No self can take you to the ascended state

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, April 10, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. What does the Buddha have to do with the cross and taking someone down from the cross? Well, you do not really believe, do you, that people were not crucified in their minds before Jesus appeared on earth? The symbols that we have explained during this conference about the deeper meaning of the cross, of course, applied before Jesus. It has applied for as long as people on earth have gone into duality.

Gautama descending from the cross

When I was preparing my mission as the Buddha, my mission to teach, I had to take myself down from the cross many times. I grew up in a very protected environment in a palace. I had very specific outer conditions, never saw all the sick people, had all the material goods and pleasures I could possibly want. I was crucified by that very worldly, pleasurable, comfortable lifestyle. I had to take myself down from the cross several times before I was actually ready to leave that palace and go out into the forest and live like an ascetic, meditating, almost starving myself to death. And as I was sitting there meditating I was, of course, examining my own mind and I overcame certain illusions and meaning again that I took myself down from another cross because as we have explained, you can, in a certain way, say that for each of the 144 levels of consciousness, there is an illusion that keeps you tied to the cross.

I came to the point where I could take myself down from a big cross, a big illusion and realize that the ascetic lifestyle was too extreme and therefore was not the ultimate way. That is when I discovered the Middle Way, but even then, I still had to go through a process that is not really recorded in the Buddhist scriptures where I qualified myself to begin my teaching mission and that was again taking myself down from a series of crosses. But then I started my teaching mission and the Buddhists, most Buddhists, would like me to think that by then I certainly was a perfected being. Many Buddhists want to think that I was perfected from the beginning, so I did not have to go through a process but this cannot be supported by a basic examination of my life story.

Even after I started teaching, I still had illusions to overcome, for the simple reason that if I had overcome all illusions, I could not have held on to a physical body. I still had to see things in myself, overcome separate selves, take myself down from these crosses. What I am simply saying here is that I have gone through the process of descending from the cross and therefore I am qualified to speak about the topic.

Co-creating from a state of oneness

What can we say as another way to look at the cross? Well, as others have said there are four levels of matter, four arms or ends of the cross, four points of the cross and so you are crucified in matter. But what is matter? Matter can be said to be form. You live in a world of form. You live in a world of form that you have not personally created.

We have explained that when you first descend into embodiment in an unascended sphere, you are a co-creator. You see yourself as a connected being and you see that you are in an environment that has been created by beings with a higher level of consciousness than you. You are using your connection to co-create, and you know you are not creating by your own power. Therefore, in that situation where you have not gone into duality, you are not crucified by matter because you know that you are more than form. You are even more than the self that you have taken on in this unascended sphere.

Even when you first take embodiment, you do have four lower bodies. You have an identity, mental, emotional, and physical body and in order to start co-creating, you are creating structures in those emotional, mental, and identity bodies. This happens as you, from the level of your I AM Presence, descend through the 144th, the 143th and down to the 48th level in your particular sphere. In a sense, you are taking on these illusions, but since you still see yourself as a connected being, you are not crucified in your own mind and therefore when you create some physical circumstance, you are not identified with your own creation. Therefore, you are not identified by the matter creation you have brought forth and you just do not see yourself identified with the physical body.

The illusion that matter matters

It is only when you go below that 48th level, go into the realm of separation, that you become crucified. But did not I just say that for each of the levels, even above the 48th level there is an illusion you have to overcome and therefore you are in a sense crucified by that illusion. Am I not now saying the opposite? No, because I am not talking about the same situation. When you first descended, it was not on a planet that had duality. Even the original inhabitants of the earth first took embodiment when nobody on earth had gone into duality. But when you take embodiment on a planet like earth where the consciousness has been so infused by duality, that is when you can then say that you are crucified by each of these illusions because it really is only when you are at the 144th level that you fully overcome this sense that “matter matters”.

