Overcoming division through the silence of the Christ mind

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, January 7, 2024. This dictation was given during the New Year’s webinar 2024: BEING the Flame of Peace in a world in transition.


I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. What is the challenge that humankind is facing in 2024? It is indeed the challenge of Christ. Now, some will say, how does that apply to those who are not Christians? Well, here is part of the challenge of Christ. You do not set yourself apart from others by using the Christ mind. You can only set yourself apart from others by using the mind of anti-christ.

Christ was originally a neutral, a universal word and concept. The Christ mind is a universal mind. As the Gospel of John says: “In the beginning was the Christ mind. The Christ mind was with God, the Christ mind was God, and without the Christ mind was not anything made that was made.” Because every form, everything in the world of form is created out of the Christ mind, the one mind, the undivided mind, the indivisible mind. The purpose of the Christ mind is to ensure a vertical oneness between the Creator and its creation, and a horizontal oneness between self-aware co-creators.

The chosen people of the superior God

Why did I choose to appear in the Middle East? Because there was, 2,000 years ago, no region on earth where people were more divided than in that region. Starting with the Jews, who so many thousands of years ago set themselves apart from all other people by allowing themselves to believe that they were the chosen people of the ultimate God.

Now this may have been somewhat understandable when people thought all there was to the world was a small region in the Middle East. They had no conception of the size of the earth. They had no conception that the earth was round and had many continents. And they had no conception of the size of the entire universe. They had no concept of a solar system that was part of a galaxy, let alone billions of galaxies.

But in today’s world, how can you look out into the vastness of space when you walk outside at night and think that somewhere beyond this vast universe is this ultimate God? And he looks past all of those other galaxies, all of those other stars, all of those other planets, and he looks down to this particular region on this planet called Earth, and there is this group of people, and they are the chosen people of this superior God.

How can you think this way? Well, you can think this way through the mind of anti-christ, and only through the mind of anti-christ. Therefore, I chose to appear in the Middle East 2,000 years ago because if I could exemplify the mind of Christ there and have an impact in helping people overcome the divisions of the mind of anti-christ, then that could spread to the entire planet.

And of course it is not just the Jews, the Arabs as well are set apart and set themselves apart, not only from the Jews and from non-Arabs, but even within the Arabs there is division. Even within Israel there is division, as you see out-pictured in greater and greater extremes to this day. The challenge for humankind, certainly not in the Middle East, but in the Middle East as well, for 2024 will be: will they finally see the folly of the divisions of anti-christ and begin to move towards the oneness of the Christ mind? Will they reach for the Christ mind?

The American Christians and the mind of anti-christ

You may, as an example of this, look to the United States. Here you have a large group of Christians, or rather people who call themselves Christians, and sincerely believe that they are my true and faithful followers. Yet, how do they look at themselves? They look at themselves as being different from non-Christians, even different from other kinds of Christians, for there is not just one church of Christ in the United States, is there?

How many churches are there in the United States? Have you bothered to count them? Perhaps there is a wiser use of your time than to try to count the Christian churches in the United States. Yet, even though they are divided amongst themselves, they still divide themselves from all other people who are not Christians, and they have this idea that they should impose their vision upon the rest of the country, so that the political establishment, the political life of this country is dominated by Christian values, as they call it.

What is it that the mind of Christ compels people to do if they are open to it? It compels people to look for oneness beyond specific outer issues. The Christians are absolutely sure that I am sitting up there in some heaven, wherever they envision me sitting, and I am looking at the United States and I am saying: “Here is this issue, and this is the solution to that issue. Here is that other issue, and this is the only right solution to that issue.”

Yet, when I am looking at the United States, I am looking for only one thing, oneness. The only thing that matters to Christ is oneness, not specific issues. For when people come together in oneness, the issues are no longer the issue. For people will not let the issues divide them, for they see that the real issue is oneness. United we stand, divided we fall. Well, has the people of the United States ever been more divided? Certainly not since the Civil War. Is this the Christ mind that causes people to be divided? Nay, it can only be the mind of anti-christ.

The “us versus them” mentality

Saint Germain gave his magnificent discourse on the differences between thinking with the Christ mind and thinking with the reptile brain that is based on fight or flight. What is the outcome of the fight or flight syndrome? It is the ‘us versus them’ mentality. Are there any people in the United States today who are more gripped by the ‘us versus them’ mentality than the Christians? How can that be in alignment with the mind of Christ?

When I look at the political scene in the United States, I am making a simple evaluation. Who is seeking to unite the people and who is seeking to divide them into two camps, us and them? I do not even have to mention names here, because if you are even the slightest bit open to what an ascended master has to say about the political situation in the United States, you can apply this simple measure. Who seeks to unite? Who seeks to divide? Who is always talking about us and them? Who is always talking about we being better than them? We being right, they being wrong? This is the voice of the mind of anti-christ. It always has been and it always will be.

