Shifting out of superiority and inferiority dynamic

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara through Kim Michaels, October 2, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Korea – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I AM the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. I come with gratitude for your giving of this invocation, and for the many people who have made calls to me over the years, not only in this dispensation, but in others as well. This has allowed me to step in and release many energies, some ideas, to earth that various people have picked up on. Many of them are not necessarily ascended master students. And one of the real services you can give as ascended master students is to realize that the golden age requires a large number of ideas to be received by human beings in embodiment, to be implemented, to be carried out.

And many times, you as ascended master students are not in the best position to either receive an idea or to carry it out. And therefore, you cannot be attached to whether you are the one who gets the idea and gets the glory, or whether someone else does. When you have the vision you have as ascended master students, you can cultivate this willingness to make the calls, to raise your consciousness, to study the teachings. And to have the vision that those who can receive a certain idea will indeed receive it, will implement it, will act out upon it and a greater number of people will accept the idea so that it will actually spread. This is part of the vision you hold. This is part of your service.

This ties in with the first topic I want to bring up. How do you become an open door for planet Earth? Well, you have to overcome what is often called the inferiority-superiority complex. We see, and we have seen, over the many decades that we have given direct teachings, that there are two clear tendencies among ascended master students.

Some students are very, very eager to apply the teachings, to study the teachings. They put on a facade of being very eager, very good students. But they often do this because they have a superiority complex. They have a desire to be better than others, more advanced students than others, and therefore they are driven by this desire to use the teachings to raise themselves up and gain some sense of superiority.

The other tendency we see is that there are many students, often a majority of them, who accept the teachings, study the teachings, practice the decrees and invocations, but they do not really accept that they themselves could have direct contact with the ascended masters, could receive ideas or impulses from the ascended masters or could do something significant for the ascended masters. They are happy to follow an organization, follow a messenger or guru, do what they are told and they do it faithfully, but they do not really shift their minds into accepting that perhaps they do not have to always be followers.

You see, there are those who want to lead, there are those who want to follow, and unfortunately this often creates a very unhealthy and imbalanced state in organizations. I am not even just talking ascended master organizations, but you see the same thing in many other organizations around the world. What I would like to address here is this dynamic, the inferiority-superiority dynamic.

Now, in a sense, you could say that there is no superiority complex, there is only an inferiority complex. It is not really a matter of whether people feel superior or inferior, because all people have over many, many lifetimes of encountering the fallen beings on this planet, been manipulated into a state of feeling inferior. It is not really a question of whether people feel inferior or superior. They all feel inferior. The question is how they deal with it. And some people deal with it by accepting their inferiority, making themselves followers. Others deal with it by rejecting their own inferiority, seeking to create this facade of superiority so that they can feel superior on the outer, and thereby deny the inferiority complex that is still there deep within their psychology.

Now, there are of course fallen beings in embodiment. There are of course a small number of fallen beings who have been attracted to or sent into ascended master teachings and organizations, and you might say, when you look at these fallen beings, that they certainly have a superiority complex. They do think they are superior, you would say, but if you look closely, even at fallen beings, you see that deep within them there is actually an inferiority complex that has been covered over by so many layers of denial, that they also feel inferior. And they are the archetypal example of those who are reacting to the inferiority by covering it over, by seeking to build a sense of superiority in this world using the things of this world.

What we desire to see in our students is of course that you find a balanced state. And we saw, for example, in a previous dispensation, which was the last dispensation we could give in the Piscean Age, that there was a fairly large group of students who felt superior. There was a culture in the organization that: “We have the most advanced spiritual teaching on the planet, we are the forerunners for Saint Germain’s Golden Age, we are like the disciples of Jesus and therefore we are clearly the most superior students on the planet”. This is not nearly as prevalent of course in this dispensation because we have given you so many teachings that can help you overcome this. But I still want to address the inferiority feeling.