It is not just that you are physically or emotionally or mentally trapped or crucified or fixated, but you still have a sense that conditions in matter matter. It is not necessarily that you are identified with them, as you begin to go above the 96th level you stop identifying yourself with matter but you still think that there is something that matters on earth, something that you would like to see changed and on a planet as dense as earth, you maintain that until the very end. You saw Jesus hanging on the cross and he still had some desire to do something on earth, to carry on his mission and therefore he wanted God to save him from the cross so that he could continue his mission and that was still that sense that matter mattered, something in matter mattered.

You can, even though this is not recorded in the scriptures, look at my teaching mission. I was not identified with a body, I was not identified with matter, but I still had the sense that something in matter mattered, that is why I stayed on earth and was teaching. I felt that this could make a difference. I am not saying this was wrong. I am just explaining to you that on a planet as dense as earth, it is only really when you ascend that you overcome that last illusion that makes it seem like conditions in the matter world really matter.

The (un)willingness to give up the form you built

Now, when you look at the bigger picture, look beyond earth, you can say here we have the Creator of your world of form who creates the very first sphere out of its own being, creates self-aware beings out of its own being, sends them into the sphere to act as co-creators and the purpose is that they come to grow in consciousness. The first sphere ascends, the second sphere is created, it ascends. The third and then the fourth and each sphere is a little bit denser than the next and so there comes a point in the fourth sphere where some beings refuse to ascend with the sphere so they fall into the fifth sphere and so forth. What we can say about the first three spheres was that the co-creators who raised those spheres to the ascension point, they never became identified with form, which means what? It means that no matter how sophisticated of a civilization for example, they created on a planet, they never became identified with the form they have created.

We are not here talking about just identifying yourself with the physical body, we are talking about beings who were in that given sphere for a very, very long time and acting like co-creators starting out with a very limited sense of self and limited co-creative abilities, but gradually over a very long period of time expanded their co-creative abilities to where they were able to create very, very sophisticated forms, planets, civilizations on planets, but despite the fact that they created these very sophisticated, very elaborate forms, they never became identified with them. They never got lost in the form they had created.

But now you come to the fourth sphere, there are also some beings who have spent a very long time expanding their co-creative abilities, but when it is time for the sphere to ascend, they are not willing to give up their creation. Those who ascended in the previous spheres, they came to the point where they were willing to give up all of this sophisticated form that they had brought forth. But those in the fourth sphere, some in the fourth sphere, were not willing to give this up. They were so admiring their own creation, so in love with their own creation and with their own minds who had brought forth this sophisticated creation that they were not willing to give it up. In other words, they had become identified with the form they had created.

Of course, the very teachings that we have given you about the Conscious You is that the Conscious You can never become the form it creates. It can create, when it expands its co-creative abilities, very elaborate forms, but it can never become the form. Why is this? Because how do you co-create? You co-create by creating a self in the identity, mental, emotional, and physical realm and it is through this self that you co-create. We are not talking about here a separate self. You can see yourself as a connected being, but you are still creating a self, and the wisdom of this is that the Conscious You is not changed by this entire process it is going through. It is not changed! It is the self that gradually becomes more sophisticated.

When your sphere is ready to ascend, you have to give up that self. You have to give up the ghost. And that is what the fallen beings were not willing to do because they were so in love with it, they were so identified with the self they had created and with the outer form that they were not willing to lose their life for my sake as the universal Christ expressed it. They were not willing to lose their life in order to follow Christ and go to a higher state of life, eternal life. They were allowed to go through this experience, but, of course, they could not maintain their creation in the fourth sphere, so they, along with the separate self they had created, fell into the fifth sphere, where they could then use this sophisticated self to start creating something in the fifth sphere, which, of course, was more advanced than what the new co-creators in that sphere could create.

