Overcoming lower forces will empower you to make more free choices

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels, September 3, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for America –Towards Golden Age Relationships.

I AM the Ascended Master, Archangel Michael. I am the Archangel of the First Ray of God Power and God Will.

Now, there is a very old misunderstanding on this planet about God’s will, that God’s will is an external God, who has a will for what you should or should not do. In other words, the external God has been portrayed as a tyrant, and his will is a straitjacket.

This messenger many years ago struggled with this concept of God’s will, and with this very concept of God’s will as being some external will. He felt a certain intuitive sense that he could not or should not surrender his own will to this external God. But he could not resolve the enigma, because he was not at the point of the path yet, where he could see through the false image of God that has been portrayed by so many religions on earth.

He realized that on the spiritual path, you need to have a certain willingness to submit to the teacher, to submit to the initiations and the disciplines of the teacher – because if you are constantly rebelling against the teacher, what is the point of having the teacher? After struggling with this for a long time, he came to the point where he one day finally said: “Okay God, show me what your will is for me, and I will do it.” Then he fell silent, and to his surprise he felt an impulse from deep within his being, saying: “What if God’s will is that you make your own decisions?” This shocked him because it was not what he expected, and it caused him to reconsider not only his image of God, but also his understanding of free will.

The reality here is that God’s will is that all unascended beings have free will. They have free will to outplay whatever scenario they need to outplay, for as long as they need to outplay it, until they can shift their consciousness and they no longer desire to outplay that scenario. What does God’s will and free will have to do with relationships on earth? Well, God’s will is that each individual extension of itself has free will. What this means is that God, in a higher manifestation of that word, does not interfere with human relationships on earth.

This is an unascended sphere. God does not monitor your relationships. God does not have a will for how your relationships should unfold. God is not involved. We of the ascended masters can be involved with your relationships if you are willing to invite us, but that is up to your free will. If you are not interested in having us involved with your life and your relationship and your growth, we will leave you alone. This is a very simple dynamic, that the vast majority of human beings on earth have not even begun to grasp, and this interferes with their relationships in many subtle ways. There is a very, very old culture, tradition, idea, a very old beast on this planet, that has created this false image of God as being intimately involved with all aspects of your life. And therefore, there is this image also, that God has defined certain roles for men, and certain roles for women.

You can see in the patriarchal religions, the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, going back to Genesis, there is the creation story of how God first created man and then created woman to be a servant of man. There are many, many examples in the Old Testament, where strict roles are defined for men and women, with men always being  the superior and women having to obey the head of the household. For many religious people, the difficulties in their relationship begins with their religious orientation, their religious beliefs. Far, far too many men believe that women should have a secondary role in the relationship. This is even the case in many of the more evolved modern nations where religion no longer has such a strong grip on the population.

When you have this, what is it that happens in a relationship? Well, without knowing it, this very belief that there is some fundamental difference between men and women, between the roles of men and women, and that women should be in a secondary position to men, this is an inroad into people’s consciousness and into their relationship for certain forces that most people are not aware of.

Mother Mary described very eloquently, how there are many things that people are not aware of when it comes to energy. How these modern nations want people to be aware of the physical consequences of their actions, but they have not yet gotten to the point, where they also want them to be aware of the energetic consequences at the emotional, mental and identity levels. Mother Mary explained how everything people do is done with energy, and energy of a lower vibration will accumulate until it starts affecting the conscious mind of the person. This is of course, a very important realization for people to come to.

But when you start recognizing that everything is energy, you recognize that there are different levels of vibration, because energy is characterized by vibration. Suddenly you have to begin to contemplate that there could be levels of the world beyond the material, beyond what can be detected with the physical senses and with most scientific instruments made of matter. This is what some of the more advanced aspects of science have actually discovered. Many scientists, philosophers, thinkers have started considering this, that there must be other realms, other levels of reality, but they have not yet, at least not on a large scale, come to really understand how this affects all human beings.

So, in order to fully understand this, you need to be aware that the physical earth truly is an energy field. The physical earth is made of energy, of vibrations within a certain spectrum but they are vibrations beyond the physical material spectrum – but those vibrations are not separated from the physical earth. The physical earth is an energy field that exists within a larger energy field, it is inseparably linked to, it is a part of, that larger energy field, you cannot separate the physical earth from the larger energy field. This larger energy field has three distinct levels, the emotional, the mental and the identity level, of course beyond that the spiritual.