You understand that the fallen beings have a main agenda on earth to control human beings, to control avatars, to control the original inhabitants of the earth. They want to control everybody. As we have said many times before, this is difficult to attain through physical control, so there must be an element of psychological control. And the most important element of psychological control is the inferiority complex.

When you can make people feel inferior, when you can make the broad population feel inferior to a small elite, then you can control the broad population. The elite can control the broad population through this sense of inferiority. Look back at so many civilizations you have seen in the past all around the world, how there has been this belief that there is an elite that has special qualities, special powers. They are different somehow. They have blue blood, they have a different birth, they have a different lineage, and therefore they are so special. They can do what nobody else can do.

Just look beyond the border to North Korea and what do they believe about the leader up there? Again, a special person from a special lineage, special by birth, and therefore his word is always perfect. He can never be wrong, he can never make a mistake and so forth. You see this very, very old belief in elitism that there is a small elite that is superior and therefore the vast majority of the population is inferior.

Now, there is a certain process for climbing out of this inferiority. Some people, in order to climb out of inferiority, swim to the opposite extreme and they attempt to build this sense of superiority. This is essentially why we allowed this culture of superiority to form in the previous dispensation, because we saw that there were people at the end of the Piscean Age who needed to have this sense of superiority, this experience, in order to find back to a balanced state where they no longer needed to see themselves as superior, but they also did not see themselves as inferior. We allowed them temporarily to have the sense of superiority so they could overcome the inferiority.

What we look for in this dispensation is that you can find a more balanced approach where you do not need to go into superiority, but where you gradually achieve a balanced sense of who you are, and what do I mean by a balanced sense? Well, it means of course that this is what Christhood is all about.

There are certain stages of Christhood, as we have said before. There is a stage of Christhood where you begin to raise yourself above the collective consciousness. As we have said, there is a very, very strong collective beast, collective vortex, that pulls people into feeling inferior. And in order to walk the spiritual path and reach beyond the 48th level of consciousness, you have to separate yourself from this downward pull of the collective consciousness. And this means that you do end up knowing more than the average person, you have greater self-discipline than the average person, you have certain insights beyond what the average person has and therefore, you could say that you attain a certain superiority, if you want to use that terminology.

As you walk from the 48th to the 96th level, you build a certain sense that you are different from most people. It does not necessarily have to be superiority, but for many students, it becomes a sense of superiority. Now, this is acceptable at that stage. But in order to go beyond the 96th level you need to start going beyond this. You cannot go beyond the 96th level if you have a strong sense of superiority, or if you have a strong sense of inferiority. You need to find a more balanced approach and that balanced approach can be found in only one way: through experience.

You cannot do this theoretically. You cannot do this intellectually. You cannot do this through understanding alone. There comes a point where you cannot get out of your stalemate of your catch-22 unless you experience what we have described as the Conscious You, stepping outside of your four lower bodies, and experiencing pure awareness. It cannot be done, my beloved, it never has been done intellectually. You can achieve certain things intellectually, you can make yourself believe that you are not inferior or you are not superior, but it does not shift your consciousness until you experience pure awareness. Why is that?

Because pure awareness is, as we have described so many times, beyond duality. There are no polarizations, there are no extremes of duality. And when you experience pure awareness, you also experience that all of the divisions and polarizations of duality, they just fade away. They just become obsolete, they become irrelevant. They no longer matter to you. And when you have enough of these experiences, this carries over to a shift in your consciousness where you can gradually begin to shift away from this.

What does it matter whether I am superior to other people? What is the value of this in pure awareness? What does it matter that I am inferior to other people? How does this matter in pure awareness? You experience directly that there is a level of consciousness that is beyond the human level, and in which all of the things that are so important to human beings are utterly and completely unimportant. They just fade away.

This is one of the characteristics of enlightenment. That you see beyond what the Buddha called “the pairs,” where there are always the two polarities. And you see that it is not a matter of this polarity being right and the other being wrong. They are just obsolete, they are irrelevant, they are unreal. It is not a matter of right and wrong, good or bad. But it is a matter of what is real and unreal. And when you experience pure awareness, you experience that there is a reality beyond the human consciousness, beyond the collective consciousness, beyond your own present level of consciousness. And that reality you experience as more real than your normal state of consciousness.

