Opening to Divine Grace

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, December 7, 2015

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I hold the office of the Divine Mother for planet earth. As part of my office it is my joy and my privilege to be one of the sources of Divine Grace. Let me give you one definition of Divine Grace. It is a flow of spiritual energy that has such a high vibration that it can change physical circumstances.

You know, of course, from science that everything is made from energy. In every situation there are certain tracks that are defined by the energies (or the karma as some call it) of the people involved. It may seem to the outer mind that a situation, or a person’s life, is locked on a track and that there is no physical circumstance, physical device or condition that can change it. This may be true from a human viewpoint, but you see, everything is still made from energy and it can be changed by a vibration that is distinctly higher than the material energy.

Many people have, over the centuries, prayed to me, especially Catholics, but also people from other religions have prayed to the Divine Mother in some form. They have often asked for intercession, they have often asked for specific conditions to be fulfilled. In some cases, they have been fulfilled and then in others they have not. This has led many people to question the entire concept of grace, or to wonder why it works for some people but not for others.

I would like to give you an image that might help you. Imagine that you have a group of people who are standing under a roof that is like a tent. Now, it has been raining heavily and the tent canvas has been weighted down by water. There is a pool of water above the heads of these people. Would you not believe, my beloved, that if one of these people punctures a hole in the canvas, then the water will immediately run through and the person will be drenched in water.

Well, the spiritual realm is like a pool of Divine energy that is only waiting for an opening to flow into the material realm and restore divine harmony and beauty. But what is that opening? It can only be the consciousness of a human being. In order to be open to Divine Grace, you must use your free will, at some level of your being, to open yourself.

This may not always be something you are consciously aware of. If you are willing to walk the path of self-mastery and self-discovery, you can become more conscious of how you can open yourself up to Divine Grace. You do this in part by consciously recognizing that material conditions are not set in stone, are not set in matter. They can be changed by spiritual energy, by Divine Grace. Conditions in your life cannot be changed, unless you are open to that change.

Now, you may see some people who have received Divine Grace and who were not consciously open, but you can actually be open without being aware of it. At the same time, you can be closed without being aware that you are closed. You can think you are a spiritual person, but you are still closing off your mind to some change that could be performed by Divine Grace. Therefore, the only viable way to really open yourself to Divine Grace is to walk the path of self-discovery so you discover where it is you are blocking the flow that is always waiting to come through the material octave, only waiting for an opening in your mind.


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