Overcoming envy by accomplishing all things

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Ascended Master Amogasiddhi through Kim Michaels, June 23, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Buddha Amogasiddhi. The poison for which I am the antidote is envy. What is envy? Where does it come from? It originated, as the other poisons, with the fallen beings who after they fell experienced something they had not experienced before. Before they fell, they had in many cases a high attainment on co-creation, or at least on controlling the matter realm as it was in the sphere in which they fell, be it the fourth, fifth or the sixth. Some of these fallen beings had gone into using their co-creative abilities in a controlling manner, seeking to maintain something and maintain a certain state, instead of being willing to give up a limited state in order to co-create that which is more.

How envy originated

This is, as we have said before, the basic principle of co-creation. You create through your current sense of self. You experience the physical out-picturing of it. Then, you refine your sense of self, raise your sense of self, and co-create something more based on the new self. This process requires you to let the former self die. If you are not willing to do that, then you go into seeking to maintain either the former self or the state you have attained in the physical realm. As long as you have not fallen, you are still receiving light from your I AM Presence and you can actually use that light to seek to create that state of control.

Some of the primary fallen beings had built this sense that they were the highest, the most advanced, the most sophisticated, the most powerful beings in the little enclave they had created for themselves. They often had many followers who affirmed and validated that they were the superior ones, they were the leaders, the most powerful beings. They had that sense of identity of being the superior beings and as such they had no need for envy, for they were, as they saw it, the highest. This, of course, only took place on what you in your sphere would call planets. There were a limited number of planets where the fallen beings had been allowed to create their “sophisticated” civilizations.

It was not until the sphere was ready to ascend that the fallen beings were confronted with the ascended masters. It was not until then that they realized that their creation, their co-creation, had not been as high as they thought it was. The fallen beings, then, fall into the next sphere that is created. Now, they gradually realize, by interacting with both the new beings that were created in that sphere and certain other beings that they encountered (which are the equivalent of what we have called avatars here), that they had been cut off from their I AM Presences. Actually, the fallen beings did not realize this but they experienced that there were other beings who had more spiritual light, more co-creative energy than they themselves had.

In a sense, you could say that a fallen being is no longer a co-creator because they cannot co-create with the I AM Presence, as they are not receiving any creative energy from their I AM Presence with which to co-create. They can only de-create by taking light that is already brought into the realm, the sphere, where they exist. They cannot bring forth something new so they seek to, again, create some empire where they can set themselves up as being in control.

Those who fell with them as their followers once again validated them as their leaders and so they were able to build something like this. Every once in a while there was sent into these planets, into these empires, those who had spiritual light and who could therefore demonstrate to the fallen beings that they had something that these seemingly very powerful,

sophisticated fallen beings did not have. That was the origin of envy. The fallen beings saw the light in others, in those who were still co-creators, and they envied that light. They realized at some level that they could not have it as long as they were in the fallen consciousness. They were not willing to give up the fallen consciousness so they could not have it.

Hatred of the light

This is what led them to actually hate the light, hate the avatars, hate those who had the co-creative abilities. Anger is an extreme feeling but hatred is more extreme. Anger makes you want to punish others and hatred makes you want to destroy them. The fallen beings developed this desire to destroy but it is very much tied to their envy because they think (or they experience, you might say) that they cannot have what co-creators and avatars have. They could, of course, have it if they were willing to give up the fallen self and engage in the process of gradually transcending their selves, rising to a higher level of consciousness where they could again receive light from their I AM Presences. If they are not willing to do that, then from their perspective they experience that they cannot have it.

As soon as the fallen beings came to a planet, such as when they came to earth, they introduced the duality consciousness. They created the value judgment between those who are right, those who are wrong, those who are higher, those who are lower, those who are most powerful, most sophisticated and those who are not. Now, you have an active force of the fallen beings who were not necessarily wanting to destroy the original inhabitants of the earth (because they actually wanted to control them), but they also wanted to have the original inhabitants of the earth feel envy of the fallen beings because of their power and a certain mastery they had of the matter realm.