This is really the only thing that will shift you out of superiority and inferiority. Because when you come to this experience, and have it a number of times, you realize that it does not matter whether you are superior to others or whether you are inferior to others. It is simply not important to you anymore. It is not even important to evaluate yourself based on a scale of who is inferior and who is superior. I am not saying this happens in one glorious epiphany. It happens gradually over some time. Many of you have started going through this, all of you have the potential to go through it and recognize that if all human beings came from the same source, who can be inferior, who can be superior?

These concepts, these divisions, these polarizations are simply irrelevant. They are only relevant to a certain level of consciousness. But when you experience pure awareness, the duality consciousness itself becomes irrelevant. And when the duality consciousness itself becomes irrelevant, then all of the divisions that spring from the duality consciousness are equally irrelevant. What does it matter?

Look at all of these scenarios, all of these cultures that have been created by human beings throughout the ages. Go back, read some of the history books, read what they believed in past civilizations of thousands of years ago, of their leaders, of how their leaders were superior somehow to the population. You find it everywhere, in every nation, in every part of the world, you find it. And then look at this civilization that may have been a large and flourishing civilization five thousand years ago. Is it relevant to the people of today? Are they even concerned about this? In a few cases, they may be, but, in many cases, they are not. The Roman Empire. Well who cares about the Roman Empire today? The Incas, the Aztecs, some of the civilizations in Asian China, in Asian Korea, in Asian Japan? Who cares? What does it matter?

Can you not see here when you see what has happened to these great empires of history, can you not project into the future? Like we have said, when you understand the tendencies of the past, you can project them into the future, so can you not see that a thousand or two thousand or five thousand years from now, your civilization will be equally unimportant to the people of that time. This means that you as ascended master students can then look at your civilization, look at your culture, and you can say: “What does it matter to me? What does it matter to me? What is that to me? I will follow Jesus into the Christ consciousness.”

You can look at your culture, your society, your civilization and see how even in democratic nations there is this very, very subtle system of beliefs that some people are still superior and the majority are inferior. There are some people that are smarter. There are some people that are better equipped to lead these large corporations, or lead the government, or whatever you have. There is still this very, very subtle culture of inferiority and superiority. Know your place and accept your place in society. This is there, in every nation. Even the most modern democracies, they have some version of it. It is often not spoken of because many of the democratic nations want to create the facade that everybody is equal and therefore, they do not want to acknowledge it. But they still have it. You will see that in every culture, wherever you are around the world, you have been programmed with this sense of inferiority compared to the leadership.

How do you become an open door for planet Earth? Well, you need to look at this. You need to overcome it. Because otherwise, you might very well have a subtle, subconscious, unrecognized belief that: “Oh, I was born in an ordinary family. I am just an ordinary person. I was not particularly smart in school. How can I receive an idea from Saint Germain that will help bring the golden age? How could I be worthy of this? I will just sit here and give my decrees and invocations, but I will not even consider that I could receive some kind of idea.”

The other polarity of this is the overeager students who think that they are the ones, they are worthy to receive an idea. And they are always so focused on how they can receive an idea that will give them glory and honor and make them looked up to. And either way, whether you consider yourself superior or inferior, the very feeling of being inferior or superior, this very sense of value judgment that you impose upon yourself, it closes your door. It prevents you from being the open door.

What have we said so many times? What has the messenger said so many times? What does it take to take a dictation from the ascended masters? You have to be in a neutral state of mind. Well, this may sound well and good, but relatively few people can even begin to grasp what it means to be in a neutral frame of mind. But you all have the potential to cultivate that, gradually cultivate this ability to step beyond, not only the inferiority and superiority, but even the preconceived opinions about how things should be done, can be done, what cannot be done, and just be neutral and receive an idea.

