Passing through the screen door to heaven

TOPICS:  Many are ready to go beyond the outer path – Letting the WORD be the judge – Understanding the WORD incarnate  – Understanding how salvation works – Overcoming the gray zone – Only the WORD will purge you of duality – Is there any absolute truth? – Why people’s outer minds resist truth –

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Ascended Master Jesus, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashen hands? He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death: But ye say, If a man shall say to his father or mother, It is Corban, that is to say, a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free. And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother; Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

And when he had called all the people unto him, he said unto them, Hearken unto me every one of you, and understand: There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.

And when he was entered into the house from the people, his disciples asked him concerning the parable. And he saith unto them, Are ye so without understanding also? Do ye not perceive, that whatsoever thing from without entereth into the man, it cannot defile him; Because it entereth not into his heart, but into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purging all meats? And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man. (Mr 7:5-23)

By now you are beginning to see the pattern of how the scribes and Pharisees were always objecting to the Living Word, brought forth by me as the Living Christ. This, my beloved, is a pattern that by no means is limited to the scribes and Pharisees, for you see it in every religion, in every civilization, in every spiritual tradition, in every worldly tradition.

What is the essence of this pattern? Well, it is precisely that the ego is trying to build up the outer appearance that it is acceptable in the eyes of God because it is living up to all these outer conditions. When people are blinded by the ego, they identify with the ego, they are attached to the outer tradition they have created—the outer tradition that says they are saved because of the outer things they do.

Many are ready to go beyond the outer path

I am not bringing this up to necessarily find fault with those who are attached to outer tradition. For, as a realistic spiritual teacher, I know that there are people on this planet who are still very much like children, and who need to still be in an outer organization, an outer church, where they can believe that by belonging to that church and following a few simple rules, they will be saved. There are literally people, a certain portion of the population on earth, who have that legitimate need. And as a spiritual teacher I do not expect them to rise out of that need in one lifetime.

Yet, I can also tell you that there is a large group of people on this planet – in this day and age – who are ready to leave that entire mindset behind—but who have not yet done so, partly because they have never been taught. But why have they never been taught? Because they have not so far been open to the teaching. And that is why the eternal spiritual law cannot take effect for them. For is not the law very clear? When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Or should I say, my beloved, when the student is willing, the teacher appears? For until the student is willing to hear the Living Word of the teacher, what is the point of the teacher appearing?

Well, there is indeed a point, and that is why I came to earth. And the point is that the teacher can awaken people from their sleep and shake them out of their comfortability. There comes that point, as I talked about yesterday, where there is a gap between the outer person, the outer personality, the outer mind, and the inner being of the person. You have a large percentage of people on this planet who at inner levels are ready to step up to truly understand what the spiritual path is about, but their outer minds are not ready. For their outer minds are still too controlled by their egos. And the people do not understand the ego, and thus do not understand the need to separate themselves from it.

What is a teacher to do? Is he going to sit around passively and wait until the people wake up by themselves? Or is he going to say, “But at inner levels they are ready, so I will go down in a form they can see, in a form they cannot ignore, in a form they cannot deny, and I will do my best to awaken them to the inner reality for which they are ready.” This is the true motivation behind all true spiritual teachers who have ever come to this planet—to awaken those who are ready, so that they can snap out of the outer mind and truly be awakened to the inner reality of who they are.

Letting the WORD be the judge

I came 2,000 years ago partly to awaken a certain group of people who were ready for a higher teaching. But I came also for another purpose, and that is to bring forth the Living Word, that could serve as the judgment for another group of people. These are the people, as I said, who are not the innocent ones who are not yet ready for the WORD. No, these are the beings who for many lifetimes, possibly even from higher realms, have rejected the Living Word, have tried to silence that Living Word.

There are certain cycles, for when a person decides to enter into the duality consciousness and deny its own divinity, then that being is given a certain time to come back to the true path, to the River of Life. When cycles begin to turn, and we near the end of a certain group of lifestreams – their opportunity – well, then the Living Christ appears to give them one last chance to accept the Living Word or to reject that WORD and thereby receive the judgment which says, “They shall have no more opportunity on earth,” perhaps for some “They shall have no more opportunity at all.”

