Overcoming Anger Against Yourself

TOPICS: The anger of the fallen beings – Anger starts in the identity body – The calculated anger of the fallen beings – Anger against the Mother realm – Verbalizing who you are – Feeling and co-creating – What do you take seriously? – Being hard on yourself – Stopping the downward spiral – Anger cannot exist on its own – Reasoning about anger – Exercise for dissolving anger – The missionary syndrome – Having no regrets – Never a lost opportunity – Master MORE does not take himself too seriously

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Ascended Master MORE, December 1st, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, and I am the ultimate way to overcome the consciousness of lack. By tuning in to my flame, you can know that there is no lack in my Being, there is no lack in my flame. Therefore, when you allow yourself to receive what I am more than willing to give you, there is no lack in you.

You are not an imperfect being! What have all of the systems that you see on this earth been programming into the collective mind now for eons of time? It is that human beings are inherently flawed or imperfect. This was, if you look at it honestly, the message behind Marxism and Communism, as it was the message behind the Catholic Church and all of the Christian churches building upon that foundation. You are sinners by nature, you are inherently limited and where does this consciousness come from?

The anger of the fallen beings

Well, it comes, of course, from the fallen beings who have a (one might say) desperate need to feel superior to the people that they find themselves embodying amongst, much to their displeasure. They believe earth is such a low planet that they should not even have to be here. They should be on a much higher planet, a much bigger planet, where they could have a greater sense of power.

They feel that they have been degraded by coming to this planet. Therefore, many of them have a very deep-seated anger against the human beings that are on this planet, both the original inhabitants and those avatars who have dared to come here and embody and challenge their reign. You cannot explain this anger (which you clearly see in history, if you are willing to look) through any of these traditional thought systems. Why is that my beloved? Because the thought systems created by the fallen beings have one overriding need, plan or agenda and it is to hide the existence of the fallen beings. Therefore, of course, they cannot explain that there is such anger. They either leave it unexplained or they leave it up to some never really clearly stated ideas that this or that person was particularly evil and so forth and so on.

Anger starts in the identity body

The reality is, of course, that the fallen beings have a very deep-seated, one might say existential, anger against human beings. They will do things to hurt, damage and eradicate human beings that are irrational, illogical, as all anger really is irrational and illogical. Anger is an emotion but anger is more than just a feeling, it is more than something in the emotional body. This has only been understood by very, very few people who have studied psychology.

The reality is that anger actually starts in the identity body. The fallen beings have in their identity bodies an anger against God. This is really (when you think about it) partly an anger against the external God that they have created, but it is more than that, it is actually an anger against themselves. After all, even though they have fallen, they started out as extensions of the Creators’ being, as all of us have. There is an anger at the identity level, there is a certain intricate mental pattern that justifies this anger and gives it a certain direction. There is, of course, the emotional pattern, which often causes people to do things in anger that they never would have done if they were able to think more rationally or clearly about it.

You could say that for most of the human beings and the avatars on this planet, anger is mainly an emotional phenomenon but for the fallen beings it is more than that. That is why you can see that if you analyze the psychology of people like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and all of these dictators you have seen in history, their anger is not purely emotional. They have a deeper anger at the mental and identity level. It is something that they often cannot control—it controls them. You can see that sometimes they have actually committed actions that were not done in an emotional rage but they were done in a more calculated anger, a more long-term, planned anger.

The calculated anger of the fallen beings

Why am I bringing this up? Well, for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is, of course, that you need to understand that what happened in the Soviet Block under Communism cannot be explained only as a matter of anger. You need to understand this very deep anger that the fallen beings have against human beings and their desire to either control them or to eradicate those who cannot be controlled. It is not so, my beloved, that Stalin or those who were in position in the Soviet apparatus were in an uncontrolled rage when they knocked on people’s doors at four o’clock in the morning and shipped them off to Siberia. There was not the emotional anger behind this, even though in some cases, some of the henchman who carried out these acts had to put themselves in an emotional state in order to be able to do this to their own countrymen.

If you look at the leaders and especially at the top figure, you could see that it was not an emotional anger. You could see that during some of Hitler’s speeches, he seemed to go off in this emotional anger. When he was dealing with his generals and others, he was not emotional, he was very calculated—one might even say rational. You can only understand this by this deeper level. You also need, as the avatars that we are addressing you as now, to recognize that while human beings, the original inhabitants of the earth, rarely have an anger that goes beyond the emotional level, as an avatar you can actually have built such an anger.

This does not mean that you have the same anger as the fallen beings have. In a certain sense, my beloved, you can look at the psychology of some fallen beings (not all but some) and you can look at the psychology of some avatars (not all but some) and you can see that they both have anger in their mental and identity bodies. If you look more closely, you can see that there is a fundamental difference. The anger of the fallen beings is always directed outwards. In many cases, it is also directed upwards as an anger against God. It is never in a fallen being directed inwards as an [conscious] anger against themselves. However, in many avatars you do find that they have an anger at the mental and identity level that is directed inwardly against themselves. It can have a variety of reasons at the mental level, there can be a variety of explanations that people have at the mental level. There can even be different explanations at the identity level but they all revolve around the same theme, namely that you are angry at yourself for voluntarily coming to this planet. You are angry at yourself for making the choice to come to this planet.

There may be some avatars that after they came here, after they went into duality, have taken on some of these subtle beliefs put out there by the fallen beings. They may feel a certain anger against God for creating a universe where the suffering that you see on earth is possible. Some avatars can have a certain sense of this, but it is not the same anger that fallen beings have against God. You do not feel the same as an avatar as you feel as a fallen being. I am not here going to describe how fallen beings feel, how their anger is against God because you do not need to even put your mind on this as an avatar. I am just telling you that even if you feel anger against God, it does not mean that you are a fallen being.

You do not have to come down on yourself for this. You recognize that this is not an anger you carried with you when you came to this planet. The fallen beings carried their anger against God with them when they came to this planet, even before they came into this sphere. You have taken it on here on earth, and as with everything else you have taken on here on earth, this means that you can come to see it, see that it is not yours and you can let it go, you can rise above it.

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