Many times, you will see, if you study science, for example, that a scientist has been working on a particular problem in his field. He has been working very frantically focusing all of his attention on it. He knows there is something he cannot grasp, but he cannot get it. His mind cannot get it. Then he takes a break, goes somewhere, does something entirely different and suddenly, the idea pops into his mind. And he sees it in an inner intuitive experience.

And it is the same thing for everyone. You need to recognize that receiving an idea requires an interchange. First, you focus. You study a topic. You think about it. You focus your attention on it, but there comes a point where you just have to let go. And then there is room, then there is an opening for the idea to enter your mind. You see why is this so? Well, it is because when a scientist, for example, is studying a particular topic, he has a theory about what should happen, what his experiment should show, what should be the new breakthrough. What is it that closes his mind? It is the preconceived opinion. He is not open. He is not neutral. He wants a certain result to be manifest.

Do you understand how this relates to you as ascended master students? If you have this superiority overlay, you want a certain result to manifest. If you have the inferiority overlay, you also want a certain result not to manifest. But you have a preconceived opinion. What did Jesus say many, many years ago? “I can of my own self do nothing.” This is another way to deal with the inferiority-superiority complex when you are an ascended master student. What have we taught you?

We have taught you that you have four lower bodies. We have taught you that in those four lower bodies are not only separate selves but there are also many, many beliefs and ideas, patterns that you have set up over many lifetimes for how you interact with the earth, with the environment in which you are in embodiment. This is fine. I am not trying to say that all of this is wrong. I am just pointing out to you that you have this apparatus in your four lower bodies that gives you a certain view of yourself, who you are, what the planet is like and how you can interact with the planet and with other people. And it forms an overlay. We have called it a perception filter.

This, as we have been trying to tell you many times, it is not who you really are. It is just something you have taken on in relation to earth, in relation to being in embodiment on earth. The entire value of the teachings about the Conscious You is that there is a part of you, you can call it whatever you want, but there is a part of you that can step outside of your four lower bodies, outside of your normal mind and personality. This very teaching has been found in every mystical teaching known on earth. It has been given various names and it does not have to be called the Conscious You, but in every mystical teaching, there is the concept that there is a part of you that can step outside of what you normally call “you,” your personality, your individuality, whatever you call it.

When you experience this, that there is more to you than the outer mind, then you can recognize that this outer mind can do many things. Or rather, you can do many things through the outer mind. But you can also begin to see that there are often certain limitations to what you can do. When you act through the outer mind, you often create certain consequences that are no longer really what you want. And this is what Jesus was trying to explain, what the Buddha was trying to explain, what many other spiritual teachers have been trying to explain, is that there comes a point on the spiritual path where you start separating yourself from being identified with the outer personality.

You direct your attention within. You direct your attention to the core of your being which is your I AM Presence. There are two ways to act as a human being: you can act through the outer personality, or you can step outside of the outer personality and allow the I AM Presence to act through you. It is the Father within me, the I AM Presence within me, who doeth the work as Jesus said. These are the choices, the basic choices you have. Now, most people do not have that choice because they do not have any knowledge of, or connection to, their I AM Presence. But you as ascended master students, the higher you go on the path, the more of a choice you have. Will you act through the outer personality? Will you step aside and let the I AM Presence act through you?

You may say that there is a certain enigma here, and that is that there comes a point where you have started grasping these teachings, whether it is one mystical teaching or another. But let us take how we have expressed it in this dispensation. You are starting to grasp that there is a core of you that is the Conscious You. You have started experiencing pure awareness. And you have started experiencing that you can distance yourself from the outer personality and not act through the outer personality. You do not react, so to speak, because the outer personality really cannot act, it can only react. You could say that the basic choice you have is, will you react through the outer personality, or will you act by letting the I AM Presence flow through you? The reason the outer personality can only react was that it was created in reaction to the conditions you have encountered on earth. It was created as a reaction and therefore it always reacts. This is the teaching of the separate selves that are programmed like a computer. Whenever they are triggered, they react a specific way every time.