How fallen consciousness affects spiritual teachings

What is the relevance of this for you who are now in embodiment in the seventh sphere on an unnatural very dense planet called Earth? Well, it is this, that the entire purpose of the world of form is that the world that has form is simply an environment in which self-aware co-creators can expand their co-creative abilities, can expand their consciousness. But in an unascended sphere this expansion of consciousness does not happen in the four lower bodies, it does not happen at the level of the Conscious You, it happens at the level of the I AM Presence and the causal body. And the purpose for this is that even if you choose to fall, to be lost in your own creation, the I AM Presence can never be lost and therefore your experiences as a co-creator can never be lost.

And this means what? It means that as a student on the spiritual path, walking the path of Christhood, the path of Buddhahood, the path to the ascension, you need to recognize here that every aspect of life on earth has been influenced by the fallen consciousness, even every aspect of religion and spirituality. Regardless of the claims made by any religion or any spiritual philosophy or any spiritual group, every spiritual teaching has been influenced by the fallen consciousness in the sense that if it did not in some ways adapt to the fallen consciousness, people would not be able to grasp it because the fallen consciousness is so pervasive and so persuasive on earth.

Even the teachings of the ascended masters are adapted to the fallen consciousness or nobody would be able to grasp it. That is why we have talked about used car salesmen bait and switch and that you need to use the teaching to come to a higher level where you can receive a teaching that is not affected by the fallen consciousness. One way that religions, for example, are affected by the fallen consciousness is in the concept that you have a soul that was created by God and that can therefore enter the kingdom of heaven. But as we have explained, the soul is the separate selves or the selves in your four lower bodies, ultimately also the ego and they can never enter heaven. The soul cannot qualify for the ascension. Only “He who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven” and that is the Conscious You. This is a teaching that would be disturbing to the vast majority of people on the earth if they actually could grasp it. It is the teaching that has been disturbing and has been rejected by some ascended master students from previous dispensations. But where does this teaching, this idea come from? Where does the idea that there is something that is clearly in this realm, in a physical body but it is more than the physical body, and this something can somehow be perfected or become so sophisticated that it can enter heaven or the spiritual realm? Where does this idea come from?

Perfecting the self vs. letting the self go

Well, it comes from the fallen beings because their dream, at least for some of them since they fell, is that they can continue to build on this self that they had created in the sphere where they fell and they can continue to make it more and more sophisticated until one day God will simply have to let it into heaven or rather the ascended masters will have to let it into heaven. This is the basic dream of at least some fallen beings.

Others are trapped in the dream of wanting to prove God wrong, among other ways by proving that it was wrong to give people free will. But many fallen beings are trapped in this dream that they can create a self so sophisticated that it can receive eternal life. In other words, they can maintain it instead of falling into denser spheres until they eventually must face the second death, they can avoid the second death by making themselves so sophisticated that it can qualify. And this is what is behind the vast majority of religious and spiritual teachings on the planet and this was something that was very difficult to explain to people as long as we were still in the Piscean Age.

The ascended master dispensations that were started in the Piscean Age, it was very difficult to explain this to people. It was hinted at but very few people grasped it. Some did, some will understand. But in the Aquarian Age it is possible that many more people will come to recognize this. They will come to recognize that in order to ascend you need to let the last ghost die. You need to give up the last ghost, this last element of this separate self because it will never qualify. It will never qualify for salvation, entry into heaven, nirvana or the ascension. Whatever you want to call it that is beyond the four levels of the material realm, the self that was created in the world of form cannot qualify. It cannot enter. This is the essential realization before you qualify for your ascension.

This does not mean that there have not been people who ascended before today’s age. There are, of course, Jesus, myself, Mother Mary and others but there are people from various religious traditions or spiritual traditions, mystical traditions who have qualified for their ascension. But they have all done it by coming to this realization that it was not a matter of perfecting their self but a matter of letting it go, transcending it, letting it die, however they saw it, however they put words on it. They have all come to that realization and it has been taught in various religions and mystical teachings. You can find remnants of it. You can even find it in the Buddhic religion or teachings when you look for it. You can find some teachings about the Sea of Samsara being the same as nirvana, that you come to a point where you see that there is no difference between the two and other teachings as well that very few have grasped but some have understood.

