You were not created as a man or a woman

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Ascended Master Omega through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Omega, or if you will, the Cosmic Being Omega, as I am not strictly an ascended master, having not ascended from earth. What I aim to give you here, is a perspective that goes beyond and will challenge most of the religions that you currently see on earth, that you have seen throughout history on earth, at least since the fallen beings were allowed to embody here but even before.

This messenger was many years ago given an experience of being transported in his finer bodies, or rather in his Conscious You as we say today, to the Central Sun to experience the presence of Alpha and myself. He has described the experience and some of you will know it. The important point of this is that the office that Alpha and I hold, is the cosmic gateway (so to speak) between the Creator and its creation.

It is only through this office that you can have an experience of the Creator and the Creator’s Being. It is also only through this office and the lineage of ascended masters, going all the way to the masters working with earth, that you could take a message from the Creator. Of course, the Creator can do whatever it desires to do, but very rarely would give a message through an unascended messenger because there is such a confusion on earth, such contradictions, so many theories and religions about God and the ultimate God.

All images of God block your experience of God

The important point that I want to get across here is that when you experience the Creator’s Being, you experience directly something that is beyond all form. You live in a world of form, everything in this world has form. It may not be a visible form, a form you can hear, touch, smell, it may be a thought, a feeling, but they are also forms. Even a subtle sense of identity has a form, any image you might have of God also has form but the real Creator is beyond form.

Now, you may say: “Does that mean that the Creator has no characteristics, no individuality, no personality, is there nothing that could describe the Creator?”  Well, the answer to that question is “yes and no.” Of course, your Creator, our Creator, the Creator of this world of form has what you could call an individuality. It is not an individuality that could be compared to, described by, any form that you see in this world of form. It is not an individuality that could be described by any words, even words that the Creator could give you. There are no words, there are no forms, there are no images that could capture the Creator’s Being. That is why we, for lack of a better word, say that the Creator has no form, is beyond form, has transcended form, is transcendent of form, that you need to transcend your attachment to form and go into the full purity and neutralness of the Conscious You in order to experience the Creator’s Being.

You need to recognize here that while the Creator is the originator of the world of form in which you live, the Creator itself is beyond its creation. There is not even a similarity between the Creator and its creation. There is, as Portia said, nothing that you can grasp, or see, or experience on earth that you can use to reason backwards and say, this tells me something about the Creator.

If you try to do this, you go into the mind, the linear mind, that is a subject, which is attempting to picture, understand an object. If you go into this mind and attempt to comprehend God, you cannot comprehend God, you can only understand an idol, an image of God, and it can never be God, it can only be an idol. Therefore, it is not in alignment with reality but if you think it is in alignment with reality, it becomes a false image, a false god, a false idol. For that matter, all idols are false but nevertheless you get my meaning.

The Creator is not a male god

The reality that I wish to bring out here is this: Regardless of the images, the idols that have been created on earth, the Creator is not male, the Creator is not a male God. The concept of male and female is completely meaningless when it comes to the real God that is beyond form. How could there be a distinction of male and female in something that is beyond form, when male and female exist only in the world of form. For that matter, they exist only on the kind of planets that you are used to and that you see here on earth.

If you take the My Lives book and look at the description given there, you can see that on a natural planet there is not a need for physical childbirth. Therefore, there is not a need for two sexes as you have here on earth where you have physical bodies with sexual organs that can impregnate the one body, and therefore bring forth a physical child that grows inside that body until it is born and becomes independent of the body. This process is not there on a natural planet. You can talk about male and female, masculine and feminine on a natural planet but not in the way you talk about it on earth.

My point is that what you see as male and female on earth is a very primitive concept only existing on dense-matter planets. Therefore, it is completely meaningless to want to apply this to the Creator. Now then, why do you even have this concept? Does it have no reality to it? Well, again the answer to that question is “yes and no.” The way most people look at the concept of male and female on earth has no reality to it. There is a deeper reality, a higher reality that I will expound upon.

The Creator is beyond form. The Creator starts out with an intent to create, a will to create, a world that has form. As we have described before, before the Creator has created anything, there is only a void, a void meaning there is no form, at least as you define form in this world of form. What does the Creator have to do to create form? Well, the void can be described with the word undifferentiated, there is no differentiation in the void. Therefore, you cannot define what you see in your world of form where you have one form that is set apart from another form and therefore in a sense both forms are defined in relation to each other, or they are defined in relation to the void that has no form. There is either no form,
or there is this form, which is different from that form. This is in a sense, the beginning of creating a world of form. You have to define something that is set apart from the void, then you have to create something else that is distinct from the other form.