You have in what we might call this world these four levels, everything on earth exists within those four levels. There is an old saying that ‘no man is an island’ but the real saying should be ‘no energy field is an island.’ There is no such thing as a separate energy field. There are of course, individual energy fields, but they are not existing in some vacuum, they are existing within the larger energy field of the physical, emotional, mental and identity realms that make up planet earth. There is no physical planet that exists alone. The physical planet is an expression of the three higher energy fields. It is, we might say, a manifestation of them, if you want to use that terminology. So, back to these modern nations wanting their citizens to be educated, to know about consequences. Well, you cannot be educated and fully understand consequences if you do not understand that there are three other levels of the energy field in which you live – and if you do not understand how you are affected as an individual human being by those levels.

I said that you have an individual energy field, you have a physical body which is really an energy field, you have an emotional body, you have a mental body and an identity body. Yet, your individual energy field does not exist alone, it exists within a larger energy field. This is what we can just as easily call the collective consciousness. In other words, your emotional body is an energy field, but most of the time when people think about an energy field, they think about something that is unconscious. But your emotional body is not unconscious, it is infused with consciousness, that is why you can feel emotions. Your mental body is not unconscious, it is infused with consciousness, that is why you can think but also why you can be aware of your thoughts and that you are thinking. Your identity body is again infused with consciousness, that is why you can have a sense of who you are. This means that your energy field, for example your emotional body is existing within the collective emotional body and that collective emotional body is not unconscious either. It is of course made up of consciousness, there is a certain level of consciousness there that is a combination of all of these individual energy fields and all these  individual emotional bodies.

Now, what can then be taken to the next level of understanding, is that energy is not the same as consciousness. When you consider consciousness as what human beings have, you are self-aware, you are conscious of yourself, your own existence. Energy does not have self-awareness. You have energy in your emotional body, you have certain feelings, and that energy is not self-aware, it is not aware that it exists. However, everything in the world of form is an expression of the consciousness of the Creator, therefore everything is an expression of consciousness and it has consciousness within it. This means, as we have explained before, that when you concentrate energy in a certain matrix, a certain pattern, after some time that energy can gain a rudimentary form of consciousness. It is not self-awareness as you have as a human being, but it is the kind of consciousness you would see in for example, many animals.

An animal is not aware that it exists, it is not aware that it is a fox, but it has a certain level of consciousness that enables it to hunt for food, to find a mate and to raise young. Human beings say, scientists say, that this is done instinctively in animals, but it is really because that animal is an expression of a certain pattern that accumulates energy so that there is this rudimentary form of consciousness, the ability to respond to your environment. It is not so different from what has been achieved with computers that have this ability to respond, that can mimic what you call consciousness.

Once you realize this, you can realize that human beings can create in their individual energy fields and in the collective energy field, certain patterns of energy, certain matrices that become conscious that they need food in order to survive. The food they need is, of course energy, and they can only get that from the very beings who created them, namely human beings. This is what you can call energetic beings, you can call them entities, demons, beasts, whatever you want to call them. You could come up with a completely neutral scientific term, as scientists will do in the not too distant future, when they will finally recognize that such beings exist because they can make them visible on computer monitors and various screening equipment.

Once you realize that such energy beings exist, and that they must get energy from human beings in order to survive, then you can call yourself a relatively educated person, because now you know what the consequences of your choices are. And that means you can now evaluate, is this a choice I want to make? There is a very old consciousness on earth regarding will and willpower, which is promoted by the fallen beings. Which is that if you really have free will, you should be able to do anything you want without having any consequences that could limit your will in the future.

We have explained before that if there were not consequences, how would you even know that you had made a choice? There has to be consequences for you to make a choice so that you can evaluate: “Do I want more of this, or do I want more than this? Do I want to transcend this consciousness that created this consequence?”

This is how you grow, this is how you learn, this is how free will outplays itself. You make a choice, you see the consequence, when you know what the consequence is, then you can make a better choice next time. The consequence does not actually limit your choice, it enables you and empowers you to make a more aware choice, because now you are aware of the consequence. If you are not aware of the consequence, you cannot make an aware choice. This is when your free will becomes limited.

It becomes limited because – as an example, let us just say, here is a person who over time builds a habit of responding to certain situations with anger. This person over time, sometimes not in one lifetime, but many times it is built up over several lifetimes. This person builds an entity, an energy being in its emotional body, an energy being that is made from the energies of anger, which have a specific vibration and a certain matrix of what beliefs that the person has, for when it is necessary to respond with anger and why it is justified to respond with anger, and to take that out upon other people. There is a matrix of beliefs and there is an accumulation of energy of a certain vibration that creates this energy being in the person’s emotional body.