They, of course, attempted to take the poison that they had brought with them and export it, so to speak, to all people on earth, putting everyone in this comparative frame of mind. Naturally, you can only have envy when you are in the duality consciousness and have the value judgment that makes you compare everything to this scale with two extremes where one is better than another. The entire idea that something is better than something else springs from the duality consciousness and the poison of envy.

Overcoming envy

The antidote that I embody to the poison of envy is or has been called the All-Accomplishing Wisdom. Naturally, from a certain perspective, from a certain level of consciousness, it will look like this: “I experience that there are other people on earth who have something I don’t have. I want to have it. So if I get the All-Accomplishing Wisdom of Amogasiddhi, I should be able to get anything I want on earth and then I wouldn’t have to feel envy toward anyone because no one would have more than me.”

This is how people have reasoned many times since these teachings were given, and it is not exactly what the All-Accomplishing Wisdom is about. I wish to give you some thoughts on this. When you feel, as a person embodied on earth, envy, are you feeling the envy or is it a separate self? Based on our teachings, you, of course, know it is a separate self that feels this way. What have we told you about these separate selves? They project that there is a problem that needs to be solved. There is a condition that needs to be fulfilled and then you will feel something.

In other words, you are feeling envy but if you get what it is you envy, then you will no longer feel envy. Such is the reasoning of these selves. These selves will say: “Apply to Amogasiddhi, get the All-Accomplishing Wisdom so we can get the condition we want and then you will no longer feel envy. You will no longer feel envy when I, the separate self, get what I want.”

The All-Accomplishing Wisdom, of course, allows you, as a Conscious You, to step outside of this self and see that what the self wants is another example of an impossible goal, an impossible desire. Even if you got what the self projects that you should have, you would not overcome the poison of envy because the poison is the poison.

The belief that you envy something and that you need to have something is just the illusion behind which the poison is hiding. This is a distinction that the self cannot make. It can only be as a computer, programmed to pursue a certain goal. You envy power, the self will project you need to get power. You will never be at peace until you have that power. The envy of those who have power is a poison, my beloved, it is a condition. To give you a visual analogy, let us say that in your house, your basement fills up with water but you do not realize that your basement is full of water. There is a person living in your house who is the only one who goes to the basement and he knows that the basement is full of water but he does not want you to know. He projects instead into your mind or tells you that your house needs a new roof and when you get the new roof, you will feel better.

We are assuming here that even though you do not consciously know your house is filled with water, you feel – suddenly – an unease about being in your house. This person projects that the cause of your unease is that your neighbor has got a beautiful new roof. You need to get an even better roof, then you will feel at ease again. But the cause of you feeling a lack of peace is that your basement is full of water. No matter how fancy a roof you put on your house, is it going to get the water out of the basement? It is not because the poison is still there and it is simply a self that is projecting the illusion that you need to get what the self envies.

If you have an envy of those who have a certain position or recognition in society, the self projects that you need to get that recognition, then you will be at peace. It is not the lack of recognition that makes you feel non-peace, it is the spiritual poison of envy that makes you feel this way. That is why getting the recognition will not remove the envy. Only removing the poison will remove the unease.

How do you remove the poison? Part of it is, of course, to come to see and understand what the poison is. You understand that there is a separate self that is using this poison to project that you should do something, and then you separate yourself from the self and let it go. Another part of it is to bring the antidote into your being that can consume, dispel, dissolve the poison. That is why we offer you our service, all of us, where you can tune in to our beings, open your mind, open your four lower bodies to an influx of the antidote that will then consume the poison. Everything revolves around free will. That is why you need to see certain things, come to certain realizations, which we will also help you reach and which you can reach by using the teachings that other masters have brought forth about the primal self, the separate self and so on.

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