But the confusion that comes in at a certain point, and there is a certain stage where you need to be willing to go through this magnificent confusion, and the confusion that comes in is, who is the “I” now? You have a period, and most people are still in this, where you are completely identified with the outer personality. When you say “I,” well, this is the outer personality. Then there comes this period where you begin to realize there is more to you than the outer personality. But who am I then?

Am I the I AM Presence? No, because the I AM Presence is in the spiritual realm. Am I the Conscious You? What is the Conscious You? We have said it is pure awareness. We have almost portrayed it as if it is nothing. It is sort of a point. What is it? Who am I now? And my beloved, this is simply a necessary phase. You need to be willing to go through this confusion. Everyone who has been in embodiment and ascended has had to go through this confusion. Sometimes it can take years, even decades.

Who am I when I say “I”? I know I am not the outer personality, but then who or what am I? And there is not a teaching that we can give you that resolves this instantly. What really needs to happen is that you come to a point where the question becomes irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who I am, what I am, because I just am. From moment to moment I just am, whatever I am. I may be acting this way one moment, I may be acting this way in the next moment. But whatever I am, I am. You do not need to analyze, you do not need to reflect, you do not need to have the idea that you should always be the same.

This is the final element that I want to give you in this discourse. Because I know I have given you some very subtle, complex concepts. But many of you are ready to start pondering them. The final element is that when you look at the world, we have said in our previous releases here that there are barriers in the collective consciousness, there are vortexes, there are maelstroms in the collective consciousness that seek to pull you in, but there are also barriers to what people can see and what they can think. And one of the barriers, the really subtle, the really insidious, the really crippling, paralyzing barriers is this idea that you should always have a reason for doing what you are doing. And you should be consistent in what you are doing.

In other words, you decide to react a certain way in a certain situation. Well, you should be able to come up with a rational, linear, logical explanation for why you act that way. And then once you have done that in one situation, you should always act the same way in similar situations. This is what the culture demands from you. This is what society demands from you. This is what other people around you will demand from you. They demand you have a reason. They demand consistency.

Behind all of this is ultimately the fallen beings who want to control you. Because, they say, you should always have a rational explanation for why you do what you do. But what does this really mean? It means you need to have an explanation that is acceptable here on earth, in your particular society and culture. And if that particular society and culture is influenced by the fallen beings, then you can only act in ways that are acceptable according to their standard and their definition. And then, of course, once you have done it one time, you should be on the track for the rest of your life and always do the same thing.

Well, my beloved, what is it that was said about the Holy Spirit in the Bible? The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. What does that mean? Does that mean that the Holy Spirit does not follow any rules? Well, we can discuss whether the Holy Spirit follows any rules, but what we can say for certain is that the Holy Spirit does not follow man-made rules. It does not follow the rules defined by the fallen beings.

The fallen beings want to shut out the Spirit, so that it cannot flow. This is their main goal. The main threat to them is someone who reaches that level of consciousness where something from the spiritual realm can flow through them. That is their main threat. That is what they want to stop with all the means available to them. They want to make everything predictable, everything controllable, and this of course has no impact on the Spirit whatsoever.

This is one of the big breakthroughs you can come to on the spiritual path, on the path to Christhood, where you not only understand intellectually, but you see it. You see that Spirit is completely independent of, and unaffected by the theories and beliefs of human beings on earth, and fallen beings for that matter. None of the beliefs on earth have any impact on the Spirit. If you want a visual illustration of this, then take a big hammer, the biggest hammer you can lift, go down to the beach one day, and then strike the ocean as hard as you possibly can with that hammer. Sure, it will make a big splash. But after a few seconds, what will the ocean do? Just go back to being calm. Well, that is somewhat of an illustration of the Spirit, except for the fact that no matter how big of a hammer you create on earth, you cannot even make a splash in the Spirit. It is completely unaffected by what human beings do.