What we are doing now in this dispensation is that we are explaining this in a more clear way than it has been done before in order to make it easier for people to grasp this and start to apply it. This is, of course, the, one might say, ultimate challenge to the fallen beings, the ultimate nightmare of the fallen beings, because it is directly challenging their dream of immortality for the separate self, of permanence for form, the dream that something created in the world of form can attain permanence without going through the ascension process.

The purpose of the unascended sphere

And you might say, as some have indeed thought throughout the ages that, why is it that way? Why is it so that you can have this unascended sphere? You have all of these billions and billions and billions of co-creators, they are creating something alone or they are, as they rise in consciousness, creating something together where they create these elaborate civilizations on these very beautiful planets. And then after such a long time of creating all of this, they just have to give it all up and let it all go so that they can ascend and so that their entire sphere can ascend. But in the process of the ascension, all of this that they had created is dissolved, it is lost, it is erased, whatever you want to describe it as. It is an annihilation process.

Why is it that way? Why could not it just be that on some planets they could create something so sophisticated that it could ascend when the sphere ascends? Well, we have given you the explanation, which is that free will is the way that people grow, that beings grow and free will must be allowed to outplay itself and therefore there is always the possibility that people can refuse to transcend something, want to hold on to it and in order to avoid this becoming permanent, then the sphere has to ascend. But you can still say: “Well, but yes, we can understand that the planets, where there are beings who will not let go and who therefore end up falling, that these could be dissolved. But why do they all have to be dissolved?”

Well, because in order to really ascend you have to demonstrate non-attachment to form, non-attachment to the forms that you have created, non-attachment to the self through which you have created those forms. And you can only do that by giving it up and trusting that the experiences gained through your journey in the unascended sphere are preserved in your I AM Presence and causal body, therefore they are not lost.

What does this mean? It means that after a sphere ascends, all of the experiences collected in the causal bodies of the beings who ascend, they are still there. And after the sphere ascends, the energies are purified, which means they are not as dense as they were in the unascended sphere, which means that now it is much easier to create something in the ascended sphere, which means that all of those I AM Presences who have now become ascended masters, they have a choice now. What will they create in the ascended sphere? What will they co-create in the ascended sphere? But now they have complete freedom to decide what they will create and how they will create it.

But you see, before the ascension point, you had this self through which you had created something that you thought was good and sophisticated. But you still had that self. And that means what? It means that even though you were making your creation more and more sophisticated, you were still doing it through that self, through the parameters of that self. Your present co-creation was affected and determined by your previous co-creation. But now that you have ascended and given up that self, you have complete freedom as to what you will co-create in the ascended sphere. You can very quickly recreate something similar to what you had created in the unascended sphere, if that is what you decide to do. But actually, the vast majority of ascended beings, when a sphere ascends, they want to create something different from what they had co-created in the unascended sphere because now they have a greater vision than they had before.

The process of expanding your sense of self

You see, it is really part of this entire process whereby an individual co-creator starts with a very limited sense of self and gradually expands its sense of self until it can eventually reach the full Creator consciousness. But how do you expand your sense of self? Well, you have a gradual process of expanding the self and then you have these revolutionary shifts of your sense of self and one of these is when the sphere in which you started your co-creative efforts ascends.

You have other shifts. Let us say you ascend in your present sphere. Well, first of all, you can expand your sense of self in the ascended realm of this seventh sphere, even if the sphere has not actually ascended. But then when you have done that—expanded yourself as much as you can, you can ascend to the sixth sphere—expand your sense of self there and then keep going up until you reach the Creator consciousness. But for each of these, rising to the next sphere, it is a revolutionary shift and you will have to give up the sense of self you had in the previous sphere, even after you have entered the ascended spheres.

