Poverty is hatred of the Mother

TOPICS: Understanding the fourth ray – Understanding the fall on the fourth ray – Impure motives – Taking full responsibility on the fourth ray – How hatred of the Mother begins – How Lucifer fell – How poverty relates to God Purity – Breaking the spiral of poverty – Understanding that the power elite are the most poor people – Breaking the downward spiral – Use the invocations to overcome hatred of the Mother – There are no material means for overcoming poverty – No freedom without purity –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 20, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come in the great flame of Freedom. This is the flame of the Great IS, the IS of all life, the River of Life that flows from Spirit to matter and back to Spirit, thus raising up all creation as it flows. The seventh ray is the integration of the first six rays. But before you can integrate the six rays and graduate to the initiations of the seventh ray, you must integrate the first three and win your freedom on the fourth ray of God Purity.

In my first three discourses on this topic, I have spoken about winning your freedom on the first ray of God Power, the second ray of God Wisdom and the third ray of God Love. I have talked about the need to overcome poverty on those rays, and poverty, of course, is that which keeps you trapped at a certain level, and thus prevents you from winning the freedom that allows you – that empowers you – to rise beyond that level.

Understanding the fourth ray

We now come to the fourth ray of purity, and it is represented by the white light. And you know what happens when you send a ray of white light into a glass prism: you split it into all the colors of the rainbow. The fourth ray is in the middle, with three rays before it and three rays after it. And thus, what happens to a new lifestream, that descends into the matter sphere, is that it must first be tested on the first ray and learn to express God Power. When it has some proficiency in God Power, it will begin to be tested on the second ray and express Wisdom. And then it moves on to Love. But the first three rays are, so to speak, the beginning of the path of initiation. And we know well that as a lifestream begins those first three rays, it has not yet attained Christhood, or even a certain degree of mastery. Therefore, there is – in an ideal situation – a great deal of guidance that is offered to such a lifestream.

If the lifestream takes advantage of this guidance, then it will integrate the lessons of the first three rays and be well prepared for the initiations of the fourth ray, where it must begin to stand on its own. And thus, on the fourth ray of Purity, a lifestream cannot be tutored in every little detail, for it must of necessity show that it has integrated what it has learned as a result of its tutorship on the first three rays. On the first three rays – when the lifestream experiments with expressing Power, Wisdom and Love – there is a great deal of forgiveness. So that, when a lifestream makes a mistake, well it is instantly forgiven and helped by the teacher to see its mistake so that it can rise above it. That is, of course, a lifestream can be helped by the teacher – the true spiritual teacher – only according to its free-will choices and its willingness to learn from the mentorship of the teacher.

Understanding the fall on the fourth ray

What I am telling you here is, that as a lifestream experiments and learns on the first three rays, we allow the lifestream to make mistakes and we are quite tolerant of these mistakes. We are not the kind of teachers that you might know on earth, who come down hard on you and punish you for every little mistake, my beloved. For it is not our goal to turn you into robots who can stand attention or march in sync with others, as if you had no individuality. It is our goal to raise you up so that – when you pass the initiations on the seventh ray – you are free to express your divine individuality in this world. And this is not a mechanical process that can be forced, which is why free will reigns supreme.

Because of this, it is possible that a lifestream – as it experiments with the first three rays – can build up a certain momentum and habit on misusing those first three rays—in other words, expressing Power, Wisdom and Love in an unbalanced way. A lifestream may begin to feel a certain kind of fear, that causes it to express power in order to control other people or its outer situation. This misuse of power – this fear-based expression of power – is the beginning of poverty. Because when you seek to take by force in the material world, well then the more force you express, the more that force will limit yourself and your own spiritual freedom.

As you begin to express power in an unbalanced manner, you will cut yourself off from the Power of God. You will not be able to have the Power of God flow through you and thereby manifest in the material universe all you desire. And of course, when you experience that you cannot manifest what you desire, you begin to feel poverty—and thus you begin to seek to use even more force, in order to control your outer situation. Many lifestreams can then come to the point, where they go to the next level and start misusing Wisdom, which then allows them to use the mind of anti-christ to come up with a sophisticated reasoning for why they do not need or do not want God Power; they simply want power in the material universe. And they can gain that power, at least to some degree, by misusing the power of the first ray through the unbalanced wisdom of the mind of anti-christ, the perversion of God Wisdom.

This perversion of Wisdom can lead to the next step, where the lifestream begins to feel that it does not love God and that God does not love it. Because it begins to believe that if God really loved me, God should give me everything I want and should not force me to face the consequences of my own choices—and my own misuse of power and wisdom. You now see the triangle of the misuse – the abuse, the unbalanced use – of power, wisdom and love, which causes the lifestream to sink into a state of spiritual poverty, of feeling cut off from the Power, Wisdom and Love of God—which is a state that sets the stage for the lifestream failing the initiations on the fourth ray, which is the ray of purity.

Impure motives

So you now see that the abuse of power, wisdom and love causes the lifestream to build a momentum of impurity, and to express its co-creative abilities in an impure manner that is focused on raising up the self – the separate sense of self, the ego – rather than raising up the All. This, my beloved, is essential to understand. For when you reach the initiations of the fourth ray, you will face precisely the test of whether you will purify yourself from all imbalanced use of power, wisdom and love, and thereby begin to express your creative abilities in a more pure manner.

What, my beloved, do I mean when I say more pure? Well, I mean whether you express your creative abilities in order to gain an advantage for your separate self, or whether you rise to the higher level of using your creative abilities to raise up the All, seeking to have everything in the material universe become MORE. Do you see the essential difference here? When you use your creative abilities in an impure manner, you are seeking to gather more and more to the separate self – around the separate self – so that you build an impenetrable wall that isolates the separate self from the return of its own karma, from the return of the consequences of its own choices, so that you seek to use the energies of the material realm to isolate and insulate yourself from the spiritual path and its initiations.

Why do you do this? Because the separate self, of course, cannot see the true purpose of the spiritual path and therefore believes that the initiations – the return of your karma, the cosmic mirror sending back to you whatever you send out – is a punishment by an angry God in the sky. Whereas the reality is that the return of the consequences of your own choices is precisely how you learn, and therefore it is an opportunity, my beloved.

When you receive a return current from the cosmic mirror that is not pure according to your highest vision, then that is an opportunity for you to realize that what you sent into the cosmic mirror was not a pure impulse—and that is why the mirror reflects back an impure material manifestation. So you now have the opportunity to rise up and purify your co-creative efforts. That is, of course, if you are willing to allow what comes back from the cosmic mirror to awaken you to the need to look in the personal mirror and do what Jesus said, namely look for the beam in your own eye—of where you have allowed impurities to gather in your eye – in your vision, in your mind – thus causing those impurities to form a colored film that inevitably colors your mind. And thereby, it colors everything you send into that cosmic mirror, making it inevitable that the mirror can only reflect back to you an impure manifestation.

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