The fallen beings have this very, very old belief, and many people have taken it over, they think that what they, what you, do here on earth can affect the spiritual realm. It will affect the angels, it will affect God. The fallen beings want to believe that they can change God’s opinion and put them in charge of his creation. Many human beings want to believe that God pays special attention to them and gives them favors. It is all unreality, my beloved. It is all unreality. We have said it before. We are ascended masters. We are not the wish-fulfilling god. We are here to help you free yourself from the human consciousness, not to grant you the favors that you think are important through the human consciousness.

Spirit is unaffected by human beliefs and opinions. What does that mean? How do you become an open door for the Spirit? By, to the greatest degree possible, freeing your mind from all of these man-made rules. This is what we call going into a neutral state of mind. It has been called many other things in mystical teachings: listening Grace, listening pure consciousness, pure awareness. Many other things. The name is not important. What is important is that you can cultivate consciously, all of you, this going into a neutral state of mind and just being open to the Spirit.

Now, surely there are people who cannot do this because their minds are too open to the astral plane or the mental plane. But you who are ascended master students, you who have practiced our decrees for protection, called to Astrea, given our invocations, worked on resolving your psychology, you can benefit, most of you, when you have a certain resolution of psychology, where you are not tied to these lower forces, you can benefit from setting aside some time where you sit down in a comfortable position, or you lie down, and you just go into this neutral state of mind. I know I say “you just go into,” and in reality it is one of the most difficult things to do because of the many pressures on your mind from the outside that want to pull you out of neutrality. But still, you can at least start the process.

You can set aside some time. And one way to do it is to give the novena, as we have talked about. We have a novena to the Great Divine Director where you give the Great Divine Director decree nine times (or 14 times. There are two decrees to the Divine Director and you can use either one for the novena: decree 1, decree 2).  After that, you go into just sitting there with a blank page and a pen, and you write down whatever comes to you. You can similarly do a novena to me, by giving my decree nine times, and then just writing down without any judgment, without any preconceived opinions, whatever comes to you.

But it does not even have to be that formal. You can also simply go into a state of listening. You do not have to write down but sometimes writing it down can help neutralize the mind. But if you can, then just go into a neutral state of mind. What can be helpful is that you lie down or you close your eyes, sit up, close your eyes, and you just pay attention to your thoughts. Many forms of meditation have you pay attention to your breath, and if that helps you that is also fine, but pay attention to your thoughts. And whenever a thought comes, you mentally say: “I surrender. I surrender it”. You do not need to think it. “I do not need to think about this. I don’t need to resolve anything. I just surrender it. I just let it go. I surrender, I surrender, I surrender.” You can do this.

This messenger has done it many times throughout his life, and is still doing it. You can do this on a regular basis, just for a few minutes, or even longer periods, whatever you feel like. But you are just surrendering. You have no idea about what should or should not happen. You are just surrendering. You are just going into neutral. You do not have the idea that an ascended master should appear to you and give you some glorious idea. You do not have any preconceived idea about what should or should not happen. Notice what I said: what should or should not happen. You do not have the idea that nothing should happen, or that you are not worthy to receive any idea. But neither do you have the idea that you want it.

If you can cultivate this inner listening, you might find that, as we have said, at first you will gain some insights into what you need to resolve in your psychology. And if you are willing to do this, then over time it will begin to shift and you will get other ideas about what you can do. What you can do in your life, what you can do for the ascended masters, what you can do for Saint Germain.

And how can you tell, in your present state of mind, how far this can go? You understand that, right now, right here, you are listening to this dictation, or you are reading it. Right now, you are at a certain level of consciousness among the 144. Whatever your level of consciousness is, you recognize that as you continue to walk the spiritual path and apply the teachings we have given you, you will gradually raise your consciousness. But what have we told you? When you start at the 144th level and go down, you take on one illusion to get to 143rd level. And you keep taking on one illusion to go down to your present level of consciousness. That means that if you are, say, at the 80th level of consciousness, there are quite a number of illusions that you still have that prevent you from seeing clearly.

