Overcoming poverty through the second ray of God Wisdom

TOPICS: Beings who must steal life energy to survive – Ignorance of the cosmic mirror  – Inconsistencies in the theory of evolution – The war between religion and science – Looking for an external savior – Why capitalism does not work – The value of your labor – The Alpha and the Omega of ignorance – Hold the vision for people awakening – Hold the vision for a breakthrough in science – What really enslaves the people – Creating a positive spiral –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come to discourse with you on the consciousness of poverty, especially as it relates to the second ray of God’s Wisdom. For, my beloved, as the first step is to take away the will of the people, the will to change, well then the second step – building upon it – is to take away their knowledge of how to change by keeping them in ignorance.

The flow of God, the flow of the River of Life, starts with the will to Be MORE, the will to create. And as for you – who are co-creators with God – it starts with the will to co-create. And then, building upon that, is the vision of what to co-create and of how to co-create within the framework of God’s law. Thus, it is of course the desire of God, it is the desire of the ascended masters, that all people on earth should have the correct knowledge to know who they are, as co-creators with God, and how to use their own, built-in creative abilities to work within the framework of God’s law, the laws of nature, in order to bring forth the abundant life on planet earth.

So the forces of anti-christ have taken it upon themselves to use every effort, every lie, every illusion that springs from the consciousness of separation in order to destroy the people’s ability to co-create the abundant life. It is important for you to understand, that most of the people who are aligned with the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of duality, are completely blinded by that consciousness. And thus, as Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They are so blinded by duality, that they believe they are doing the right thing, and that what they are doing will actually bring about the abundant life, and even the Kingdom of God or some other Edenic state on planet earth.

Beings who must steal life energy to survive

Yet, it is also important for you to realize, that beyond people in embodiment, there are disembodied beings who have a greater awareness than most people, in fact than all people in embodiment. They know to some degree what they do, they know at least that they are exploiting people on earth, even those who are working for the forces of anti-christ while thinking they are working for a good cause. There are beings, especially in the emotional realm, but also in the mental realm, who are deliberately using people in embodiment in order to simply extract light from the population of earth.

They do this for one purpose only, as we have already explained, especially in Maitreya’s book, namely to extract the life energy from the people on earth that allows them to continue some form of existence separated from the River of Life. For as we have explained, a lifestream has the right – according to the Law of Free Will – to set itself outside the River of Life, but it cannot do so indefinitely. There must come a time, when that lifestream has used up its opportunity, and thus it will actually be cut off from the stream of energy, spiritual energy, from its own higher being, its own I AM Presence. And after that cut-off point, such a lifestream can maintain an existence that is separate from the River of Life only by stealing life energy from those lifestreams who are still receiving it from the spiritual source.

And thus, you must understand – as the spiritually aware people – that there are many activities on this earth, that are designed for one purpose only. And that is to keep the people on earth engaging in the dualistic struggle, so that they continue to misqualify their spiritual light with a lower vibration, such as fear, anger or hatred, or envy, jealousy or other spiritual poisons. Which then qualifies the light of God with a lower vibration, that allows those beings who exist in the mental and emotional realms to absorb that energy and use it to sustain themselves. This is precisely what the vast majority of the population on earth are ignorant of. And thus, they really have no defense against being used, literally as a form of cows that are milked for their spiritual light, even though they believe that they are engaged in a positive cause that will improve society in some way.

My Beloved, some of the most obvious examples of this is, of course, the people who are engaged in violent conflicts. This can be seen most clearly in the Middle East, where you have people, groups of people, who for thousands of years have been engaged in fighting against each other. And the outer reason why they are fighting at this particular time truly is insignificant. For it is just an excuse that allows these groups of people to continue in this dualistic struggle against the other group, that they have elevated to the status of being the scapegoats. So that one group believes that if only they can eradicate the other group, they will solve all of their own problems, because they have allowed themselves to believe in the illusion that all of the problems they encounter are caused by these other people. So if those people were destroyed, their problems would disappear.

Ignorance of the cosmic mirror

This, of course, is a complete denial of responsibility. And it is something that can spring only from a complete ignorance of the most fundamental reality of the material universe, namely that the four levels of the material universe form the cosmic mirror. And whatever you project into that cosmic mirror, will be reflected back to you in the form of physical circumstances. Therefore, you co-create – through your own consciousness – your own physical circumstances. And thus, even though it may seem as if other people are the cause of your problems, the reality is that the real cause of your problems is your own state of consciousness, your own physical, emotional, mental and identity minds that you project into the cosmic mirror, thus receiving the return current in the form of physical circumstances, that outpicture the images you hold in your four lower bodies, the four levels of your mind.

When you are ignorant of these basic facts, then you have no defense against being pulled into this ongoing dualistic struggle against other people. And you have no defense that allows you to step back and say, “The cause for which I am fighting truly cannot be the highest cause. For when I look at the scriptures of my religion – regardless of which religion that might be – then I see that this dualistic struggle of fighting against other people out of pure hatred and anger, truly cannot be the cause of my God, as prescribed in my religion.” For no matter which religion people might follow, all major religions on earth state the same basic facts, namely that God has said once and for all, “Thou shalt not kill.”

The basic ignorance that you see on this planet is, that people have been seduced into overriding the basic command of God not to kill their fellow human beings. And even if you happen to believe in scientific materialism, then once again you must say that it cannot be according to the survival of the fittest that you kill the members of your own species. For that cannot in the long run ensure the survival of the species as a whole. So, even the theory of evolution actually states that killing other human beings jeopardizes the survival of the entire race. And therefore, those who are the most fit cannot be the ones who are most aggressive and most willing to kill their fellow human beings. Those who are the most fit – in terms of long-term survival – must be those who are not willing to kill, but who are willing to work for the survival of the entire species.

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