for years, will make use of this offering. For I will continue throughout this year to give other teachings – as will other masters – that will help you make the maximum use of this Year of the Mother. So that in your own being, the year of our 2011 will be the year, where the Mother of your own being unites with the father of your own Presence. So that the Presence, the I AM Presence, now will have an open door, so that through the open door that you are, the I AM Presence can say: “I will be who I will be.” And then you, as the Conscious You, will allow the Presence to be what it will be through you, without putting any expectations or limitations on the Presence.

This is the opportunity that I put before you. It is my challenge to you, as it is my challenge to humankind. You will either put Satan behind you, or you will end up putting Satan between you and God—even more firmly than he is already seated in that position. And so, I will say as Gautama and Mother Mary have said before me, for this is a phrase that you might hear many times during this year: The choice is yours!


Matthew 4

1 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

2 And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred.

3 And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

5 Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple,

6 And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

7 Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

11 Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.


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