You need to recognize here that, at your present level of consciousness, you cannot possibly see what it will be like for yourself to be 10 or 20 or 30 levels higher than you are now. What you should be able to recognize and accept with your conscious mind is that, as you continue the path, you will go higher and one day you will be 20 levels higher than you are today.

What is important for you now? It is that you do not allow your outer mind, or whatever forces are pulling on your mind, to make you believe that there are limitations to what you can do. It is very, very important that you recognize that at the present level, you have a certain vision. And at this particular level, yes, there are things you cannot do. But it is very important you realize that, as you raise your consciousness, your present vision will no longer limit you. And therefore, you cannot with the outer mind decide: “Oh, I’ll never be able to do that.” So many people throughout the ages have looked at Jesus, for example, and the whole story of his miracles. And they have said: “I’ll never be able to walk on water.”

Now, it is not particularly relevant in today’s age that you are able to walk on water, so I am not asking you to cultivate this idea that one day you should be able to walk on water, and if you are not able to walk on water, you are a failure. Perish that idea. But there are many other ways to express Christhood. And it is very, very important that you do not look at Jesus and the idolatry, the cult of idolatry, that has been built around him or built around the Buddha, and decide with your outer mind that: “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do what Jesus or the Buddha did.” It is in fact very important that you do not seek to compare yourself to them so that you think that, if you attain Christhood or Buddhahood, you should be able to do what they did.

Because, how can you at your present level of consciousness know what the Spirit will do through you when you go 20 levels higher? How can you see this? The reality is you cannot possibly see it because of the illusions you have not yet resolved. But it is still possible for people, and people do it all the time, to make this decision with the outer mind: “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that. I could never do that.” Well, you should never say never, because by making such an outer decision, you can actually limit what your outer mind can accept. And this means that you can now have a situation where you have actually risen 20 levels higher on your path, Spirit is able to do something through you that it could not do that it can do now, but your outer mind cannot accept this. Your outer mind cannot accept your attainment, and therefore this blocks the Spirit from working through you.

This messenger could have said, when he sat there in the Summit Lighthouse listening to hundreds of dictations given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, some very high dictations, very powerful dictations. He could have said: “Oh, I could never do that.” You could go back and compare, and you could say that some of her dictations were very different from what this messenger is giving. Some would say they are higher, some would say they are more powerful, but is it really relevant to make a comparison? This messenger was not meant to do exactly what Elizabeth Clare Prophet did. He was meant to allow the Spirit to work through him the way the Spirit wants to work through him.

There is no point in comparing what the Spirit does through one person to what the Spirit does through another person. The Spirit bloweth where it listeth. There is no point for you, in comparing yourself to Jesus, to the Buddha, to some other spiritual teacher, or to this messenger. There is no point in these kinds of comparisons. You do not know what the Spirit will do through you in the future. And, more importantly, you do not know what the Spirit will not do, so do not decide with your outer mind what the Spirit should do, or should not do through you. It is one of the most common ways that spiritual people limit what the Spirit can do through them.

Be willing to take this dictation, take the other dictations from this conference, and look at: “How am I limiting the Spirit?” This messenger, quite a number of years ago, came to this conclusion. He was able to tune in and receive this thought where he had to start looking at: “How am I limiting the Spirit? How am I limiting how the Spirit can flow through me?” And by contemplating this, it was one of the main factors that brought him to the state of mind where Jesus could start training him for his particular mission. Now, your mission will be different, but it is important for you to look at the limitations you have for how you are restricting the Spirit, or how you are seeking to direct the Spirit to flow in certain directions and produce certain results that your outer mind desires.

This messenger, before he started his training with Jesus, came to the epiphany, the realization that so much of his efforts on the spiritual path had been ego driven. He had a desire to be a good student, to appear to be an advanced student. So many of the things he had done had been driven by this. And as we said, this is in order between the 48th and the 96th levels, you need to raise yourself above the collective consciousness. Many of you will have similar feelings, similar sensations, and you will be able to see it if you are willing, and you will be able to do what this messenger did. To just surrender it, to just let it go, and realize: “There is nothing I want to do on this planet.”

