The unknown forces behind the suppression of women

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Portia. I take this opportunity to give you the opportunity to step up higher in your willingness to receive progressive revelation. If we step back, far back, far back into space and look at earth, what do we see? What do we see about this planet that stands out from a cosmic perspective? The one thing that stands out is that for a very long time, humankind has been trapped in a particular mindset. This is the mindset of being very focused on yourself and thinking, feeling, sensing or never questioning that there is something beyond your current level of consciousness. It is the inability, or for the fallen beings the unwillingness, to admit that there is a higher state of consciousness than what you have right now—and therefore, a higher perspective on everything.

What does this, we might call it, narcissistic state of consciousness cause people to do? A very simple thing. It causes them to project, based on their current state of consciousness, beyond themselves and their immediate environment. In other words, human beings (manipulated by the fallen beings, I admit, but nevertheless) have been trapped in thinking that you can look at current conditions on earth, and based on current conditions on earth you can project what reality is like beyond earth. You can project how the universe functions. You can project what the spiritual realm or heaven is like. You can even project what God is like, based on what you observe currently on earth.

Humanity is stuck in a closed loop

You think that what you observe currently on earth has some reality to it or has some connection to reality. Therefore, it can tell you something about the entire cosmos, even God, and this something should then be universally, absolutely, eternally true because you cannot even conceive that your consciousness could be wrong, could be limited, could be colored, could be subjective, could be completely out of touch with reality. When you look at earth from this cosmic perspective that I am seeking to give to you – not only in the words but in the vibration, in the light that I am releasing – what you see on earth is that people on earth are trapped in a closed loop. They are in a very limited state of consciousness, but they fail to acknowledge that they are in a limited state of consciousness, and therefore, they think they are able to recognize absolute truth. They think that based on what they see, based on what they have in their minds, they can project the absolute truth about God, or the entire cosmos, or the laws of nature, or the political necessity, or historical necessity or whatever you have.

I Portia, who hold the office of the Goddess of Opportunity, I hereby shatter that matrix! I shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter that matrix in the identity, mental and emotional realms! I shatter it so that there is a new opportunity for those who are willing to see beyond it, and to suddenly, as happened to Paul on the road to Damascus, have the scales fall from their eyes. They see how limited, how nonsensical, how out of touch with reality that this mindset really is. I grant you that two thousand years ago, or three thousand years ago or a thousand years ago, it was difficult for people to do this because they thought that the earth was all there was. Many thought that the earth was the center of the universe and their universe was just a small bubble around the earth, and there was the sky, and beyond the sky was God and the angels.

Today, my beloved, who can fail to realize that the universe is vast, is perhaps infinite? Who can fail to have heard that there are billions of galaxies with millions or billions of stars, with even untold billions of planets? The universe is so vast that there has not been time for light, which travels so fast, to reach earth from the furthest reaches of the cosmos. There has not been time since the universe began. You all know this! Hardly anyone on earth has not heard about this and knows the size of the universe you live in. Therefore, you should be able to mentally step back and realize that you live on one little planet that literally is like a speck of dust on an infinite beach. One grain of sand on an infinite beach, that is what your planet is like.

Do you seriously believe – and I speak into the collective consciousness because I know you, our students, do not believe this, but nevertheless, it needs to be spoken – do you seriously believe that this little grain of sand and how things are on this little grain of sand can tell you anything at all about the totality of the cosmos or what is beyond the cosmos, namely the Creator itself? How can you possibly maintain the illusion that you can sit here on earth and look at this planet and look how limited it is, and you can think this can tell you something about the cosmos, about God or about the spiritual realm? How can you think this?

How can a primitive planet tell you about the cosmos?

Now, go the other way, instead of looking beyond the earth and stepping back, now step right into the earth. Go around this planet and look at the conditions. We are focusing on women. Look at these women who are being lured or kidnapped in their teenage years in some little village in Eastern Europe, in Asia, in Africa, wherever it may be. They are being lured by the promise of a better life or they are just outright being kidnapped. They are being held captive. They are being brutally beaten and raped by their captors. Then, they are perhaps even getting hooked on drugs. They are told that they have to work as prostitutes to pay back the debt they have incurred for being kidnapped. How do you have to pay somebody to kidnap you and hold you against your will?

Look at the conditions in India for example where a girl from early childhood is made to believe that she is worthless because she is a girl. What is her only option? To hope that some man will have pity upon her and marry her so she can be his slave physically and sexually for the rest of her life, still feeling worthless the entire time. Do you think this is natural? Do you think this is the highest condition found anywhere in the universe? Do you think then that this planet is a high planet? When you look at how women are being treated around the planet, do you think this is a high planet? Do you think that a primitive planet like this can tell you anything about the rest of the cosmos and of God? This is a nonsensical state of consciousness. It is completely out of touch with reality. It is so nonsensical that there are beings who will not even look at the earth. They will not put their attention on earth because they do not want to reinforce anything they see.

The masters must step down their light

We who are ascended masters who are working with earth, we have, in a sense, in order to work with earth, had to step down our consciousness and our light to where we can still work with earth without reinforcing the conditions that we see on this planet. Now, when I say reinforce, I do not necessarily mean that this strengthens them. It means that if I, given the consciousness that I have, were to look at female prostitution, human trafficking, with the fullness of my awareness, the light flowing over the bridge of my attention would be so strong that it would inflate these conditions so that they would be acted out in more and more extreme ways. Therefore, this would have very destructive consequences, not only for the people who are perpetrating these actions against women, but even for the women, for the societies, for the institutions that are allowing money laundering and all of these things. In other words, it would have such an accelerating effect that things would simply begin to fall apart, blow apart, be inflated to the point where society could not ignore it. It would be such a dramatic change that it could have very destructive consequences.

If I were to do this, you might say: “Well, wouldn’t it be better to just get it over with, to have these things fall apart so that we can move on and have better conditions for women on this planet?” This is because again, there is a misconception about the planet. You think, even ascended master students can sometimes think this, that there is a certain condition that we of the ascended masters want to see manifest, that Saint Germain has this perfect matrix for the golden age, like many students in previous ascended master organizations believed, with wonderful cities with golden buildings and gold in the streets and all of this stuff.

What have we told you time and time again? We are working within the constraints of free will. What is the cause for why you have the current conditions on earth? Because you, humanity, collectively have chosen to enter a certain level of consciousness. The conditions you see, including the mistreatment of women, are simply out-picturings in the physical of that state of consciousness. You have used your free will to enter that state of consciousness. Our goal is not simply to remove a certain condition from the earth, but to gradually raise the collective and individual consciousness to where at least a critical mass of people, hopefully a majority of people, can choose to rise above that state of consciousness so that these manifestations can be removed from the earth.


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