Now, it may be tempting to think that you create one first and then the other but you actually do not, you create two, you create them as pairs. You create the two forms at the same time and that is the beginning of differentiation. There is the differentiation that there is a form that is different from the void, but at the level of form there are at least two forms that are set apart from each other. This is how the Creator differentiates. Once you have created these two basic elements, then from there you can create more. The two basic elements that your Creator decided to use to create its world of form, was an expanding and a contracting force. Now, I know some of you will be curious and say: “Was that the only choice, were those the only options, are there other worlds of form that are different?” The answer to that is “yes” but it would be very difficult for you to fathom this because you are created in this particular world of form and you tend to look at everything based on the differentiation that created your world of form. Do not stress your minds by even comprehending this, focus on mastering the world of form you are in. Then, when you attain the Creator consciousness, you can comprehend these other options.

How a sphere is created

The Creator chose an expanding and a contracting force. This was not at a level at all where it can be said to have anything to do with male and female, masculine and feminine as you see it on earth. It had absolutely nothing to do with it. There was simply a differentiation into an outgoing force that would continue to go out and expand indefinitely. Then the contracting force that could balance the outgoing force so that a certain form could be maintained in that state, in a certain state over what you would call time but time of course is a relative concept. In the very beginning, your concept of time did not really apply, but I am using a word with which you are familiar.

In other words, a form could be created and maintained because the contracting force balanced the expanding force. The original differentiation into these two forces went through several complex steps, until the Creator had defined what we have called the first sphere that was set apart from the void. In this sphere was defined a certain relationship between the expanding and the contracting force. This relationship, this ratio we might call it, determined the density of that first sphere, thereby setting the pattern or the boundaries for what kind of forms could be created.

Now, this led to the creation of the first two self-aware beings. These were not the Alpha and Omega that you know, because I and Alpha are in the Central Sun of this unascended sphere. We have attained these offices, we were not created originally in the first sphere to hold this office. There were originally two beings that you may also call Alpha and Omega if you wish, or the beginning or the ending, and they were the first self-aware beings generated out of the Creator’s Being. They, when they had become self-aware, were given the task of actually defining the balance between the expanding and the contracting force. The Creator had set a certain ratio or certain boundary, but within that there was room for a specific definition of this balancing force and that was determined by these first two beings.

They then took on the responsibility for defining what could be done by the self-aware beings that were created after this, after themselves, what they could do with free will. They had free will but only within the parameters defined for their sphere. This is not really a limitation of free will because in a world of form—well, forms have to be defined. Therefore, you cannot say that this limits your free will. A decision has to be made that defines certain parameters, then beings exercise their free will within those parameters until they ascend and become permanent beings. Then, they can define parameters themselves.

You see here that this is the basis for a sphere and the pattern has been repeated until we come to your sphere. This is where Alpha and Omega, myself and Alpha come in. We were appointed to this office to serve as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. It is because we had attained this in a previous sphere and we were then appointed to define the parameters for this sphere. In other words, we would define the beginning and the ending. The beginning was the starting point for this sphere. The ending was the highest potential it can reach and at that point it is ready to ascend. What happens in between those two points is determined by the free-will choices of the beings in that sphere.

The messenger has described that when he was experiencing the Central Sun, there were two thrones, Alpha and I were sitting on the two thrones. Between those two was a white cube of translucent white material that emitted white light. This has been called the Cosmic Cube, the Cube of Christ and other names. It is because it is this cube that actually defines not only the beginning and the ending of a sphere, but the specific (we might call it) ratio or geometry that allows beings in a given sphere to transcend themselves. I know this is abstract to wrap your minds around, I am deliberately making it abstract because if you think you can grasp this with the linear, intellectual, outer mind, then as Portia said, you are mistaken. You may be able to use these words, if you are willing to go beyond the outer mind, to thereby have an experience that shows this to you, an experience that is beyond words. On the other hand, if you fixate your mind on the words, then that will prevent you from having the experience. That is the challenge we face as ascended masters communicating from a higher level of consciousness.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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