Expressing the immeasurable

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, July 3, 2012 through Kim Michaels.


Paul the Venetian. What is in a name? Only what you put there. The Third Ray of love. What is in love? Only what you put there. What is in a work of art? Only what you put there—unless you have become an open door for the stream of the creative fount of love to be expressed through your art or through your daily life.

For shall we not realize that art has become, as almost everything else touched by man, a concept that people seek to understand. And shall we not then realize, that when people seek to understand based on the mind that is steeped in separation and duality, well then, what they understand is not true art or true love. It is only what they put there, or what has been put there by other beings steeped in duality. And so you see so much of the art in the world that is indeed adapted to a certain time period, to a certain culture, to a certain view of what is and what is not art. Even in some cases with a certain overlay, such as what was imposed by the Inquisition, of what was acceptable and not acceptable to put in a painting, or that imposed by a certain political regime, such as the Soviet Union, for what was considered the true art of the socialist utopia.

True art cannot be expressed within the framework of a certain man–made mental box. For true art is ever–transcending. It is creative but not as you normally understand creativity, for even creativity has become a concept upon which human beings project their mental images of what it means to be creative. But I tell you, you cannot say what it means to be creative, for creativity is that which transcends boundaries, even the boundaries of what has been expressed before.

The Chateau de Liberté

And thus, some of you will know that I am the hierarch at the retreat called the Chateau de Liberté. You will know that it is located in the etheric realm over a certain physical location in France. You might even know that there is a physical castle and that this castle has a certain look, a certain design. And you might do what human beings are so good at doing: take their own mental images and project it upon that which is beyond the physical.

Look at how people throughout history have projected their own mental images upon God. And certainly, when you see pictures of the building that is that Chateau in France, you might think that my etheric retreat looks somewhat like that building. Well, think again, my beloved, for in the etheric realm things are not solidified, as they are in the physical. When you take a great amount of rocks or stones and start stacking them on top of each other in order to build a building that will stand for a long time, then you obviously create a matrix in the physical. And it will not easily be broken down and will not easily be changed, for what are you in essence doing? Well, when you set out to build a building that will stand for a long time, what is it that wants to build that building? It is the ego, my beloved, that wants to create a monument to itself that will stand for a long time, longer than the physical body through which it is expressing itself and which it knows has a short lifespan.

And so, you see so many things in the world, that are simply an attempt of human egos to immortalize themselves. And when you look at the art world, you likewise see so many of these attempts of the artist, or the person commissioning the artist, to immortalize their egos. Take for example one of the monumental paintings of the inauguration ceremony of Napoleon Bonaparte, and you will see exactly what I mean. A gigantic painting painted for the sole purpose of immortalizing the ego of Napoleon. And so, of course, given that my retreat is located in the etheric over France, you will indeed see that France as a nation, has a certain tendency to want to immortalize certain aspects of its national ego. But of course, this is not limited to France, as many other nations have the exact same tendency and do indeed want to raise monuments to themselves that can stand for a long time, and be recognized and admired as, so to speak, great works of art. But are they great works of arts?

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