Being wise as serpents, harmless as doves

Now you may say: “What about all the teachings you have given us about the power elite and the fallen beings? Are the people not meant to learn to discern between we, the people, and they, the power elite?” Well, yes, and that is part of the Christ mind. But you see, the Christ mind does not create the ‘us versus them’ mentality even when it comes to those people who are trapped in the mind of anti-christ.

The Christ mind sees beyond even the mind of anti-christ and sees that all people came out of the One Mind and all people have the potential to return to it. But, as I also said 2000 years ago, you must be wise as serpents, harmless as doves. When you see the oneness and look for oneness, you are harmless as a dove. What does it mean to be wise as a serpent, wise to the serpents? It means that you realize that there are still many people on earth who are trapped in the mind of anti-christ, the mind that is divided and seeks to divide.

So, you preach unity among the people. You do not have to label fallen beings, power elite, this or that, because you can allow them to label themselves because they will not speak about unity and they will criticize you for speaking about unity. They will want to maintain the division that makes some people right, other people wrong, some people superior, other people inferior. You can speak about unity and allow them to speak against unity and thereby they expose themselves, and they judge themselves.

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s

What will you see in this coming year 2024? You will see that those who are trapped in the divided mind, the mind of anti-christ, will become more divided, more fragmented, more extreme. You will see that in countries where they have elections, but where the collective consciousness is so deeply divided, everything will become more pronounced, more extreme. Until, as Saint Germain said, those who think with a reptile brain will see no other outcome but violence.

You will indeed see that if people cannot transcend the divisions and reach for oneness, there will be violence, more and more violence, more and more confrontation, not necessarily war, although war can follow from it.

What is the antidote to this? Well, it is that some people must reach for the Christ mind. And what does that mean? It means partly what I said 2000 years ago, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. This could be translated to say, for example in the United States, it is not about being right about this or that issue. It is about working towards oneness between people, because oneness is beyond the issues that divide and this is what you see with a Christ mind. You can allow Caesar, meaning the political world, to do what they want to do, to let things unfold, to let the people vote on particular issues, to let them vote on particular candidates. But you can focus on oneness.

Do you, as a spiritual person, as an ascended master student, do you need to be disturbed by what is happening on the political scene? Whether it be United States or the other nations, do you need to be disturbed by it? You do not, obviously. Only the subconscious selves you have can make you feel disturbed, because you have an attachment to a specific outcome.

But you see, if you render unto Caesar you are saying: “We have a democratic nation, we have a democratic process such as it is right now. I will render unto Caesar by letting this outplay itself whatever way people need to see it outplayed so they can see the extremes and the divisions and how this can only get worse. I will allow people to be in the School of Hard Knocks. I will render unto God that which is God’s, which means I will focus on oneness.”

Working for the oneness between people

When you hold the vision from oneness, when you make the calls to us from oneness, you will have a much greater impact on your nation than if you are constantly pulled into all of these outer issues thinking: “Oh, this issue is so important, this must be manifest in the political world.”

We have seen over the years how ascended master students have been pulled into this. For example, siding with a specific political party,  or with a certain conservative outlook. In previous dispensations, many people thought that they should espouse traditional values. But this is highly ironic, because by espousing a conservative outlook and traditional values, who are you aligning yourself with? The Christians.

And what would they do if they had the power? They would outlaw any kind of New Age beliefs. They would outlaw all other beliefs than Christianity if they had the power to do so. What sense does it make that as an ascended master student you align yourself with a movement that would prevent you from being what you are or at least expressing it? On the other hand, does that mean you should align yourself with the opposite party?

Why would you have to? Why would you have to be aligned with any party in the divided situation you have right now? Why could you not work for universal values, the oneness between people? Why could you not, if you want to speak, speak about the division and the need to seek oneness?

Democracy is based on the oneness of the Christ mind

All men are created equal. All men and women are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights. What are the divisions doing? They are undermining the Declaration of Independence, the foundation for American democracy. How can this preserve American democracy? It cannot.

Only when any democracy is based on unity between people and the search for oneness rather than the focus on divisions can a democracy survive, can a democracy function. Otherwise, that democracy will be pulled towards a small power elite who will influence that part of the population who are not thinking with the Christ mind but thinking, and reacting with a reptile brain.

The power elite are thinking with a mind of separation, duality, anti-christ, the reptile brain of fight and flight, and they pull the people in who are likewise thinking that way and who have not transcended this form of thinking.