That is indeed why I said, “For judgment I am come.” But as I explained yesterday, it is not I who judge people, it is truly the WORD, the WORD in themselves. This is what I also expressed in the quote just read, where I wanted people to understand that it is not the outer things that you do or don’t do that will determine whether you enter the kingdom of heaven. It is the quality of the heart, the state of your inner being, the state of your consciousness. What has always been going on in the religious and spiritual life of this planet is that you have the two parallel tracks of the outer path – the broad way that leads to destruction – and the inner path – the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life.

Understanding the WORD incarnate

What you have seen throughout history is that – truly – most people in the world have followed the outer path and very few have discovered the inner path. But I am telling you that we are now at the fortunate point, where there is the potential that a much larger group of people can awaken to the inner path and truly understand the universal nature of that path. But we must give them assistance to be awakened. For it will not just happen by mere happenstance or by some divine force forcing people to awaken. And that is indeed why the Living Word incarnates on earth.

The WORD incarnate is not a limited phenomenon that could only happen through one particular person 2,000 years ago. The Living Word can embody through anyone who is open and willing. But you see – as I explained – in order to become the open door for the Living Word, you have to be willing to first go through the purging process of being willing to allow the WORD to purify your own being from those imperfections that could cause you to either block the WORD or color the WORD with your own mindset, your own dualistic filter.

The question really is whether people, those who are the spiritually evolved and mature people, are going to be willing to step up and let go of the ancient mindset that by following certain outer directions you can qualify for salvation. Will people be willing to acknowledge the reality that unless you change your inner being, unless you change your consciousness, you cannot qualify for salvation? Which means that you have to take total responsibility for yourself.

The reason why official Christianity turned me into an idol, turned me into the savior who is up there on a pedestal saving all people, is that not enough people were ready to understand the inner path. And then the blind leaders – who have rejected the Living Word for eons – stepped into the Christian churches, took over and set themselves up as the authority, which is what they always do. The power elite set themselves up as the only ones who know how to interpret the Word.

They do exactly as I said of the scribes and Pharisees: they turn the Word of God into no effect in their tradition. They teach for doctrines, the commandments of men (Mark 7:7), because they take the Living Word and they project their own dualistic filter onto that WORD. And now they interpret the word through that filter, setting up outer doctrines and outer rules which they then claim are infallible. And then they will use that outer tradition to judge anyone who comes representing the Living Word, in their attempts to either silence that person or prevent the people from following the true leader who represents the Living Word instead of the dead word.

As soon as a word has been expressed in this world, in a form that can be copied and interpreted, as soon as that happens, the Word becomes the dead word. As I explained before, the Bible, the written Bible that you pick up, is the dead word. But if you read that word and allow it to enter your heart and reach for the Comforter who can breathe new life into that word as you study it, well then the word that you read can become the Living Word in your heart. But it cannot become the Living Word in your head, where you interpret it with the analytical, linear mind.

In order to truly accept the Living Word and accept yourself as the open door for the Living Word, you have to be willing to let go of the outer tradition and the mindset behind that tradition, which really is an attempt to create a guaranteed path to salvation: “If I follow these outer rules, God has to save me—even if I have not been willing to change the condition of my heart, to pull the beam from my own eye. Even if I still have all these lies and imperfect conditions in my heart, God still has to save me.”

Understanding how salvation works

Now, my beloved, you all know from your daily experience why this is impossible. You know very well that most of you have screens in front of your windows. The screens have small holes in them so the air can pass through and the light can pass through, but insects that are too big cannot pass through. You know very well that if you tried to drive a big truck into an ordinary garage, you are going to have a problem, because the opening is not big enough for the truck to go through. So you know very well that if you are to enter through an opening, you must be able to fit through that opening.

The image I would give you is that the pearly gate that leads into heaven has a screen door with very tiny holes in it. Your physical body cannot pass through that—that is obvious. But what I want you to understand is that those elements in your being, in your consciousness, that spring from duality, those elements cannot pass through the screen door either. They are like little moths and flies, buzzing around in your energy field, in your consciousness. And they will hit the screen and not be able to pass through. The problem is that if you have these elements in your container of self, as you try to go through the screen door – and if you are not willing to let go of them – well then they will hit the screen and keep you outside. Is this not obvious?