After some time, this energy being gains enough strength and enough consciousness that it now realizes it needs to survive. In order to survive, it must get more anger energy from the person who created it, and therefore it begins to, not consciously, not deliberately, but it begins to exert a magnetic pull on the person’s conscious mind. And now you can see how previously, the person had certain situations where he or she would respond with anger. But now that the energy being has become stronger, that range is expanded so there are now more and more situations where the person responds with anger. You can also see that the anger becomes more intense, the person becomes more and more angry, takes it out with greater intensity on other people. This is simply because the person is now no longer making the choice to respond with anger. The person has suspended its free will in many situations and simply allows this energy being to take over his or her reactions, so really it is the energy being that is responding with anger.

We could also say of course, that there is a separate self involved with it, but the separate self is a little different from the energy being. So, what is happening here, is that instead of the person now making a free choice as to how to respond to a situation, the person has suspended its free will and  is not making a free choice. It just responds, we might say again, instinctively, which is sciences’ way of explaining what they cannot explain. They do not understand what instinct is, but they have named it, they have labelled it and now they think they know what it is and how it works. But really, the person is now not responding consciously and this is what limits your free will. The entity you have created, the energetic being you have created, limits your free will.

Now, once you realize this and acknowledge this – and again, this can be acknowledged by psychologists, many of whom have already made the observation, that sometimes they can have a client who is sitting in their chair talking normally for a while, and suddenly there is a shift that happens and now it is – as many psychologists have seen – as if something has taken over the person’s mind, they are possessed by something and they are responding almost as if it was a different person.

Scientists, psychologists have struggled to come to terms with this; they use ideas such as multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, personality split, to try to explain this. But, the real explanation, really is that the person has certain energy beings in its three higher bodies, that sometimes takes over – or even all the time takes over – that person’s reactions.

Now, this personalized energy being is, of course, only part of the story. Because, as I said, your individual energy field exists within the collective field. Over time humankind at large have built certain collective energy beings in that collective energy body. For example, it does not take much awareness to see that throughout history many, many people have released immense amounts of anger energy. They have come up with many reasons and justifications for anger, for feeling angry but also for expressing it towards others. Men for example, have come up with many reasons to be angry with women when women refuse to play their predefined role, that supposedly God himself has defined, as if that was realistic at all (as I said, it is not). You realize here that, it is simply logical that there are these energy beings in the collective energy field.

Now, obviously, these energy beings are much bigger than the ones in people’s individual fields, because they have been created by many, many people over a very long period of time so they have grown quite large and quite powerful. This means that these energy beings can influence individuals just as the energy being in a person’s energy field. How do they do this? They do it by directing a certain energy, their own kind of energy, at a person. The personal energy being can do this much easier because it is inside the person’s energy field, so it is an internal impulse.

What the collective beings must do, at least to begin with, is to direct an energy impulse from the outside. And here it is quite possible that people can have a certain protection of their energy field so that they are not vulnerable to these external projections of energy. This means that the collective entities have a limited power over people, over people’s conscious minds. But, they can have a certain inroad into people’s consciousness through the individual energy beings that people have in their forcefields.

Again, you have a huge collective beast of anger. Any one of you hearing or reading this, this huge collective beast could at any moment direct an energy impulse at you, that if it was to enter your energy field would completely overwhelm you. However, it cannot enter your energy field in its unrestricted form, there must be an opening for it to enter. And that opening is if you have your own anger entity in your emotional body. That anger entity in your emotional body has a certain intensity, which means we could say that it has created a hole in your energy field of a certain size, just to give you a linear illustration, reality is not quite as linear, but this will do.

So, you have your total energy field, which you can envision as somewhat of an oval or egg shape around your physical body, and somewhere in the lower half of that energy field, in what we have called the electronic belt, there is a hole, there is an opening. This hole connects you, so to speak, to the collective anger entity, and the collective anger entity can then direct energy through that hole. Obviously, the amount of energy depends on the size of the hole, and that is why if you only have a little hole, as is the case for most people, you are very rarely going to be completely overwhelmed by anger.

Many spiritual people, you can look back at your lives and see that you may have become upset, you may have become angry, but you have never really completely lost it to the anger, you have never been completely absorbed in it as you see some people that are completely consumed by anger. This is because there is a limited hole for the anger entity to project into your energy field, so It does not overwhelm you completely. There is still some part of your mind that can look at the situation from the outside, and maybe stop yourself from doing something physical, which many people do who are not so protected and who have a bigger hole in their energy fields.

When you come to this realization, you realize that you cannot be a human being living on a planet like earth and make aware choices, where you are aware of the consequences of your choices if you do not understand this dynamic. How can you live a free life, where you are making free conscious decisions, if you are not aware that certain choices will tie you to a collective beast that can overwhelm you and greatly influence not only your actions, but how you feel about life, how you think and even how you see yourself?

