Pure Intentions for Seeking Wisdom

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels, January 3, 2016.

I am the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. The purpose of this discourse is to give to your outer awareness some pointers that will help you tune in to and pass the initiations on the second level at my retreat at Luxor. This, of course, is the level of the Second Ray, the ray of wisdom. We have already gone through important insights and initiations under Lord Lanto but I aim to take them a bit further by linking wisdom to your intention, the purity of your intention for seeking wisdom.

I would like you to consider how the world looks at wisdom. There was a time, many centuries and even millennia ago, where wisdom was looked at differently than it is today. You, who have grown up in the modern world, can scarcely imagine how people of ancient times looked at wisdom. I am not thereby saying that their approach to wisdom was necessarily superior to what can be achieved today. I am saying that it was certainly more nuanced and in a sense also a deeper understanding of wisdom than what you have in most of the educational establishments in the modern world.

Limits to human knowledge

Back then, people realized that there was a limit to human knowledge. This was, of course, easier for them because human knowledge was much more limited back then than it is today. You have grown up in a world where there is an information explosion. Never has there been so much knowledge available to all human beings on earth. Well, actually, when I say “never,” I mean according to your recorded history, for surely in past ages there were civilizations where even more knowledge was available than today. In what you call history, you live in a society where there is so much wisdom, so much knowledge, available that you cannot comprehend it all. There is no one who can know everything.

Back in ancient times, where there was less knowledge available, people realized that the only way to truly be successful in life was not through outer knowledge but through an inner wisdom. This was a higher form of wisdom that came in the form of what you today call intuition, but which back then they used different names for than you use today. They saw it as guidance from Above. Some cultures saw this as spiritual teachers, as spirit guides, some as a higher part of your own being. They realized that there was a higher form of knowledge or wisdom than what the human mind itself could produce.

There were also other cultures and other time periods where there was more of an understanding of what we might call the wisdom of the Mother, the feminine wisdom. This is the knowledge of how the world works, how the universe works. There were many people who had achieved a greater intuitive understanding for how the world works than even your scientists have today. I am not saying that this was a superior form of wisdom necessarily, although in some cases there were people who knew intuitively how the world works beyond what even your best scientists can do today. For example, there were people who had a better intuitive understanding of the human body and could therefore perform certain acts of healing that were beyond what the best doctors can do today. What they could not do back then was explain how and why these cures worked, and this, of course, is one difference and one area where today you have made a certain amount of progress. It is not my intention here to say that the immense explosion of knowledge created by science over the last several centuries is primitive or wrong.

Self-mastery and knowledge from within

I do aim to help you, as an ascended master student engaging in the path of self-mastery, to see that you are not going to attain self-mastery through knowledge that comes to you from without. If you will look at society as it is today and how it looks at wisdom or knowledge, you will see that there is a clear tendency to think that reliable knowledge can only come from some kind of expert, some kind of authority figure.

There are still societies where they look to religious authorities to tell you what is the only way to believe about certain aspects of life. These religious authorities supposedly base this on their knowledge of the scriptures or in certain cases on some Divine revelation. There are other areas of society where they look to scientists to provide reliable knowledge.

Now again, science has made great progress in explaining many things about how the material universe works. However, as a spiritual student you need to realize that the approach taken by modern science is very limited. It is limited precisely because at a very early stage science became a tool for certain fallen beings who attempted to use it. First, they attempted to use it as a way to take the same power in society that other fallen beings had taken through religion. The warfare between science and religion is, therefore, to a large extent the rivalry between two groups of fallen beings.

After they had taken some of the power away from religion, the fallen beings who are using science now started using it as a way to control people. You may think that the fallen beings have many reasons for wanting to control people and, yes there are different levels of fallen beings and they have different motivations for why they want to control people. Behind them all, there is one overall desire when it comes to people who are in embodiment on earth, and that desire is that the fallen beings want to make sure that you cannot manifest personal Christhood.

Personal Christhood is, of course, a state where you know from within what is valid knowledge and what is not valid knowledge. You are self-sufficient, you are independent, there is no authority figure, there is no expert, who can tell you something that will override what you know from within. Christhood is the combination of the ability to receive knowledge from a higher source – namely your I AM Presence and the ascended masters – and the ability to tune in to the material universe and the wisdom of the Mother.

The fascination with intellectual knowledge

When you come to the second level of initiation at my retreat, I need to exert a considerable effort to help the students overcome their fixation, their fascination, with outer, intellectual, scientific knowledge. This I do in various ways, but I do it primarily by taking the students into a room specially constructed for this purpose. This is a room that I have constructed with the help of Lord Lanto. It is a room where we can, as Lanto has described in his retreat, show the energy of wisdom, the energy of knowledge. We can show the geometric forms behind what you call outer knowledge, meaning knowledge that can be expressed in words.

We can therefore show you what is the energy behind worldly knowledge. We can even show you how there are certain ideas, certain types of knowledge, that are not neutral. You will know that the Holy Grail of scientific materialism has, for a couple of centuries, been objectivity. This is supposedly where the mind of the scientist does not influence the observations. It is believed that the conclusions drawn based on those observations are not influenced by the mind of the scientist.

It is therefore believed that scientific knowledge is completely neutral. It aims only to give you the truth; it has no other agenda or effect. We can, however, show you at an energetic level how there are some theories in the world, even some that are commonly believed by most people, that have certain energetic hooks embedded within them.

I know this is difficult to visualize, but it is not so difficult when you compare it to the world of computers. You know very well that a computer program has a certain code. It is coded in the language used for that particular computer. The computer program may contain information that it can give to you but the information is encoded. You also know that it is possible, between or inside a computer code, to insert hidden codes that are called viruses. These are codes that can go into your computer and perform various actions that have nothing to do with the outer program that they are riding on. You can have a situation where one thing is displayed on your computer screen, but at the same time there is a hidden virus that is doing something that you are not aware of.  Well, it is the same with these ideas and theories created by the fallen beings. They all have outer knowledge that they claim have a certain aim, a certain theory, a certain intent of explaining how reality works. Hidden within it are encoded ideas, even energetic signals, that are not seen by the conscious mind, but they go into the subconscious mind and act as a computer virus.

All of you, who have been brought up in the modern world, have been programmed with certain ideas that at the surface level claim to give you knowledge – valid, neutral, objective knowledge – but that are in reality programming your minds in certain ways that work against your spiritual growth and the manifestation of your Christhood. There are many examples of this. I do not here intend to go into a longer discourse about it because this is the work of many ascended masters for another time. What I do aim to show you is just an example of what you will learn at my retreat.

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