The only way to pass through the screen door to heaven is to realize that you are more than all of these dualistic beliefs, for you, the core of your being, is the conscious self. Your conscious self does not have any substance as such, and therefore your conscious self can pass through the screen door. But it can do so only when it is willing to give up the dualistic beliefs and come into the condition I described when I said, “The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me” (John 14:30). For I had gotten rid of all the little bugs in my subconscious mind, so there was nothing, there was no resistance for me passing through the screen into heaven.

And how do you overcome these dualistic beliefs? Well, there is only one way, and that is to reach for something that is beyond duality. And that something, of course, is the Living Word. The Living Word, when you allow it into your being, will purge you of those unreal beliefs. It will expose them to you, and then you can see them and you can let them go. But what has happened to many people in the world is that they are not willing to look in the mirror, they are not willing to look at themselves.

And for some, as I said, this is understandable for they are not ready. They would be too devastated if they were to look in the mirror and acknowledge that they had some kind of flaw that would keep them out of heaven—a flaw that they are unable to change because they are not yet ready to take full responsibility for themselves.

But what I am addressing here are the many people who are ready at inner levels, and who simply need to shift their outer minds to the point, where they acknowledge the reality that the outer path can never lead you to the eternal life, to heaven, to salvation, to cosmic consciousness, to the ascension or whatever you want to call it. By following an outer path, be it in a New Age teaching or in any of the traditional religions, you will never – ever – get to where you want to go. For you will never get rid of all the bugs that cannot pass through the screen door. Only when you step on to that inner path – and are willing to look in the mirror and realize, “There is an element of duality in my consciousness” – well only then will you truly enter the path to Christhood.

Overcoming the gray zone

I know that there is a point, there is an interim stage, where you are ready at inner levels but your outer mind has not yet acknowledged it, has not yet accepted that you are ready. Your outer mind resists the process of looking in the mirror. I saw this in all of my disciples in the time I spent with them—how they went back and forth, being somewhat willing but not quite willing to allow me to expose to them their own imperfect beliefs.

I understand that you go through a process of trepidation. I do not expect you to – in one day – suddenly be shaken out of it. For you see, my beloved, there is a very important principle that Saint Germain described last night. And that is that we walk a tightrope. For we want to awaken people, but we do not want to awaken them so abruptly that they are devastated or shocked by it and therefore switch from one extreme to the other.

We know very well that you all still need to have some sense of self-esteem. And as long as your sense of self-esteem is based on the things of this world—if we were to expose all of the illusions that you hold, your self-esteem could be shattered and you would feel like you were no good. And this is, indeed, what you see in some people in the Christian movements, who come to the realization that they are miserable sinners.

And what you see is that on one hand these people needed to be awakened, because they were heading in the wrong direction and creating one crisis after another for themselves. But when they fall into the traditional fundamentalist Christian mindset, they switch to the opposite extreme, and now they see themselves as miserable sinners who can never do anything on their own. And they think I am the only one who will save them. They fall prey to the illusion – again – of the outer path presented by the Christian churches, that by the simple measure of declaring Jesus to be your Lord and savior, you need to do nothing else, for now you are saved.

This then causes these people to be no better off than they were before they were converted. For, you see, they are still in the same mindset of not having taken responsibility for themselves, not having taken responsibility for changing their own hearts and minds, so that they can free their minds from all the debris that cannot pass through the screen door.

Only the WORD will purge you of duality

This is indeed the problem, the essential problem, on planet earth—in every tradition, even in secular traditions where they somehow think that a political party is the key to some form of salvation, as they truly believed in most of the communist world. Or at least some believed this. The reality is this: only the Living Word will help you, will empower you, to overcome the imperfections in your own being that stand in the way of your entry into heaven. And this is precisely the truth that I hope you will all internalize – truly understand – and then go out and teach to others. For this is the truth that must come out in this age.

As I have explained in my ego discourses, there are many spiritually mature people who have seen through the fallacies of the black-and-white thinking of the fundamentalist and orthodox Christians. Yet they have unknowingly gone into the opposite extreme of gray thinking, where they still think that they can create their own tradition independently of the Living Word. You have many people in the New Age movement who look down upon the Christians, realizing that the Christians have created their own tradition and therefore made the Word of God of no effect. But they fail to see that they have done the same thing, just from the opposite direction. They have arrived at the same point of creating an outer tradition and mindset that simply will not allow them to enter.

