Overcoming a False Sense of Responsibility

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 23, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada. At the fifth level of the initiations you go through in my retreat, we are dealing with the combination of peace and vision. What I wish to open up with in this discourse is a concept known among worldly psychologists as “magical thinking.” It can give rise to what has often been called various forms of superstition.

It is often described as people confusing cause and effect where they come up with an explanation that is centered around themselves, often making them feel that their own thoughts were responsible for certain events happening or not happening. It is often described in children as the sense that your thoughts are responsible for what happened in life, and an attempt to explain everything based on what you know right now, relating everything to yourself.

The desire to be invulnerable

Well, my beloved, there are various aspects of this form of magical thinking, some not even understood by psychologists. I would like to begin here by reaching back to what I talked about in my last lesson. There is a certain desire among spiritual students to come to a point where you feel that you can do nothing wrong and where nothing can really harm you. You may know that there are certain computer games where you can be in some kind of world where there are enemies shooting at you, but you can put on a shield so that you are invulnerable to their attacks, at least for a time.

When you look at what I talk about, how in the past you have expressed your Christhood and you have then been tricked by the fallen beings into thinking that doing this was wrong, then you can see that an aspect of magical thinking is the idea that you can come to a point where nothing you do will be wrong and you cannot really be hurt by anything in this world. This is in some ways an extension of a desire that children have where they fantasize about being invulnerable, but it is also something that runs deeply in the collective consciousness.

As I have said, when you grow up in any culture on earth, you will be affected by certain very subtle beliefs. Of course, you have, when you look at the long history of this planet, many, many people who have been exposed to traumatic events that have given them deep wounds. They have attempted to create some spirit that has grown to become a collective spirit, that can either explain why this happened or give them some hope that one day they can come to the point of being invulnerable to this ever happening again.

You see that part of magical thinking is actually the idea that you can control the universe, that you can control certain aspects of this world so that you can avoid bad things and magnetize good things to you. There are many people who are superstitious about gambling, for example, where they think that wearing a lucky charm makes you more lucky. There are many other aspects of this kind of superstitious behavior where people are trying to do something in order to control what will or will not happen to them. Many people believe that wearing a medal around their neck with a saint on it, will protect them from bad events.

My beloved, you need to recognize here that there is a very, very old tradition or movement in this world to explain why certain things happen and to try to protect people from other things happening. You want to avoid the bad, you want to attract the good. You think that by taking some kind of measure, you can achieve this. In other words, there is a spirit (that has been created over a very long period of time on earth), which makes people believe that it is possible for them to gain some kind of control over the world.

As ascended master students you have grown up in an environment where this spirit has affected most people in some way or another and you have naturally been affected by it. Again, this is not to blame you in any way. It is simply a statement of the fact that at this level of initiation in this course, you are ready to deal with this particular issue. You are ready to take a look at the elements of magical thinking that you have in your own mind and you are ready to rise above them and be free of them. My beloved, when you do let them go, you will feel more free than you had ever thought possible while you were affected by this collective spirit and perhaps even some internal spirits in your own higher bodies.

The illusion of an almighty God

Now my beloved, let us begin by looking at this desire to be invulnerable, to be invincible. You may very well in the past have encountered fallen beings who attacked you personally in a very vicious, very uncompromising way. Naturally, you want to avoid this kind of trauma, you want to avoid this kind of pain, and this can give rise to you creating an internal spirit that makes you think that one day you should be invincible. You should be able to defeat the fallen beings, to destroy the fallen beings, to destroy anyone who attacks you or who attacks those whom you feel responsible for protecting, such as the innocent.

I need you to ponder here what this spirit actually comes from. It is, as all spirits (at least the major ones) a creation of the fallen beings. In a sense, all spirits are creations of the fallen beings, meaning they are based on the attacks and illusions of the fallen beings. Of course, the individual spirits are created by people in their reaction to the fallen beings.

What the fallen beings want you to think is that there is some kind of benevolent entity, usually called God, who is ultimately in control of the universe. Once you believe this, you think that certain things should not happen. Over the millennia, many people have felt that the obvious existence of evil on the planet challenges the existence of God. If there really is a God and if this God is good and almighty, then why does he allow evil to be on the planet?

You see that the fallen beings have, first of all, created the illusion that there is an almighty God who is in control of the universe. Then, they themselves have perpetrated many evil actions upon people that challenge the existence of this benevolent all-powerful God. This then, has caused the fallen beings

to create this contradiction in most people’s minds. You think there should be a way to control what happens to you in your life. You think there should be some benevolent entity who is in control of what happens. Therefore, you think that by appealing to this entity through some kind of magical thinking, you should be able to secure the favors of this entity so that only good things happen to you and no bad things happen to you.

Some people live an entire lifetimes in this belief and feel that nothing really challenges it because nothing really bad happens to them. Other people start out having this belief and then something bad happens to them, and all of a sudden they are in a crisis of faith, perhaps even rejecting all concept of religion and God. Either way, this is what the fallen beings want because they are keeping people in a reactionary pattern. Even the people who think they can control God or the universe by performing certain actions, they are also kept in an illusion by the fallen beings.

What have we attempted to do in this course? We have attempted to help you accept greater and greater responsibility for your situation. What is the advantage of accepting responsibility? It is that you now see that you can do something about your situation. In a sense, you could ask the question: “Well, isn’t this magical thinking? You are first saying that the fallen beings have created the illusion that there is a benevolent God who is in control of the universe. On the other hand, you are saying that we need to overcome magical thinking but nevertheless, now you are saying that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and see that we are co-creating our own circumstances. So how do we put all this together?” Well, we do not actually put it together. We look at the components and see them for what they are.

Giving up the belief in a personal God

First of all, naturally there is a Creator who, in a certain sense, has ultimate control of the universe. The Creator created the world of form, including the sphere in which you live. As we have explained through this messenger, a sphere is created as an unascended sphere, meaning it has not attained permanence. The purpose for creating a sphere in this state is that it allows for the outplaying of free will. The self-aware beings who are sent into the sphere to take embodiment in that sphere can outplay their free will in a way where they do not create anything permanent. They do not create anything they cannot later uncreate or overcome. In other words, they cannot be trapped in their own creation.

Because the sphere in which you live is not permanent, you can outplay free will in any way you want. When I say “you,” I do not mean just you personally. All of the self-aware beings in your unascended sphere have free will, unrestricted free will. You can do things that limit yourself, you can do things that hurt others and this is possible because your sphere is not permanent. However, in order for free will to outplay itself, this also means that the Creator has set aside its control over an unascended sphere. This does not mean that God could not interfere if the Creator wanted to. The Creator could wipe out the entire sphere in an instant if it wanted to. However, it does mean that the Creator has said: “I will give these self-aware beings a certain time to work out their free will and come to the conclusion, based on free-will experimentation, that what is best for the whole is also what is best for the individual.”

The reality, of course, is that earth is one of the relatively few planets in the entire universe that is at a very, very low level of collective consciousness. You may look at what is happening on earth and say that God should not allow these evils to happen and therefore God should wipe out the entire unascended sphere. However, there are billions of planets with a much higher level of collective consciousness than earth. Why should God wipe out the entire sphere based on what is happening on this little planet?

You see that as an ascended master student at this level, you need to give up the illusion created by the fallen beings that there is a personal God who is intimately interested in your personal life and situation here on earth. You need to give up the idea that somewhere up in heaven is an old man with a white beard who is constantly watching everything you do, say, think or feel down here on earth and who takes some kind of special interest in you. This remote God in the sky is a fictional creation of the fallen beings. It is time to just let it go. It is time to recognize here that there is no such God.

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