When you look at the human experience on earth, you see that people have throughout history done many, many things that they have regretted later. Many acts of violence, many crimes are committed in the heat of passion, in the heat of the moment, where people were, so to speak, not fully in control of themselves. Prisons are full of them. Therapeutic offices are full of people like this. There are many more people who just go around with this burden in themselves, feeling bad about something they did perhaps many years ago, in a moment where they had lost control. Again, many, many therapists, many, many people in public service have had contact with such people, they have tried to help them but they have come up against limitations, because they cannot understand how a person can suddenly shift and lose control of their minds.

Well, I have now given you the real explanation for this. People have a hole in their energy fields, a collective beast directs a very intense energy impulse at them, and they simply lose control over their thinking process, even over their sense of identity, that there are certain things that I do not do, being the kind of person I am. I am not a violent person, I do not respond with violence. They cannot think clearly and therefore with their thoughts stop their emotions. They are overwhelmed by the emotions and they cannot use their higher minds to override the emotions and prevent the emotions from spilling over into their physical actions, and so in a moment they lose control, they commit some kind of act of violence.

Sometimes, in the very moment that act has been committed and cannot be taken back, they snap out of this hypnotic state and instantly regret what they did. Why could they not stop themselves? This is the question that many scientists and therapists have asked, and I have now given you the answer. It is not the popular answer based on current scientific materialism, but it is the real answer.

What does this mean for our topic of relationships? Well, it means that this very mechanism has an extremely powerful and extremely profound influence on most relationships. There are many, many relationships on earth that are locked in a pattern, because one or both of the partners have an individual energy being in their energy field that is tied to a collective energy being. Sometimes they can both be tied to the same collective being. One pattern you often see, is that you have a man who is physically and verbally abusive towards his woman. He may beat her, he may abuse her emotionally, tell her she is stupid, she is not worth anything, she needs to know her place and all of these things.

Why is this so? Well, because this man grew up in one of these paternal environments where he was indoctrinated from early childhood, but most likely indoctrinated over several lifetimes, with this view that women are inferior to men and should obey men. He has created, most likely over several lifetimes, this energy being in his own energy field at all three of the higher levels. He sees that he is a man, and because he is a man he is superior to any woman, simply because he is a man.

He, most likely in these Abrahamic religions, does not believe in reincarnation, so he does not realize he has been a woman in some past lifetimes. He thinks he is only a man, he has always been a man and therefore he is superior to women. This influences how he thinks in his mental body that the relationship with his wife should be. She should do certain things, she should not do other things, she should obey him, or she should not complain. And if she does not obey him, he is entitled to become angry at her and he is entitled to express that anger, to put her down in an attempt to scold her into submission. But, if he cannot do this by emotional pressure, by directing anger and blame at her, he is entitled to beat her because she needs to know her place as God has prescribed in the Bible, which is the word of God and therefore the infallible rulebook for how men should treat women, and how women should allow themselves to be treated.

So, in his individual energy field is this energy being, which of course is tied to the collective energy being, which as you can see by looking at history, it is very strong because it has been created by these religions over thousands of years. For that matter, it even goes back further than these known religions. Now, you have the woman who has also grown up in a culture like this, probably for several lifetimes, but she does not recognize or remember, that she has been a man in some past lifetimes. She thinks she is a woman and that her role is defined by this, so she thinks that she needs to submit to this. She knows what her husband is doing is unfair, he is simply living a convenient life, perhaps having her do all the work, but if she objects to it then she knows what the consequence will be.

But many times these women cannot completely submit to it, because they have also in past lives created these energy beings in their auras of rebelling against male authority, which is also tied into a collective beast. So, sometimes she rebels and then he becomes really angry and starts beating her up and then she submits. Sometimes, even in order to survive physically she submits, and then she feels bad about this and now she goes through this period of blaming herself. This makes her submit for a time until she again gathers up some intensity to object, and the whole pattern repeats.

There are also more modern variants of this, which you see in some of the more developed nations, where there are women who have built this momentum of rebelling against male authority, while refusing to completely obey their husbands. But many of them have gone into this very sarcastic, ironic way of blaming their husbands, as a way to exercise control over the man as a compensation for his control over them. So, you see many of these people, even in modern nations who are locked in these power games, essentially who has the most power in the family, sometimes they divide it up so that the man is in charge of some areas and the woman in charge of others, and sometimes they are fighting about everything.

So, you see that when you look at this situation, when you go back to this idea that if you really have free will, you should be able to do anything you want and not be limited by the consequences of your choices. Well, you cannot actually do this. You can do it when you know what the consequences of your choices will be. Then you can make an evaluation: Do I want to pay the price or do I not want to do this particular action when I know the consequence? And then when you do not make the choice to do that action, you will not be limited by the consequences and therefore you will keep your free will as free as it can be, on a planet like earth with the density of matter, the density of the collective consciousness.