Once again, we have the image of the external God who judges everything. But nobody in heaven is looking down upon earth and judging people. It is, as I said, the WORD that will judge you. It is through your words that you shall be justified or condemned, it is through whether you have the Living Word in your being, whether your beliefs, whether your sense of identity is based on the Living Word or on the dead word, the dualistic word, the divided word. If you have too many elements, or for that matter any elements, of the divided word, the dualistic word, in your being, you cannot pass through that screen door. Only when you have fully absorbed the Living Word and have been willing to look at anything in your being, can you enter through that screen door, for now there is no resistance.

Is there any absolute truth?

I desire you to understand more of the nature of the Living Word. And truly I will speak more about this. But I want to leave you with one thought to contemplate and that is: There is a dream in religious tradition of finding some absolute, some infallible scripture or teaching that is absolutely true at all times and for all conditions. Many people look for that absolute truth and think there has to be such a thing as absolute truth. But what I desire you to contemplate is my words spoken 2,000 years ago, “God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth” (John 4:24). Take note that I did not tell people to worship God through the scriptures. So how can it be that so many people in the Christian world think that they can only know God and contemplate God through the scriptures—and that any idea about God must conform to scripture or it is false?

The Living Word is what allows you to rise above duality, but only when you internalize it and make it come alive in your heart. So as I speak these words into the physical octave – where you can hear these words – if you only listen to my words with the intellect, then these words are not the Living Word. They are the dead word in your mind, even though I speak them from the spiritual realm, and I, as the Living Christ, truly am expressing the Living Word in the material universe. The Living Word does not come alive in you unless you allow it to come alive, allow it to transform you, allow it to show you something that you have not so far seen and that your ego is not willing to see and does not want you to see.

There is no way to express an absolute truth in the physical universe. Because anything that is expressed becomes subject to interpretation. People impose their filters upon it and, depending on their willingness to see through their own filter, they can kill the Living Word in an instant, in the instant it enters their being.

You have heard the saying that what someone says to you goes in one ear and out the other. Well, I can tell you that there are many people who listen to the Living Word, and the Living Word goes in one ear but then the dead word comes out the other ear. So it has no effect on them, for these people have made the Word of God of no effect in their tradition, in the tradition that is between their ears, namely in the brain and the analytical mind. For they are not listening to the Word with their heart but only with their mind. And that is indeed why I could say that these people honoureth God with their mouth but their heart is far from him (Matthew 15:8).

Why people’s outer minds resist truth

There are millions of people on this planet right now who are ready at inner levels to accept this truth. Yet, you will still find that their outer minds might resist you for a while. What happens here is that you must be willing to be persistent and to not let their rejection of the Living Word cause YOU to reject the Living Word or refuse to give it out to others. For my beloved, if you will be honest in this process, you will know that when you try to share the Word with someone and they reject you, the reaction you have to their rejection will show you something about what you have not resolved in yourself.

For truly, if you give them the Living Word with total non-attachment – the profoundness of Maitreya’s teaching in his book where he talks about separating action from reaction, separating action from results, from any expectation of a particular outcome – if you are willing to do this, then you will have no attachments and you cannot be affected negatively whatsoever by them rejecting you and calling you names and accusing you of being a tool of the devil, as they accused me of being many times. So again, delivering the WORD to others is a two-edged sword because it will show you what is unresolved in yourself. But I trust that you will be willing to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Aah, I see now that I reacted to that person in a way that is less than harmonious. And so let me discover that attachment and overcome it so I can move on.” For truly, I will tell you the “absolute” truth here: You are not responsible for how other people respond when you give them the WORD. Your responsibility is to give the WORD so that they have an opportunity to make a choice. Your responsibility is not choosing for them.

So therefore, you can be completely non-attached. For, as I said, everyone shall be judged by the WORD. And you will be judged by your willingness to share the WORD you have internalized. And when you have shared the WORD, you have done your job. And now it is up to them how they accept or reject the WORD, but that will be their judgment not yours. And you do not need to judge them, for, as I said, the WORD will take care of this. Judge not that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1).

So, my beloved, be willing to observe yourself. And observe when you have a reaction where you feel uneasy, out of harmony, somewhat fearful or apprehensive and then say: “Why should I feel that way? There is no reason for me to feel that way unless I have an attachment. And that attachment cannot pass through the screen door, so let me uncover it and get rid of it, for I want to go through that door.” Once again, I thank you for your attention for, I have spoken my peace in this installment and will surely give you more when the time is appropriate.


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