The grand illusion of the scarcity of resources

TOPICS: The lie of scarcity – Scarcity is not inevitable – Understanding why change is more likely in the West than the East – The need for people to pass their tests under Jesus – Saint Germain reminds people of their vows – Out-innovating the multi-national corporations – Rethinking corporations –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (3), July 14, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The lie of scarcity

My Beloved, I Saint Germain come to give you the next installment of my discourses for this conference. What then is the next thing that needs to be reconsidered? For as I said yesterday, in order to bring the Golden Age, you need to rethink everything that has been part of life in the old age, which we might call the dark age of Pisces. For we are about to shine a light on this planet, so that there will be no shadows left. There will be no one and nothing that can hide, there will be no illusion and no lie that could possibly hide from the light – the Christ Light of Aquarius – that will shine upon this planet through those who are willing to re-think everything in their own lives, and therefore be the catalysts for an awakening in the mass consciousness.

One of the things that needs to be rethought is the entire concept of scarcity of resources. From very early on, you have been programmed to believe that this planet earth has only limited resources and therefore can sustain only a limited number of people. This is a one hundred percent lie. It has no reality to it whatsoever. This planet does not have a scarcity of material resources. It has a scarcity of the love of the heart, which has enabled some people to form an elite who are the haves, as opposed to those who are the have-nots.

This is what they have desired to create on this planet from the very moment they were allowed to embody here. Namely a planet where they can form a privileged elite, who have abundance and privileges and power beyond the majority of the population, so that they can feel that they are special. Thus, it is the selfishness – and the self-centeredness that kills the love of the heart – that is directly responsible for what seems to be a lack of physical resources. My Beloved, there is a saying in some of the old countries that if there is room in the heart, there is room in the house. Well if there is room in the heart, then there is room on the planet.

Scarcity is not inevitable

If the consciousness changed and we saw the spreading of the consciousness of Aquarius – as I have full confidence will happen – then you will see that suddenly, the scarcity of resources that today seems inevitable and insurmountable will simply evaporate like the dew when the morning sun rises. There is no scarcity of resources, there is only an illusion of scarcity put upon the people by the elite, who need to have scarcity so that they can have more than others.

Do you see the inevitability of this? You cannot have an elite who has more than the population, if there is an abundance of resources. You must create an artificial situation, where the people are prevented from reaping the just reward of their labour. Because the elite has managed to steal the fruits of the people’s labour, concentrating it in their own hands instead of allowing it to remain in the hands of those who are doing the work, those who are putting the seeds in the ground and are therefore entitled to reap the harvest.

This is a state of consciousness that needs to be challenged before the Golden Age can manifest. For I can assure you that in the Golden Age there will not be a scarcity of resources, nor will you have the majority of the population on this planet living below the so-called poverty level, which I, by the way, consider to be a completely artificial construct. For I can tell you that I want everyone on earth to have the abundant life, materially and spiritually. And that means an entirely different consideration than what they currently consider the border between poverty and non-poverty.

Nevertheless, the reality that needs to dawn upon the people is that scarcity is a complete illusion; abundance is the reality—the real potential for planet earth. Did not Christ say: “Fear not little flock, for it is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” And truly, it is so. The people can only fail to have the kingdom if they reject that kingdom. And they will only reject the kingdom if they have come to believe in the lie – promoted by the elite – that there is not room in the inn, there is not room in the kingdom, for them to sit at the same table as the elite.

The Bible states clearly, “God is no respecter of persons,” and thus you can see – when you look back at history – that the entire idea of elitism is out of touch with the reality of God. God IS in everything and in everyone. Every single person on this planet has infinite value in the eyes of God. Thus, God wants everyone to have the abundant life. This does not mean that there will not be some who are willing to work harder and therefore have a little more than others. But it does mean a society in which you simply cannot have a state, where there are a few people that are so unnecessarily affluent while many people live in abject poverty.

Understanding why change is more likely in the West than the East

This is one of the things that needs to change. And I have a great hope that the change in consciousness can begin right here in this state. For you see, my beloved, when you stay for too long in any one place, you begin to build a habit pattern, an attachment, a desire to keep things the way they are, so you can remain comfortable. For, after all, familiarity breeds comfort, so you are reluctant to change, to change your perspective, your viewpoint, your state of mind. So there needs to be a certain change, a certain movement, before people will be willing to rise higher.

And that is precisely why this western part of the United States has a greater potential to change than the eastern part—because it has not had as long to grow comfortable in the old ways. Consider that there is a big city on the east coast called, “New York,” as opposed to the old York. There is an entire region called, “New England.” The people who settled that region were people who had left England, not because they wanted to create an entirely new world – a better world – but because they wanted to get away from the injustice and poverty in the old world. But they wanted to carry as much with them from the old world as they could, to retain what was familiar and comfortable.

In the North East of the United States, you see an entire establishment, an entire power elite of old money, who want to keep the entire nation in a certain gridlock, where they have control of the economy. And this was precisely one of the underlying forces behind the civil war. For the southern states had come to challenge the economic dominance of the North East, and thus they had to be beaten down so that the old elite could maintain control.

Certainly, I am not hereby condoning or defending slavery in any way. Nor am I denying that part of the reason for the economic boom in the South was slavery. I am simply pointing out the fact that there is an elite in the North East who are reluctant to change. And therefore, we look to the opposite corner of these United States, to the state that has not the same rigidity because it has not been in existence for so long. Nor does it have the same consciousness, for from the very beginning of this state of California, there has been a different state of consciousness of the people who came here. And this is not just because of the people but very much because the people were magnetized here, because the state of California has, for a very long time, been the anchor of a certain shade, a certain aspect, of the Freedom Flame.

You might know, beloved, that for a long time we of the ascended masters maintained a focus at Mount Shasta. Well, we no longer have a focus at Mount Shasta for the simple reason that we have now expanded the Freedom Flame to cover this entire state. You see, it is a Piscean concept that you need to go to a certain physical location, to climb a certain mountain, in order to find a spiritual experience, or a spiritual flame.

Did not Christ say the kingdom of God is within you? So what sense does it make, that you think you have to travel to some physical remote location in order to discover what is already within you? It makes no sense whatsoever, and thus I have expanded the Freedom Flame to this entire state, and even a little bit beyond this state, so that the people everywhere have the opportunity to tune in to that Freedom Flame.

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