The density of matter is something created collectively by humankind, and it means there are certain very long term consequences that are not easy to overcome in one lifetime. This is in a certain sense, a limitation of free will, but it is a result of other free will choices and you cannot really logically say, that when you are making choices that limit your future choices, this is God’s fault, this is God’s will that is limiting you, this is God’s punishment. It is the consequence of your own choice, if you do not want the consequence, make a different choice.

It really is that simple my beloved, it really is that simple. This is freedom of choice. But it is only freedom of choice when you know the consequence. And the situation you have right now on earth, is that the fallen beings have prevented people from knowing the consequences and at the same time they have created these beasts that are projecting at people, that if they have free will, they should not have the consequences. This is not God’s doing. This is not a situation that God put you in. This is the situation that the fallen beings put you in, but they can only put you in that situation if you make the choices that make you vulnerable to their projections. You see my beloved, one of the shifts that is close to happening, to being able to happen in many people in the more developed nations, is this shift where you can look at life on earth and you can say: “What kind of a life do I want to live?” “Do I want to live a disempowered life, or do I want to live an empowered life?”

Now again, look at these modern nations that are democracies, that acknowledge the rights of their citizens, that all human beings are created equal and have been given inalienable rights. What is it really that has been happening in these nations? It is that people have become more aware, more educated, and as a result of this they can see more options, they can make more free choices. That means people have become empowered. People have more options, more freedom to design their life the way they want, than their parents or grandparents did. They have more economic freedom, more freedom to get education, more freedom to decide where they want to live, whether they want to move to another country, what career they want to have, and so forth.

People are more empowered today than they were a century or so ago. It is in line with the development in these modern nations that people become increasingly empowered. But, if you do not know the consequences of your choices on your own psychology, how can you be fully empowered? And this leads to the point where you can take two options here, you can say: “If God’s will and the way God created the world limits my choices, what can I do about it? Well, there is nothing I can do, because if God is almighty and all powerful as he is portrayed to be, then there is nothing that I as an individual human being on a little planet like earth can do about this. I cannot change God’s will. This means I am condemned to live a disempowered life.”

Now, I can of course reject all religion. And I can say, religion has been trying to restrict people telling them what to do or not to do, with all of these restrictions that Christians or Muslims are supposed to follow. And many modern people will say: “Well I have liberated myself from the constraints of religion.” Well! yes you have. But you have not liberated yourself from the restraints of energetic beings that you do not see, and that your materialistic philosophy does not acknowledge, even though they are as real as bacteria were before they were recognized by science.

You recognize of course, that the earth was still round when everybody believed it was flat and that bacteria existed, even before they were discovered by human beings. And so these energy beings do exist, even though they are not acknowledged by official science. What I am giving you here is knowledge that can empower you to make more free choices. Because, what we have consistently been saying for a long time is simply this. The universe is a mirror, the universe is a reality simulator, and it can only reflect back to you what you are projecting out through your consciousness, your four lower bodies. We have told you that you are not just projecting with the conscious mind, but also with the emotional, mental and identity levels of the mind. And what you are projecting out at subconscious levels will be reflected back to you by the cosmic mirror, by the reality simulator as the physical conditions you see around you.

This goes for your individual life, but of course it needs to be recognized that you live on a planet with many other people, so there is a collective reality that has been created over a long period of time, which you cannot override with your individual free will. What you can do, is free yourself from having any reactionary patterns to that collective reality, temporary reality that has been created. You recognize here, that if you want to live an empowered life, you need to come to this point of recognizing, that every aspect of your life experience is affected by the contents of your four lower bodies. And the only way to change your life experience is to stop looking outside yourself, stop looking at the splinter in your brother’s eye as Jesus said 2000 years ago, and instead looking at what is in your own eye, your own consciousness.

It was not only “eye” e-y-e that he meant, but also “I” as the self who you are. The beam in your “I” your “self.” This is what the first ray of God’s will is all about. It is about taking back your freedom of will so that you are making free conscious choices, instead of allowing something in your subconscious mind to make choices about how you react to various situations. And this of course, goes very much for relationships. What do you see when you look at relationships on earth?  So many people, as Mother Mary said are blaming their partner. So many people are thinking, I cannot possibly change until my partner changes. It is a complete lie. It is a complete lie foisted upon people ultimately by the fallen beings but also through their culture.

Even the monotheistic religions are giving you this sense that you are a powerless being. You are powerless to change God’s design. But God hasn’t designed the specifics. He has designed or rather the Elohim have designed how the reality simulator works. But the specifics of how your outer situation is, is designed or is a result of your choices, the input you put into the reality simulator. And more importantly, your experience of your circumstances is entirely determined by the contents of your consciousness, your four lower bodies.