Buddhism as a pragmatic philosophy

You see, it is a very complex process. And why is it so complex? Well, because the Creator consciousness is almost infinitely beyond what you can grasp on earth. Why am I talking about it at all? Well, you will see that 2,500 years ago, I took a very different approach than what we, as ascended masters, are taking today. There were, of course, many religions at the time, including the Hindu religion, who talked about the realms of the gods and the heaven worlds and this and that. And this goes back to the ancient Vedas, which, of course, were given 10,000 years ago, when the consciousness was lower than it is today even though there are still Hindus that think that this was the highest teaching that can ever be given on earth.

What was the case at the time when I took embodiment as the Buddha? It was that you had these Brahmins of the Hindu religion and they perfectly fit the description that Jesus gave earlier today of the scribes and Pharisees of the Jewish religion. They had taken what they considered the true parameters of the Vedas. They had interpreted them intellectually and continued to build these more and more sophisticated interpretations, mental images, and they thought this was the absolute truth.

And the people who believed in this, who were Hindus at the time, the ordinary people, the vast majority of the people, could not free themselves from the influence of these Brahmins. They could not see through and see that these were mental images, they were illusions. They did not have the awareness and the faculties and the knowledge of the world to see through this and therefore, I took a very pragmatic approach and said: “Buddhism is not a religion like the Hindu religion. Buddhism is not a religion that is meant to give you knowledge of the gods and the realms of the gods, because most people cannot grasp the realms of the gods, so they will be trapped in these outer doctrines and interpretations. Let us instead create a pragmatic philosophy aimed at taking people where they are and raising their consciousness, helping them overcome at least some of the illusions of Maya. And then as they raise their consciousness, they will be able to grasp more. They will expand their intuitive faculties and be able to know from within what is real, what is unreal.”

In other words, what I avoided doing in my incarnation of the Buddha was to create another religion that claimed to be superior to the religions of the Brahmins, because this would have locked me into this battle with the Brahmins and they would have attacked me and done what they also tried to do with Jesus. This was an evaluation based on the ascended masters that were guiding earth at the time, recognizing that this was what people were ready for, at least in that part of the world.

More progressive revelations

Now, what happened in the 500 years between the time of the Buddha and the time of Jesus was that there was a progression in the collective consciousness. And this progression was to a large part produced by the many people who embraced Buddhism and sincerely attempted to change their state of mind, to overcome these illusions of Maya by walking the Eightfold Path, which is, as I have explained earlier, geared towards helping people overcome these illusions. By the time of Jesus, it was determined by the ascended masters that we could take a different approach through Jesus and talk about a God and the spiritual realm and the ascension process, because now more people were ready to consciously acknowledge that it is possible to ascend.

We, of course, knew that there were limitations to this based on the collective consciousness. It was indeed a very real potential that the Christian religion could become what it became, a religion controlled by the fallen beings. But still it was a different approach where Jesus openly talked about the Father, but also, you will see, gave relatively little detail about the spiritual realm and how things are there. Jesus, in fact, talked less about it than the Old Testament does, and he talked much, much less about it than the Hindu Brahmins did. He was also, in a sense, taking a pragmatic approach.

Then what has happened since the time of Jesus is, of course, that first of all, as a result of both Jesus’ teachings and the Buddhic teachings, the collective consciousness has been raised more, but also then Saint Germain decides to release the scientific method and this raises the consciousness further. It expands people’s worldview. It gives them an understanding of certain general concepts that we have now made use of in the last century or so to release these progressive revelations through various organizations and messengers.

We are now at a point where we again feel more free to talk about conditions in the spiritual realm, but you will see that still our focus is very much on showing you how to transcend your consciousness. In a sense, we are doing the same that we did in the Buddhic religion or Buddhic philosophy, telling people how to raise their consciousness so that they can know from within what is real and unreal, so they do not need to rely on an external authority, even the external teaching given by the ascended masters, but can know from within. And this, of course, is the only way that you can be free from the illusions of Maya, the lies of the fallen beings.