Democracy came about why? Look at the history of the world. Look how long of a period there was no democracy. At least not a real democracy because even what they had in ancient Greece was not a real democracy. Look how long of a period, just in recorded history, where you have not had democracies. Why did democracy suddenly emerge?

Well, the emergence of democracy is one of the most pronounced effects of my ministry 2,000 years ago. Because I came to demonstrate the Christ consciousness, I preached the Christ consciousness which does what? It unifies people, it polarizes and pulls people towards oneness and away from division. Although it took a long time and could have happened much faster, nevertheless the emergence of a democracy is a direct result of my ministry and the Christ consciousness.

In a divided society where a king or emperor and a small elite rules the people, there is a low level of Christ consciousness, because there is a low level of oneness between people. You can clearly see this in any divided society. Look at the feudal societies in the Middle Ages, look at the Indian caste system, look at the Jews and Arabs, look at religious divisions. All of these things that divide people are not of the Christ mind.

Democracy, based on the idea that all people have rights given by a higher authority that no dictator on earth, no power elite can take away from them, is clearly a step towards oneness. Of course, creating a democracy does not mean that there suddenly is oneness in the minds of the people. But there is at least the possibility that a democracy can move towards oneness.

What will it take? Well, it will take that the people begin to look for oneness and look beyond division. In the ideal scenario, a prominent force to move people towards oneness would have been Christianity. But the moment the Catholic church was created, that goal was sabotaged and has remained sabotaged ever since. By the Catholic church, by the Lutheran churches, by the various other churches that have sprung up claiming my name, without being willing to reach for me as an ascended master or for the Christ consciousness as a universal consciousness.

2024 is a dividing line

The most prominent danger to American democracy right now is Christianity and Christians. And their sectarian exclusivist divisive mindset, the “us versus them” mentality.

If you are an ascended master student, if you are at all open to the Christ mind, make a conscious decision not to align yourself with these forces in 2024. Not to align yourself with any force that divides people. Because I guarantee you that those who align themselves with the divisive forces in 2024 will be pulled down. Will be pulled into this downward spiral, this vortex that they have created. And it will not be a pleasant experience.

If you think I sound ominous, it is because I want to issue a stern warning here. 2024 is in some ways a dividing line. Of course every year has its own dividing lines. But in 2024 it becomes more important than it has been for a number of years to strive towards oneness and to move away from division. Because otherwise you will be pulled in by these divisive forces. It can be no other way in this year.

Look very carefully at what is going on in the world. It is so easy, and we see it all the time with people, whether they are ascended master students or not, we see how people are focused on a particular issue. And then they think they have to make a decision, they have to take a stand, they have to formulate an opinion based on this black and white: you are for this or against this, you agree with this or you disagree.

Render unto Caesar by letting people in this state of mind do whatever they want to do. Render unto God by looking for the oneness behind the divisions. You do not have to have an opinion about every issue. You certainly do not have to allow yourself to take this or that opinion when the issue has been presented in black and white terms.

One of the things that will happen in 2024 is that those who are trapped in the mind of anti-christ will try to portray everything in this epic mindset of right and wrong, ultimately good and bad: “If you do not elect us, it will be a disaster”. Of course you have seen it already in previous years, but it will be more pronounced in 2024. Therefore, it will be easier to be pulled into it, and it will require more of a conscious effort to avoid being pulled into this maelstrom, this vortex.

Will you rise above division?

And those of you who can avoid it, you can work against the maelstrom. You can have a calming effect on the vortex so that as few people as possible are pulled into it. So that a majority of the people in democratic nations can stay above it and therefore vote based on at least some sense of oneness. Instead of voting entirely on this blind division that looks at it in black and white terms. Where they are not really voting for something, they are voting against someone else.

Just look at the United States again. How a certain candidate is portraying himself as being against this or against those other people. Is this oneness? How could it be? If it is not oneness, is it the Christ mind? How could it be?

Is it wise from a political standpoint to seek to divide people into two separate camps that are clearly set apart and that are portrayed in epic terms as: “The ones who support me are right and the ones who do not support me are wrong”? Is it wise in a democracy, or would it be wiser to seek to unite people?

Well, of course, is it wise depends on how divided are the people. Can you pull a majority into this divided state of mind that they will support you against the others? They will see themselves as against the others. Or is the nation not so divided that actually a majority of the people will vote for the candidate who seeks to unite rather than divide?

That is a question, of course, that remains to be answered in the United States in 2024. But the more you can reach for oneness and stay out of the divisions and stay out of particular issues. Because it really is not, in the mind of Christ, so epically important whether the United States does this particular thing, enacts this particular policy or that particular policy. The real important issue is: will the United States, the people of the United States be pulled more into division or will they rise above division? That is the central issue. And it is, of course, the central issue in many other democratic nations where you also see this division.