Why is this important? Well this is another lie. Again, are you empowered or disempowered? Well, what do the vast majority of people believe in the world? Well, first of all they believe that they are facing a set of physical circumstances that they did not create and that they cannot change. It is beyond their power to change. But this is not necessarily incorrect, as I said, there is a collectively created situation on earth, a set of certain parameters. But what people have been misled by the fallen beings ultimately to believe, is that your state of mind is a result of your external circumstances and that the only way to change your state of mind and be at peace or be happy, is to change your external circumstances.

You see how this disempowers you by putting you in a catch 22, an impossible situation. You are told that your external circumstances are the result of God’s Will or impersonal laws of nature, but at the same time you are told you cannot change your state of mind without changing your external circumstances. Well! How more disempowered can you be? The only way, the only logical, rational, intuitive way out of this is, to realize that this is a lie and that you need a different approach and the approach is what we have given you.

What have we said over and over again? It is not your outer circumstances that really matter. It is the inner experience you are having that matters. Because, what is the purpose of the reality simulator? It is to give you certain experiences that eventually shift your consciousness, because the purpose of life is your growth in consciousness. We have said this over and over again. I know many of you know it, but I am repeating it here because I am projecting this into the collective consciousness.

The purpose of life is your growth in consciousness. You grow in consciousness by having certain experiences until you shift your consciousness, your awareness to a higher level. You have free will so you can decide how many experiences of a certain kind you need, for how long you need to experience this kind of experience, for example of being disempowered. But eventually, you will come to a point where you want more, because you have that drive for more that is built into the growth in consciousness, and so you will shift.

Even the fallen beings will eventually reach a certain point. You see here, that the first will is all about taking back your power of will, your power to change your own situation. That means changing your life experience and that means changing what is in your four lower bodies. And the first step towards this, is to recognize that you have certain energy beings in your four lower bodies, in your three higher bodies that tie you to the collective energy beings – and you need to cut that tie. The first order of business, the first rule of first aid is to stop the accident. You need to invoke protection from me to create a shield around your energy field. You need to call to Astrea to cut you free from the ties to these collective beings. Then when you have done that, you can get some reprieve. You can so to speak, catch your breath, you can get your head above water so you do not feel you are drowning in this overwhelming energy.

But this of course is only the first step. And if you just keep invoking protection and Astrea and violet flame, as many ascended master students have done in previous dispensations, there comes a point where we can no longer protect you. Because, you of course need to deal with the cause of why you were vulnerable to these external forces, and those are the internal forces. You need to be willing to look for the beam in your own eye and see what is there. This is, of course what we have given you tools to do. But what I want to give you here is, that in order to really be protected, or be cut free from these collective forces, you need to generate a certain intensity of will.

We see students all the time, and we have talked about this before in various contexts. But we see that there are students that come to our teachings, and they have one imbalance of power where they are, we might say, too powerful in an unbalanced way. They think that the louder you decree, the more powerful you are, regardless of whether you have the heart in it or not. They think that the more powerfully they can talk, the more determined they seem, the more powerful they are. Often they are not willing to look at the beam in their own eye, because they think they just have to manifest this willpower and keep plowing through all the problems, and it works for a time. But there comes that point where it stops working and now these people often do not know what to do.

Then you have the opposite polarity of people who have an unbalanced power to the other side, a lack of power, where they are so reluctant to express power and determination towards other people. You have the people who are constantly willing to tell other people what to do and how to do it, they are constantly willing to direct an intense energy at them, to blue ray them as the saying was in a previous dispensation. And you have those people who are the opposites, who are never willing to really take a strong stand, they are certainly not willing to express it, but even within themselves they are not willing to make a firm decision. So, you need to find a balance between these two, where you are not deciding with the outer mind, but you come to a point within where there is something that motivates you to say: “These dark forces are not going to influence me anymore.”

This messenger many years ago, when he understood this dynamic based on our previous teachings, he came to a point where he intuitively saw how many forces were seeking to influence him. How they had even for lifetimes been attempting to influence him, and suddenly spontaneously came up from the depth of his being this determination. “They are not going to get me this time. They are not going to get me in this lifetime, they are not going to control this lifetime.” This was the motivation he needed – to have that willpower where he was willing to look at how he was being influenced, and he had that determination “this has to stop” and he was then willing to go after it with the tools that he had at the time, which were far less elaborate than the tools that you have today with these latest teachings we have given you.

But still he had tools that enabled him to make significant progress. And he of course, for quite a number of years was very diligent in giving decrees for protection, decrees to Astrea, the Violet flame and other decrees. This was a necessary phase for him, to seal himself from the downward pull of the collective consciousness and these dark forces. Even the fallen beings who were seeking to derail him because they knew his potential to become a messenger and ascend after this lifetime.