Reading vibration as the ultimate way to escape the cross

Many among the Hindu Brahmins were fallen beings. They have an ability to confuse and almost hypnotize people who have not attained that inner contact with the Christ mind. But as you begin to attain that inner contact, you become able to see through the illusions of the fallen beings. You can do this partly through the outer mind, where you evaluate that they are not consistent, they do not make sense, they do not correspond with other teachings that you consider reliable. But ultimately, you begin to do it by simply reading the vibration. You can come to a point where you read the vibration, you read a certain teaching, and within reading a few sentences, you sense that the vibration is not coming from the Christ mind. And this is, of course, the point where we have been taking all of you towards by giving you these teachings and tools for overcoming the selves, because it is the selves that prevent you from having the connection to the Christ mind and using the Christ mind as your frame of reference to read the vibration of anything in the world of form.

This is, in a sense, the ultimate way to escape the cross, that you read vibration. You can call it extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, whatever you want, but it is not tied to the physical senses. In other words, many spiritual people dream of being able to see auras by having their third eye opened. But this is still simply an extension of the faculty of vision. But reading vibration is beyond the five senses. You can call it a sixth sense or a seventh sense or whatever you want to call it, but it is the ability to read vibration.

Why is it possible to read vibration? Well, what did I say 2,500 years ago? Everything is the Buddha nature. What is said about the Christ consciousness? It is the Word, the Logos, the Only Begotten Son, and without Him was not anything made that was made. Everything in the world of form springs from the Christ consciousness, the Buddha nature, whatever you call it, and everything has a certain vibration. But the Christ consciousness, the Buddha nature, never goes below a certain vibration in its pure form when it is connected. But because free will must be allowed to outplay itself, you can lower the vibration of energy in order to create the illusion of separation and the illusion that you are separated from your source. As we have said, the vibration even of matter on earth has been lowered below its original level, which is why it seems so plausible that you are living in a separate world and that even if there is a God, he is way up there in heaven.

The Buddha nature vs. illusions of Maya

There is a distinct difference in vibration between that which is the pure consciousness of Christ, the pure Buddha nature, and that which is still the Buddha nature but has been obscured by the illusions of Maya, where the Christ consciousness has been hidden by the illusions of antichrist. But it is, of course, only hidden when you are looking at the form through the separate selves that created the form. Then you cannot see that even though it has a lower vibration than the pure Christ consciousness, it is still the Christ consciousness. In fact, it is an illusion created out of lower vibrations. It can never be permanent, it can never become permanent, it can never receive eternal life and therefore, when you begin to sense vibration, you can instantly sense what is a lower vibration and what is the vibration of the Christ or the Buddha nature.

And this is the ultimate way to avoid being fooled by the fallen beings, the illusions of Maya, the demons of Mara and that is the ultimate way to escape the cross because as long as you cannot see that there are certain vibrations that are not of a pure nature, but only temporary illusions, then you think that those apparitions might be permanent and they might have power over you, and they might even define you. You might be identified with them, you might even be in love with what you or someone, a fallen being, has created as this seemingly sophisticated structure. And it might seem sophisticated from a certain viewpoint, but it can never become permanent for eternal life can be achieved only through Christ, only through reuniting with the Buddha nature, overcoming all illusions that you could ever be separated from the Buddha nature, all illusions that form, that any form could be separated from the Buddha nature, and could be other than the Buddha nature.

This is the basic illusion that we have talked about with the duality consciousness. The basic illusion is, there is the Buddha nature, there is Christ and there is something that is other. It is not the Buddha nature, it is other than the Buddha nature, separated from the Buddha nature. This is the basic illusion of duality, that the world can be divided into two, but the division into two cannot be real. The Buddha nature cannot be divided. Only in the illusions of Maya can you create the appearance that they are two. Therefore, the idea that there is a god and a devil is an illusion, and the god that you see from this state of consciousness is not the real God, not the formless God. We say formless because you cannot put words on God’s consciousness. God is completely beyond the forms that you can see from an unascended sphere.

