Overcoming the things that take your peace

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 14, 2019.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and for this sixth level of initiation at my retreat, we are, of course, dealing primarily with the Sixth Ray of Peace. What does it take to be at peace at your level of consciousness on a planet like earth? Well, the question should really be reformulated: “What is the ‘you’ that has the potential to be at peace on earth?”

Making peace with having an outer self

We have, throughout this course, made it clear to you that you have an outer self and you have what we have called the Conscious You, which we could also call the inner self or the pure self. We have made it clear that when you start this course at the 48th level, you are fairly identified with the outer self, the Conscious You is fairly identified with the outer self. You are not completely identified with it or you would not be able to start the course. We have also made it clear that the major purpose of this course is to gradually decrease the Conscious You’s sense of identification with the outer self. This now comes full circle where, at this level, you are ready to make a certain shift in your attitude, the way you look at yourself, and take a major step forward in this process of dis-identification.

We have made it clear that as you descend into embodiment on earth, you take on all of these illusions that correspond to the 144 levels of consciousness. Even though the goal of this course is to bring you to the 96th level, you still have quite a few illusions that you have not shed at that level and that you are not meant to have shed. This means that you will have elements of an outer self with you as long as you are in embodiment on earth. As you go higher towards the 144th level, it is actually these elements of the outer self that keep you in embodiment. They keep you tied to the physical body, otherwise you would simply not be able to stay in the physical body but would go out of it, even to the point where you might actually withdraw the life force. It can even happen that you could withdraw this prematurely, before you are actually quite ready to ascend. That would mean you would have to take another embodiment. Therefore, above a certain level, the outer self that you have left is a safety mechanism.

You realize, of course, that below the 48th level (where people are totally identified with the outer self) the outer self does not in any way assist your spiritual growth. What you do between the 48th and the 96th level is that you start dis-identifying yourself from that outer self, which means that you are not pulled back down by the collective consciousness. You are not pulled into following the currents in the mass consciousness. You are, so to speak, building an individuality that helps you separate yourself from the mass consciousness. You are not doing the things that all of these other people are doing. When you go above the 48th level, there comes a point where the outer self you have left is not actually a hindrance to your spiritual growth. This happens when you come to the point where you make peace with what I have just told you. You make peace with the fact that as long as you are remaining in embodiment, you will have elements of the outer self.

Giving up the dream of reaching an ultimate level

This means that you will have to give up a dream that many spiritual people have. It is even a dream that is very much in the collective consciousness and you see it outplayed in different ways. For example, you see some children’s games where there is a certain zone that is defined as the home base or the home zone. If the children run into that zone, they cannot be taken by the other team. They are “home free,” so to speak.

You also have the dream that many people have of winning the lottery so that one day, you just have more money than you could even spend for the rest of this lifetime. Or you have other dreams that people have of attaining immortality or perfect health, or some other state where now they can feel completely safe on earth. There are many spiritual people, including ascended master students, who when they find a spiritual teaching that talks about rising to higher levels of consciousness, they then formulate this dream that one day they will reach a level of consciousness where now they will be “home free.” They will be enlightened. They will reach cosmic consciousness. They will be un-ascended ascended masters. They will be ego-free. They will be whatever people can dream of, but it is, in a sense, a dream of being on earth without being affected by anything on earth.

Now, it is important to look at this dream and recognize that you have it. All people have it. I had it when I was in my earlier embodiments and was not close to my ascension. We all have had this dream because it is part of the collective and we all live inside the collective. We only get free of the collective by looking at what is in the collective and overcoming it.

What you need to do here, at this level of my retreat, is to simply shift your mind a little bit. You need to recognize that you will have an element of the outer self with you as long as you are in embodiment. Then, you need to accept this and make peace with it. Of course, you will not be identified with that outer self, as you are not fully identified with it now. This means that the outer self does not really matter anymore. Once you come to the point where you are not identified with it and it is not running your life, then it does not really matter.

The outer self and your Divine plan

You realize that there can come a point where the outer self you have left is not really preventing you from fulfilling the goals you have set in your Divine plan. Therefore, you can outplay some outer self to a certain degree and it does not detract from your Divine plan. One of the ways this can manifest is that you can have certain legitimate desires of what you want to experience on earth. It is obvious that when you are above the 96th level, you do not have an outer self that wants to manipulate and control other people or make them feel bad or whatever it may be. You do not have an outer self that makes you want to do something illegal in order to get money, for example. You have risen above the more egotistical aspects of the outer self.

You might very well have had a long history on this planet where there are certain things, certain desires you have, certain experiences you would like to have and you might not feel that you have had quite enough of those experiences. Well, in that case, it is perfectly possible to continue to walk the path above the 96th level, still have certain desires that you have and you are still seeking to fulfill those desires but doing so in a balanced manner that does not disturb the progression of your Divine plan.

Just as one example, many, many people on earth still do not feel that they have quite fulfilled their desire for sex. Again, we have never said that when you reach the 96th level, you need to be celibate for the rest of your life. This has never been a goal that we have defined for you. If you exercise sexual activity in a balanced and responsible manner, you can perfectly well have sex and it does not detract from your Divine plan. This may go for other desires as well, such as the desire to have a certain materialistic lifestyle, to have a nice house, to travel and to see different places of the earth, whatever desires you may have that are not destructive desires.

You need to make peace with the fact that you have an outer self, that you will have an outer self, that it may affect the way you look at life and that it may pull you into seeking to fulfill certain desires. You need to be aware that this is okay as long as it does not disturb the progression of your Divine plan. This means that you go into a state where you are accepting that you have an outer self. You are not accepting that this will never change.

You are constantly monitoring yourself and your reactions. You realize that for each level of consciousness that you rise above the 96th level, you are going to have to see a particular illusion of the outer self and let it go. There is an inner spirit, there is a certain self that you need to let die. You are monitoring this constantly—not that you are in any way imbalanced about it, you are just being aware. You are monitoring your own reactions but you are not disturbed by it. You are not feeling that you are imperfect or not good enough because you have this outer self. You actually come to the point where, as other Chohans have talked about, you accept yourself for who you are right now. You accept that you are at a certain level of the path and that it is simply natural, inevitable for you to have a certain outer self.

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