And when there is nothing that I – the outer personality – wants to do on this planet, that is when Spirit can say: “Well, will you then allow me to do something through you?” Now, you do not have to come to the point where you give up on everything, every human desire. But there needs to be some opening for the Spirit to work through you in ways that you have not foreseen, that you are not seeking to control.

My beloved, the fallen beings are attempting to control the Spirit. You, as an ascended master student, really do not want to try the same thing. The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. That means that for the Holy Spirit to blow through you, you have to be willing to let it blow in ways that you cannot predict, you cannot foresee, you cannot control. If you want to control the flow of the Spirit ahead of time, the Spirit must stand back and wait until you are open. It can be no other way, my beloved, because the Holy Spirit will not violate your free will. And then you might say: “Well, did this messenger know what he is doing today when he started in 2002 or 2001? Did he know what was going to happen?” No, he did not. So how did he make a free choice? But he made the free choice to set aside his human desires and ambitions, and to open up to Spirit and say: “Come what may, you may flow through me.” This is also a free choice.

It is only the outer mind that wants to control the outcome, that wants to predict the outcome. That wants to know ahead of time what the outcome will be, that wants to have a guarantee. There is no guarantee. The devil will offer you a contract. The Spirit offers you no contract. Are you open now? Then the Spirit will flow through you. If you are not open tomorrow, the Spirit will not flow through you tomorrow. If you are open ten years from now, the Spirit will flow through you again, whatever openness there is. There is no contract, there is no obligation, there is no straitjacket. So many people think that in order to be an open door for the ascended masters, it is if you take on a straitjacket. Now you have to do everything just right. What have we said? The only question is, is there an openness, is there an opening, is there an open door? Then the Spirit can and will flow. Often it is not a matter of having to do something, it is a matter of not doing something.

The paradox is of course that most people start the spiritual path by having so many misqualified energies in their emotional and mental bodies, so many illusions, that they do need to do some cleanup, so there is a period of time where you do have to do something. You have to give the decrees and invocations to resolve the energies. You have to work on your separate selves and your illusions. You have to study the teachings. You have to make an effort for a time in order to clear out the debris in your four lower bodies that will close your mind, because that is also one way to close your mind. But once you have done that, it is not a matter of doing things anymore, it is actually a matter of not doing.

“No thing done, nothing undone” is a concept in Buddhism that you might ponder. “No thing done, nothing undone.” Some of you are ready to start pondering this enigma, others of you are not there yet, so you can ignore it. But there is that point where you are not the doer. But nevertheless, you recognize also, there are certain things that have to be done in practical life, and you just do them, and then you focus on your spiritual activities after that. But you are always somewhat open, you are always listening, there is always some opening in your mind. You might be focused on some practical matters in your life, but there is still some part of you that is open to receiving a new insight, a new idea. Many times, in the midst of a daily activity, you can still receive some insight, some impulse.

This is what we seek to get you to, where you begin to have that, we might call it, listening grace, that inner openness where there is some openness to the Spirit, to the I AM Presence, to the ascended masters. And who can tell what the Spirit can do through you? Certainly, no other human being can tell you what the Spirit can or cannot do through you. What do I mean when I say no human being can tell you? Well, what are your four lower bodies, your outer personality? It is a human being, so your own outer personality cannot tell you what the Spirit can or cannot do through you.

With this, I have given you the thoughts I wanted to give you. I realize this is a very, we might say, esoteric or mystical dictation that requires quite a lot of pondering. For some of you, it may not resonate with you because you are not at the level yet where you need it. But for others it will be exactly what you need in order to get up to another level of the path. I leave it entirely up to you what you will do with it. But as I said, if you will make an effort to focus on my Being, my Presence, then I will do whatever can be done to give you the insights you need in order to step up to a higher level of service and attunement. With this I seal you in the joyful flame that I AM.


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