Giving people motivation for walking the path

The world is not two, it is not divided, it is one. It was always one. But what can motivate a being who has been trapped in the illusions of Maya to strive to overcome the illusions of Maya? Why did I, as the Buddha talk about nirvana? Because you have to motivate people to walk this path of overcoming all of these selves they have based on illusions. Sure, these people are suffering and they want to escape suffering. But when you are trapped in the consciousness that creates suffering, you cannot see how to escape suffering. You think that perhaps you can destroy the conditions that create suffering. Perhaps you can create better conditions out of the consciousness of separation, but it cannot be done.

You can never escape suffering through the consciousness of separation, but neither can you really grasp what it means to be outside the consciousness of separation. Therefore, we, as spiritual teachers, we have to give people some motivation for starting the path of escaping separation that they can grasp and that appeals to them while they are still in separation. That is why I formulated the First Noble Truth. Life is suffering, but there is a way out of suffering and it is the Eightfold Path. But what would motivate people? Yes, it can motivate you to get away from suffering, but what are you getting into? People will ask, and people did ask: “When I walk the Eightfold Path, what is the end goal? What is the payoff out in the end?”

Well, that is why I formulated the concept of nirvana as an alternative to suffering, to the Sea of Samsara. Yet, not that I had this concept in my mind, but what did people do when they heard this concept? They projected a mental image upon nirvana based on the illusions of separation and now they were thinking that the purpose for walking the Eightfold Path was to reach this dualistic image of nirvana. That is why there is a teaching in the Buddhist scriptures that you come to a point where you realize that nirvana and Samsara are basically the same thing, or out of the same substance because they are both out of the illusion of separation. And therefore, they both need to be destroyed before you are free, before you are liberated. And this is the fallacy of many religions on earth, including the Christian religion, the Jewish religion, the Judeo-Christian tradition.

It is again, as we have said, when you go into duality, you start creating a god in the image and likeness of the separate self, even the fallen beings. You are using the conditions in form in an unascended sphere on an unnatural planet to project what it is like in the spiritual realm and you cannot thereby know what it is like in the spiritual realm. We are ascended masters, we are in the spiritual realm, we can never give you a teaching about certain conditions in the spiritual realm. But we are in no way trying to give you the full view of this, because we know it cannot be grasped, and there is no point in you even knowing what it is like in the spiritual realm. Because, as we have also explained, what do you do when you go into this linear separate mind? You are seeing yourself as a subject studying a remote object. And this is the same with the ascended realm. When you are in an unascended sphere, when you are unascended, you are studying the ascended realm as a separate object.

This can be necessary for you to gain a certain understanding of the mechanics of the ascension process, which is why we give this. But you have to recognize here that no matter how sophisticated of an understanding you think you have of the ascended realm, you are not in the ascended realm and it will not bring you there. You will get there only by letting go of this mental image, these separate selves. And then when you are there, you are experiencing the ascended realm, at least from the level of consciousness you have when you ascend. You are not experiencing the fullness, as I have said, there are many levels up to the Creator.

Once again, I have given you a big mouthful, many things to ponder, but I know that some of you will understand, some of you will be willing to ponder it and use these teachings we have given to take yourself down from the cross of your previous understanding of the spiritual path. No outer description of the path can take you to the ascended state. Only by transcending all outer descriptions can you ascend.

And thus, I seal this conference. You have our gratitude for being part of this, for being willing to receive these teachings and have them projected through your auras and chakras into the collective consciousness, being willing to make these calls and invocations that have had a profound effect at this specific time where so many Christians are focused on the crucified Christ rather than the resurrected Christ.

With this, with our profound gratitude, I seal you in the infinite, unconditional, indescribable peace of the Buddha.


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