We have given many, many teachings on the importance of democracy. We have given many teachings on what creates divisions among people. You have the books on ideology, fanaticism, elitism. And you can use these teachings and these tools to have an influence in 2024 on whether people move into division, further into division, or they move beyond division.

Reaching for silence

Silence will move you towards oneness. Recognize a very, very simple idea. What is oneness? Without him was not anything made that was made. Everything is made out of oneness. Every thing is set apart from every other thing by characteristics.

Now, of course, the distinctions between different things is not the same as division necessarily. Because division happens only in the mind of self-aware beings who have the ability to use their free will to go into the consciousness of duality and separation. What is that happens? What is it that happens when you go into duality? You start seeing divisions as opposites. And therefore, you have the source of conflict.

Now you have people in a certain state of mind that is completely based on this duality, division, value judgments. And they are divided. When you look at the world and look at all these divisions, how can you avoid being pulled into this? By realizing that if you take the divisions and start tracing them backwards, you see that the divisions are based on expressions with words. But even the words, if you trace them back, they start in silence. All sound starts in silence. All words that can be so divisive start in silence.

How will you avoid being pulled into division? How will you reach for the mind of oneness? Well, reach for silence. With that I do not just mean sound. I mean the silence of your emotional body, of your mental body and of your identity body. You know you are not your physical body. You know or can easily come to know by using our teachings that you are not your emotions. Some of you have not yet realized that you are not your thoughts either. And some of you have not realized that you are not your outer identity defined in relation to the world.

But if you can reach beyond this and experience physical silence, emotional silence, mental silence and identity level silence, then you can experience the One mind beyond all of these outer expressions. And the Conscious You, as we have explained so many times, has the ability to step outside your physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies. And experience what we have called pure awareness, which could also be called silent awareness. The awareness that is beyond the divisions, beyond the differences, the differentiation. It is just silence.

And of course, not necessarily many people can associate Christ with silence. But can you associate the Buddha with silence? Well, then focus on the Buddha or whoever master to you represents silence. And allow yourself to experience silence. This is not something you can force. You cannot use your mind to suppress the emotions, suppress the thoughts, suppress the identity. You can reach for it. Because it is natural for the Conscious You to experience this when it decides not to be pulled by the physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies.

You do not have to do anything to experience silence. You have to stop doing what pulls you into all of these outer feelings, thoughts, sense of identity. This obsessive compulsion where you have to engage, you have to feel, you have to think, you have to identify yourself, you have to act. But you do not have to do anything, you have free will.

So many people think that free will means you can do whatever you want. But another aspect of free will that you can choose not to do. You do not have to be pulled into taking part of the debate, the issues. You do not have to have all of these opinions. You do not have to have the answers from the outer mind of what is right and wrong in this situation.

Speaking out from silence

What we ideally would like to see is that ascended master students, spiritual people, the top 10% of the population disengage from the divisions in 2024. It does not mean you should not vote. It does not mean you should not say something. But you should disengage from the divisions. First reach for the silence. And when you experience that in silence all of the divisions become irrelevant, then you might find a new foundation for speaking.

There is speech – and this applies to 99.99999% of the speech that is happening in the world today – that comes from the divided mind. There is an immense need for those people who can allow speech to come from the One mind, from the silence. So much of the speech out there springs from noise. There is a great need for a voice that springs from silence.

You may say that there is the Christ mind that goes out into the world and ministers. And there is the Buddha who creates a community, a Sangha, and lets people come apart from the world to come to the Buddha. But they are not opposites, they are just two sides of the same mind.

What allows the Christ to be most effective in going out is that it has that oneness with the Buddha. So that even as the Christ is going out in activity and ministering to the people, the Christ has the figure eight flow between itself and the Buddha. The Christ is even in the midst of intense activity one with the Buddha. And the expression, the speech of the Christ, comes from the silence of the Buddha.

Many of you know enough, have practiced enough. And you can make that switch and speak from the silence rather than from the noise. Because if you speak from the noise, what do you do? You just add more noise. And what is the problem in the world today? There is too much noise. People have lost the connection to the silence because their minds are so overpowered by noise.

Be the silence instead of being the noise. Be the voice that is not noise.

If you want an example, look at the messenger’s YouTube videos. This is one example among many possible examples of a voice that springs from silence rather than the noise that divides. You all have the same potential. You would do it in your own way, which is perfectly in order. But someone has to be the voice of silence.

With this, I will seal you in the silence of the Christ mind that I also am and the Flame of Silence that I also hold for planet Earth. May you in this year, and may a critical mass of people in this year, discover the silence behind all of the noise in the world.

Peace, be still, and know that the I AM within you is God.


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