What you need to recognize as spiritual students, as those who are more aware and who have in your divine plans to ascend after this lifetime, is that, yes there are these collective entities in the collective consciousness that will seek to influence you, but that is not really even your major concern. Your major concern is that there are fallen beings and they will target you.

You will see that there are fallen beings who, they have certain general tools that they just use for all people. They are seeking to influence all people by casting a wide net as they say. But the fallen beings are very, very intent on targeting those who are the greater threat to them, especially avatars but also those among the original inhabitants that have reached a certain level, those who have a potential to manifest Christhood in this lifetime, and to ascend after this lifetime. These are the ones that they will target and most of you who are hearing or reading this, you have been targeted by these dark forces.

You need to recognize this, and you need to have that determination to look for “how are these forces seeking to influence you.” You, of course, need to start by cleaning your own house first. Sweeping in front of your own door first as the saying goes. Clearing out your own energy field, clearing your psychology and using all of the tools we have given you.

But you also need to recognize that one of the primary ways in which the fallen beings will seek to derail your divine plan and your ascension, is through your relationships.

Many of you have people around you, often in close relationships, who are either fallen beings, who are in the fallen consciousness, or whose minds can at least from time to time be taken over, either by fallen beings or by collective entities. This means that these people can be used as weapons to target you, and to derail your progress and your divine plan.

I can assure you that many, many people throughout the ages, not just ascended master students but many other people who had a potential to do something beyond the ordinary, have had their divine plans aborted by a deliberate attack by the fallen beings through their personal relationships. The fallen beings found somebody in their sphere of personal relationships that they could use as a weapon to derail these people’s mission. It is one of the most common reasons why people do not fulfill their missions, their divine plans.

You need to recognize here that this is a very real situation that you are facing as a spiritual person. Of course you can use the tools, of course you can decree for the protection of your relationships, but you can also decree for yourself to be cut free, or for the other people to be cut free from the astral plane. But, again, your decrees are not going to work against their free will. They will not really work against your own free will either, but they will work for a time to give you that reprieve. You can, to some degree do that for other people as well, but again, if they are not on the spiritual path, then your decrees have limited influence on them because they do not work against free will.

There comes a point where you need to again, get that determination of will, where you say: “I see I have a pattern with this person, this person can cause me to react in a certain way so I lose my harmony, but this is not going to happen anymore, I will not allow this to happen.” Now, if it still happens, you do not need to blame yourself, you need to reinforce this determination: “This is not going to happen, I am going to break this, I am breaking this pattern.” When you come to that point of determination that is not the outer mind but it comes from within, that can have a major impact on the relationship.

There are some of you who have people who on a regular basis lose their harmony because they are taken over, they are used as a weapon by dark forces. But when you make this determination that you will not allow this anymore, you will not react to these people, in some cases the dark forces will simply drop that person and stop using them because they are no longer effectful, and this can set the other person free to actually have a more positive life, and go on with life.

This can be enough in itself. But there can also be times where the person is not really a passive participant, but the person has more of an active intent to influence you, to have power over you, to control you, to force you into these reactionary patterns. This is what you need to learn to recognize. Therefore, you can again for a time, when you recognize that a certain person is deliberately trying to pull you into these patterns, you can use it as a tool to look at your own reactionary patterns, to resolve this in your psychology so that you can be free of it.

When you are free of it, when you no longer need to react to that person, then you can then start looking at: “Well, now I can actually be around this person without reacting. But do I want to be around this person?” Especially if the person persists with the same type of behavior so that you can never really have a real conversation with that person, then you might come to a point where you make that choice to say: “I no longer want to be around this person and I certainly do not want to engage in these patterns with this person, so that we repeat this pattern.” Even if you do not lose your harmony, your time, your attention is still being occupied by the other person and you have a right to come to a point where you say: “No more of this.”

You can then tell the other person if you feel like it or you can withdraw, that is up to you. But there can come this point where you need to make that decision. You also need to recognize here, that there are some of you who are avatars, you came to earth to help the planet, to help other people. Many of you have in many past lifetimes chosen to embody with people who had a very difficult psychology. Many of you have chosen to embody with fallen beings of various, shall we say “intensity or low state of consciousness” because you wanted to give these people an opportunity to be around you, to see that you did not look at life and you did not respond the way they did. Many of you have done this in past lifetimes, many of you have done it in this lifetime. Many of you who want this to be your last lifetime have done it, not so much to help these fallen beings, because you have realized in past lifetimes that you cannot help them. But you have done it to help yourself, to sort of force yourself to look at these remnants of patterns that you have, that give them an influence on your consciousness.

You need to recognize this, and you need to have that determination to be free of these people, to be free of these patterns, to be free of the fallen beings and the dark forces, so you do not have any ties there. Because you cannot have an emotional tie to a fallen being, a desire to reform that fallen being and ascend from earth. You will need to come back to give that fallen being another opportunity, until you have had enough of doing this. Until you have had enough of the experience of seeking to help people who cannot be helped.

I am the one who is giving you these rather dire and sombre thoughts because this is part of the first ray, this is part of willpower. There comes a point where you must make a choice, a fully conscious choice to say “no” to this, “yes” to something higher. There are some of you, I must tell you again, because this is my job as the Archangel of the first ray, there are some of you who have a passive approach to the spiritual path and spiritual growth.

It is a variation of what we have called the automatic path. You think that “well, I have made the choice to study this teaching, I have made a choice to engage and go into this teaching, I have made the choice to accept these tools and to use them diligently. This must be all I need to do. I do not really need to make these difficult decisions that I find so unpleasant to make. I can coast along, giving the decrees and invocations, studying the teachings, going to conferences and one day “poof ” I will be ready for my ascension.”

Well, my beloved, there is no “poof ” that makes you ready for your ascension. The only thing that makes you ready for your ascension is decisions. Decisions to let go of something on earth and to embrace something higher. To let go of what pulls you back to earth and embrace what pulls you to the ascended realm. There comes a point where you must make these decisions, otherwise you will be standing at a certain level and you will not be able to understand why you are not going beyond it, why you are not making progress.

We see people in this dispensation who are at this point, some have been on this point for many years. We see even more in previous dispensations and in many other spiritual teachings. They feel they have applied themselves, they have done whatever they were told, they have studied, they have practiced, they have prostrated themselves on the floor 10,000 times as the Tibetans prescribe, they have done all of these other things and they think it should be enough.

But my beloved, you will not “slide” into heaven. You must “will” to go into heaven. And in order to will to go into heaven, you must will to leave behind everything on earth, everything that ties you to earth. Because, as we have said before, when you stand there in front of that gate, you must take one last look back at earth, and there cannot be anything that ties you, that pulls you back here. Because it must be a completely free decision to leave the earth permanently. And you cannot make that decision if there is an attachment, a tie, something that pulls you back. You must “will” it.

I am not telling you what your will should be. I am just telling you what is the only way to enter the ascended realm. It is the last decision you make on earth. It is to leave. And what does that mean? It means that before you can make the decision to leave, you must have made all the other decisions you can make on earth. And what are all these other decisions you can make on earth? It is: “I no longer want this. I want something more. I select this thing out, I select out this experience. I have had enough of this experience, that experience, the next experience.” Anything you think you can own on earth you must be willing to let go of. Any experience you can have on earth, you must be willing to say: “I want something more, I have had enough of this.” Any experience you think you should have on earth you must be willing to say “I want something more.”

There cannot be anything unfulfilled. There cannot be anything on earth that you have not selected out. Otherwise, how can you leave through a free-will choice? And my beloved, nothing can force you into the ascended realm. Even all of the fallen beings in this unascended sphere, if they decided to pull their forces together, they could not force a person into the ascended realm. It is a completely free choice. In a sense, it is the freest choice you will ever make in an unascended sphere, is to ascend. Because by then you will have made all the other choices that could be made.

What have I said? The purpose of life is your growth in consciousness. What is growth in consciousness? Well, at any moment, you have a sense of who you are, you have a sense of self. We have said you start with a point-like sense of identity, and you gradually expand it. How do you expand your sense of identity? You choose a way, you select out your present sense of identity and you choose, “do I  want something higher”?

There are a number, a vast number of possible identities you can have on earth. And you must have selected them all out and want something more before you can ascend. Because that is what the ascension is, there is nothing more, there is no more sense of identity you want on earth. Now you want the higher identity of the ascended realm and that is the most free choice you will ever make, because nothing pulls you into a lower sense of identity.

I have given you what I wanted to give you and what I wanted to release into the collective consciousness. You have my gratitude for being willing to endure this somewhat intense release that is probably not very encouraging for a lot of people. But it is really encouraging, when you begin to lock into how this can empower you. How switching your determination to overcome these lower forces can empower you to make more and more free choices. Then it is certainly not depressing anymore, but ultimately liberating as some of you can already witness to, as this messenger can certainly witness to and as all of us who have ascended can witness to.

With this, I seal you in the great joy that I AM, because I know the will of God. I know the power of God and I have chosen what the will of God is for me, because I am not separated from my God. The will of my God is my will and my will is God’s Will.


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